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  1. traingeekboy

    Something in On30

    Way to go! That is the one thing about the On30, you can use all kinds of nearly scale models from houses like you've got to metal cars. I like the panels you've made. It all seems very portable.
  2. traingeekboy


    What is this material?
  3. traingeekboy


  4. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Yeah, the old Atlas hard plastic turnout motors do not fare wall outdoors. Those were the dummy ones that come non powered. I used them as a test bed to see how the plastic would hold up. My main goal is to run things so I may not even use points on the repair. Spent a bunch of time cutting back small trees that had grown up around the layout. Need to get back out there and tear out more layout boards.
  5. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    you pegged it Tony. It will likely be a rebuild and simplification. Back to my roots s it were.
  6. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    We've had some rain so zero progress... But the sun is out and we expect days of warm weather!
  7. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Just to show how long that track was out there, here is my first track laying post: 10/05/2011
  8. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    It's fairly motivated right now. Mostly me just sitting here kicking myself because I have all these new trains and nowhere to run them. Life's too short to not have a place to run trains! I just pulled up most of my track. While I was working a man walked buy and ask if I was building the track and he explained that he had spotted it a while ago. He recounted another Large scale garden railway he had seen. I think my interpretation of criticism is often unfounded. Most people like the railway. Some of my track is really beat up, but I think I can salvage about 85% or so. As I look closer it's clear I am doing nearly and entire rebuild of the layout. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the building part. Some random shots show the wear and tear the layout has withstood.
  9. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    It actually began yesterday when I stepped out of the house and pulled a weed. The next thing I knew I had cleared two beds of their weeds. Long patch in front of the fence. Little inner area where I planted some flower seeds today. Ignore the old stump in the fence, I do. So I also removed many screws in order to get this section off the layout. It's a section that has always sort of bothered me. At first I just wanted to get running. Yet over time it has crept int my soul due to a lack of being level side to side. I used these metal brackets and they just would not stay straight. So yes, It has begun.
  10. traingeekboy

    Summer Hampton Railway

    WOTS DAT red an SLIVERY thing?
  11. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    It's about to happen right now!

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