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  1. use decking as it will be easier to nail dorn the track. you can kill two birds with one stone by using the nails to keep the track and felt dovn
  2. that looks really good, almost like the aide of a mountain.
  3. EVaNS42

    Northern Belle

    I'm thinking about getting the northern bell. would you recommend it?
  4. how mutch did you spend setting up the track
  5. EVaNS42

    Bachman prices

    when hattons bought out their class 66, bachman bought the price of their's down so it is 5 quid cheaper. So they are basically saying 'oh yeah, hattons have bought out a better model at a better price, we price our things stupidly high so we can bring the price down for ours to be cheaper, but still make profit.'
  6. so i should find a board around 12cm wide?
  7. You forget the pulling power of the loco, they can pull over a newton. one of the highest without traction tyres.
  8. EVaNS42

    New loco

    nice little 040 there!
  9. yes that is what i mean. quick question, what ts the width of the oo gauge track?
  10. what is the best way to start?
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