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  1. more progress on layout still finding my way around the forum hopefully I have posted this update correctly . have done all the roof felt and started track laying using peco code 100 concreate sleepers as I was told it is more durable. I was going to lay just the single track first then decided to bite the bullet and lay both lines. I am using droppers on every section of track to make sure I have good connections on all the line as not to rely on the fish plates .have connected power from the garage layout to the garden layout wiring the track as I go had a test run on the track I laid
  2. hi update on the layout had a break in the weather today built the station base and check the track bed to make sure all is level the next job will be roofing felt, the rhubarb is growing faster than the layout, never mind I'm in no rush have made mistakes in the past and have learnt the hard way best to take your time and get it right
  3. hi everyone just joined the forum finding my way round the site have yet to do my profile Have just started my oo garden layout extension from the garage layout progress so far have laid the track bed as you can see in photos my garden is on a slope therefor the railway is high at one end and low at other end its a figure of eight twin track with a single line from the layout in the garage I may need to install a helix for the climp up from the garage time will tell may not need as I could double head on to the garden .looking for advice at moment. Have used good decking for bed not sure
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