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  1. I recovered the bridge that was smashed by the cat. By cannibalizing some of the segments that were most severely damaged, the rest could be easily repaired. In addition, the embankment was built a little further. Unfortunately, the weather is pretty bad for May, so I'm not really making any headway.
  2. Hello everybody! The next bridge has been built, but it would have been easier if I had already taken into account its construction four years ago. Well .... 🙄🤔😎😂 Regards Thomas
  3. The embankment is "heaped up", with a gradient of exactly 2%.
  4. Hi tony! The white stuff is simply smoothing filler. Otherwise the bridge consists of Styrodur and weatherproof MDF. Regards Thomas
  5. I've made some progress, but now it's raining again. I already worked on a four-track bridge modeled on the Viaduc de Commelles between Paris and Lille.
  6. The last curve and then a first circle would be finished.
  7. There's news from my bridge. eBay Global Shipping delivered these to Canada. And instead of bringing it back and delivering it to me, ebay stubbornly stood up to the seller and lied to me. The seller has now had it transported back from Canada at his own expense and will now forward it to me. And then we will try to get our money back from ebay.
  8. Material replenishment has arrived.
  9. Do you have plans for such bridges that you can use as a guide for your construction?
  10. At least my retailer didn't screw it up. Auscision Models wrote to me that the demand was unexpectedly high due to the pandemic while production was not running at full speed during the pandemic. That's why orders had to be canceled. I hope Auscision Models do a re-run at some point. Regards Thomas
  11. 😕😟 Great, after the bridge now the next disappointment. My local retailer just informed me that they canceled my pre-order for the Indian Pacific because the items I ordered were not delivered to them by Auscision Models. It is now listed as sold out on the Auscision Models website. Now I have two NSWGR Class 86 but no train. 😭
  12. Hello Barry! Here is a link: https://www.ebay.de/itm/M1910-Truss-Bridge-HO-GA-Kit-Sofortkauf-325-00-/265069708888?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292R Regards Thomas
  13. Hello Mick, hello Tony et all! To be honest, the windows are only in the room so that the people who will live in the house after me can do something different with the room. There comes the background scenery in front of it. Yes, my layout is controlled by DCC and I also have quite a few locomotives with sound. The main tracks in my stabling yard have a minimum lenght of 5150mm. To my annoyance, eBay Global Shipping Program managed to SLURRY my big bridge (see picture) on the way out of the US. And instead of looking for it now, they want to
  14. Stabling yard # 2 is finished so far, only the last points still have to be connected to the (still missing) decoder. And then next to # 2 there will also be the stabling yard # 3, which will have 9 tracks with a usable length of about 1500mm for push-pull trains and railcars. But two points are still missing for the beginning with #3.
  15. The term fiddle as a noun translates in German to Fiedel or Geige that means violin. To fiddle on the other side translates to "fiedeln" what means 'to play the violin' and to "fummeln" what means 'to fumble' but also 'to grope'. So fiddle yard in German would be Fummelbahnhof. But because this can also be understood as 'grope yard' đŸ˜Ŧ, i.e. it is very ambiguous in German, the English term is used.
  16. But fiddle yard ist also used in German and means there a place were you remove or add locos or cars from or to a train. In a stabling yard you do not 'fiddle' with your trains, often that is not possible there.
  17. It is also wet and cool in Germany again. ☚ī¸ But I think I found the best translation for 'Schattenbahnhof' now, stabling yard or invisible stabling yard seems most correct. Regards Thomas
  18. My aerated blocks are rather badly weathered. Some of them are simply crumbled. Others, however, show no damage. My impression is that the better the water and snow drained off the blocks, the better they hold.
  19. Has your new place enough space (indoor and outdoor) for a new layout?
  20. I had also some losses with aerated blocks over the winter.
  21. It's not quite finished yet, but you can already see how you will soon get over the tracks here.
  22. In any case, someone had a good knack for designing and building with concrete.
  23. Delivery to EU isn't the problem, Hatton's, Osborns etc. handle it great. But the stuff I need is simply not in stock. Also not with sellers inside the EU. ☚ī¸
  24. So, I made a little progess but now I run out of Peco points SL-95 and SL-96 (ordered some at Osborns, hope they will arrive soon) and Peco PL-11/Gaugemaster PM-20 point motors which are nowhere available...☚ī¸
  25. The term fiddle yard is also used in German, but it refers to a track system outside the landscaped area of a layout where trains can be rearranged by lifting them off the track and replacing them. This differs from the "Schattenbahnhof" (literally "shadow station") which is only used to park trains and is usually found in the underground of the layout. I actually don't have a suitable term in English for "Schattenbahnhof". Regards Thomas
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