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  1. Thanks for your reply and I've now decided to use my contoller in a plastic box. I just wish there was more helpful information online to guide people with standard DC controllers for OO gauge continuous run garden railways. Thanks again
  2. Thank you for your honest reply. I'm afraid I pressed the panick button in my brain with ragards to garden railway controllers when I read an article via a google search stating how silly it is to use indoor controllers out side????? Alas there isn't enough information online so I shall use common sense and use my controller inside a large plastic box on its side and yes I always use an RCD when i use electrical items such as my power drill via my garden wall socket. Thanks again.
  3. Help, I've started to build my oval tail chaser garden railway, a garden railway that does not have the garden shed to contain the the standard electrical controllers such has Gaugemaster and so on. My garden does have an outside socket fitted by a qualified elecrician so in my simple thoughts I assumed I could use a standard contoller stationed on a table inside a protective box. Can I do this? or do I need to use a controller that is manufactured for garden railways. I've done google searches and can find nothing to help me only comments saying don't use indoor controllers for garden railways. I've got everything to build this garden railway including a gaugemaster twin track controller.....but can I use it? I hope some one can advise me, kind regards Mike
  4. A big sorry in advance. Having almost completed my loft lay out I've now decided to build an oo gauge layout in my rear garden, it will be basically a tail chaser with the track fixed to a platform 50 cm above the ground. My confusion lies in what to put my track on? wood is my first choice but on a rough calculation I will need 22 mtrs in length and when I priced up soft wood decking I found that to expensive. Online information tells me chipwood is a big no no for outside so what is an affordable material to put my track on. Sorry again but I've spent a short while looking on this webpage for answers to help me with my problem and alas can't find any so if any one has the time to point me in the right direction a big big thank you. Kind regards from Mike in Stoke on Trent.
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