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  1. Reconstruction and new construction make progress.
  2. It's good to have access to a hot wire cutter! 👍👍
  3. Hello Tony! I have consumed all the remainders of my Fleischmann Profi Flex Track inside. But I'm running out of supplies. Otherwise, I use GT Code 100 flex track. Only the switches I have from Peco. I'm using Code 83 tracks outdoors and mostly by Tillig, Zeitgeist Models and Roco. Peco Code 83 track doesn't work with European rolling stock. So I have no idea what Peco flexible track here in Germany currently cost, but I just wonder if I do not order again before the Brexit strikes. Because so far, I have always taken my Peco tracks directly from England. The EU made possible. And there they are definitely cheaper than here. Yes I can go on the ply, that carries me and also the track of Fleischmann allows that one can step on it carefully and it carries one. Thomas from rainy and cold Germany
  4. So, where I'm really on the building I have decided immediately to change the ramp from the "passage to the outside" down to the depot. This allows me to even add an additional track in the parking yard. So demolition, reconstruction, new construction ...
  5. Continue to build, get out the helix and continue to the upper levels along the wall ...
  6. Hello Tony, unfortunately no, on the contrary, it is cold and stormy at the moment in Germany. For attaching the background to the fence, I used a short wind calm with some sun. It is dry but only so - 3 to 4 degrees Celsius. Best Regards Thomas
  7. The background foil on the fence completes.
  8. I also like the effect of weathering outdoor. Basically there are no problems with my ballasted sections but, unlike indoor, you can immediately see after the winter outdoor which areas the ballast glue did not flow in quite carefully.
  9. That's right, the track outdoor must always be maintained. Also in my layout in spring is already in a few places a renewal of the paint and a little new ballast necessary.
  10. You're right with the EDIT function... 👍 I should have remembered that... 😇🙄 Best Regards Thomas
  11. Just wanted to edit my post but somehow I find the editing function no longer. Instead of "cultivation" it should of course be called "annex" above. This is what you get when you write a text in English using some German words and have them translated automatically.😅😜🤣
  12. Hi Mick! The fixed point of the planning was the passage from the indoor section to the outdoor section, which is located inside about 25cm above the floor. At 25cm above the ground you will not get to the system any more from below, so I decided to build the lowest level of the depot directly 10 cm above the floor. In order to still get everything done, I have to fit with my body between the lowest level and the next higher level in between, so the distance there must be at least 75 cm. To overcome this height then the helixes. The level that I would definitely like to landscap, with buildings and so on, will then be so high that I can serve it standing well, so somewhere between 110 and 125 cm above the ground. It is less ingenious planning than the consideration of all the compelling needs that led to my planning. Otherwise, first wait for the construction before someone feels ashamed, planning is only one side of the coin. And even then I do not want to let anyone feel ashamed, because firstly I owe much of the inspiration, the advice and encouragement and the help that I have experienced here, in other forums, from friends and my family and secondly, I can for my health and material well-being even grateful, because a few years ago that looked quite different. And then there's something else, I'm not the type of person who plans a layout to then build it for 1, 2 or 3 years and then rip it all off to plan and build something new. So this is supposed to be the layout of my life, with which I want to play build and enjoy the next few years and decades. That's why everything is planned so that the different sections, ie the part in the house, the four parts outside and the part in the cultivation, can all be built and played independently of each other. This allows me later, if necessary, to take sections out of service and to modernize or rebuild sections without taking the whole layout out of service. And it allows me to flexibly adapt the speed with which I build to possible changes in my state of health or financial resources without having to do with a non-usable, half-finished layout. Best Regards Thomas
  13. Hello Tony! The beginning of the year was good, but on the flight to Bangkok I caught a cold and now I'm sitting in the tropics in a sweater and shivering. The annex becomes more of a kind of glazed pergola. I want it dry inside so the plan right now. Thomas from the principally hot Bangkok ... 😂
  14. It's inside my house and the upper levels is going to be sceniced in the future. I also have a shed, but currently I'm thinking about replacing it with a conservatory-style annex.
  15. Hello! Since the attachment of the higher levels to the concrete walls proved to be very tedious, I have now covered these walls with 20 mm wood panels. In March, it will continue, because tomorrow I will fly for three weeks to Thailand and Cambodia. Best Regards Thomas
  16. Hello Tony! So the fauna in Down Under is not so nice. I wish you a speedy recovery !!! Best Regards Thomas
  17. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and for 2019 always enough ballast under the track!
  18. Hello Tony! I was able to drive a little further to the points. But since I had fed only DC and not DCC, I could not drive over the points, because the frog juicer were not active. Planned is everything as far as the train stations, but until I can start building one of the two major stations will certainly pass some time. Regards Thomas
  19. Today in Game of Trains: Winter is coming!
  20. Hello Tony This helix does not get higher, it is just to lift the track over the other tracks to the right, it then continues along the wall. On top of this helix comes another ans bigger helix that will be multi-lane later. But I was not so lazy, have already mounted the drives on 16 turnouts and connected them with decoders and programmed them. I also follow your progress carefully.👍👍 Regards Thomas
  21. Hello everybody! Somehow I am so lazy at the moment and just got through the first helix with a lot of effort ... Outside, however, it has frozen for the first time really strong and stormed and rained pretty strong and, to my great joy, my layout has survived very well except for very small losses on gravel. But I suspect that are the places where too little ballast adhesive has arrived. Regards Thomas
  22. Hi Tony! The radius of the first, single-track helix is 25.5 inches, the other two helixes will be multi-lane with radii between 26 and 34 inches. Regards Thomas
  23. Hello Tony This first helix only needs 2.5 turns to go up about 8.5 inches. There will then be a second helix that has to overcome about 18 inches and from the level a third who goes up another 15 inches. That's the top level. Regards Thomas
  24. I started with the first track helix from the upper parking yard to the lower parking yard. It struck me that I should first assemble the turnout drives before I build the helix over the points...😎
  25. Yes, I just say catenary wire and young sparrows ... ... they thought it was funny, the poles did not ...😎😂
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