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  1. markgd

    Deano’s Garden Railway.

    Thou shalt not covert another mans roofing felt! I tried last time home to get some of this in New Zealand. Even took a picture of a roll from Wickes off their website into our Mitre 10 mega. ( think big B+Q). The guy said whats it for. I looked at him. Its roofing felt I said. But whats it for he said. I left. Here they tend to use tin roofing for such things or polycarbonate sheeting. Oh well. Being an expat pom can be frustrating sometimes. cheers mark
  2. markgd

    Modelling a cable stay double deck bridge

    What with a ship and now a suspension bridge plus a spiral on your layout, all at the same time, you dont like keeping things simple Tony! I find it difficult enough just getting the baseboards down and level. Keep the photos coming. cheers mark
  3. markgd

    Deano’s Garden Railway.

    maybe they can export some roofing felt from the UK to us antipodeans. They have no clue what it is in these parts of the world and we have no equivalents that I know of!
  4. markgd

    Iain's occasional drivel, moans & groans

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have been to the cape Verde islands by ship, never by air. Must be about a 5 hour flight from London?? We use it as a stop over when crossing the Atlantic from Europe to south america and vice verca. I get used to airline travel. Its a means to an end. I have to fly every 10 weeks either too or from New Zealand to where ever the ship is. Normally takes me 2 days. But its my life. I have gold cards for all the alliances which sounds glamorous but they all mean my backside has been welded to an aircraft seat for more hours than I care to imagine. Saving airpoints as the air New Zealand shop has a dremel 4000 in it. Not got enough points just yet for it. The chester shop is really good. The top floor is model railways only. Ground floor is RC and other stuff. Just bought a class 50 off ebay. Ark Royal. First time I have done that so took a chance. Its at a friends in Liverpool ready to post home when i get back in july. Just need to get a rake of coaches to go with it. My railway will feature locos and stock that remind me of my own life. When I lived in Shaftesbury and our kids were young we would take the train to london to the museums from Gillingham dorset behind a class 50 . So I had to get one. This was in the BR days before network SE. Any idea what the rolling stock make up would have been? Think it was about 7 coaches but cant remember. Well I hope married life treats you well. Again congrats to Jo and you. Mark
  5. markgd

    What choo doing man?

    Currently around Corsica. Not a train in sight on the island. Its still cool for the time of the year here.
  6. markgd

    the Dorking Garden Railway

    Looks fantastic Andrew.
  7. Looks like the cat has been dancing over wet cement! That is going to be some control panel! mark
  8. markgd

    Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    Tony, sent you an email with a scale drawing of the bridge on my ship. 1:200 scale. Might be useful.
  9. markgd

    Leasingham Poacher

    Nice picture. Good to see trains running once more on the Poacher line. cheers Mark
  10. markgd

    What choo doing man?

    One thing you notice about local trains in Italy is the graffiti on them. Honestly I have never seen so many "tagged" coaches anywhere as this place. They must hide the intercity TGV like trains away at night or they constantly go too fast to be sprayed because they appear immaculate. There is a ferry company here called Moby. They are festooned in images of Looney Toons characters. Warner Bros must pay them a fortune. The trains however appear to be covered in total crap. Must cost a fortune to repaint. Thats if they bother. If anybody models Italian trains then they had better be good graffiti artists in the relevant scale. Weathering Italian stock must consists of graffiti and grime
  11. markgd

    Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    Yup. Missions accomplished. Got to hattons. Went all googly eyed as we have nothing of that size in new Zealand and came away with three boxes of peco 100 flexi track. 66 pounds a box. half the price I would pay in new Zealand. Also visited a model shop in chester and bought a hornby black five with tts sound. All good stuff. Feel free to email me. I can take photos if it helps. I follow all your postings. Fascinated by the spiral and control box. Bit beyond my skill levels. Mark from Livorno!
  12. markgd

    Iain's occasional drivel, moans & groans

    So, how is life in Wiltshire? The sun has been out according to some of my friends in BA14. Have you been running the garden layout at all? cheers mark
  13. markgd

    The thoughts of Chairman Q

    Good morning TheQ, I know you are a sailing buff so here is a little photo or two for you. We were one end of the start line for the Nice Ultimed yacht race from Nice around Sardinia and Corsica back to Nice. Your stories of the regatta mishaps made me smile. Only this time the various dings among the spectators was due to no wind at all. cheers mark
  14. markgd

    What choo doing man?

    So, I am back at sea, swinging around the anchor at Portofino for the day before heading for Livorno for three days. Before joining my ship I managed to spend a week in the UK catching up with family and friends. Some friends, my wife and I took a train to Chester. I like Chester. Its a stunning city with an equally stunning station. As we pulled in, sat on the other side of the station was Royal Scot in her dazzling green BR paint waiting for a green up signal. Behind her was a class 47, 7 coaches and another class 47. Both 47s were gleaming. Well you have never seen such a sight as friends and wife left behind as I leapt from the train, whizzed across the over bridge to the platform at which Royal Scot waited. Other than me there could not have more than 10 people enjoying the spectacle. I grabbed my phone and started videoing. She pulled away in clouds of steam. And ohhhh that whistle.. mmmmm. After she had left I reviewed my video. I had recorded my feet and the platform. Unbelievable. The sun was shining on my screen and I thought I had pressed record but alas no. When I pressed the stopped record button I had actually started recording. So if anybody needs a close up of the tarmac on Chester platform I'm your man. The day was not lost however. For in Bridge Street can be found the Chester Model centre. My wife said 'ooo look' and pointed at the shop. The magnetic pull of the said emporium was too great for a weak minded railway modeller as I. In I went. 30 minutes later after chatting to Paul out I came with a bag containing this. Paul ran it up and down his test track knowing it was going to new Zealand. All the sounds were checked. He gave it a good test before boxing it up for me. "You will need some coaches for it" he said. "No he does not" said my wife. Cut your losses and leave thought I. So I now have three boxes of Peco track and a Hornby TTS Black Five to carry home to New Zealand with me in July. This model of loco was the first large engine my parents bought me when I was a lad. That loco is long gone. But this one will remind me forever of it. What is it about a model shop thats does this to a grown person? Its impossible to walk past without just a peek in the window. A box of something so inviting, a picture is immediately painted in my head of it running around my track.(which is yet to be built and laid). Roll on July!! ta ta.
  15. markgd

    Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    Loving watching this coming together Tony. I am back onboard my own ship now. Have just left Genoa heading for Portofino then Livorno for three days. let me know if I can be of any help. cheers Mark

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