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  1. Modelling a cable stay double deck bridge

    Hi Tony, Sorry to hear you didn’t get good news from the specialist hopefully your doctor can help. take care Deano
  2. Maximilianshafen

    Hi Thomas, Progress looks great, I love that you can run trains inside and out Cheers Deano
  3. Decking board or Concrete?

    The area I will be using is very shaded, I will leave expansion gaps in the track and will be using pressure treated deck boards with a brick base and see how I get on. cheers Deano.
  4. Decking board or Concrete?

    Ok thanks
  5. Decking board or Concrete?

    Thanks I will look into it.
  6. New purchases

    i couldn’t resist a few Thomas bits for when my Garden railway is up and ready.
  7. Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    Taking shape nicely 👍
  8. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Hi Tony, The weather here is warming up slowly and no rain today but more forecast later in the week. Hoping for a few dry weeks so the garden can dry out. Easter is going ok lots of family round yesterday and having a quite day today, hope your enjoying your Easter break. wow that ship looks like a huge modelling challenge looking forward to seeing pictures soon. take care Deano
  9. Decking board or Concrete?

    I plan on going ahead with Decking boards idea, And plan to cover the boards in roofing felt. My garden railway will be on decking boards that are raised with bricks to keep decking boards of the ground. I agree with comments about bending down to run trains at ground level will be difficult especially with my health but my wife and daughter will help. I love the picture of railway around the shed but sadly I have measured up outside but sadly don’t have the space needed. Deano
  10. Decking board or Concrete?

    Thanks for the reply, That looks fantastic and lots of hard work but well worth it. I understand what you mean about the risks of using Wood but it does seem quite common from online videos I have watched. I found this picture on line this would be great for me no bending down lol
  11. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Hi Tony, Hope you having a good Easter break, I like the the way you have done the curves I am hoping to do some templates later in the week if the rain ever stops lol. Did you leave a expansion gap on your track if so how much? hopefully you feel better soon on your new medication keep us posted. Take care Deano.
  12. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Hi Tony, Thank you for the reply and sorry for all the newbie questions, I like your ideas regarding radius of curves. Going to try and make some templates soon and see how they look. I love the tracksetta tools very good ideas I want to run small tank engines as I not a huge fan of tender locos so hoping to get away with using 18” or 24” radius tools what do you think ? It started to rain here again yesterday afternoon and still has not stopped today ☹️ Garden is so water logged will construction ever start lol. Hope you are feeling better Tony and thank you for all your reply’s and help much appreciated cheers Deano
  13. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Hi Tony, What method do you use when measuring out radius of curves? i have purchased a few of these Tracksetta tools
  14. Decking board or Concrete?

    Thanks Tony
  15. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Hi Tony, Yes the weather has warmed up a little but today guess what more rain lol sorry to hear you are unwell Tony try and rest and have a good Easter. cheers Deano