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  1. Good luck with the new project.
  2. Hi Steve, I use a small amount of copper grease when sliding the fishplate on to the flexitrack to help prevent oxidation of the joint. Not something you have to do and there maybe people who disagree with this but something I like to do. regards Deano
  3. Good Morning Everyone, Today my Ruston R3707 was delivered as you know I have been wanting one since they were announced by Hornby. They have been a huge success Hornby and many other shops sold out I was lucky enough to find one in Hattons. I have taken a photo of it next to my Flying Scotsman so you can see how small they are. Sadly I can’t take a video as my layout is not up and running as it’s have a winter refurb but I made a short test track up in my living room and it’s working well very pleased with my purchase. Deano
  4. Thank you Mick, I hope Santa thinks I have been good and left a train or 2 lol. I was looking yesterday and Hornby have released a budget railroad Mallard and under £100 very tempted in the future. Merry Christmas
  5. My new track cutters arrived today looking forward to trying them when the weather warms up and garden drys out.
  6. Good Morning Mick, Quick question did you paint or treat your old plywood base? The reason I’m asking is I’m thinking of adding a new plywood base to mine and I’m wondering if to paint it or treat it. Deano
  7. Good Morning Mick, I found tracksettas brilliant for making perfect curves but the straight tracksetta piece are useless. I clamped a long straight edge to my baseboard then pushed the flexi track against it, then used pins or screws to secure. I found also pushing the track to hard ageist the straight edge caused kinks. Getting perfect straight lined track is difficult . You could also try drawing perfect straight lines then use that as your guide. As you say though the real thing is far from perfectly straight as long as it does not effect the running of your model trains and you can live with it try not to worry.
  8. Thanks Mick, I do like my profile picture hopefully I can buy one from Hattons when there released I have started my a few winter repairs on my outdoor layout as the temperatures have been reasonable the last few days looking forward to running trains again in spring time.
  9. Great video and very impressive rolling stock collection.
  10. Good luck with the move Tony, The start of a new chapter all the best. Deano
  11. Good Morning I have always used pins to secure my track to the base, But recently I watched a YouTube video and the guy used track screws. Firstly he drilled a hole with a pin vice then used a micro screw to secure the track. I was wondering you else uses track screws? Deano
  12. DEANO

    Available to pre order

    Very cute Mick ,No no plans as of yet but I like to see something a little different on my layout and I like the idea of having pick ups on the flat bed waggon. Should be a great runner when going over points etc.
  13. Hoping it’s released in time for Xmas, Please don’t forget me this year Santa.
  14. Hi Mick, I struggle with soldering dropper wires to the track so I now use pre wired fishplates much neater and easier for me.
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