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  1. The lighting does give it an atmosphere, lots more lighting needed though. To a certain extent it hides the unfinsihed bits too 😂. My Dad had his original 3-rail Hornby layout from when he was a boy, we had an 8x4' layout when I was a boy and I had presents of various trains and locos during my childhood which I still have. Dad worked for BREL through my childhood, first at Springburn Works in Glasgow and then moved to BREL's Head Office in Derby before a spell at York Works. He moved on from ABB as it was then when it was rapidly contracting out of the rail industry. I call it Dad's layout because it is in his garage and I'm not there much of the time. Most of my current fleet stays at Dad's until I have somewhere to run it properly at home. Home has mostly been a workshop up until now. The two fleets mostly overlap, I have a bit more blue-grey stuff where Dad sticks to sectorisation era. The blue-grey stuff tends to come home with me though.
  2. So, just to prove that the work I've been doing at on my Dad's layout is real. Here are a couple of photos with the main lights in the garage off and just the lights on the railway on. First is a view of the Western end of the station, both pictures were taken on my phone which makes the scene brighter than it looks to the naked eye, I think that the real light intensity is more natural than it shows in the pictures. The transformer for the lights is set at 9v rather than the 12v the lights are intended to run at so even with higher value resistors they are still coming across bright in the pictures. I've posted pictures of the 158 in Platform 1 before and behind it is my blue-grey HST set. Second picture is a view from the Eastern end and shows more of the platform lights and the concrete footbridge built from two ratio kits and some odd bits and bobs. There is still some detailing and lighting to be put on the bridge and it will need weathered. A retaining wall needs to go behind Platform 4 along the back wall and a backscene behind that. I'm encouraging my Dad to do the retaining wall soon so I can finish the station lighting with a row of single lights along it the same design as the doubles I've used on Platform 1 around the station building and between platforms 2 and 3 in the centre.
  3. I'm at my parents at the moment. If I can get them both together and take a side by side I will. As I remember, the TTS setup went straight in to Quinag with no modification.
  4. I never updated this thread after I fitted the speakers. So apologies. I tried a small megabase speaker and a single iPhone speaker in series (links below) giving 12ohms on the circuit. The megabase speaker needed filed so the casing is less thick but hasn't affected sound. I had to cut down the fan housing but kept enough of it so it retains the fan in place and you can't tell from outside. The iPhone speaker is so thin that it fits in the space above the PCB. It is currently pointing towards the exhaust ports, I suppose if I wanted more sound I could chop away the side of the ports but it seems loud enough. The megabase speaker seems balanced with the treble of the iPhone speaker. I'll try to get a video of it at the weekend if I'm home in time. https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/speakers/products/25x25x7mm-square-megabass-speaker-4-ohm https://www.roads-and-rails.co.uk/collections/speakers/products/35x20x4mm-iphone-speaker-with-wires-for-dcc-sound-8-ohm
  5. My Dad has two class 60s. They are different inside, those sold before TTS don't have space, those sold after TTS came out were redesigned with a space. As you told me, TTS decoders are 8ohm only so there are few speaker options. I think I'd be more likely to look at a flat speaker rather than butchering the engine room detail (one of the best details on the 60 in my opinion). Are the fuel tanks an option?
  6. Progress for the garden railway today, but not on. I removed the row of big, thick, coarse paving slabs from the side of the garage, that is now all of them gone. I'm replacing them with some lighter slabs that were in the front garden. The previous owner of the house put them in when his sons had their own cars and needed more driveway space, I'm removing them to put it back to grass. I've got more work to lay them properly but they are roughly in place. For the turf to go down next year I need to build up the level of the soil, luckily I need to remove more soil from the corner of the garden to accomodate the blocks for the curved viaduct, so that solves the problem of where the spoil goes. Back up to Mum and Dad's on Sunday. I'm hoping that I can get a video of my lit HST set going through the lit up station area that I can share.
  7. It made me sick. lol. I think I was 5 or 6 at the time.
  8. Yes, I'd hope though that a price change at this stage would be final and indicative of release being soon. I do want an APT (as I went on a real one) and I do want a Class 91, I've put money aside for both. With a big squeeze on finances coming, I know these will be my last new purchases for a very long time.
  9. I suspect some of the 2020 releases are not too far away now. e.g. the Class 370, the five car set has just had a £50 price hike by the looks of it.
  10. Spotted this on my bike ride today. Not sure what class it is, but definitely a 3-car EMU.
  11. A bit of disrepair isn't unrealistic for BR days. Is there a TSR in place?
  12. yes, it isn't limited to any one scale or indoors or outdoors. My Bachmann 47712 doesn't like a lot of stuff, my Dad's 47710 is much more tolerant (47712 has less lateral movement in one bogie I can't figure out why and loosening the top screw on the bogie tower doesn't improve it). My Dad has one corner he doesn't want to re-lay but I do. It seems the cork underneath has expanded and caused the track to cant the wrong way (things lean over like a Citroen 2CV). Yet there is only one carriage that has a problem with it. If I re-lay it, I'd put maybe a 1/2mm cant (superelevation) the correct way.
  13. I just meant 99% of the time we stand over our layouts looking at them from heli-view. I see what you mean about cess view now, I didn't appreciate what you were getting at before; where head height is about wheel centre height and very close.
  14. I think we all view the real railways from trackside or bridge level. Can't think many of us were lucky enough to fly helicopters for trainspotting 🤣 so that seems a bit unnatural. The problem really is getting the camera in to a decent position for ground level. I do like "cab ride" videos too.
  15. Ah, still likely to be power spikes. As decoders are designed to detect and run DC they'll be fine with the current of standard controllers. As long as your power source isn't a car battery 😂. If you get a blanking plate in there then you've lost nothing and don't have the danger of it blowing. The inline car bulb works with DC too. In fact my Dad's controller from when he had his 3-rail as a boy has one built in.
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