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  1. I still want to know how you made that viaduct?
  2. That's right, strictly speaking it's a reinforced concrete bridge clad with plasterboard.
  3. So the bridge was poured of concrete with the help of a repeatedly used form and the brick were then poured from a plaster or ceramic casting compound into molds made to match the concrete structure. This is actually the only method that is plausible given the dimensions. He certainly did not engrave the individual stones by hand.
  4. How and with what material has he made these bridges?
  5. I use an industrial vacuum cleaner (one that also picks up liquids and wet substances) and then a rail rubber. For light soiling, I use a rail grinding car and a rail vacuum cleaner car.
  6. Getting permission is probably just as difficult as securing funding? And probably the same person decides about both ... 🤣😎
  7. Hello Mick! Except for the two large bridges, which are still missing, the tracks have all been laid so far. Yes, I have already thought of water, but then that must be flowing water with an underground storage, because still waters are forbidden in my area because of the mosquitoes. Without an active fight against these pests, my area would be affected by malaria, dengue fever, West Nile virus and, thanks to climate change, today also chikungunya fever and yellow fever. Regards Thomas
  8. Hello everyone! Unfortunately I have very sad news for you. Desley, the wife of Tony (aussietmrail) informed me in the early morning (for me) of September 24th that Tony had passed away in the morning (in Australia). He must have been very unwell the days before. To be honest, I still can't quite get it. I will definitely miss the "Talks with Australia" very much. Kind regards Thomas
  9. The last of the bridges over this gorge is completed.
  10. Well, I've been working on my layout since 2016 and there is still a lot of track to gravel, signals are still completely missing. So your work doesn't have to hide there.
  11. For just one and a half years of construction, however, a remarkable layout was created. Even with ballasted tracks and working signals!
  12. I can run a train AND work on the layout at the same time, I'm really happy about that.
  13. Ah, the large steel truss composite bridge. I have two of them, the other just not yet have the steel framework installed. They are both made entirely of wood and originally come from a large exhibition layout called "Deutschland Express" that was dismantled.
  14. Which of the truss bridges do you mean? I will set up catenary poles, but I will not pull any wires.
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