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  1. OO in a New Zealand Garden.

    Thanks Riddles. Hattons seems to be the nearest. In fact it is where my wife first bought my Lancashire Witch Wrenn Royal Scot 30 years ago. Itbwill be a trip down memory lane and a good excuse to take my wife to see Hattons again!
  2. OO in a New Zealand Garden.

    I am finally back home. But only until April 8th when I have to leave again to do a search and rescue course in Reykjavik then a week in the UK with family before joining the ship in Barcelona. It will mean that I can visit a good model shop in the UK to stock up on essentials and maybe a little treat for myself. Track and stock is so much cheaper in the UK than here in NZ. I will stock up whilst there. Any recommendations for a good model shop near west kirby on the Wirral? Thats where I will be staying for a week. In the meantime the urge to get into the garden to start construction is put on hold as Cyclone Gita tracks across the south island of New Zealand. Just my luck. The rain is stonking down. Originally fromTrowbridge, I am used to rain. This is rain with attitude. New water features are appearing in the garden. Thats ok. I know where the puddles are forming so I can take that into account when track laying. Now I have to think of a name for the railway. Construction is imminent. cheers mark
  3. Mick's Drivel

    Mick, Get a deck chair out. Put it beside that awesome viaduct which must look amazing now it has weathered. I was going to suggest a nice glass of wine but looking at your last post maybe a cup of Ovaltine would be better. Or a duvet! Get a diesel with a great rake of coaches and just watch it go around. Video it for the likes of me and enjoy. There is no such thing as bad weather. Just poor clothing choices. Especially in the UK. Dont get disheartened. You guys are the reason I came to this forum....for inspiration. cheers Mark
  4. What choo doing man?

    Where have all the railways gone? They have all but disappeared at home in New Zealand. Since my last post we have come down through Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and now I am in Cartagena, Colombia. Not a railway in sight. Zero, zilch, nyetski! In Puerto Limon, Costa Rica a derelict shed with a piece of rail is all that is left of a large yard I remember from my last visit 30 years previously. Here boxcars full of banana boxes were brought from surrounding plantations to be loaded on to ships like mine was back then, for transport to the supermarkets of Europe. Now its all gone. Bananas are packed into cooled containers back at the plantation and shipped by road to the port. Here in Cartagena in Colombia there is not even a central station for a city the size of Leeds to go and look at. It's all roads. Coffee comes and goes in containers by road to the ships loading beside us. I was hoping to get some interesting photos of local rail architecture and machinery. But there is none. We head next to the Dutch Antilles and then Barbados where for sure there is nothing I know of. Even the odd sugar plantation railways have gone. Oh well. No inspiration to be had. Hopefully the weather is improving in the UK and you will all start posting New Year videos to keep my withdrawal pangs at bay! TTFN Mark
  5. OO in a New Zealand Garden.

    As I am away from home my posts in this area of the forum have stalled. I have seen some lovely shots of cab views on some mighty impressive layouts. I unfortunately do not have a layout yet. Hope springs eternal. I do however have my own equivalent of a cab view. Not from a train but from the bridge of a cruise ship. So, in the interests of keeping my own small corner of this forum alive here is a video of me taking my ship into Milford Sound in New Zealand. If you squint you could pretend its a cab view and is vaguely related to garden railways.
  6. What choo doing man?

    Dinton! Thats the place. I look forward to the new rolling stock show. I remember David at Gas Cupboard in Trowbridge. That was a little gold mine. We all know things can be bought cheaper on the internet but I still support my local model shop in Christchurch. Bruce at Iron Horse hobbies is a wealth of knowledge and if that costs me a little more on my supplies then so be it. I would be sad to see him go the same way as I have no other decent railway store near me. There is acorn models but he sells all sorts such as RC planes and so on and OO is a small part of the shop. You simply cannot beat going into a shop and looking at the loco, rolling stock or anything else. Bruce even runs all his stock on a test track at time of purchase before you leave the shop. Cant do that on ebay! Now dont be tardy! waiting for a video of new stuff!! cheers Mark
  7. What choo doing man?

