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  1. Short notice: Overpass is finished.
  2. The overpass made some progress.
  3. Hello John! Nice to meet someone from Stummis here! I recommend to think about an indoor layout connected with an outdoor layout. It makes things like a "Schattenbahnhof' much easier. And it's every time modelrailroad season. When weather is dry indoor and outdoor, when wether is wet only indoor. Regards Thomas
  4. Hello Tony! The layout of the turnout is printed out on paper and the individual sleepers are glued there with water-soluble glue, then the rail profiles are soldered onto it. When everything is ready, wash the paper off with plenty of water. The switch is set later with a servo and I use a frog juicer to polarize the frog. I bought two NSWGR Class 86 electric locomotives from Auscision today (in Candy). They should pull my pre-ordered Indian Pacific (first epoch). In the 1980s, it changed to/from electric locomotives in Lithgow. And I just like electric locomotives more. Regards Thomas
  5. My first turnout completely built by myself.
  6. The ballast looks perfect. I also glue mine outdoors with a mixture of waterproof wood glue, water and a drop of detergent. So far it has held up well, but after the first winter you can see all the places where not enough glue has flowed.
  7. Today I built the first stairs for the bridge to cross my railroad.
  8. In German, you bite the grass not the dust. 😎
  9. Translated literally, this results in a German metaphor "den Staub fressen". It refers to the fact that you are left on the country road in the cloud of dust, which causes a happier person who rushes into a carriage or automobile. This means that you have to come to terms with less than you hoped.
  10. I'm not that lucky, I have to work indoors (at least in the invisible area) with radii of 650 to 915mm.
  11. It looks fantastic. And the curves just look better with super elevation. Especially when you can have such large radii as we do in our gardens.
  12. The San Gioachino Germano train station from both sides. Somehow I lack a high-speed switch ... 🤔
  13. Found this video of a really great H0 garden layout based on US motifs. Probably from the Czech Republic, but it really gave me new ideas. Have a look, it's worth it.
  14. Oh my God that is incredible great! That's what I hope my tracks will look like in the future. And please tell us how did you made that viaduct?
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