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  1. When you see people saying points don't work outside, just think of how many people think OO can't work outside
  2. Sorry for the lack of updates, but me and my girlfriend might be moving soon, and I'm starting a new job next month too, so obviously I've decided there's not much point starting a garden railway only for it not to be finished/have to be taken apart again (easier said than done) a couple of months later!! James
  3. I'm off to that show too with any luck too. Seeing all these updates reminds me, I must update my thread....
  4. I'm going to have block sections all the way round, for computer control. I'm dithering about having signals in the station though... Go for it I'd say, then I won't make your mistakes when I start on mine
  5. I might get some track laid sometime this year! Latest addition to the fleet is Anglia 86227 "Golden Jubilee" with working pan (although broken in transit ) and flag on both sides
  6. I know that feeling, I have so much work to do, but have not even started yet and can't until other people do things (like sort out one of the sheds, so I can demolish it and build a new one in it's place.) - very frustrating on days like today when the weather is good and I'm home alone!
  7. That's more what I'd have liked to do in my garden, but unfortunately it's not my house and not everyone else loves railways... Send me a PM if you want a second person for any of the work, I'm only up the road in Romford so it shouldn't be a problem coming down (riots depending!)
  8. Hi Chris, Yes, I assumed that too. I think Hornby should extend this to all internal couplings on units, especially longer ones with power at one end only, would get rid of the unrealistic lengthening when stopping! James
  9. Hi all, Unfortunately during the couple of weeks since my last post, very little progress has been made yet again. In the garden, areas have been marked out for track, but before any is laid, one shed needs the door moving and another needs to be demolished. On the rolling stock front more progress has been made though, the Hogwarts Express is now all put back together, DCC fitted and in traffic and a new addition to the fleet today was made in the form of ONE livery 156 416. This unit is very nice, and was obtained for a very good price via an old school friend working in Hobby
  10. Hi all, For the track base, I am intending to use Micks method, although the section by the conservatory is going to have to be at ground level. Compromise with the rest of the house and all that... Don't want to step over it to get into the garden... The shed I'm going to use will be in the position of the one nearest the conservatory and gate, but since that one is rotten it needs to be replaced. It would be nice to run it through both buildings, the one furthest away from the house is not mine, and is full of junk. Even if it did go through there I'd be too worried about someone p
  11. Hi all, It’s been a slow few days on the RGR, but some important developments have been made, so I thought it was time for the first public update! Firstly, the track plan has been finalized, and approved by the rest of the house. This is effectively a loop round the garden, mainly double track with a three track section near the sheds that can be used as either a loop to store stock in, whilst another train passes, or can be used as a test track on DC power. There is going to be a model village in one corner of the garden with a station, having a crossover at each end for locos to r
  12. I will soon enough, but I'm currently writing up about my own garden railway James
  13. Hi all, Sorry if this sounds a slightly stupid question, but I have seen lots of conflicting information online. Can JMRI actually "drive" trains? James
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