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  1. I did a trailable turnout with a Peco Y-turnout. Simply attach a spring to the throw bar and to a screw next to the route. However, the tractive force of the spring has decreased significantly over the winter, so I will soon have to install a new one.
  2. So I use the Fleischmann PROFI track (have a lot from childhood and adolescence) only inside in the shadow station. I would not recommend this for outdoors either. The production of the track is also discontinued for H0 due to the merger with Roco. The Fleischmann brand is now only in use for N Gauge.
  3. Stazione San Gioachino Germano sulla Terrazza in construzione. I think it didn't need a translation...😁
  4. For my eyes it looks like an upgrade of the scenery! 👍
  5. It is typical. Instead of being able to go to my patio station at a fast pace today (after all the material is now available), the hay fever has hit me so badly today that I only feel short of breath despite using all the medication and sprays I have. I'm sure tomorrow I will be fine and I can't do anything because of the holiday tomorrow ... ðŸĪŠ
  6. So, weather is good, progress also...😁😁😁
  7. It is available in 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 19mm and 21mm. I got 6mm. It is easy to saw and it holds pins and screws very well.
  8. First work with the new material. I am still very excited.
  9. Getting materials seems to be not so easy as we were used to before 'Corona'. I made a 400 miles roadtrip today to get my special Tricoya MDF Plate. And I got it!
  10. After rigid foam PVC sheets and rigid PVC sheets were not heat-resistant enough for places with a lot of sun, acrylic and plexiglass became brittle and since no servos can be screwed onto Styodur, Medite Tricoya Extreme Durable MDF really seems to be the solution. Compared to HPL, it convinces with its lower weight and above all because it can be processed like normal plywood or normal MDF. The plates are available in a thickness of 4 mm to 21 mm. This actually makes it possible to build a model railroad outside the way you are used to from inside. And even if you sawed the material or drilled holes in it, no further treatment is required to survive outside.
  11. I made a roadtrip of about 400 miles/640km today and I got (yes!!!) two plates Medite Tricoya Extreme Durable MDF waterproof with 50 years guarantee. Medite, a British manufacturer, had previously sent me a sample, which I kept for 6 days in a row in the filled sink for test purposes and the result exceeded all my expectations. The Tricoya Extreme Durable MDF has neither warped nor swollen. It is a material made for our purposes. Pictures: The sample after 6 days in water. My plates. The sample in the sink.
  12. So coloring it in gray would certainly have a great effect. Otherwise, the cable could of course also have been embedded in sections in the cement between the track bed and the rocks.
  13. Hello Mick! You should find a solution for the blue cable. Because the rock looks really good and the cable somehow destroys the overall impression. Looks like a gas pipe that has not yet been buried...😁 Regards Thomas
  14. I would recommend that, one of my untreated blocks turned into sand over wintertime.
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