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  1. Been a while, hope you are all well. The Z21 arrived today so we can finally run a few trains around at the same time. Impressed with the system so far and I've managed to set up the supplied router as an extender for our home WiFi which means I don't have to manually connect to the Z21 network and now have home WiFi coverage in the garden.
  2. The Class 25 was out on cleaning duties this afternoon. With a light rub over using the DCC concepts track cleaning block and then a run around with the track cleaner (with a few sprays of IPA on the track here and there) the rails have come up lovely.
  3. Interesting Topic Mick. I've got a good track cleaning routine but just looking in to the loco cleaning now when I found your thread.
  4. One just sat on the track and happily watched as it ran in to him, daft as a brush
  5. I timed one circuit at a good speed, 1minute 20. We could in theory have 6 locos running around with about 20 seconds between them but 3 would be a good manageable amount at any one time.
  6. I make cuts in the lengths of wood about two thirds depth and every 100mm or so. I then offer it up to where it needs to go, secure one end and see if any more cuts are needed. Once happy I screw in place then use wood glue in the cuts and on the outside edge just for belt and braces.
  7. https://youtu.be/voX_E8pdjXg Please excuse the old random coaches used, just for testing until we get our own stock together :-)
  8. The Pickle Line is open! It's taken about a month of solid work and swearing but we finally have a running train. DC for now. I'm off to sleep for a long time. Video to follow
  9. Almost there! Had that moment today where you step back, look at how much work you've put in and suddenly feel VERY tired ha.
  10. Another section done, ready for the bridge to be installed.
  11. A few hours spent on the station building tonight. Some light weathering to the roof has helped dull down that "shiny new" look. Just the canopy and small details to go.
  12. There is a very excited little boy in our garden at the minute...oh and my son haha. Trial fitting then it's back off to dad's for a paint job.
  13. Cheers Andrew. I'll be using it almost like 2 separate layouts. When outside I'll just have a couple running around whilst I potter about, not needing to worry about the garage section. The 2 medium points they need to navigate should be reliable enough (I hope) that I can just leave the trains running on the mainline. Should I want to swap trains I'll head in to the garage.
  14. Some good weather so more progress made today ready for the bridge to be fitted later this week. I could have taken the easy option and done a straight run but decided to add some interest with an "S". Once complete I'm hoping to put some nice big shrubs or plants either side of the bridge between the track and the fence to give the impression of the trains breaking out of cover.
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