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  1. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Hi Tony, Heavy rain here today and the possibility of snow on Tuesday my garden is a proper mud bath lol 😂. Tracksettas have been ordered and due for delivery on Tuesday one straight and one 48” radius. Been spending the last week clearing space in my garden shed for storage of buildings and locos as I don’t want to leave them out at night. Cctv was installed last year so I can keep an eye on things. Hopefully my brother in law can make a start on things end of February early March time as I getting inpatient lol. keep us updated with photos of your railway looking really good mate Deano
  2. Who will be watching?

    I have watched all three episodes, Is ok to watch not as good as I was hoping it would be. The episodes are on the channel 4 app.
  3. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Morning Tony, Not only have we had rain and lots of it we now have snow lol. I purchase my track from my local model shop at £3.70 a length, Peco code 100 914mm length. Hopefully construction will start on my garden railway March/April time I will keep you posted. Yes I have taken a look at your railway very impressive progress, I wish I had the same amount of space as you. Deano
  4. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Hello Tony, sorry to hear about the bereavements in your family😢 i buy bits and pieces as I go along some from the internet and my local model shop as he does new and used bits and pieces. I wish it was hot here so cold and had so much rain my garden is water logged lol looking foward to seeing the progress your making with your garden railway take care Deano
  5. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Hello Tony, I can’t start my garden railway yet due to I’ll health but my brother in law has offered to do it for me in spring. Yes hopefully will be extending my railway plans in the future So at the minute I’m collecting stock and planning so everything is ready for spring. i have purchased all the track (peco flexi code 100) and points also two locos and a few other bits. Going to order some tracksettas this week. It’s all exciting but disappointing track laying and building won’t start till spring. Deano
  6. Who will be watching?

    Sunday Channel 4 8pm
  7. The Central Wales line

    Amazing photographs
  8. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Hi Tony, The transformer will be in the shed all the time as there is power points fitted in there. I will probably only run 1 loco a time. I live in the uk and it rains a lot lol and normally cold. The points are insulfrog hornby, any help with electric/ wiring very much appreciated as this is a weak point. Why would I need insulated joiners and switches mate? Cheers for the reply Deano.
  9. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Guys, can you check this diagram to see if it will be wired correctly, I will be running a analogue dc layout with bus wires under the track from the controller that’s inside the shed. The red arrows represent feeds from the bus wire to the track, also do I solder the wires to the track or fishplate ? My track will be code 100 peco and using insulfrog hornby points. many thanks .
  10. Radius of curves

    Thanks for the reply Tony may the force be with you.
  11. Radius of curves

    Thanks for the reply’s guys
  12. Radius of curves

    Thank you Thomas
  13. Radius of curves

    Good Morning, I am going out today to buy my flexi track for my first garden railway and I want to buy a tracksetta tool but which one I don’t know ? tight radius curves cause derailments on large locos etc but my area is only 3m by 3m and I want to run as close to the fence as possible to maximise the area if you know what I mean . How tight a radius could I go? cheers Deano
  14. My first post

    Thank you for the reply
  15. My first post

    Hi guys this is my first post I am moving from N gauge ( too fiddly) to 00 gauge. I live in a bungalow so not enough room to have a indoor layout so really keen on an outdoor railway. I am partially disabled so my brother in law kindly offered to build one for me next spring but I have some questions I was hoping you could answer for us 1 Do you leave an expansion cap? If so how big ? 2 Do you solder track power wires or do you use an adapter such as peco or hornby ( worried about corrosion) 3 How Do you fix track down to a concrete base. 4 Do you leave plastic or resin buildings outside all year round thank you Deano.