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  1. I use a gauge master controller it was a Birthday present in April, But I just checked hattons are doing them for £34.
  2. I found these pre wired fish plates very helpful as I to struggle with soldering.
  3. My New Hornby class 66 “Golden Jubilee” on my layout today. One of the most quietest smooth locos I have used.
  4. Hi Tony, I agree it’s a limited market for Dc controllers, Gaugemaster master controllers look good and some good reviews. My local model railway shop has them advertised on his website, might be the way to go. Deano
  5. Hi Mick, Thanks for the reply, The budget won’t stretch as far as Dcc so I will be sticking to DC, I was just looking at Gaugemaster controllers bit expensive so will be looking at something second hand. I would also like one with spare outputs also. Deano
  6. Good Afternoon, I am looking to replace my train controller in the near future and was wondering what controllers others are using and what people recommend? My layout is DC and I am using the Bachmann standard controller but I am looking to upgrade it. I have heard that the old ones used in 1960s and 70s are better than modern day ones is that correct. Thanks in advance Deano.
  7. Hello Andrew, Fantastic photographs great to see a Tomas model. Deano
  8. Very impressive bridges and track work Thomas, Are the bridges scratch built or are they from a kit? regards Deano
  9. Very impressive Tony, That’s a serious amount of wiring looking forward to seeing a few locos running.
  10. Hi Tony, Thank you, I live in Derbyshire uk weather men say today will be hot and sunny I do hope so got some jobs to do on my layout today. I do plan to build and an extension inside the track I have already layed using a separate controller so I can run 2 trains at the same time but due to financial reasons I scaled down my plans. keep up the great work Tony. Cheers Deano
  11. I am a massive Thomas tank fan and my layout will be bassed on that.
  12. Hi Tony, Yes mate loco’s have been running around my layout happily thank you, Still got a small amount of wiring to complete. yes I’m very happy with the roofing felt I wrapped it around each decking board then nailed it underneath using galverised nails before I screwed it all together. The weather here is a cold and wet today but has been really nice over the last few weeks. My layout is now permanently under the carport so I can run in any weather. Lets us know when your wiring is complete and hopefully see a loco up and running. cheers Deano
  13. Hello from a cold and wet uk, Today arrived my new EBay purchase a small goods shed. Condition of it is quite good very small amount of damage but easily fixed. Overall very happy only paid £4.20.
  14. Hi Guys, Thank you both for the reply’s. Tony I will be sticking to DC for me old school all the way bit on the expensive side as well. Thanks Deano.
  15. Looks good Tony won’t be long before your running trains, Will you be adding buildings and landscape or is it just to enjoy trains? Deano
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