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  1. markgd

    Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    My thoughts exactly on both counts!
  2. markgd

    The Applebee and Lavendar line.

    With all these airmiles I do, I have amassed a fair few points. Air New Zealand have just started doing gift cards to be spent in Mitre 10. This is our equivalent of B+Q Mega in the UK. This is a new addition to their sky shop and I love it! 100 dollar card for 104 airports. I have over 2000 airports! Most of our kitchen blenders and other stuff comes from spending airports. Not any more. I now have a new dremel and a coil of 2.5mm three core wire for the main bus. All courtesy of bum on seat time. Suddenly air travel does not seem so bad. Just got to keep with the Star Alliance airlines to get the points.
  3. markgd

    What choo doing man?

    I have just spent a week in Turku in Finland doing an ice navigation course. In a nutshell its to avoid another Titanic. Anyhoo Turku is quite a big shipbuilding and ferry town. It is also small boat heaven for this is archipelago country and a boat is essential. I am not a huge small boat fan even though I drive a very big one for a living but there were some very nice clinker built wooden boats that were beautiful to the eye. As for Turku itself, thats about all I can say about it. I shan't be rushing back for a holiday. However, the train station was a 15 minute walk from my hotel and so I spent around an hour reliving my transporting days as you do. Not a lot was going on. The national rail system is VR and on show were a few electric locos and a triple headed oil tanker train waiting for the green to proceed. He are a few photos I took of the place. Architecturally the station its an out and out horror. Best described as functional.A set of wheels at the entrance gives you a clue that the non descript building is actually the central station. The above train links the ferry docks from where the ferries from Sweden arrive to Helsinki. There was also a car transporter loading dock which was interesting to see. Across from the station was a large carriage and loco maintenance depot. The local graffiti artists had been busy. However in the town is an old warehouse which is now the maritime museum. I did take some photos of that as I think it would make an ideal suggestion for an engine shed model for the future with some modification. It had quite a few appealing features. I have yet to learn scratch building in styrene techniques. We shall see.
  4. markgd

    Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    I am sat in Hong Kong airport on my way home to NZ after doing a course in Finland. I only have 5 days at home before flying back to Norway to join my ship for 10 weeks. I have not done anything in the garden part of the railway. Too cold still. I do have my baseboards down in the shed and am waiting for my electro frog points to arrive from the UK. When I get back home mid november i hope to start a bit of track laying.
  5. markgd

    Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    getting there Tony. Its taking shape.
  6. markgd

    NCE v Gaugemaster

    I downloaded the Z21 app and had a play with it. Its all come a very long way from my old gauge master DS2 DC dual controller! When I bought that I thought it was the bees knees. Now it will be relegated to powering the accessories bus in due course. Could also use it on the car solenoid motors for my outdoor points in time. The Z21 is not cheap at all here in NZ. Nor do any of my local model shops have one to go and look at. When spending that kind of money I would like to see it first. It will soon me model show season here soon. I think its worth getting a quote for repair Mick. The prodigy is still a system on the market so I am sure gauge master could be asked for repair or replacements. You never know. They may be sympathetic and replace them. Worth a try.
  7. markgd

    NCE v Gaugemaster

    Its coming up 2 years since the last post here. As I am in the market for a DCC control system are there any new thoughts on the way to go? Anything new on the market since these last musings? We all have our preferences but I do like the thought of being able to control my shed part of the layout from in the shed and the garden part whilst actually in the garden. And whilst on the subject could you wise people explain what on earth a sniffer port is? Mark
  8. markgd

    The Applebee and Lavendar line.

