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  1. Maximilianshafen

    I did a video but this forum didn't like to accept IT.
  2. Maximilianshafen

    My friend has finished the slab track. Pictures from Intermodellbau Convention. www.zeitgeist-models.eu
  3. Maximilianshafen

    Although only in DC and not yet in DCC, but first test drive.
  4. Maximilianshafen

    Hi Deano! I'm just too lazy to take all the trains out of the track after driving. It should also later be possible to let the trains go inside only. An indoor layout is planned. But about the parking yard, everything in the house is always connected with everything outside. Regards Thomas
  5. In and out of the garden

    A friend of mine lit an old Roco car with professional equipment to see how sunlight works on model railroads. After an exposure time and intensity that, according to him, would have killed me a dozen times for skin cancer, the color began to fade discreetly. So the temperature emanating from the sun may actually be a problem in an exposed place, the light at least I think it is not.
  6. Maximilianshafen

    Look from inside.
  7. Maximilianshafen

    So, spring is here. First construction measures to drive in the future as a Broadway with 4 tracks (possibly even an additional track in H0 narrow gauge) outside in the garden.
  8. Decking board or Concrete?

    You should always be aware that the expansion rates of any material outside are not only theoretical.... Also other things that you do not know from the layout inside are real outside, like, that foundations are lowered or a bridge is washed down by the rain .. The wood on my patio expands more and shrinks again than the WPC.
  9. In and out of the garden

    Yes my system runs (rather it will go there) on the one hand in the house and on the other hand in the garden. The advantage is that on the one hand the trains can be easily parked in the house and evacuated into the house, on the other hand, you can still use the generous space outside.
  10. Decking board or Concrete?

    I can recommend Wood-Plastic-Composite. It looks like Decking board and you can handle it like wood, but it doesn't rott and you don't need the roofing felt.
  11. Camdale layout

    Hi Tony, The Rhine is a long river, also the navigable part. So it may be that your sisters come by or even start their cruise here, but it also may not be. Weather is very nice today... Happy Easter Thomas
  12. The Applebee and Lavendar line.

    You get ahead quickly Mark. And I envy you for the weather at the moment. Even in Germany, the bees are in danger, we have fewer insects, especially in the countryside. It is now well documented neonicotinoids, so-called plant protection products that kill or at least weaken animals to the extent that they are prone to diseases and parasites. Or nastier formulated: on each dividend payment from Monsanto and Bayer sticks the blood of dead bees ... Thomas
  13. Camdale layout

    Hello Tony Weather in April is strange hier. We say "im April macht das Wetter was es will" (in April, the weather does what it wants). Last Thursday still snow, yesterday sun and 17 ° C, today stormy and rain ... Hope your sisters have fun anyway. From where to where do you cruise? Thomas from the Rhine
  14. Maximilianshafen

    Hello ! So, the last track gap in the low level parking yard is closed. Since the sun was shining a bit today, I also worked on the further construction outside. Respectively, I have eliminated the resulting damage. Unfortunately, I had installed the tarpaulin so unfavorably that the running water has washed under a pillar. Part of the superstructure of my bridge in the bend has deformed as a result. But I have a spare part, which I then painted today. I also gave the pillar a new foundation. In addition, I found that the concrete foundation of the house wall passage on the garden side has lowered by 5 millimeters. After I got angry for a while, I found out that I can now cover it wider at the top and drive four tracks out into the garden. Then I revised the plan and found "yes that works" as you can see from my sketches below. In the end, that's luckier than misfortune.
  15. Camdale layout

    Hello Tony! I bet you can not wait for the day when the first train goes through these elegant curves. Thomas