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  1. they look like they belong looks great
  2. great layout giving me ideas for mine
  3. im about to start wiring the area im going to use IRJ on 1 of each of the tracks then running a wire on the other track to a on/off switch i think that bits right my question is when iv done that do i run power to the switch then link all the 6 power cables to the main line hopefully you understand what im sayin the idea is to isolate the 6 tracks
  4. iv got the track sorted from 6 to 2 like the diagram, iv still got to get some more track to reach the end of the shed,then its cut the hole and start outside . im thinking power to tracks now, this is where i need help. do i put power into the 2 tracks or in each of the 6 im using dc thank you for any help
  5. thank you i will have a look
  6. iv just brought 1 of these and being new to it all i was wondering the wire that goes to the track to give it power can you buy these or do you have to make them if so what wire is it thanks in advance
  7. using the image what barry kindly added, the track in the shed when i lay it i see on youtube they use cork for the track is that what i should use for indoor and would it be different for outdoors thank you for replying and helpful ideas. As the pictures show my top shelves are my test tracks and the bottom is the 1 im using for the staging area
  8. yes same end i like the idea of a cassette system, a lot of the locos i get are broken, i try to fix them get most running on test track, but they need a longer uninterrupted run on a loop, the idea of running them outside is more room and hopefully later extend and run more than 1 at a time
  9. hi barry thank you for your reply the 6 tracks in the shed are the staging area with 3 tracks merging into 1 for outgoing and the other 3 for returning locos the loop is going to be outside, my plan is to start slow and work up to the shed end before cutting the entrance to the outside i'm hoping to have 1 track coming out of the shed joining the loop and also a 2nd track leaving the loop returning to the shed but 1st things to finish inside thank you for diagram it helps alot you wouldn't believe how i was thinking of doing it
  10. hi im new to the forum and any railway, iv collected oo gauge locos and some carriages and wagons ,for a while and i have a test track in shed, but now im thinking of running a loop from out of shed. i can see im going to need a lot of advice and hoping this is the place. hopefully i can ask questions as i go along my 1st question is im going to have 6 tracks in shed to prepare whats running 3 tracks going into 1 and out of shed onto loop then 1 track returning to shed splitting into the other 3 tracks when they finished running . i dont know if i explained it but im wondering what track i need to get the 3 tracks into 1 thanks
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