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  1. Wow Mick! That's some seriously colorful DMU action on the lines. Looks beautiful! Nice to see you have some decent weather to run trains in. Also, I think your modeling skills have improved a lot. I recall some old shots of an attic railway you had and the new station's track work ballast and weathering is top notch. The platforms look really nice too. It seems like you are developing some serious skill there.
  2. I keep trawling the Denver Public lLbrary digital collection. My focus is Gilpin County and the Gilpin Tramway. This image caught my eye. It is just so vertical and full of little stone retaining walls. Use the zoom bar and then grab the photo to explore it more closely. http://digital.denverlibrary.org/cdm/singleitem/collection/p15330coll21/id/11912/rec/203
  3. yeah, I will need to make them visible. My favorite paint for doing figures is Humbrol. It brushes on nice and thick and often only needs one coat. I can't seem to source it locally anymore.
  4. I had a seller reduce some figures from O scale to 1/55th. Had to purchase them, as I really needed to see how my models stood up to actual people. I can now say that I am very much into this 5.5mm USA prototype 3' gauge modeling. Spring is here too. Was eyeing ye olde garden railway and considering a new track arrangement so I can run my new models.
  5. ... now if you just change the wheels to HO gauge, you could run your O scale, as On30, on your OO gauge garden railway. Those are nice models. It's such a problem being into a variety of scales. I managed to offload my G scale to a friend's son. If I examine my collection I still have: N scale, HO scale in american, uk, and continental themes, and my lionel 3 rail O gauge set. Must try to stay focused and finish up my 55n3 models.
  6. That's amazing Tony. I still need to get some shots of the Crows I feed peanuts to. I give them just a few as I do not want them to become dependent on me. but they are quite interesting, though not as beautiful as those down under birds.
  7. Not a lot to report. I am slowly assembling my baggage car and that is going well. I've got two side walls nearly done. The end walls are cut to size. Just need a moment of peace and quiet to complete this car model. I keep trying to find an old 4-4-0, or 2-4-0. I am actually more fixated on the 2-4-0. People just go crazy over them on the auction site. Even a broken ones fetch more than I think I should pay. 20+ dollars and then you add 10 dollars for shipping, and it's ridiculous. I just need a broken old clunker, or two to play around with. Grrr..... The Rio Grande railway had this: I think I could make a loco sort of like that with one of these old Pocher brand bowker locos. In my version I would simply cut off that gold jewelry on the top of the boiler and move the bell there. Then I would raise the cab a bit for the bigger scale I am doing. Some paint and it would be perfect. I actually like the obnoxious large smoke stack, it just screams 1890's.
  8. This is a truly epic build, and it just gets more and more amazing. Is the inside yard going to be sceniced, or are you keeping it bare for easier maintenance?
  9. Denver got a bit of snow and cold, but it was in the 50's today. I did call a friend in Minnesota and he said that they expect the temperature to drop to -27 overnight. No thanks, they can keep that kind of cold up there. He told me people everywhere are doing the thing where they take a cup of hot water and splash the water in the air and it immediately turns to snow.
  10. Oh yeah. when the temps get down to -10 degrees I've had several pipes freeze and crack. I've become an expert copper pipe sweater. I was poking around online for a future model to build and stumbled across this one: http://karakullake.blogspot.com/2017/10/1955-narrow-gauge-electric-police-train.html
  11. Ok, so here I am cutting and fitting the pieces. they will actually get glued down to the print out and then backed with some re-enforcing strips as framing on the inside.
  12. Yup, I forget you guys use that crazy new fangled excelsior system. 20 degree Fahrenheit = -6.6666667 degree Celsius just a tad chilly.
  13. Well, we had snow and 20 degree weather, so it's a but rough today. The builds worth doing Tony. I have never made so much train stuff in such a short time in my entire life. I am finding it very fun. I'm still planning other layouts for all my other trains, but right now I can;t seem to stop building all this home made stock.
  14. Decades of buying trains and collecting things and I got very little done. Now I have this CRAP BUILDING approach and I can't seem to stop. I just find a plan I like online and I am off. I got one of these: and I am using just the trucks, couplers and frame as the basis for my new build. It should be loads of fun.
  15. Well... Possession is 9/10ths of the law as they say.
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