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  1. Further to my post above remember that these people who ask for money usually to make better quality videos, well they're the ones who decided to make and upload videos in the first place. No one held a gun at their head and said "you will make and upload videos to social media or else!". I think it's a bit rich of people asking for contributions from viewers to make better quality videos. If they want better lighting rigs, more sophisticated editing software so they can have more HAY WOW!! graphics etc, then they can buy those themselves. If people give to their channel via patreon and later these people have a change of heart and stop making videos, do the people who gave them money get their money back? No they don't.
  2. Arrgh! my friend the duke. My daughter has been itching to meet you. Chlamydia!!! Men about to go into battle. Men don't worry you'll soon be home with your families. In a urn, on the mantle piece. Dr Who. We seem to have materialised in the 19th century. Oh no, it's Glasgow 2017. I though watching Queer Eye For a Straight Guy that it would be a good idea to have gay friends so that they could give me fashion tips. But actually they just sh##g me. A man from the ministry went to an NHS hospital to review their performance. He said "you seem to go through a lot of bandages what do you do with the rolls in the middle"? The hospital exec replied "we save them all up and send them back to the bandage company and eventually we get one free. We recycle them. The man from the ministry then asked, " you seem to have a lot of coloured bandages. Isn't that rather wasteful?. The exec replied, "well we get patients to make a 1 pound donation which more than covers the actual 10p that it costs to put the colouring in. The man from the ministry was determined to show how wasteful the NHS was. So he asked, "what do you do with all the little bits of skin left over from the circumcisions". But the exec had an answer for that one too. He told him "we send all those little bits to the government and once a year at about this time they send us a complete prick.
  3. Watching a YouTube upload that was from the BBC so no doubt illegal were some jokes. 1. The train now arriving on platforms 4, 5 and 6 has just blown up on platform 7. 2. I'm afraid son but Santa will be unable to give a toy train set for Christmas. He is however able to give you a toy bus replacement set instead. 3. Athletics at the London Olympics. In lane one is the UK. In lane two is the USA. Lane three is closed for resurfacing. 4. Australia has once again beaten England in the cricket. Hitting things and running away it's the criminal mentality. 5. Ladies and gentlemen we shall soon be arriving at Glasgow airport. I remind you that you need to put your watches back......25 years.
  4. Hi Mark I bought second hand from Hattons two power cars which are the latest ones from Hornby with the idea of having two powered power cars and 8 trailer cars. They were in black and silver grand central livery and it looks hideous. The two I bought new are in Intercity Swallow Livery and they look awesome. I've found with DCC sound that in it's original one power car and one dummy car that the sound from the power car had more depth to it than the dummy car. Apparently that's due to one having a motor and the other just a circuit board. I've now fitted the dummy Intercity car body with the power car chassis from the Grand Central power car and both sound outputs are the same with the same sound intensity. I should say that the latest HST power cars from Hornby do weigh a significant amount will easily haul or propel 8-10 trailer cars. However if you do have significant ( I love that word it makes one appreciate the significance of significant). Where was I oh yes if you do have steep "significant" gradients then two powered power cars would make a significant difference in hauling or pushing the 8-10 trailer cars.
  5. Kadee's are used around the world but in the UK if you wanted to be as prototypical as possible then you would need a hefty supply of three link and screw couplings and an even heftier supply of patience to couple and uncouple them. Oh yes every piece of rolling stock would have to have sprung buffers. The tension lock or bar and battering ram as I like to call it is hardly British looking even though it's sold on all new OO gauge R-T-R stock. The Kadee is a much better and easier option even on steam locos and yes it can easily handle super elevated track work. Strong magnets can be placed underneath the track work and marked by a post as to their location. Over the proper magnets uncoupling is a breeze and stock can even be lose shunted into a siding provided the loco doesn't stop mid propelling of the stock into the siding otherwise it will recouple. You will then say "oh bigger it!!".
