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  1. Hi, jimbob Just starting out on OO Garden Railways and trying to get to grips with the most suitable track base.What have you been using on the Minfford Railway for the track base, the platforms etc - it looks good from your videos and I like the grey colouration. I was in contact with ba14eagle about using recycled plastic component supplied by Filcris Company: https://www.filcris.co.uk/category/garden/garden-railway-products and he mentioned he'd used it successfully, and that you were using a similar product. He also referred to possible problems with expansion/contraction due to temperature changes. Can you confirm what you are using and the supplier and also advice for me of any pitfalls or problems. I think your videos are great and fill me with enthusiasm to get out in the garden and start the project!
  2. Interested to see the comment by Riddles about linking the ZTC Controller [i have a 511] to the Z21 (which I have not yet purchased). I assume that the loco control can be either by the Z21 touchscreen app or by using the 511 Controller - whichever takes your fancy at the time. Is this a correct assumption? Is the 511 equally as compatible with Z21 as the 611?
  3. I am about to embark on an OO Garden Railway and am learning the ropes. I have found this website and have received samples from the company. Based on re-cycled plastics, it looks as if it could be a useful concept to use for the track base. Does anyone have any experience on using these materials and are there any reports on successes or problems? https://www.filcris.co.uk/category/garden/garden-railway-products Thanks for any advice.
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