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  1. The ballast unfortunately did not hold. I used diluted Evo-Stick Waterproof PVA and the drip of washing up liquid. Perhaps the mix wasn't quite right. Will try again soon.
  2. Sorry for the lack of posts in the recent year! Lot's of things got in the way of the building work, but on the occasional weekend that I've had free then work continued at a slow pace. Anyway I can confirm the loop is now complete and trains running very well. I'll be adding the platforms and buildings in the weeks to come and will post some photos soon. Jaybee
  3. Very impressive! Looking forward to seeing more photos. How did you build the viaduct? Construction on the Jaybee railway has been temporarily suspended until after the Olympics.
  4. Have you or anyone else ever used this on Skaledale buildings? Am looking for a suitable exterior varnish and this might be the one.
  5. The squealing was cured a few weeks ago by Roneo Models in Essex - a drop of oil was all that was required. However the Intercity 125 is still not a good runner - very slow - so further work needed me thinks!
  6. I got mine from an ebay trader - MK tools Ltd. I got 2x115ml bottles for £7.95. Also also availble on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gorilla-Glue-1044400-115ml/dp/B001W030E0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1338222580&sr=8-2" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; Also think I saw it in Tesco/Hobbycraft/B&Q/Homebase. Sorry, can't remember which. I'd advise you to experiment with it first. You will most likely have to remove some with a knife or screw driver as it will expand and forms a foam type substance - similar to that large gap filler foam.
  7. Regarding glue. Try Gorilla Glue. It works for me. Check out the photos on my jaybee railway. It expands so you only need a small couple of drops. You may need to scrape away the excess when dry. Once you have applied the glue under the track/on top of the concrete base you will need to weigh it down with a brick or something similar. After 30 mins or so lift the brick to ensure that it is not also sticking to the track. You can then turn the brick over and lay it down again for an hour or so. Then leave to properly dry and scape away the excess.
  8. I have to admit I was actually thinking of a brick wall border a while back, similar to the other side of the garden...or railway sleepers. A friend recently built a rather large fish pond last year so will see if he has any spare building material... I haven't yet got planning permission for that yet though...! Roll on 10AM tomorrow. I think the engine shed, Dent Station, Windmill, cottage and a couple of signal boxes will make an appearance tomorrow.
  9. Now back from holiday in Norfolk. I went to the Merrivale Model Village in Great Yarmouth and what an amazing model village it is, complete with large scale garden railway. Also visited a few model shops along the way. Certainly got a few ideas... By removing the hedges alongside the garage, it will open up space of around 3m x 50cm, plenty of room for more railway. I even have planning permission to do so Bazzanoid has drawn a good sketch of how it could look, and I very much like the idea of a water feature... The majority of it will have to be raised above ground leveI on an external ply baseboard. Thinking I could have a number of sidings and another small village station. Also thinking of planting a couple of plants to replace the hedge, perhaps a few miniature conifers, or a forest of them....
  10. Now that I've started installing my first platform, I'm considering adding platform fencing. What's best for outdoors? What have others used?
  11. There is still lot's to do. The next day will see the construction of the double engine shed (well, actually its a Skaledale model), add the remaining platforms, and lay the rest of the track in that area. We will then need to construct the remaining bridges, using decking board, as it will be high level from then on. We can lay the track without concentrating on the bridges themselves, and over time the decking boards will turn into a viaduct, girder and suspension bridge. There is also another station to complete. So, my shopping list now includes more platforms and I will also need a bit more track. Not forgetting of course another station building (already have Dent Station). Will also need some more external ply, which will be used on the bends, between decking boards. There will be 4 cross over points in all, from the engine shed to just before the tunnel mouth (as pictured). Hopefully we will have more test running shots next time.
  12. Thanks for the comments. The bricks are not held in place. Assuming you mean the bricks under the track, they are bedded into the soil. The ones to the side are just placed there temporarily. Interestingly though, the bricks which we have used for the tunnel sides are are held to the paving stone base using Gorilla Glue. It's very strong stuff that - who needs sand and cement when you can use Gorilla Glue? Really looking forward to the Spring when we will continue. I have more track, I have shed roof felt, I have Dent Station, I have more platforms and I have Honeysuckle Cottage... Jaybee
  13. Truly amazing video. You have got some great kit there, love the engines and coaches - they look like the real thing!. I can't wait for the spring when hopefully the Jaybee line will be complete.
  14. I was in Homebase the other day and they had shed roof felt for £10.99. Has anyone used this and is it any good?
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