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  1. DEANO


    We have had one death in this area and 12 people admitted to the local hospital according to the local newspaper. We also have lots of local shops and several large supermarkets close by but there all selling out of food, toilet roll and cleaning products. My wife went to Asda yesterday at 6am for a few bits for us and my elderly parents the cues were beyond belief! My wife waited patiently as they allowed elderly and disabled in first however people were shouting and swearing at staff while this happened. She only purchased a few items we needed but certain people ran into the store buying as much as they could and were fighting over items absolutely disgraceful! But what makes me so angry is there now buying my special dietary food I’m gluten intolerant leaving little or no food for me selfish and greedy morons. I am like Roddy teetotal and don’t eat out and not hugely into socialising much, So I’m more than happy to be and home with my family as people recently have show there true colours self self. one last thing a lot of model railway items are manufactured in China and I was recently on EBay and noticed prices are soaring 😭 Rant over Deano
  2. DEANO

    Bachman prices

    Sadly this great hobby is getting more and more expensive and it’s not just Bachman but Peco increased there prices of Track and points etc and sadly so have many other suppliers. I Try to buy second hand were possible and have recently been looking at Hornby railroad collection (very reasonable priced) sadly you don’t get hugely detailed locos but still worth looking. Sadly if the prices keep rising it will discourage new young people from starting up and make it difficult for people like me on a strict budget.
  3. Amazing Job there Mick, looks great .
  4. Yes Mick I have been watching videos on You tube and herring advice , I like to do jobs my self then you get the satisfaction from knowing you did it yourself Deano
  5. Thanks for the reply’s , I’m lucky enough to already have a shed with power and lighting and my new shed/summer house will be next to it so I could run a cable from that. yes I do agree some shed look like cheap fence panels screwed together with a cheap roof on very cheap and nasty . I feel confident I can assemble one I’m very DIY competent. Summer houses let lots of natural light in but at twice the price and a shed would be more secure but before I get to carried away I have asked the wife lol cheers Deano
  6. Thank you both for the reply’s, Yes Mick I have 2 gates to my garden that are locked with heavy duty locks and 6 cctv cameras covering all of my property. I agree it will need to be insulated and I like the idea of a carpet also, I will look into polystyrene insulation later today I agree Roddy some sheds I have looked at are very poorly made I struggle to see how they are even water tight, I would love to build my own but with the price of wood it would just blow the budget. thank you everyone Deano
  7. Good Afternoon everyone, I was wondering if anyone on here has a layout in a Garden shed or summer house? The reason I’m asking is I’m fed up I can’t run my trains as often as I would like because of the cold awful weather we get here in the uk. So I was thinking of buying a new shed or summerhouse so I could insulate it and maybe put an electric heater in there. My bungalow is to small for a layout and my loft is too small and a pain to get in and out of. I know security could be an issue so I would never leave any Trains or rolling stock in there over night and I have a good CCTV system. Direct sunlight could also bleach colours of buildings etc and Temperature variations are something I have thought about also and obviously it would be a much smaller layout. Any thoughts welcome Dean
  8. Hi Steve, I use a small amount of copper grease when sliding the fishplate on to the flexitrack to help prevent oxidation of the joint. Not something you have to do and there maybe people who disagree with this but something I like to do. regards Deano
  9. Good Morning Everyone, Today my Ruston R3707 was delivered as you know I have been wanting one since they were announced by Hornby. They have been a huge success Hornby and many other shops sold out I was lucky enough to find one in Hattons. I have taken a photo of it next to my Flying Scotsman so you can see how small they are. Sadly I can’t take a video as my layout is not up and running as it’s have a winter refurb but I made a short test track up in my living room and it’s working well very pleased with my purchase. Deano
  10. Thank you Mick, I hope Santa thinks I have been good and left a train or 2 lol. I was looking yesterday and Hornby have released a budget railroad Mallard and under £100 very tempted in the future. Merry Christmas
  11. Good Morning Mick, Quick question did you paint or treat your old plywood base? The reason I’m asking is I’m thinking of adding a new plywood base to mine and I’m wondering if to paint it or treat it. Deano
  12. Good Morning Mick, I found tracksettas brilliant for making perfect curves but the straight tracksetta piece are useless. I clamped a long straight edge to my baseboard then pushed the flexi track against it, then used pins or screws to secure. I found also pushing the track to hard ageist the straight edge caused kinks. Getting perfect straight lined track is difficult . You could also try drawing perfect straight lines then use that as your guide. As you say though the real thing is far from perfectly straight as long as it does not effect the running of your model trains and you can live with it try not to worry.
  13. Thanks Mick, I do like my profile picture hopefully I can buy one from Hattons when there released I have started my a few winter repairs on my outdoor layout as the temperatures have been reasonable the last few days looking forward to running trains again in spring time.
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