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  1. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Well, two things. The Gilpin tramway was built up around a valley. The slow geared locos would take longer to get to some places than you could walk it yourself. I have always liked Narrow gauge trains, but to do it "The right Way" costs money. So all of this is just a fantasy train. I am trying to keep things somewhat simple and fun for now. Scratch building also takes time. I will try not to think much beyond my next build with the Gilpin caboose. Well, ok... What I will need then is a small string of Gilpin ore cars. And... The Gilpin never had a box car, but I would like a box car. Here, go to this link of thumb nails, then when you click one there is a zoom bar and you can drag around the images. You can even zoom in and see people's faces. http://digital.denverlibrary.org/cdm/search/searchterm/gilpin tramway/order/nosort
  2. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Quick post just some pics. Just plugging away at the Crap Building.
  3. traingeekboy

    The Applebee and Lavendar line.

    Nice work and good to see you back!
  4. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    *sigh* land bound and I love the sea.
  5. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    more work. I could probably get really OCD and put nail holes in and scribe cuts in some of the wood, I'll let it sit for now. The tank car awaits it's turn in the background.
  6. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Thanks Tony, I am having fun no idea where it will all lead. Just fun playing around with things. he he yeah, I love keeping old odds and ends, you just never know. And yes, the old wrist watch gear came in handy. I kept that originally as a load for a N scale Gondola.
  7. traingeekboy


    I must have been awol a while and Missed dome of your posts. I like the snow shot.
  8. traingeekboy

    Camdale layout

    WOW. Nice progress. This really is an epic build.
  9. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Well, I am almost done with the Gone-Doh-Lah! Check it! I think I will call this done. I need to work on the water car now. Griff
  10. traingeekboy

    Adding a motor to a die cast tram

    The Double decker looks cool. Maybe you can slip some black card around the motor just to make it look dark in there?
  11. traingeekboy

    What choo doing man?

    I think I must have been on the forum between posts here, as these old posts are all new to me. Great shots.
  12. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    I added some side braces to the Gondola. I think it looks more realistic this way.
  13. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Added the ends on. It will need some side braces. Loosely based on a Gilpin Tramway design. mine is a bit longer since it is covering a 40' Ho gondola, but the basic feel is there for it. I just need the outside braces on it and I will do some painting. I won't add the stirrups and brake wheel until later. I want to frame out my free lance water car. Then it's onto a more fine scale attempt on a Gilpin caboose.
  14. traingeekboy

    New Idea

    It looks fun to me. Need to get some trains running now and post some piccies
  15. Whao. This is looking interesting indeed. oh -- Pretty Lights!

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