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  1. It's called "Bubikopf" in Germany and I can buy it here easily.
  2. OK, I have also thyme in my garden and there are similarities maybe it's a different kind of thyme. Can you make me a closer picture of it, I've a friend in the botanical garden. Maybe he can tell me...
  3. Can you tell me the name of the plants below the track? It looks great and I think it may also fit into my garden.
  4. Hello Tony, the plants are definitely suffering from my work. There will be replanted later. Today I have first brought the cable-stayed bridge in position, provisionally. I will later give names to the different places on my layout but at the moment I have no ideas... Best Regards Thomas
  5. Because I'm struggling to get to the back of the loop, everything has to be done before I close the loop at the front.
  6. Hello Tony, 25 Euros was the price for 3 square meters of grass sheets. The slab track is produced by the company I co-founded, 'Zeitgeist Models'. They sell 97cm of track for about 11 Euros. To be honest I used the method with soldering the rails together with a short wire also on my bridges, but there I made it also with ordinary ballasted flex-track which I connected also with fishplates. Without fishplates I laid track only with slab track. That's because a supporting plate is something like a 50mm long sleeper, so it holds the rails much better in position as normal sleepers do. On the other side, it allows only gentle curves. Regards Thomas
  7. So far, I have dispensed with the fishplates only on the sections with slab track. A possibility that the rails move laterally I do not see without a damage of the support plates. I also care that the rail joints are only inside a support plate and are not placed on the ends of the support plates. Since I have to thread the rails in the rail supports of the support plates before I glue the support plates on the substructure and I can push the rails into the final position only after the adhesive has set, I can not solder anything there before the track is laid. Since the slab track also has no ballast jumper wires are also difficult to hide. Therefore, I connect the rail ends with soldered copper wires and make jumper wire only every 2 to 4m.
  8. Nickel silver rails definitely react to any dispersion glue. At one point I glued the tracks with dispersion glue (water-resistant) and then a tarp over it against the rain for drying time. The rails behind were as green as the copper roofs of the cathedrals. Without tarpaulin, the effect was only where the glue had fallen directly onto the rails.
  9. So laid a little track. Quite tedious is the soldering of the flexible copper wires at the rail ends. Tony, the rools has 1m to 3m and was about 25 euros.
  10. Yeah that's great. But can be very frustrating if you've time and the weather didn't permit you to work on your layout. I know what I'm talking about. I also work from home.
  11. Closer pic of that grass sheeting for Tony:
  12. As I told you on Facebook, I'm sure that's the biggest bridge in H0 scale worldwide... 👍👍
  13. Expanding foam and facade repair filler you've seen right. The green grass a sheets from different producers, I glued them with Ponal water resistant, that works well for the sheets from NOCH and not so well for the no brand sheets from my hobby store.
  14. Holy cow, that's a big layout. 👍
  15. A little landscaping, a little track construction. Because of the low temperatures, it is slow, because the adhesives take a long time to dry.
  16. I reached Southend, the southernmost point of my property. That's the Southend Loop. I have here Kato Unitrack with radius 730mm and 790mm and superelevation used. In addition, the turnouts for the first junction have been laid out. Peco Code 75. Have lubricated the spring mechanism with silicone grease from the diving needs.
  17. The bridge becomes gigantic. My bridges for the lower High Speed Line are finished, but since today it's raining .. For this I completed the planning for the first big bridge of the upper High Speed Line and ordered the material. I base it on the construction of the Metlac Railway Bridge in Mexico. That means it will be a concrete beam bridge. In the model, the support beam will be an aluminum square tube of 80 x 80 mm. The pillars will also be an aluminum square tube but of 80 x 40 mm. Then the 130mm wide support plate made of HPL is fixed on the support beam, on which lie two tracks.
  18. This is all plastic. I painted the MDF bridge several times with car paint.
  19. Hello Chris! Please tell me how you did the grass on the slopes? Regards Thomas
  20. Hello Mick I can understand your motivation problem very well, as soon as the weather is nice enough to build on outside I can also find it difficult to build on the layout part in the house Regards Thomas
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