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  1. Hello Mick. The viaduct will come to approximately where the white board lies in the pictures. Finally, in addition to the two high-speed lines still missing the old line. Regards Thomas
  2. Hello Tony. The area consists of fly screens and a special filler which consists of marble lime, fine cement, synthetic resin and glass fibers and which corresponds in color to the marble gravel ground of our garden. The stones are from the marble and I just dropped them into the wet putty. The whole thing looks like the ground in our garden. Regards Thomas
  3. Hello Tony, I noticed on Facebook that you're in the hospital. Get well soon! My viaduct is free lance. The radius of the bows is the circumference of the feeding bowl of my dog ...😂 Regards Thomas
  4. The bridge of the upper High Speed Line takes shape, I also started with the bridge of the "old line" and started a bit with the landscaping.
  5. Hello everybody! The suspension bridge is in place with a new center pillar. Besides, I started with the big flyover construction. Regards Thomas
  6. Just a friend asked me to hand in the solder. Would I have run better myself. Because the jerk breaks off the already set pillar of my suspension bridge .... 😭
  7. To be honest, to close the circle for the first time is still missing a train station in front of the terrace and the track back down to the corner tunnels. There is still much to do. I'll put the station in front of the terrace and raised it on aluminum profiles. So that you have planting underneath. The station will be about 70 cm above the level of the terrace, so you can play nice sitting. I think but as soon as the substructure for the station is there to set up a provisional U-turn, so I can start a first opening trip once in a circle around. Incidentally, the Italian-style station will be named after my husband Jochen, "San Joaquino sulla Terazza". The tracks will move from the actual railhead (where the turquoise styrofoam is) over to the terace in front.
  8. Between heat and thunderstorm it continues. By the way, the "kink" at the end of the bridge has a curve radius of 9300mm, it is quite blatant how sharp it looks to the long distance.
  9. The substructure is ready, tomorrow the tracks are laid and then the cables are pulled. And THEN I can make the first test drive from inside the house to the southern border of my property.
  10. I stole the idea of the Inntaltunnel (River Inn Valley Tunnel) of the Innsbruck bypass. There the tunnel also protrudes a bit onto the bridge. However, it is there about preventing snow or debris blocking the tunnel exit. But that design is also used against the boom. I use it to prevent the bush to block the track.
  11. Again rainy weather and limited progress...
  12. I already have the thyme in the garden as in the picture above. It grows crazy and you can even walk around on the mats it forms. But a little variety is just always nice.
  13. It's called "Bubikopf" in Germany and I can buy it here easily.
  14. That's what I'm looking for... 😂👍
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