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  1. My back garden and shed are looked after by a GSD Also cctv back and front of house.
  2. Rossi wrote: Suspended along the sides of the ceiling, they had eight inch metal cable tray running the length of the room. In my mind, all I could see was five metres or so laid on my railway, then 1/4 inch varnished ply on top. All perfectly flat! Rossi Thats given me an idea, we got loads of cable tray laying around at work maybe an idea for the straights. and use wood for the curve sections. Just an idea. Ray
  3. Hello everyone. Am Ray from Ilkeston Derbyshire. We had a large attic oo gauge railway but a couple of years ago had to have a new roof on house, and the railway had to go. Been toying with the idea of a garden railway for a few years and i know run all DCC engines. got a 20 x 20 area i can use which is paved patio or 80' stright up the garden. Not sure as yet. As for the user name i used to work for BR when i left the navy and was on the PW relasying gang 2x and also a track machineman. Regards Ray
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