    The protective top plywood sheets are now in place. Dowels glued into the back shed wall battens and two supporting legs locate into holes drilled into the plywood sheets so that they can be taken in and out easily when working on the baseboards themselves. Afterwards they can be put back to protect the actual layout below from falling tools and so forth in the event we get an earthquake or a clumsy me when working in the shed but not on the layout. Now I can start laying track once my electrofrog points arrive from the UK. I have not decided on point motors to use yet. The SEEP PM1 with the frog switch looks good. But now there is the autofrog switch so am I am trying to decide which way to go. It seems to me the PM1 point motor is enough and cheaper than fitting a PM2 point motor and the autofrog beside it. Am I missing something?? I have purchased cork tiles to use as track underlay. Mick mentioned cork roll. I cant get it here. I cant import it either as it will be confiscated at the border under New Zealand bio security laws. As its a natural wood its a no no. Even though if I bought it in the UK and brought it home in my suitcase it would be ok. Frustrating. I think the tiles will do for now. I have not done any more in the garden yet. Its still too chilly to be doing that. Spring is just around the corner and then I can work in the garden. I have around 8 metres of track bed in the garden available to lay track on joining the baseboards in the shed. So I am at least hoping to get an out and return line working when i get back from my next trip to sea. There are some new houses being built not far away. I may need to check out the skips to see what off cuts of wire can be found for bus wires and droppers. Needs must you know! Mark
  9. markgd

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    My son uses those Vallejo or AV acrylic washes on his wargaming models with great results. I need to buy some cheap wagons and give it a go. I will show you my results in due course. Cheers mark
  10. markgd

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    I think it’s looking really good Mick. Are you airbrushing or using powders and dry brushing? Cheers mark
  11. markgd

    The Applebee and Lavendar line.

    Its been a while. I now have a baseboard down in the shed that will connect to the garden railway. I am quite pleased with myself. Its constructed from 12mm plywood on a 2 by 1 battened frame. As the shed floor is so uneven I fitted adjustable legs so that I could get the top level. Its also constructed in two parts simply because a sheet of ply was 8 feet long and the shed is 11 feet 6 inched long. No other reason than that. The width is governed by the need to get lawn mowers and other stuff in. The top is not very high simply because it had to be at the same level as the rail outside. There is enough room to get under it with a drill to fit point motors and such like. The two sections are bolted together with coach bolts and so the two sections are able to be lifted out of the shed should the need arise. I may well take them out to put the track down to make life easier leaving only the join to the outside to fit once in situ. I will have to fabricate portable covers to put in place when the layout is not in use to protect it from tools being dropped or falling in an earthquake from the shed wall above. Having the baseboard on legs and not fixed to the shed will also mean that if there is a bit of an earthquake rattle the baseboards can move inside the shed. The only thing that can then get damaged are the rails connecting it to the outside lines which can be easily replaced if bent. Now I had originally planned just to have a storage yard here. Now I am thinking of a station with storage sidings. That way I can operate in the shed independently of the outside line. We shall see. A few Peco track point print offs lying on the baseboards are tempting me. I am now going to buy some cork floor tiles which will be used as track underlay. That will probably be all I get done this leave. My ship will visit Torquay and Falmouth in September where I hope to buy my points. So much cheaper in the UK compared to here in New Zealand. Less than half the price in fact. And just to keep me going my Class 50, Ark Royal has just arrived from the UK. It is DCC ready but has no chip yet. I am tempted to fit the legman sound into it. But have to spend the money on points first. cheers Mark
  12. markgd

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    Love the scene from watch house tunnel. The tunnel portal looks amazing. Great work Mick. Cheers mark
  13. markgd

    Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    Tony, never got the email. did you send it to captainmarkdexter@gmail.com? cheers mark
  14. markgd

    Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    Hi Tony, I am currently on my way from Valletta in Malta to Sardinia and just passing the western tip of Sicily. I leave on the 6th from Valencia in Spain and will be home on the 8th July. Not long now. Its been really wet and cold at home so I am looking forward to seeing how my external woodwork has held up. Next plan is to get the baseboard down in the shed and continue along in the garden with legs supports and decking. With 3 boxes of Peco flexible track and a new black 5 to play with I need to get some track down. Also have a second hand class 50 to check out as well. cheers mark
  15. markgd

    Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    Progress is really good Tony. The bow will be the most fiddly bit. The flat sides and stern should be much simpler being mainly of box section. cheers Mark

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