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  1. Well believe it or not, I've now moved house, finally. Garden is a tip. So as the weather improves the 1st job is to get the garden done out and features built in to eventually accommodate my 00 railway. Who would have thought this Covid-19 was gonna last this long? Hope everyone has stayed safe.
  2. Has anyone used old pallets for the wood? I was thinking of doing this. If you can find a load for free or cheap locally that could be an option for cost saving. Just strip them down and use. I intend on doing this, was still going to treat and wrap in felt to protect and give a ballast look.
  3. Yeah I've probably read a bit on the devices. But Hornby forum can't really advise on other brands. As you'd expect. Was just wondering if anyone had a good cheap device that fills my needs that I'd not seen or heard of. And would work fine with the elink/railmaster software. I may end up going for a wireless device to actually be able to walk about with it.
  4. The walkabout controller would only be used for one thing, and that would be loco start/stop and speed. All other functions I'm happy to use the railmaster software. I did look into a Z21 system once over and it did seem exactly what I wanted. But then I just thought why shell out all that money again. I have a working system now. Just wanted to add a controller with dial on for loco speed. That's my thinking anyway
  5. Doh. I've wrote elite and not elink. Sorry. So all my control at present is via an old laptop. Which i find a bit fiddly. Especially if you want to do something quick.
  6. Bumping a really old thread but just to ask. I have the Hornby Elite (EDIT I meant elink) with railmaster running on an old laptop. Everything works fine, can recode CV's etc. However I want a so called walkaround (although not actually needed to walk around) controller. In a nutshell I'd prefer a dial/handle to turn/push for the speed on a loco. Feels better than raising a bar on a touchscreen device I think. Would most suggest just to add the hornby select for that. Then everything ties in nicely by same manufacturer.
  7. I was aware that Hornby was Nickel Silver these days. Not sure from when so nice to know. I have a mix of old and new track. Hopefully all will be nickel silver. I'll use that for now as I can't justify buying whole new track at min. Unless I could sell mine. Maybe an option and go for the longer flexible track of Peco's.
  8. An old thread I know, but.. I notice most seem to use Peco for track. Almost no mention at all of Hornby, is that a swear word? Had no problems with it indoor, but what's it like for outdoor use. I have a decent amount of track and I'd rather not have to swap it all.
  9. Oh yes, it can certainly rain for days/weeks. But surely that will make the days you can run much better.
  10. Hi, found this place after seeing a video on youtube from mick (I think). Always liked the idea of a garden railway, just never really thought it possible due to the usual wet weather we get. And especially not with 00. However, after seeing the video and looking round the forum it seems very possible. Mind blown. I already had a small temporary railway at home. That often got packed away. But recently bought and sold items and converted to DCC. All Hornby. Still a relative novice to the game. However I really wanted to make a permanent railway with all the scenery. That was
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