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  1. I'm not sure I'd rate what is in that video as a great blueprint. Track hanging off the edge seems like inviting problems.
  2. Hi, I think you have to host videos somewhere. Youtube one option, sometimes your internet service provider (ISP) supplies you with hosting but it is rare now. Nice work getting the loop up and running, it looks like you've got most of it in the shade which will be good.
  3. Hi, The forum can be a bit slow sometimes, not many people check in daily. Sometimes only every few weeks so the best answer may take a while. As for wood, it depends what and how you are using it. I've got limited experience outside of decent 12mm birch plywood board. I think that the most important thing is making sure all of your boards are thoroughly protected from moisure. All board types will absorb it, MDF and chipboard probably a little faster than plywood and even with plywood the cheap stuff will be much worse than the expensive. I've used 3 coats of yacht varnish to protect my birch ply and more coats on the edges. Any board will need adequate support or bracing to prevent sagging. For bridges and lengths where width isn't important people have also used solid pieces of timber, such as decking or pallet timbers.
  4. Good luck with it, we'll look forward to seeing progress.
  5. Since I've borrowed most of my ideas from others, that is completely fine. There are some changes I'm making to the boards which I will update soon. I've not done much since the last update due to giving myself awful tendonitis in my right knee so I couldn't get down to the level to do anything, I did manage the soldering before that though and the test run was successful. I've decided the two boards would be best semi-permanently fixed to each other to keep them level to each other and make them easier to lift while I'm cutting the grass. I'll do that, refix the track and hopefully I can start moving onward again.
  6. Bonjour et bienvenue. I'm not a modeller either, I prefer just playing. That's why I've gone in to the garden as there is no need to make scenery. There is no such thing as a silly question, as they say. Your english is fine, no need to excuse it Barry.
  7. I suppose the answer might depend on whether you mean ground or slightly above ground garden railways or raised baseboard in the garden railways. I think there is a raised baseboard railway somewhere on the forum that wasn't much bigger than a typical 2.4m x 1.2m shed layout but in the open. I saw a video where a kid laid out a small oval on his parent's patio, not sure if that qualifies as it wasn't permanent. In terms of ground level or just above ground level railways, I've seen a few in small gardens like my own which is roughly 7m x 5m. There is no minimum size.
  8. I never realised that China used Siemens Velaro units. High Speed in the garden isn't crazy, high speed on a 3m x 2m board indoors would be crazy. 🤣
  9. Welcome to the forum. Nice start, looking forward to seeing more.
  10. Agree, best wishes to Tony and hope he has a quick recovery.
  11. Thomas, This is coming together nicely. The fake rock integrates really nicely with the real stones (if I'm looking at it correctly). Impressive work.
  12. No need to apologise, I didn't mean it to sound like I was expecting anything.
  13. There were a few weather records broken in the UK in May too I believe. I'm waiting on Mick's weather report for the month, but he's been very quiet of late so hoping everything's OK with him. Anyway, let's hope June brings more opportunities to get out into the garden and progress /play on our railways.
  14. Now run out of 7/0.2 for droppers. This is going to delay progress for a while. I could really do with there being a major exhibition to restock.
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