  6. An alarm system is only as good as someones response to it. If your alarm goes off due to a break in somewhere on your property and you're not home, you have to rely on neighbours to ring the police and they may take some time in getting to your home and the thieves will be long gone by then. A back to base response unit maybe a better choice although it will be more expensive. But good solid dead locks or dead bolts so doors can't be jemmied open is also good. Bringing your prized locos into the house is good but if the thieves strike your house they can still steal your prized locos. Many model loco thefts are done by people who know what they're after and have a ready buyer waiting to buy your stolen locos. The average thief will find it hard to exchange your prized locos for drugs. Also get an engraver and engrave say your drivers license number or a symbol known only to you on the base of every piece of rolling stock. That way it's easier for the authorities to identify your stolen locos, coaches and wagons etc.
  7. NFSA stands for National Film and Sound Archive in Australia. Here are two films shot in B&W. What struck me about them is that the sound is real not dubbed as often happens in archive films on railways. Darling Harbour is right in the heart of Sydney. It's narrated with music and interviews with crews who worked the area. Preserved Garratt 6029 is not truly representative of how Garrats looked in the days of steam. The thumbnail is how they looked.
  8. Before handing over hard earned dollars/pounds or whatever currency you use on YouTube, google a persons channel to find out how much their net worth is. For YouTubers who've set up Patreon accounts they can rake in a huge amounts of cash and will often ask for more. There is a YouTuber who is the richest YouTuber ever who put a video up in September 2016 saying he was broke. His net worth as of December 2016 was $61,000,000USD. He then set up a Patreon account and got another $4,000 from unsuspecting people. I personally don't give money to YouTubers. People say that they put a lot of time an effort into making their videos. Well I put a lot of time and effort into my employment but I don't ask complete strangers for more money because I think I deserve it. I can't anyway. It's illegal for government employees to make extra money of that sort. There is another person who has 1.7 million subs and has a "how to fix your car" channel and he asks for regular donations. I googled him and he earns $650USD per day or $240,000 per year. So he hardly needs more money from me or anyone else. He gets paid from product endorsements etc yet he asks for more money from viewers. It always pays to do a bit of research on people especially when it comes to money.
  9. I like your new back scenes Ian. Have you sprayed them with a matt varnish to protect them from dirt. Is the pink patch a representation of willow herb? If you do decide to trial concrete with ballast make sure the concrete is rapid set. But instead of using a trigger action spray bottle try a pump action bottle say two litres and set the nozzle to a wide fine mist.
  10. Soldering bonding wires on rail joints or feed wires to a bus wire really is about as much fun as watching paint dry. But it is worth it. Please try to remember that a garden railway operates in the real world and not the climate controlled world of our indoor counterparts. Also remember to solder the wires to the OUTSIDE of the rails only and not the inside where the wheel flange rubs. Don't use a "blob" of solder on the rail joint as outside the rails needs to not only expand in the heat from the sun but also to contract once the heat of the sun has gone. Don't be afraid of using too much "flux" and don't hoard it like a single malt whiskey. Splash it on with all the finesse of a boxer landing a left hook. Better to have too much than not enough, just like the single malt whiskey. The trouble with not soldering is that dirt will get into the rail joint and dirt doesn't conduct electricity. So your train/s if running slowly will just stall on the rail joint and after awhile will become a real pain. This stalling will usually happen when friends come round to admire your handy work and you won't get a "pat on the back" when you have to resort to "the big helping hand from the sky". If your friends become totally engrossed in running trains on a railway that you have designed and built and with liquid refreshment in the shape of wine or for us a cold beer or the Brits a warm beer then even if your friends don't heap praise upon you, you will know that they are loving your railway due to your diligence with maintenance. With garden railways in the small scales using mains supplied electricity one needs to keep up the maintenance. Because of the widely varying temperature range in the real world soldered bonds can and do drop off. It's caused by ambient temperature variations affecting the molecules in the solder. Some say that you have to clean off the old grey solder off the sides of the rails. I never did. I just applied some liquid flux and using a soldering iron reheated the old solder and reattached the bond. I found that it happened after winter but it didn't happen to all of the bonded rail joints (thank heavens) and I just needed to clean the entire rails and run a train to check where it stuttered and using a pair of fine nosed pliers I'd gently pull at the track bonds and a bond would easily come away from it's soldered place on the rail side. So I re-soldered it.
