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  1. Hi Jimbob, Are you able to provide a link to the part you are using? Regards, Steve D.
  2. managed to get the next control panel in place...
  3. They really look good!
  4. I thought the same, but I think whats going on is that they've offset some of the cost with the PSU, as that seems rather expensive to me.
  5. Hornby are releasing these at the end of the year. https://www.hornby.com/uk-en/hm6000-app-based-analogue-control.html I'm interested in these so have one (and the PSU) on preorder from hattons. Anyone got any thoughts on them? will you be getting one?
  6. made the most of the good weather we had, and the dry days since the weather turned to get further with the build. 2 new 2ft wide, 160cm long boards have been added, which will feature a small loco yard, a goods loop and a couple of sidings (when the points etc arrive from hattons!!) the control panel in grey shown has the final track plan in this area. (a couple of printing errors on the sheet which i'll fix later) The remote / local switch will eventually switch which controller the sections are attached to... remote will be hornby's hm6000 when it is released. Local is a ga
  7. Hi Mick, try altering the anti flicker setting on your camera..( normally included for flourescent lighting) it may help/stop the leds not appearing to work Regards Steve
  8. Hi Mick... thanks for the comments! its definately a longer term project! However I've made some more progress! sorry... i'm on my phone and not able to fix the order...
  9. Hi all, bit of a transfer from the planning forum. i've finially got a baseboard in place! it will be joined by another and then i'll put a small amount of track down. Since the photo was taken, i've felted the baseboard and fixed the roof and walls in place. Woo!
  10. The next bit of planning i've got is to sort out how the railway will exit the shed. Currently, i'm thinking of building an extension piece on the left side of the shed. This should hopefully give me the room for two full length sidings in the shed to serve as a fiddleyard. I've got a curved point to help with this. One thing i'm keen to avoid is tight curves, so i'll be making a template right angle 3ft radius curve out of cardboard. When I start to lay track, i'll use this to check i'm not going below this radii. One thing i've not decided on its control of points. I'd normal
  11. Thanks Andrew... got a little progress to share already... I spent a few hours making the shed a little more suitable. At the bottom of the door, i've plugged the hole, so less damp can get in. (Generally the shed is pretty dry). The other change is the removal of a panel, it being replaced with a 5mm thick sheet of prespex. Next weekend may see some baseboards going into the shed and track going down... hopefully
  12. Hmm, the images uploaded in the correct order.. but don't show up that way. 😕 Now in the correct order.
  13. Hi All, Here are some musings for my new railway. I plan to call it Stenbrädet Järnväg or the Quarry Hill Railway, depending if i'm running Swedish or UK stock. The line will start in a fiddle yard shed, run almost immediately into a largeish station area. Eventually this area will also feature a 'Dog Bone' return loop. Out of the station, the line will run down the garden, towards the 'Garden Shed' where it will disappear into a tunnel and run behind the shed. On the other side of the shed the line will run in mostly 'open country' into it reaches the end of the garden,
  14. How did you get on with the recycled plastic, ba14eagle?
  15. Has anyone used OSB for baseboard building in an outdoor setting ? I'm considering it as I can get it for £9.50 per 2.4mx1.2m sheet. Obviously painting it and covering it with felt, and it will be mounted on posts, not at ground level. I'd use marine ply but on a restricted budget its difficult to justify.
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