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  1. Work inside is coming along and we now have a cowboy watching to make sure the bridge is ok 😁 The tunnel and hill are one piece and can be lifted off if access is needed to the point. Signal placement isn't ideal but I'm having to use a bit of "artistic license". If I put it further away from the tunnel the clearence is very tight. It does the job though. An in built sensor turns the signal red when a train passes then starts the timer to go through the light sequence. If the point is thrown the signal will stay red until it is put back in favour of the mainline. Being a traintech sensor signal I can buy another 2 sensors and place them along the outside section and link with a wire to replicate block signalling in the future.
  2. I haven't posted in a while, here is a quick update. Plants are coming along, turn table added and started work on the scenery inside.
  3. I've been putting together a level crossing that we can put on the railway. I didn't want a generic Hornby one so got a kit and adapted it so we can lift it off and store it when finished in the Garden. Mr Bean waiting patiently as the last bits of glue dry up...
  4. We apologise for the delay.....
  5. Now I know what to look for the eBay app has had a bit more use lately
  6. Some running today, all fine and the hoppers are looking great!
  7. With a 5 year old being in control of trains outside, on a raised base where a derailment could be a bin bag job for the poor train involved, I got thinking we need some protection. I'll give our little boy credit, he's very mature for his age and treats the trains as models where as some of his friends might not be so gentle and on the ball. However, even I've had a near miss when a coach came free and I wasn't paying attention. I've looked at various solutions, most of which require purchasing something or another but decided to try and use things I already have. Plastic netting (left over from our Protectapet fence) Large cocktail sticks Outdoor fence paint Cable ties Staple gun and staples Due to the way the plastic netting bends the outside of the corners only requires a couple of posts to keep it tight. The inside requires double. It might not be the best looking but providing the cocktail sticks hold out it will require no maintenance.
  8. That's a great shout Mick, the moulds are good but very flat.
  9. Morning all, It's taken some steady hand Dremel work and creative thinking with regard to getting the smaller type connectors attached but finally got the hoppers converted. It's been a fun little project but no way I'd be wanting to convert anymore. I purchased a more recent Hornby version to get a reference for how high the couplings needed to be. I also went to work with some acrylics and a sponge to get a more "used" look to them. I spent my childhood in the Midlands watching these things thunder past on their way to the power station and remember them being grubby as anything. I could get better effects by purchasing some specialist weathering bits but I'm a fan of using what's at hand.
  10. Added an old web cam to the computer in the garage so we can monitor outside. This has made running the trains much easier as we know what's coming.
  11. Hi all, Any of you green fingered fellows recommend some easy to maintain bushes / plants to liven up our garden a bit? Preferably some big enough for our cats to dive in and chill out on a hot day. South Devon and south facing garden that sees the sun most of the day. Cheers
  12. Another nice day so the Class 37 is doing a spot of track cleaning for me whilst I cut the grass. That's after a session with the track rubber and my super duper "get the bits of left over rubber off the line tool" haha
  13. Thanks for taking the time to give me the numbers Mick, much appreciated.
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