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  1. Thanks Mick, I waited until the wind had dropped a little to be on the safe side. The timber supporting edging I put in place also gives peace-of-mind that they can't fall onto the ground from the raised track, either through wind gusts or derailing! Regards, Marcus
  2. Hi All, just thought I'd share some pics and video of my running session today. It was very windy so had to be careful with debris being blown on the track!
  3. Marcus

    IMG_8716 2.JPG

    Hi Mate, Many thanks for the advise. I'll do some investigating when I have some time. Cheers, Marcus
  4. Marcus

    IMG_8716 2.JPG

    Hi Mate, thanks for the feedback. This is an SD751. I'll take a good look at the bogies/wheel axles when I have some time. It seems like one of the middle wheel axles doesn't have any lateral movement. It could be a lemon loco, or just a design fault. Having been used to European locos (Trix, Brawa, Roco etc.) and Bachmann Branchline UK stock which are mostly great runners, I was expecting something better out of the box. Maybe 3 axle bogies aren't really suited to tighter radius curves.
  5. Marcus

    IMG_8716 2.JPG

    I tested my new Athearn CN loco both on my outdoor layout and my indoor test track. It seems that it really doesn't like curves or points. It constantly comes of the rails. I had to use 2nd radius curves on some sections, but none of my other locos have issues. Has anyone had any experience with this make of models before? It's a real shame because it's a stunning looking loco.
  6. Hi Tony, Thanks for your comments! I've Been looking at your layout progress which looks amazing! Great to know there's at least 2 OO/HO garden modellers in AUS! I've decided to keep this layout pretty simple and so that it doesn't sand out too much (need to keep the wife happy on that front!). I'm trying to really keep the exposed track covered up when not in use. The ply I used is only in a few places, and I painted it with two coats of exterior paint and covered with roof bitumen, so it will hopefully last a while! I've been doing some landscaping work on the tunnel/return loop sect
  7. Hi Thomas, Thank you for your comments. Luckily a lot of the track on my layout is under cover of the conifer trees, so it doesn't get much sun. I try to keep the rest of the track covered up when its very sunny - especially the 3 Peco points. Re my old indoor layout, I used fishing line for the contact wires, so it obviously didn't run electricity, but it was under tension, so the pantographs actually contacted them. The posts were a mix of scratch built and Peco ones (the older plastic variety). I'm actually now playing with some old Hornby/Tri-ang catenary on my indoor t
  8. Hi Mick, Many thanks for merging the videos! I'm not great when it comes to uploading things in the correct place! Also, the name of the layout is 'Killarney Junction' - named after the street we live in! Please feel free to change the title. And yes, I was pleased with the day's running. I also have some video of my LMS steam 4-6-0 pulling some maroon stock. It's not a great runner though, as it's an old Airfix model. I think it's time to get a newer British steam loco! Regards, Marcus
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