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  1. Updated forum software to v.4.4.9
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  7. RE: Foliage plants I can certainly recommend using certain varieties of Thyme if they're available over there. It spreads relatively quickly and is easily propagated but doesn't get out of control. I had three different varieties around the layout but the following two are the ones I feel are most suitable although I have no record of what varieties they are. Ignore the mess around the tracks as I've just been trimming back the Buxus hedging plants in the background. The one above has been in position at the tunnel entrance for a few years and grows more slowly than the other. Leaves are smaller too. It needs only occasional trimming back. The one above is probably more suited to your needs forming a nice lush carpet of growth. Peg stems down on the ground and they root easily so you can have as many new plants as you desire. Some other varieties I tried with coloured foliage have simply withered and are now bare so I'd stick with the nice green ones. Even if you decide to go down another route it's always nice to have some variety round the tracks so worthy of consideration.
  8. The forum software has been updated to v.4.4.3
  9. I have recently changed the way that images are loaded when viewing pages. Now, when you view a page, any images featured on that page will only load as you scroll down to them. This is designed to help speed up page loading times. You might notice a slight delay when scrolling down the page but in my opinion it doesn't detract from the viewing experience. If you notice any problems or have any comments then do let me know.
  10. The forum has been updated and is now running version 4.4.1
  11. admin

    Password Safety

    You might be aware that very recently the RMWeb forum was taken offline due to an apparent Malware attack. I'm not sure of the precise details but I can say that on the same day that RMWeb went offline I received an email to the administration account of OO Garden Railway with a subject line that appeared to indicate someone having problems with their attempted OO Garden Railway registration. There was a link in the email which led to a 'fake' registration page headed with a miniaturised version of the OO Garden Railway logo and a 'log in' box requesting that I 'sign in'. Naturally I didn't enter any details. Now I'm not sure whether this was connected to the attack on RMWeb but it was certainly a coincidence as we both use the same software. I would like to stress that OO Garden Railway members email addresses are not accessible to anyone via the forum website so there was no immediate danger to any members - only the administrator email account was targeted. I always update the forum software as soon as an update becomes available so there's less chance of any unauthorised access to the site but I do urge everyone to be extremely careful with any requests you might receive from anywhere asking you to enter usernames, passwords or any other personal information. This doesn't apply solely to the OO Garden Railway forum but to any other website you might visit. Always make sure the webpage you are on is what it says it is. OO Garden Railway uses the 'https' protocol which is your assurance that it is what is says. Look for the padlock and the 'https' before our website address. If you don't see them then exit the page, close your browser and start again. Never follow links in any email unless you are absolutely sure it is genuine. Always manually type the web address of a site, or visit through a previously saved link or bookmark that you know to be correct.
  12. I've seen lots of this on other forums but not so many on here, but yes, the message just represents a link to a photo that is no longer available. On our forum I recommend users either attach images directly to their posts, or add them to the Photo Gallery and then insert them into their posts. That way the images are forever integrated into our site and there's very little chance of them ever becoming detached.
  13. Apologies for that Thomas. Being from 'northern' England I was never very acquainted with electric locomotives and multiple units - in fact it feels like only recently that we had electric anything in these parts! I have now included a category specifically for electric traction.
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