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  1. Trouble is Chris my time lately is taken up restoring Dansette record players.
  2. Just saying hello Mick and everyone. I need to catch up on a few of your posts. There's been quite a lull in my railway modelling activities at the Kirkfield and Warmthorpe. I need to rekindle my interest.
  3. I did spray them with matt varnish Roy but they probably don't need it. The pink patch doesn't really represent anything, it's just a piece of pink pan scrub that I had. It can be willow herb if you want! Ian R
  4. IanR


    I'm actually using pound shop superglue now to repair missing ballast!
  5. Ah, back to normal Andrew, that's good to see. Ian.
  6. You can turn a soldering iron into a variable heat one by wiring it through a dimmer switch.
  7. B&M Stores have these on sale at the moment (Summer 2016). They pull apart to make good looking shrubs and trees. Only £1.99 too.
  8. Lots of great things happening at Worsley Dale. I've just been catching up as I have to admit that I haven't been looking in on the forum as regularly as I used to. It's all looking good Mick, well done!
  9. I must admit that I haven't been on the forum much lately but you've certainly been busy while my back's been turned! I love the additions to Amblethorpe, the station interior looks so much better. Well done Chris!
  10. Oh, I've missed the grand opening of the full circuit haven't I?
  11. It's a while since I posted but The K&WR is still alive! I've been doing a bit of maintenance lately. Some of the ballast has crumbled away... again! I've tried different fixing methods this year. Some I have used diluted waterproof PVA and when dry gone over it with the usual Astonish Wood Floor polish, time will tell. On some sections I have dribbled thin superglue onto the dry ballast, if that doesn't hold well nothing will! Toolstation do a 50g bottle of superglue for £2.20. I am also in the process of replacing the plywood backboards. I have obtained some 3mm plastic foamboard from a local supplier and had it cut into eight inch wide sections. On top of this I have stuck some self adhesive backscenes. These are ID Premium backscenes by Art-Printers.com and I got mine from Expo Tools. https://www.expotools.com/cgi-bin/ss000003.pl?SO=1_3_4_0&TB=O&SS=backscene%20&PR=-1&SO=1_3_4_0&SO=1_3_4_0&SS=backscene+&SS=backscene+&PN=3 I got the 9" wide ones which are printed on polypropelene and are water and tear resistant. I suppose there may be the problem of fading with the sun over time but we'll see.
  12. Fantastic progress there Iain. Great to see your new railway taking shape.
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