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  1. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Denver got a bit of snow and cold, but it was in the 50's today. I did call a friend in Minnesota and he said that they expect the temperature to drop to -27 overnight. No thanks, they can keep that kind of cold up there. He told me people everywhere are doing the thing where they take a cup of hot water and splash the water in the air and it immediately turns to snow.
  2. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Oh yeah. when the temps get down to -10 degrees I've had several pipes freeze and crack. I've become an expert copper pipe sweater. I was poking around online for a future model to build and stumbled across this one: http://karakullake.blogspot.com/2017/10/1955-narrow-gauge-electric-police-train.html
  3. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Ok, so here I am cutting and fitting the pieces. they will actually get glued down to the print out and then backed with some re-enforcing strips as framing on the inside.
  4. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Yup, I forget you guys use that crazy new fangled excelsior system. 20 degree Fahrenheit = -6.6666667 degree Celsius just a tad chilly.
  5. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Well, we had snow and 20 degree weather, so it's a but rough today. The builds worth doing Tony. I have never made so much train stuff in such a short time in my entire life. I am finding it very fun. I'm still planning other layouts for all my other trains, but right now I can;t seem to stop building all this home made stock.
  6. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Decades of buying trains and collecting things and I got very little done. Now I have this CRAP BUILDING approach and I can't seem to stop. I just find a plan I like online and I am off. I got one of these: and I am using just the trucks, couplers and frame as the basis for my new build. It should be loads of fun.
  7. traingeekboy

    Bird Photographs

    Well... Possession is 9/10ths of the law as they say.
  8. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    That's great. I am plotting my next build a prince edward island railway baggage car in 3' gauge. And trying to locate a very cheap model of an American 4-4-0 to convert to 55n3.
  9. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    I have blue prints for the caboose. Everything else is not a real model. It is just sort of like a real model.
  10. traingeekboy

    Bird Photographs

    I built a large cage for her to adapt to being outside. She still goes crazy when she sees me in the kitchen window. I am afraid she's too humanized by now. I was hoping to release her, but I don't think she's wild enough. SO I will do a mixed semi wild approach. And she really likes her chin rubs. She's quite tame.
  11. traingeekboy

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    I must say Mick, The long term perseverence required to do a Garden railway build has really paid off on your layout. It looks really wonderful. And the added bonus of wild life and cat life is nice to see too. Can;t say I've had that same kind of railway progress myself. Still sitting indoors, looking at snow outside, and contemplating my next layout.
  12. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Just an overview of the current 4 pieces of train. I cannot find my pin vice, so all the other details like railings and such must wait. Also, I need to decide what colors to use on the two newer ones.
  13. traingeekboy

    Bird Photographs

    Please help me identify this Birb. it adopted me a couple months ago as a baby and now lives with me. It is an odd birb because it squeeks and chirps differently. After many attempts at trying to get it to fly, I have given up. Thank you. Her name is Squidlette.
  14. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Well, two things. The Gilpin tramway was built up around a valley. The slow geared locos would take longer to get to some places than you could walk it yourself. I have always liked Narrow gauge trains, but to do it "The right Way" costs money. So all of this is just a fantasy train. I am trying to keep things somewhat simple and fun for now. Scratch building also takes time. I will try not to think much beyond my next build with the Gilpin caboose. Well, ok... What I will need then is a small string of Gilpin ore cars. And... The Gilpin never had a box car, but I would like a box car. Here, go to this link of thumb nails, then when you click one there is a zoom bar and you can drag around the images. You can even zoom in and see people's faces. http://digital.denverlibrary.org/cdm/search/searchterm/gilpin tramway/order/nosort
  15. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Quick post just some pics. Just plugging away at the Crap Building.

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