  11. The reason I want to have a large two room building is to have the layout in one half and a modelling area in the other. There is also another reason. When I get too old for this garden railway game or I have to move out the second building can be turned into accommodation for either a trial basis/permanent moving in of the mother in-law or for a teenager who wants a bit of freedom from mum and dad but can't afford the very high rents of the area. My house is only a two bedroom dwelling and suits me to a tee, but to have another large room where an addition to the family or change living arrangements could be advantageous from a selling point of view. But it won't be cheap to build. It will however be just two rooms and if others after me want to add a shower, toilet and kitchen facilities that's up to them. The furthest I'd go would be a small camping fridge and an electric jug for making coffees. Due to our high summer temperatures it will have to be air conditioned. A inverter split system will do the job. The roof will be colourbond pre painted corrugated steel with solar panels and "spin away" ventilators the same that I have on the house. A little known fact with solar panels is that in the very high summer temperatures that they produce less, yes less electricity. They're only really good to about 30 degrees centigrade. Wind turbines also have a drawback. In high winds the turbine disengages from the rotating blades otherwise the mechanism would wear out too quickly. As for the length of the garden railway, our fatherly figure in the shape of Mick (that should get me thrown off) has advised me to have a smaller length of run. I'm inclined to agree with him. Everybody wants to see a running garden railway but those same people want nothing to do with the maintenance side of a garden railway. As we get more sunshine than rain no doubt the garden railway will be built first with the indoor railway being done on very hot or rainy days.
  12. 3026 and 3102 head a tour train from Bombala in mid winter 1985. This line is now closed and many sections have been lifted. This is the only footage that I've been able to find on YouTube of trains on the line. The two half round wagons behind 3102 are "water gins" the leading one is a bogie variety and the second one is a four wheeler. They are necessary for all water columns for steam engines had disappeared on this line.
  13. Super heated 3001 with slide bar covers and saturated 3026 run from Cowra to Blayney on the Blayney to Demondrille branchline in 1994. This line is now closed throughout due to needing massive investment to upgrade the track work. 3026 suffered a major problem on this trip which is shown in the film.
  14. This short journey is on the now preserved part of the Dorrigo Branch line. It starts from near Glenraegh and goes up to the two tunnels going through one of the tunnels and looking into the other which is full of bats. There is then a condensed trip back down the line towards Glenraegh. The footage is a little shaky and the growth of line side vegetation is very vigorous with a high rainfall in this part of the north coast of NSW.
  15. Filmed in 1993 two locos run a six coach train to Michelago from Queanbeyan. The line has since closed but when open ran all the way to Bombala in southern NSW. The two locos have a history. 1210 was built in 1878 and at one time was the oldest operating loco in the world. It was withdrawn several time but due to economic conditions it reentered service finally being withdrawn for the last time in 1958 at 80 years of age. It was plinthed outside Canberra railway station and the ARHS society negotiated with the authorities to keep it clean. Further negotiations saw the loco removed from the plinth and placed within the confines of the ARHS at their Canberra base. It was restored to operational condition in 1988. 1210 is 8 years older than Caledonian Single 4-2-2 No. 123 which was built in 1886 but the Scottish authorities think that she's too old to ever run again under her own steam, or they're just being very tight fisted which is a well known characteristic of the Scots. 3016 started life in 1903 as a 4-6-4 tank engine hauling trains around the suburban network in Sydney. When those lines were electrified in the 1920's. The loco was rebuilt as a tender engine in 1930 and she received super heating in 1941along with an extended smoke box. In 1965 she had more miles than any of her 145 sisters nearly 2,000,000 miles. She's been a very active loco in preservation so she would have over two million miles now.
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