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  1. Thanks for the info Mick. The plaster is Cassinis waterproof plaster which says its good enough to cast water features with. Hopefully it will hold up for a while. I've thought of using green external masonry paint for a base coat all over and then pick out different sections for rock coloring. I would really like to put a lighthouse on it as well with a working light but it seems near on impossible to find a lighthouse that will withstand being outside in the right scale. There are some out there but they seem to cost a fortune.
  2. Does anyone have any advice on the best paints I can use to paint a plaster covered hill I have built on my layout? There are some rock shapes built in to the hill which will need paint as well. Thank you in advance for any pointers....
  3. Hi Thanks for the info. I've been mulling over the idea of using a rubber latex surgical glove. I thought if I could poke the motor rod through one of the fingers of the glove and then insert it into the hole this would give the flexibility for the rod to move. If I then put the rest of the glove over the top of the box containing the motor and decoder this would keep the moisture out. I work in a hospital so I think I'll try experimenting with some of the gloves we have. I'll post my findings if it could help someone else.
  4. Hi I wonder if anyone could help ? I've just recently returned to the ""oo"" world after many years and thought it might be good to model a layout in my garden. I have the main track laid on boards along my fence with tables for the turn-around at each end. I have just invested in some Guagemaster point motors and have installed them under the boards to operate a couple of points that make up a passing loop. My question is does anybody know where to get something like a rubber gaiter to plug the hole but still let the point rod move? Any help would be most appreciated.....
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