    Merry Christmas Iain, The future mrs ba14eagle sounds a real keeper to me! Any partner who buys such materials is OK in my book. I saw some of the photos of your micro layout. I remember years ago when I lived in Shaftesbury there was a series of tracks akin to your Baker Wood bunker on the waterloo line just after Tisbury I think it was. I would take the train from Gillingham into salisbury and see those tracks disappearing into the brambles and buddleia bushes near the army camps. Motivation comes in all shapes and sizes. A well placed tree may be just what you need. Also, knowing what you do also pushes others like me along may help. So get to it!! I would love to see some photos of the finished trees in situ. I look forward to more scenes from the garden railway. The photos and videos are what keep me inspired when I cant do much here onboard with my own plans. Here is a picture of a somebody famous. The other looks like a spaceman cheers Mark
  8. What choo doing man?

    Christmas is upon us again. I am sitting on my ship in Cape Canaveral Florida on Christmas morning. Most of the passengers are away at the kennedy Space centre which I can see about 4 miles away from us. The launch towers are huge. Christmas at sea is a strange affair for the crew. We have to work as normal but it is what you make of it. Some of the crew get a little low being away from families and we organise secret santas and other events to make the best of it. We have Buzz Lightyear coming from one of the near by theme parks to give out presents. Each crew member gets something. In my cabin I have a train running. Now it may not be the most accurate, weathered and realistic model on the planet but believe me, its better than nothing. Its not quite DCC but it has sound and lights and its enough to make you smile. So, dear forum members, I wish you all a happy Christmas. Its coming up Boxing Day at my home in New Zealand and here in Florida its Christmas morning. So wherever you are have a great time. I hope that you have all been good and rolling stock galore has appeared under your trees. If so do post and let me see what you got. I will start the ball rolling with a picture of the White Christmas Express beneath my tree. Happy Christmas. Mark
  9. Lockerbie station

    Thanks Tony, I have managed to get something down on paper using the cars and vans as a scale from google earth and street view. The link that TheQ sent gave me a rough idea of footprint. Pity nobody on the forum lives in Lockerbie! cheers mark
  10. Disruption to service

    wrong kind of snow
  11. Lockerbie station

    Thanks Q. Thats a great start. Now a need a plan or blueprint of the station building itself. There are many photos which I guess can be extrapolated. Half the fun is finding the information. Thanks for the response cheers Mark
  12. Lockerbie station

    Would anyone know of where I can get a plan of Lockerbie station? I would love to have a go at building it. There are some photos around but a footprint plan would be great. Cheers mark
  13. viewing forum photos issue

    ok thanks Roddy. I take it then that this is nothing to do with my settings. Its more to do with sites like photobucket?
  14. viewing forum photos issue

    Hi Admin, I seem to be having some difficulty viewing some photos on the forum and wondered whether I had a settings issue on my laptop. On occasions I get this message in some of the forums: Is this something I need to address on my laptop to view these? I work on a ship and connect to the internet via satellite and wondered if this was something to do with my connection. I dont use photobucket so am at a loss as to how to view these images. cheers mark
  15. Camdale layout

    Thats really great that they sent you all that stuff Tony. Most companies are pretty helpful. I will get a few photos of the aft mooring winches for you. What we have here is pretty much industry standard stuff. You can get scale winches for boat models online. Usually white metal kits I think. There is a RC model boat club in Christchurch and I did see one model of a tanker which looked amazing complete with winches. But if you are scratchbuilding then some photos will be best. I will get back to you in a few days time. We are heading for the port of west palm beach in florida tomorrow so will try and gets some photos there for you. We use .dwg formats for ship drawings on a CAD programme. Any decent print shop should be able to get some prints for you from those files. cheers Mark