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  1. Hello Damo. I'm sorry to hear you have had trouble with your plastic track base expansion. I used a plastic base, laid straight on to earth, with Peco code 100 track. The plastic is called 'Foam PVC', supplied by Barkston in 5mm thick sheets. The base is configured in sections of about 1.5m, and the track is pinned to each section, with a track joint coinciding with each section joint. The longest straight runs are about 3m, so there is scope for the expansion of the base to be accommodated by moving on the ground. I have not had any trouble with track buckling, nor any significant problems wi
  2. Hi Thomas Thanks for the info on exterior MDF. It sounds a very useful material. Peter
  3. Hi Jimbob, and thanks for the welcome. I use the Deltang system, obtained from Micron Radio Control. Specifically, the transmitter is Tx22 and the receiver is Rx60, and batteries 'Hyperion' LiPo, 320mAh. I found that two 1S batteries in series (giving 7.4V) give enough speed for slower trains, but three in series are needed for 'Express' performance. See photos attached. Peter
  4. Thanks Mick. Good advice on the track. I imagine that DCC would be designed to be tolerant of intermittent loss of the control signal, but of course if the motor loses power for long enough to stop, that wouldn't help.
  5. Thanks Chris. Maybe if I had known I would not have converted to battery RC! No doubt this will be useful indoors too.
  6. Thanks for your welcome and comments Mick, Chris, Clay Mills Jn and ThomasL. I started building ‘Virginia Rail’ (named after our house, a Victorian semi called ‘Virginia Villas’) in 2011, and converted to battery/radio-control in 2016. Yes, I suppose it was on my wish-list for some years before that. I agree, Mick, that one needs to the limitations of 00 and not be too ambitious. Buildings and infrastructure at the small scale are vulnerable if left outside: I only leave the platforms and viaduct arches (made of expanded polystyrene) and the bridges which are part of the track. The point
  7. Hello All I enjoyed reading your posts and seeing the photos of your railways. There are some wonderful creations, which are I am sure an inspiration to anyone contemplating building a garden railway. Over the last few years I have been experimenting with a garden railway, and I thought some of my experience may be of interest. It was to be ‘a bit of fun’, not a serious scale model, of course, since the plants and foliage are way too big. Against that, the space available means that the scale track length can represent a few kilometers rather than 500 metres at OO gauge. I
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