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  1. Hi everyone, Well i started the long planned garden railway for my son and me (well more for me). I started earlier in the year when the sun was about if you blinked you would of missed them warm sunny days. I haven't got a name for the double line yet. Anyway here are some photo's of the work so far... There will be a bridge between these two This is the top end of garden which need's clearing This is it cleared and work started Just got the last bit to link up and then the track laying can start .... Many thanks for looking Mark.
  2. Your photo of the class 33 reminds me of when I used to go on the train with my mum shopping as a lad back in the 80's from Hamworthy to Poole. Brill photo.
  3. mhickers

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    So I get some think like nce but have Hornby or bachmann loco's with there chips in will they work. As I would like to get it right 1st time.
  4. mhickers

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    So the Hornby select will be good enough run a double line.
  5. mhickers

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    Thank for the help guys I like the plant pot idea. Think I will go for the Hornby elite as I think the 4 amps will be what I need for the size of the railway.
  6. mhickers

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    Hi I'm in the planing stage of my garden railway which will be about 60'x15' I was looking at some of the old zero 1 controllers would I be nut's to get one and some chips Or should I just get new dcc. Thanks for helping Mark
  7. I put my per order in about 2 months ago for the cold war gone hot book with is out next month. When i get my railway up and running hope do some military trains as well.
  8. I've got a copy of force on force by Ambush alley games.
  9. Hi i'm another wargamer and do modern 20mm here's a few pic's of my work Hope to start on my garden railway come spring as the shed is now in place..
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