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  1. Hi Noel, I am running with a Lenz DCC set but without the WiFi. How do you get control on your iPhone? That would be a real boon for me. Ive heard of touch cab software but dont know how it all works together. Cheers mark
  2. Mick, could you run the blue cable under the track and pin it to the inside of that curve rather than round the outside? There should be enough slack in it due to the larger distance around the outside radius. Could be a quick fix to hiding it on that particular section.
  3. I really like that sleeper set. Looks really good. You have some really good planting along with the log rolls. The scene around the 2:08 mark is really effective. Whats the story of the lion? Another big cat spotted wild in the West country? Are you going to fit the steps you made from the patio over the rails into the centre. I am going to need something similar and have some screenshots of those you had over your garden railway No2.
  4. Hello Iain, nice to chat to you again. Hope things are settling down in BA14. Seems life is throwing various people curve balls right now. I have 6 feet radii. I have cut a 90 degree 6 feet radius template out of ply to use as a guide. It's a bit of a fiddle as a need to get around the back of the shed but I can do it. Eventually I will have to make a 9 feet removable section to get across the lawn which will need some thought but thats a while away just yet. The trackbed is raised up around 3 feet above the garden. In the OO plan I was using the shed as a terminus. In o gauge its going
  5. good morning Mick, I guess the decision was made for me. A friend from the UK knew I was building a garden railway and brought me a DAPOL Pannier tank and auto coach as a present when he came to stay with us in New Zealand for Christmas 2018. He bought O instead of OO, the wrong scale. When I saw them I was amazed at the details and quality. He was so apologetic. I took a long hard look and thought that if i was going to change scale I had to do it now or not at all before I was any further ahead with the OO build. I can use my existing trackbed for a single line O bed instead of double track
  6. Thanks Roddy, Just been looking at Ians use of O and OO together. Set me thinking. I was going for a double track O gauge bed but now wondering whether to have one O and one OO track. Wished I had not looked after selling most but not all my OO stock! AAAH! Got to wait and see if Mick will boot me off first if I dont lay a bit of OO cheers mark
  7. It's been a while. A change of job and a change of scale. I have moved over to O gauge. I have spent the last 4 months at sea stuck on a cruise ship I cant get off but the end is nigh. I am due off in Falmouth on June 10th and airlines willing I can get home to New Zealand. Then into 2 weeks mandatory quarantine. I have taken advantage of the UK stop to load up with O gauge goodies to take home. They will be sent to our agents in Falmouth for me to collect on arrival. Track, points, a connoisseur etch brass kit ( my first attempt at brass) and Railmatch and PP paints which I cant get in New Ze
  8. Tony, I am watching your ship take shape and am really impressed. I watched two new passenger ships being built in a shipyard in Venice for Seabourn and other than you using card and we used 18mm steel the build is almost the same! I hope you are keeping the ferry company up to date with the build. They would be delighted to see it. cheers mark
  9. I have only got a very basic hornby DCC controller was have been looking into the Lenz p100, powercab, digitrax and the Z21 black system. Honestly at this moment I have no idea which to select. I have three sound fitted locos that the hornby controller cannot operate all functions so I am waiting for now. Your ship is coming along nicely. You have amazing patience with it! I am a volunteer coastguard so I am off to teach a bit of VHF and GPS tonight. regards Mark
  10. Thanks Tony, I was going to make one of the sidings in the shed section a programming track but think I will keep it simple and have a separate piece on my bench and use by locolift to transfer the locos. Warm and wet here in New Zealand. Forecasting 32C for Christmas Day. Being a Pom I still cant get used to that. I do however have my fake snow on the windows to pretend it will be miserable outside come the day. cheers Mark
  11. I have a quick question for you. Do you incorporate a section of programming track on your layouts or do you have a separate piece of track on a workbench upon which you carry out your programming? I never thought about it until now and only have two sidings left to lay. If I am to include a section on the layout I need to do it now. My own thoughts are to lay a separate piece of old hornby set track on a piece of pine 2x1x about a yard long I have lying about and transfer the locos using my locolift. It just seems less complicated than isolating bits of sidings and installing additional
  12. Ive been busy this leave. The baseboards were removed from the shed and transferred to the garage to begin work on them. I purchased a load of electrofrog points from the UK and had them posted out whilst I was away last time and they were waiting for me when I arrived home. Each point cost me 12 pounds. At todays exchange that's 24 NZ dollars. Here they cost 38 dollars each. Now I am all for supporting my local shops when I can but even allowing for a markup to make a bit of profit and postage I can't see where the price difference can be that much. The baseboard is 12 feet long and
  13. Back home once more with a few more shots from my travels. I was in Rouen recently. Not far from where we docked plumes of steam and smoke could be seen rising above the warehouses that lined the docks. I found out after we left that there is a large marshalling yard there and its home to a steam locomotive collection. I missed it. It was only 30 minutes walk away. I will definitely do it next time. There were however some other interesting items of French railways moving in close proximity to my ship. The truck that was used for shunting was interesting. It was moving 7 fully loaded
  14. With all these airmiles I do, I have amassed a fair few points. Air New Zealand have just started doing gift cards to be spent in Mitre 10. This is our equivalent of B+Q Mega in the UK. This is a new addition to their sky shop and I love it! 100 dollar card for 104 airports. I have over 2000 airports! Most of our kitchen blenders and other stuff comes from spending airports. Not any more. I now have a new dremel and a coil of 2.5mm three core wire for the main bus. All courtesy of bum on seat time. Suddenly air travel does not seem so bad. Just got to keep with the Star Alliance airlines to g
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