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  1. ThomasI

    Camdale layout

    One question: Are these curved tracks or flex track on your pictures?
  2. ThomasI

    Camdale layout

    Hello Roddy! For the german-speaking world my answer is: Thomas made it to TV, Sammy did not. From Sammy I had just never heard anything up to your post. Regards Thomas
  3. ThomasI

    Camdale layout

    Hallo Tony, I answered to the "cable topic" in Deano's thread. If we want to deepen the subject, we should do it better here. 😎😉 Thomas
  4. ThomasI

    Deano’s Garden Railway.

    Hello Tony, So you use cables as they are installed in cars with 1mm² ?? I use cable with 0,25mm² and these should be at 16 to 20 volts for min. 5A be good. That would be about 100 watts of transferable power (or 0.1 kilowatts). That seems to me sufficient even for DCC. For cables with 1mm², you could chase through 15 to 16A at 16V, so an output of about 250W. I do not know a transformer for DC which creates more than 70W. For a cable of 1mm², the price is okay. However, I do not want to offend you, but I think you spend money unnecessarily. It is not a problem to use thick cables, I also use house cables that I have from the construction of our house still there. But spending a lot of money in my opinion is not necessary. Best Regards Thomas
  5. ThomasI

    Deano’s Garden Railway.

    Hello Tony! I do not know what you mean by "heavier wire". But 100m for 95 Australian dollars (61 euros) sounds extremely expensive for me! The thickest cable I use, copper strand of 0.25mm2, costs here 8.50 euros for 100m. Thomas
  6. ThomasI

    Camdale layout

    The locomotive is called Thomas, of course I'm a big fan. Thomas 😂
  7. ThomasI


    Embankment for the high-speed line in preparation.
  8. ThomasI


    Hallo Riddles, unfortunately my Z21 was four years in the box and then refused to work decently despite various updates. So I did a reset to the factory settings and then reentered everything. The switch is now installed outside. Best Regards Thomas
  9. ThomasI

    Camdale layout

    Hello Tony! So, at the moment I would say your trains are driving in front of my trains. You're building at a remarkably fast pace. Thomas
  10. ThomasI


    Hello! It was really a difficult birth, among other things, because I had to reinstall my entire digital center "Roco Z21" to make it work, but finally the servos work and can be controlled digitally. For mobile frogs you have to polarize. But otherwise I do with Peco turnouts only use Electrofrogs if this switch is also driven slowly. In the exit of the depot I used only Insulfrog. Happy Thomas from Germany
  11. ThomasI

    Leasingham Poacher

    Hello Shaun! Congratulations on the restart. The video brings joy and nourishes my own desire to finally let trains move. Thomas from today also very cold northern Germany.
  12. ThomasI


    Hello Chris! Turnouts with moving frog were / are available from Märklin and Fleischmann. But these switches are more in size between the middle and the large turnouts of Peco. I have used the Fleischmann turnouts in the parking yard because moving frog makes it easier to use NEM and NMRA wheelsets at the same time. You really have to build a big switch yourself. Or have it made. I've a friend who made them.😎 Best Regards Thomas
  13. ThomasI


    Hello Tony! Of course, when building in the house, the switch is usually directly on a wooden board, to which you can then screw the servos from below. But because I put the switch in the garden, I put the switches on a plate made of acrylic, which then also protects the servos from rain. Since I can screw on the acrylic plate very bad, I have stuck the wood under there to fix the servos. I'm in 3 hours by train in Paris or Zürich, in 3,5 hours in Bruxelles, to Berlin I need 4,5 hours (French trains are faster), to Milan in Italy it takes 5,5 hours, in that time I'm also in Amsterdam. In 6,5 hours I'm in London by train... Next month we go by train to Naples (Napoli). Just changing trains in Milan... 😎 But today we go by car, it's just one hour to France..
  14. ThomasI


    Hello and Good Morning! The first two servos are placed. Rear for the switch blades, front for the moveable frog. The purple cable is for the frog juicer. The physically technical installation of the servos was relatively easy. Now comes the electro-technical (digital) side. Since I have already driven digitally in my previous system but still have switched analog, so I'm curious how quickly I get this done. But since we have a holiday in southern Germany today and the weather is beautiful, I am now driving to France for good food with my husband and dog. Thomas
  15. ThomasI


    Hello Tony! The peco Express turnouts in Code 100 and 75 have a branch radius of 5 feet (1524mm) I think, in Code 83 it's even 5ft 7 "(1703mm). The biggest turnout from Tillig comes in at 7ft 3 " (2200mm) and the high Speed turnout I've shown comes up to 11ft 4".(3450mm) The biggest switch I have has 28ft 8 ". I can not use the Peco Point motors outside in the garden. I use the central locking drives for Peco switches, but this is too much work for my big points and that's why I came to the servos. They cost about 12 euros the piece, the decoder controls the 4 of it costs about 24 euros. Best Regards Thomas

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