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    Looks like the way to go, thanks for the advice Mick
  2. Hi In the early stages of planning a new outdoor 00 gauge railway, looking any for advice on using point motors outdoor Thanks
  3. The train is from the Hornby 00 toy story 3 train set that I was given for Christmas
  4. Hello everyone Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year Couldn’t resist trying out my Christmas present from my mother in law
  5. Sad to see all your hard work being dismantled but like you said, time to look to the future and the future challenges and fun of constructing a new layout
  6. I am still not 100% sure about motorizing all the points as I have already motorized 2 sets and they seem to be holding up ok but I am waiting till after winter before motorizing the rest of them and the plan is to have some semi permanent building on the layout as the range of hornby Skaledale building look very sturdy. The plan is to leave the buildings setup during the running season and then take them up during the winter months. I was hoping to get out and carry on with the bridge as it was meant to be nice and sunny but it has started to rain here (another great weather prediction f
  7. Hello everyone Started on the branch line today, it will cross the garden path and then cross the patio area over 2 bridges which I am still designing and then eventually the branch will terminate at a station area at the far side of the garden
  8. The suspension bridge sounds like a good plan to span the gap; I was looking into the Hornby suspension bridge for the gap I am planning on crossing but I will have to have a look into building an alternative as I have the same issues of required height. Looking forward to seeing your finished bridge
  9. I have finally completed the bridge section today; the bridge is made from sections of 1cmx1cm wood and is based on a box girder bridge design Side Section Under construction Completed bridge http://www.oogardenrailway.co.uk/gallery/image.php?album_id=26&image_id=535' rel="external nofollow">
  10. The original plan was to house all the electrics in the shed but I have decided against this as a friend of my who is an electrician is going to install an outdoor socket for me so I can sit at the patio table and enjoy running the trains from the best vantage point. I have finally got a permanent solution to the electrical connections. I used 2 USB extension cables, 1 carrying the power to the track and the other used for the points. With this method all I have to do to start running train is connection the 2 connections (after a good clean of the tracks of course). All the connections
  11. Touch wood nothing has fallen off the bridge yet but there was one derailment on the bridge but luckily it was in the completed section but as result I am running the trains slower over the bridge till it is a 100% complete. I will hopefully be starting work on the completing the bridge this month and will keep you all and the chiswick valley website updated.
  12. Hello Willo, thanks for the reply, i have been looking at your garden railway and it is looking very impressive
  13. Hello everyone, my name is Rob and I am currently constructing a new garden railway (and a new website for it http://www.chiswick-valley.webs.com/''>http://www.chiswick-valley.webs.com/'>http://www.chiswick-valley.webs.com/).The garden is on a slope so the height of the line varies from ground level to 25cm and I am after some tips on how to make the higher level section blend in better with the garden. I would also appreciate some tips on electrical connections as want to be able to plug the cable from my controller into a socket connected directly to the track. I have been looking arou
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