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  1. Just looked at pictures now and after all these years I never realised they had different rails! I certainly prefer the look of the ones you have put on so hopefully I will get some in the pack as the model is the same loco, we'll see. Thanks again
  2. Yes that's the ones, that's great cheers. I won an ebay heljan 58 yesterday so not sure if the detailing will be with it, didn't realise that Heljan gave the extra detailing, all the pics I have seen show the original handrails but the ones with backboards you have put on look so much better. Cheers
  3. Looks really good what you have done with this. I have the same model and would love to do the same with the handrails, do you mind letting me know where you got them from? I can see A1 models do some but I don't think they look quite a good as yours do? Many thanks Paul
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