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  1. Maximilianshafen

    Hello Tony, yes I still plan DCC with Games-on-track, otherwise I could Start my own copper mill to produce the wires... It was quite warm the last two weeks for January, but since two days it's cold again and today it had snowfall. But I don't care, in 36 hours I'm in Egypt and there it's warm and sunny. 😎 My stagging yard will have 11 continuous tracks. Of these 11 continuous tracks, 3 tracks will still have a siding, so in the middle the yard will have 14 tracks parallel at one point. Side tracks are different from the continuous tracks in that you have to use one of the continuous tracks to reach or leave. The continuous tracks provide sufficient length to park several trains one behind the other. The usable lengths are about between 10 and 15m. The sidings between 2 and 6m. Then there are still siding that are connected only on one side, for push-pull trains or railcars. Thomas
  2. Griff's Oddities

    Hello! I found this Transalpin: https://m.ebay.de/itm/Lima-H0-Transalpin-Wagen/222814314022?hash=item33e0c49e26:g:vMEAAOSwbwJaQn1M I don't think shipping from the UK is much cheaper than from Germany... I also have a Transalpin, but from Roco. From the Settebello there was also a model of a company called Ottimo that does not exist anymore. But it was very expensive and has collectors value today. The Settebello was a game card that was also very valuable to have had in the game, I was aware, but as well as you I did not know. I recently bought something on Ebay in Texas, the last missing part for a Frecciabianca. Fortunately for me, the seller refused to send it overseas so I decided to send it to my cousin in Maryland. And he sent it to me. The customs then considered it as a gift and even though it had a value of more than $ 400 it was then duty-free as a gift. That model trains, if they are a gift regardless of value, are no import duty subject was new to me. My family in the US will now often have to send "gifts" to me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž If that works the other way too, I'm happy to help ... With Tony in Australia, that worked quite well with the Thalys bar car. A happy Thomas from Germany
  3. Hornby GRESLEY A4 Collection

    So as for the wartime black we are two.
  4. Maximilianshafen

    So the points of Peco arrived today from England. Now I have started with the exit from the parking yard. The gap closure is thus made, from the entrance from the garden into the house to the exit from the house into the garden is now a continuous track connection. Since I do not have such an experience with Peco, one question: If I these as trailable points (is that the correct name if I use the switches in the exit without drive and the train switches the switch points when driving?) is it better to remove the springs?
  5. Griff's Oddities

    Class 96 is from the Royal Bavarian State Railway. A Bavarian would kill you if you call him an East German ....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž Most finished their service in the Federal Railways of West Germany. Only three came to the Reichsbahn of the GDR (not to be confused with the Reichsbahn of the German Reich, in which the locomotives were of course). I also know the problem with opening locomotives and cars. on some models, I do not dare to install a digital decoder, because I'm afraid to break them when opening. My last purchase on Ebay you would certainly like it very much. I bought the ETR 301 "Il Settebello". Settebello is Italian for 'Beautiful Seven' as well as the name of a card in the card game. The train also has 7 cars and was very luxurious (beautiful)...
  6. Maximilianshafen

    The entrance to the parking yard is nearing completion. It is fully equipped with Fleischmann high speed crossovers with movable frog.This allows me to ride with American standard wheels as well as with wheels of European standard without having problems with the frog. In the exit, however, Peco Code 100 insulfrog turnouts are used. These should simply drive up by the outgoing trains so that I do not need a turnout drive for these switches.
  7. Maximilianshafen

    Hello Mick, to be honest nearly 1/3 of the progress was done since Xmas. I hope to finish the lower level of the parking yard before spring so I can concentrate on the layout in the garden in the spring. When it is autumn I plan to start the upper level of the depot station. It will be about 70cm above the lower level and at about 110cm then comes my indoor layout. The outdoor layout and the indoor layout are both fully connected to the middle parking yard. From the lower parking yard one will be able to extend to indoor as well as outdoor, but only enter from outside. Hello Tony! Yes, I saw your first steps to the bridge. Frankfurt is about 80km / 50 miles away from me. In 8 days I fly from there for two weeks to Egypt. With regards Thomas
  8. Maximilianshafen

    Because I can now accommodate more tracks in the parking yard, now 7 instead of 5 in the outer area, I have to relocate the tracks with a smaller distance.
  9. Radius of curves

    Tillig makes such points in Code 83: https://www.tillig.com/eng/Produkte/produktinfo-85326.html And if it may cost a little more, Weinert in collaboration with Peco in Code 75: https://goo.gl/images/FCeNMx
  10. Who will be watching?

    I doubt that too...πŸ˜‚
  11. Maximilianshafen

    Work started at the exit of the parking yard. It found out that if I attached the entrance (on the photo where the yellow spirit level is) instead of pillars with shelf holders to the wall, I gain a lot of space. Instead of 6 parallel tracks in the curve I get 11 there. Of which 9 with a radius over 500mm.Which means my depot station will have 11 continuous tracks with a total useful length of about 105m. Space for 52 TGVs.. Of course, there are also the sidings that are not continuous. But now I have run out of points. I had counted only with 6 transit tracks. Thomas
  12. So omega-loop is called that in English. It's going to be difficult for me with all the technical terms. This also knows no German-English dictionary.😊 P.e.: The frog is called in German Herzstück, "heart-piece" if you translate it literally. But also the omega-loop needs a drive that remains in the position after switching in order to exert enough pressure so that the switch blades remain firmly in the respective position. And that's not what my central locking drives do. What is not a problem with Peco points, as the spring mechanism takes over this task. Of course, I can still switch to servo drives for my switches without spring mechanism. But that is of course more expensive.
  13. Radius of curves

    I had understood Stormtrooper in such a way that he wants to have as much straight track as possible and therefore wants to keep the curves rather short and it depends more on the technically reasonable minimum radius and less on the optically desirable. In the non-visible area, I also use switches with a radius of "only" 914mm (36") In the visible range, the planning provides for a minimum radius of 1524mm (60"), except for two curved turnouts. The railway in Germany knows as the narrowest radius for turnouts converted to H0 2190mm (86 1/4"). Thomas
  14. Maximilianshafen

    I found another German-speaking guy from Austria with H0 in the garden on YouTube: In the film he tells, among other things, that the layout at the time of recording, has existed for two years. And also works with snow: And another one in Saxony:
  15. Radius of curves

    18" = 457mm 24" = 610mm A minimum of 500mm as I recommended is 19,67" In Europe 360mm is still standard. 360mm = 14,2" Manufacturers offering models still reap shitstorms if those do not come through the 360mm radius.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