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  1. RE: Foliage plants I can certainly recommend using certain varieties of Thyme if they're available over there. It spreads relatively quickly and is easily propagated but doesn't get out of control. I had three different varieties around the layout but the following two are the ones I feel are most suitable although I have no record of what varieties they are. Ignore the mess around the tracks as I've just been trimming back the Buxus hedging plants in the background. The one above has been in position at the tunnel entrance for a few years and grows more slowly than the other. Leaves are smaller too. It needs only occasional trimming back. The one above is probably more suited to your needs forming a nice lush carpet of growth. Peg stems down on the ground and they root easily so you can have as many new plants as you desire. Some other varieties I tried with coloured foliage have simply withered and are now bare so I'd stick with the nice green ones. Even if you decide to go down another route it's always nice to have some variety round the tracks so worthy of consideration.
  2. Apologies for that Thomas. Being from 'northern' England I was never very acquainted with electric locomotives and multiple units - in fact it feels like only recently that we had electric anything in these parts! I have now included a category specifically for electric traction.
  3. For anyone attempting to contact Trevor, I have recently been informed of his change of email address. His account has now been updated so if you have yet to receive a reply to any messages, please try emailing him again. Trevor has also been unable to access the site but hopefully the updated details will cure that problem too.
  4. Tony I've created an album for you in the Gallery, put your 4 photos in it, and reinserted the 3 into your post above. I have no idea why they disappeared but they should be showing again now.
  5. I've just gone through this thread to reinstate missing images and so on and it's reminded me just how good this layout is. Some stunning photographs and very realistic scenery. I think it deserves to be 'featured' so you can all take another look.
  6. Yes, as expected, it's different Tony, but it's still pretty easy to understand. I've added some basic instructions for adding photographs to the gallery along with some screen grabs so you'll know what to expect. I have to say that I believe if you just want to add a photo to a post then it's easy to add it as an attachment but that's your choice.
  7. Hi Thomas I've sorted through your thread after the recent forum upgrade but I am unable to do anything with the images in your first couple of posts. Sorry. You might try editing them and inserting the images as attachments instead?
  8. Yes that was me under my 'admin' guise Tony. Don't worry about it. Most of the threads had double images posted but you went one better. It's something to do with the way you posted attachments and the way the forum 'converter' interpreted that. I think you'll find the new forum is a marked improvement - I certainly have. I must admit that when I discovered the task involved in transferring the forum over I almost did what others have done before me and started afresh but I'm glad I persevered now. I can see things coming together. Happy posting!
  9. I've almost lost the will to live How on earth have you managed to get 3 of every attached image inserted in your posts!! All the offenders have been eliminated Tony. Your clear to carry on.
  10. Iain. Thread reformatted and sorted for any missing images/links.
  11. Just sorted through the entire thread after forum upgrade and made sure all images are displaying correctly. It's served to bump the thread back up the page where it rightly belongs!
  12. Chris Been through the entire thread restoring links to missing images. All images now added as attachments to posts so that in future they'll stay together. If you notice any images still not displaying let me know.
  13. Andrew Managed to work my way through the thread restoring missing links to photos and so on. There may be one or two still not showing but I'll see to them when I locate the images.
  14. Hi Rossi Just gone through this entire thread to reformat it after the new site update. For some reason all your text, other than the first paragraph of each post, was missing but I've managed to copy it all back across so it should now be okay. Now on to the next one!
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