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  1. Hi I'd just like to say hello to everyone on the site , i'm planning a garden railway based heavily on Sectorisation with a view to eventually running DCC sound one day. I intend to run scale length trains which could mean 20'+ trains (Class 60 on bogie tanks x 20) I have the rolling stock and loco's just no where to run them. I'm a member of a local model club, who has a large OO gauge layout @ 32' long, but it would be nice to have my own layout in the garden . Having discovered this gem of a website after thinking no such website existed i'm very pleased and alrea
  2. Old post , but I store ALL (25+)my Heljan 47's with the body shells off After coming across a favorite loco of 47299 in BR blue with Tinsley un-official name "Ariadne" had suffered the dreaded chassis warp . apparently its all about the mix of alloys when they cast the chassis's. RM web has lots of info about it. I received a replacement chassis from Howes and was hit with postage but it's a small price to pay for a replacement chassis. Again no spare bodyshell so had to repair mine as best as possible.
  3. Hi Dave I'm watching your build with in trepidation, it's great to see it coming to life, I cant offer any advice i'm afraid as i'm simply in the same boat as you, albeit a few steps behind! Pictures are great!
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