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  1. Hello all, I am new on this forum. I am building an outdoor railway in American O scale. I have been inspired to do so by some of the layouts of members of this forum. I have watched many youtube videos of layouts several of which are owned and built by forum members here. I live in the state of Texas near Dallas in the USA. I live in a small by American standards house with no space for more than a small test track inside. I have a shed in my back yard and I have a bit of layout in that. I started building outside about 8 months ago. Some of the base board structure of the layout is built from old parts of a modular layout that was passed down to me from a train club I am a member of. I used roofing felt to cover the boards. I am using Atlas and AHM O scale flex and sectional track and switches. I am also into American OO scale trains and have a small collection of those. I would like to build something for them to run on in the future. American OO runs on 19mm gauge track. And is a fairly rare thing these days as most modeling is done in HO in America now. Phil R.
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