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  1. Storm trooper

    the Dorking Garden Railway

    Hello Andrew, Fantastic photographs great to see a Tomas model. Deano
  2. Storm trooper


    Very impressive bridges and track work Thomas, Are the bridges scratch built or are they from a kit? regards Deano
  3. Storm trooper

    Camdale layout

    Very impressive Tony, That’s a serious amount of wiring looking forward to seeing a few locos running.
  4. Storm trooper

    Deano’s Garden Railway.

    Hi Tony, Thank you, I live in Derbyshire uk weather men say today will be hot and sunny I do hope so got some jobs to do on my layout today. I do plan to build and an extension inside the track I have already layed using a separate controller so I can run 2 trains at the same time but due to financial reasons I scaled down my plans. keep up the great work Tony. Cheers Deano
  5. Storm trooper

    Camdale layout

    I am a massive Thomas tank fan and my layout will be bassed on that.
  6. Storm trooper

    Deano’s Garden Railway.

    Hi Tony, Yes mate loco’s have been running around my layout happily thank you, Still got a small amount of wiring to complete. yes I’m very happy with the roofing felt I wrapped it around each decking board then nailed it underneath using galverised nails before I screwed it all together. The weather here is a cold and wet today but has been really nice over the last few weeks. My layout is now permanently under the carport so I can run in any weather. Lets us know when your wiring is complete and hopefully see a loco up and running. cheers Deano
  7. Storm trooper

    Deano’s Garden Railway.

    Hello from a cold and wet uk, Today arrived my new EBay purchase a small goods shed. Condition of it is quite good very small amount of damage but easily fixed. Overall very happy only paid £4.20.
  8. Storm trooper

    Quick question

    Hi Guys, Thank you both for the reply’s. Tony I will be sticking to DC for me old school all the way bit on the expensive side as well. Thanks Deano.
  9. Storm trooper

    Camdale layout

    Looks good Tony won’t be long before your running trains, Will you be adding buildings and landscape or is it just to enjoy trains? Deano
  10. Storm trooper

    Deano’s Garden Railway.

  11. Storm trooper

    Deano’s Garden Railway.

  12. Storm trooper

    Deano’s Garden Railway.

    Tony you could try looking for a Thomas toy of a simular size cut the funnel of that and stick it onto your body, might be cheaper and you get to keep the original body
  13. Storm trooper

    Deano’s Garden Railway.

    Hi Tony, So sorry to hear about your Thomas model it must have huge sentimental valve included in this post are photos from my Thomas model hope it helps. It's a Hornby model and there latest and last model they will make
  14. Storm trooper

    Deano’s Garden Railway.

    Good Morning, Started on my electrics yesterday not finished them yet but I tested the track with my multimeter and have power all the way round. Mounted the track controller inside my shed and drilled a hole through the shed to outside to push the power cable through to my layout. My layout is not as a grand as the stuff you guys build but I’m happy with it, Still got lots of little jobs left. Tried to upload a video but my video camera is playing up will try on my phone later. My layout measures 2.8 meters by 3.2 meters using Hornby points and 12 pieces of Peco code 100 flexitrack. (please excuse the mess in my carport not had time to clean up in there)
  15. Storm trooper


    Looks good Thomas

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