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  1. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Just to show what my little project looks like. It's just a little gas powered loco. I don't have pans to build a layout to go with it. Maybe do a couple cars for a small train. Really it's an ideal scale because it can run on the same track as my HO scale garden railway. I think work has kept me away from trains so long that I needed to remind myself I am actually a model railroader. Another unexpected duty happened not long ago with being adopted by a baby squirrel. I spent most of today building an outdoor cage for her as she is now a teenager and eager to jump around more. I should take a picture of my hands. Squirrels have claws like razors, but I am dad/mom to her so she loves to climb on me. I look like a cutter with all the scratches I have right now.
  2. traingeekboy

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    Having done some things with wood and really liked the raw wood look, I can say that it will yellow. SO a varnish or some such, like clear varnish, would keep it nice and pale. The room looks great BTW. My shed is a disaster zone.
  3. traingeekboy

    Foray into O gauge

    There are some things you cannot to in HO scale. Your new wagon is nice. BTW For instance if I want a decent Shay model, my best bet is to go On30. I've been playing with an odd scale lately, It is sort of an inbetween- er scale for those who want to do 3 foot narrow gauge by using Ho scale mechs. And of course there is also 35mm scale which works out nicely for those who want to do 2 foot gauge. So yeah, whatever, run some trains -- But make sure to post some pictures here for the rest of us to see.
  4. traingeekboy

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    It looks very cozy already. And having a nice warm place for your trains will make you want to be out there more. Nice job.
  5. traingeekboy

    the Dorking Garden Railway

    There is a guy who is posting about using HO scale to model narrow gauge in larger scales. There is the On30 trend, but it is not the proper gauge. This small group of modelers do 30" narrow gauge or 20" narrow gauge using HO scale mechs. So when I saw your 4-4-0 Loco it immediately made me think of this group. http://www.55n3.info/ I have since been dabbling at modifying an old Atlas shunter by modifying the cab to turn it into a 55n3 loco.
  6. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Well, I am back and reading everyone else's activity. Still into the Narrow Gauge project. It;s sort of a one shot deal that has given me some modeling time, so yes I can say I am still a model railroader. Rossi, I like the intercity popping onto the layout shot. Very nice. Mick, I am still doing things and the Narrow Gauge concept runs on HO scale track. WI ill be making a layout I can also run my HO/oo stock on, so it's actually going to be quite fun.
  7. traingeekboy

    the Dorking Garden Railway

    ha ha If I had a penny for every time a cat has used my railway planks as a walkway, or place to sit... Nice looking beast you have there. Is that part maine coon ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maine_Coon My dad had a male that wieghed in at 20 pounds. Since then all cats seem tiny to me.
  8. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    no idea what I am doing train wise. I bought the shed, but it really just became a repository for all of my dad's junk. It's a real mess in the shed. And I had all these plans for an interior layout with lots of trains! Of course work got busy again. Just so much to do on the project. PM me if you want info on the project, but I like to keep my real life and work separate from my real life, which is model trains. Sad to see so many people come and go on here over the years. Lost a lot of good forum members who just drifted off. Anyway, now I am on a tear with something just off the wall. I spent a fortune collecting vintage toy trains for the dream layout and now I am ignoring that because I rediscovered Colorado Narrow Gauge trains. It all began with Sara picking up a book in a free bin called Cinders & Smoke https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8099462-cinders-smoke And also, looking at digital images of the Gilpin tramway at the local public library which is amazing: http://digital.denverlibrary.org/cdm/search/searchterm/gilpin tramway/order/nosort Click a thumbnail, and then use the +/- Zoom function. You can literally zoom in on people's faces in these photos. This leads me to force Sara to go on a road trip to visit old Mine towns that were served by railways about 4 hours south of where we live... (photos and maybe a video later) So there I am reading about the Denver and Rio Grande... Next, I'm online and poking around in various forums... Then a guy posts about a new scale people are using for 3 foot Narrow Gauge.... http://www.55n3.info/.. I get to thinking... And I've got an old Crappy GI Joe playset loco, which I promptly begin to cut up into a gas loco for 55n3 scale... So I begin a discussion on making free lance 3 foot narrow gauge locos.... http://freerails.com/view_topic.php?id=8199&forum_id=17&page=1 ... And now I am still playing around with that. Yet, it's all Still garden railway run-able... so once this model is ready, I will need a layout... Anyway, that's what is going on. Still a garden railway, just a different scale and part of the world.
  9. traingeekboy

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    That looks quite nice. Your older comments about not being happy with your weathering on a loco sort of amused me. I saw the loco and though, Gee, that's nice.
  10. traingeekboy

    Something in On30

    Way to go! That is the one thing about the On30, you can use all kinds of nearly scale models from houses like you've got to metal cars. I like the panels you've made. It all seems very portable.
  11. traingeekboy


    What is this material?
  12. traingeekboy


  13. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    Yeah, the old Atlas hard plastic turnout motors do not fare wall outdoors. Those were the dummy ones that come non powered. I used them as a test bed to see how the plastic would hold up. My main goal is to run things so I may not even use points on the repair. Spent a bunch of time cutting back small trees that had grown up around the layout. Need to get back out there and tear out more layout boards.
  14. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    you pegged it Tony. It will likely be a rebuild and simplification. Back to my roots s it were.
  15. traingeekboy

    My cobbled together layout

    We've had some rain so zero progress... But the sun is out and we expect days of warm weather!

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