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  1. Because of the great heat here in the Palatinate (39.5°C today), progress is slow. The middle section of the bridge is modern. In reality, this was the case with the bridge I chose as a model, because the middle section was hit by British Grand Slam bombs in 1944 (at least 3 years too late if you ask for my opinion 😉 ) After that, there are 4 more arches that I have to mount tomorrow.
  2. Since I no longer expect my bridge from the USA to arrive in the foreseeable future, I will close the gap for the time being with a combination of arch bridge and prestressed concrete. It is based on the Schildesche Viaduct near Bielefeld. The bridge will be made of 10mm Styrodur, later aligned at the installation site and filled with concrete.
  3. Hello Mick! I no longer dare to predict when I will have the layout finished. 🤷😅 Regards Thonas
  4. I use them, they work well.
  5. Hello together! I wanted to give you a sign of life from me again. At the moment I'm finishing the wiring of the layout with the 10 boosters. I've also reached the last level indoors. With kind regards Thomas
  6. I still want to know how you made that viaduct?
  7. That's right, strictly speaking it's a reinforced concrete bridge clad with plasterboard.
  8. So the bridge was poured of concrete with the help of a repeatedly used form and the brick were then poured from a plaster or ceramic casting compound into molds made to match the concrete structure. This is actually the only method that is plausible given the dimensions. He certainly did not engrave the individual stones by hand.
  9. How and with what material has he made these bridges?
  10. I use an industrial vacuum cleaner (one that also picks up liquids and wet substances) and then a rail rubber. For light soiling, I use a rail grinding car and a rail vacuum cleaner car.
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