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  1. The end of the helix has been reached, you can already see the widening of the route for the station entrance.
  2. It's the same with Peco flex track. I'm afraid I will run out of material if Peco doesn't catch up.
  3. If you also design the foreground with lower rocks, you should think about how the rainwater can drain off without the tracks being flooded after each rain.
  4. The rocks look quite acceptable. The weather will also ensure further weathering. As far as the passing loop is concerned, how likely is it that you will eventually double-track the route in the forseeable future? It would of course be smart, the space for the second track would be kept free.
  5. Since the weather cooperated, I still managed to install four switches.
  6. Your way to make rocks is also very interesting because I haven't made a decision yet if I will use real rock or make it your way. Or maybe combine both.
  7. I'm very interested to see what you can achieve because I'm also incertain if should use real rock or concrete, plaster and paint.
  8. I can only agree with Mick, the result is really great. Like him, however, I fear that the device will not fit into the clearance profile of my railway.
  9. Calculating with 50 degrees in direct sunlight is not enough. In direct sunlight, light-colored material reaches temperatures of over 60 degrees, dark material even in individual cases over 90 degrees.
  10. Do you use PVC foam as plastic base? That's what I did, including a material called Forex. And especially in the places that are exposed to a lot of the sun, this has not proven itself. Dark colored plastic in particular has shrunk or deformed. PVC rigid foam is probably not dimensionally stable if it heats up to over 60 ° Celsius. And that happens very quickly in the sun. I replaced the plastic with 6mm Medite Tricoya Extreme Durable MDF board in exposed areas. And I also have a bridge with a beam made of aluminum profile and a support plate made of HPL. Apparently HP
  11. There is still a lot to do and the autumn weather is expected to begin on Wednesday.
  12. I ordered a bridge from the US and because of Corona it can't be shipped, so I'm afraid running session has to wait until next year.
  13. All large switches are in place now.
  14. Northern end of San Gioachino station makes some progress.
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