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  1. So, where was I, oh yes, last time I'd really put any update on here was shortly after rebuilding the main station, Pentney Parkway, well, since then a lot has happened. I decided that I didn't want to progress the station any further, eg platforms and lighting, until I had a suitable way of protecting it from the elements (This includes 4 legged incursions!!), or more specifically the rain and leaves from the Willow Tree that the station is under. It was the dear lady wife who, after some deliberation came up with a tarpaulin, fixed to the fence, by hooks but wrapped around a 2"x2" batten at the bottom. The idea is that the batten weights it down on the ground in front of the layout when out of use, but when trains a running, the tarpaulin can be rolled up and placed on two large brackets above the station. It's crude but very effective! The next stage was to sort out the ground infront of the station as it was just hard soil, this has been cleared and gravel laid instead meaning that if it has been raining I won't slip a over b! My stool and a much bucket now live under the station so loose leaves are easily collected and I have somewhere to sit for shunting! So now I'm in a position to continue with the station. Platform lights have been added, I went for the newly released Model Signs ones as they fit the era I'm portraying (BR Blue to sectorisation). These have all been wired into the track feed, although I m thinking of separating them off onto their own supply. benches and people have now also been added so it does look more like a station now. Behind the platforms a fuel point (Again with lights fitted) has been installed complete with portacabin, whilst the loco servicing point has gained lighting as have the portacabins next to it. Meanwhile down at Pentney Town station, the surrounding buildings have been put in place on the removable board and fitted with lights. A trip to a secondhand model shop saw £70 spent on some suitable 2nd hand buildings, not a bad haul to be fair! The last "major" job was on the Jez Laming Memorial Bridge. This now has lights fitted under the top, whilst not authentic it does look very effective at night. So, plenty of work has taken place, but I have had some time to run trains. I managed last month to get a small handful of friends round for a running session, which started of well but ended up being aborted owing to "power supply issues" (I thought I was at work then!!!). After several days of testing and seeking help on the DCC forum's I narrowed the issue down to my transformer only putting out 10v AC instead of 16! A new transformed has now been obtained and all is running well again. Several video's have been taken as well, these can all be viewed on my you tube (They are all un editied as I'm not as clever as some of you on here and have yet to learn how to edit and put words etc on them!). My favorites thought are these:- 47145 passes the Rockery Noel
  2. Fantastic video Mick, it's prodded me to do a progress report on Pentney Parkway. I do like the rock cutting with the house in the background, looks excellent
  3. Andrew, I've been requested to ask what the foilage is on the side of Foxdale Bank with the signal. The small, short leaved stuff (I use the word "stuff" as the wife has the fingers whilst I have no clue what so ever!!) Cheers Noel
  4. Congratulations, it's always a good feeling when that first train runs and you see that all your efforts were not wasted
  5. You should see some of the derailments my 2 kittens have caused! I'd be at one end thinking "Hmm, where's the train gone" Only to walk down and find half in the flower bed and the other half on the grass! The buggers never do it whilst I'm watching though!
  6. That's the good thing about our hobby, it doesn't have to be 100% correct, just pleasing to the operator and an intercity 37 will always please this operator!
  7. So I spent a couple of hours this afternoon just running trains a s a reward for soldering joints left right and centre. I thought I'd do some video's at the same time, however, it doesn't always turn out right.... I had 6 trains out on the layout this afternoon, with two in each direction at once, the most I've run solo. Can't wait for this lockdown to be over so I can have my planned "open day" with friends round to drive whilst I film!
  8. So, not able to do much on the garden railway today (frustrating with glorious weather!) as my back is screaming at me, I started out cleaning my loco's instead, however, it didn't take long so I decided to start cleaning the loco's I've inherited from Jez Laming for his Staple exhibition layout... I couldn't resist and I know Jez would have loved to watch Norman pulling a long (by light railway standards) coal train over the JL Memorial bridge! Not the usual fare on Pentney Parkway but it looked good and ran well. https://youtu.be/JNmwyC6Zdtk
  9. That bridge over the pond looks fantastic, I would love to do that with my pond, however, I have encountered the same planning permissions you speak of, still I can't complain, still loads of scope and a huge bridge! I'm still in the process of acquiring buildings and furniture for the layout. So far I have platforms for both stations and a station building and pub for the small station.
  10. So, not that work is out of the way for a week and the weather "isn't too bad", I thought I'd crack on with the rebuilding of Pentney Parkway Station. All four platforms have now been built, all hold a loco + 7. I decided not to make them longer as this starts to involve curved platforms! The sidings have been laid today and the wiring finished. Lessons learnt from the original siding mean that the "Back Road" curves at the end following the main line to avoid going into the back corner where the leaves build up, and only two loco sidings instead of three avoid the tight reverse curve over the pointwork for loco's. Hopefully this weekend will see the return of trains to the layout (Only the 25 out today on track testing!) All platforms now in place awaiting lights and sundries. Sidings now in waiting for buffer stops. 4 Cep on an Up Semi-fast past 47712 on the push/pull set in platforms 3 & 4
  11. The xpressnet is what Lenz calls the connection between it's products. Tochcab is software available for iphone's & ipad's that allows you to control trains wire less.
  12. Hi Mark, I operate through a Lenz 23151 (USB & LAN Interface). The Lenz command station connects to the 23151 via the Xpressnet. The 23151 then connects to a router. I use a stand alone route as my home router is miles from the garden! Connect your iphone (Or similar) to said router, that will then allow the touchcab to connect to Lenz.
  13. Brilliant, cheers Chris, I'll be sure to do just that!
  14. So last weekend, with a couple of days off work and with a bulk delivery of wood having arrived, I set about rebuilding the main station area. This section was the first bit built 5 years ago and was done in a "bit of a rush" with 9mm external ply on a 2x2 frame. However, part of the frame was secured to the concrete fence posts and the screws basically failed. On top of this I never covered the area with felt, I just treated it with preserver. As it was under the tree not only did it get very wet but occasionally had branches land on it. As a result the boards were literally falling apart and the track geometry was a little bit "dodgy"! So the "new build saw the same method I've used on the rest of the layout with enhancements. The foundations are now concrete blocks. This forms part of a frame for decking planks which are topped by 12mm external ply which has been treated and covered in felt. The 4 through platforms have now been relaid and joined by a 5th in lieu of one of the sidings. This gives and extra through line or more importantly a platform to enable a shuttle to Pentney Town to operate whilst leaving 2 through lines in both directions. The sidings have yet to be laid (Waiting on fishplates) and I am currently bonding out the joints using copped strip which will run under the platforms where possible. The 1st platform has also been built using cable trunking (Thanks to Chris of Amblethorpe fame for the idea). This is being topped by plasticard for the platform surface. The big question now is, do the platforms get made permanent and just get covered over by the tarpaulin that protects the station or do I make the removable so I can take them in . Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Noel
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