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  1. looks great, I've toyed with buying one of these for a while now. Cheers, Paul.
  2. That sounds just like when I'm explaining engineering and/or trains to my Wife, there is a two second period of interest and borderline enthusiasm, followed by glazing of the eyes and disinterest setting in. cue wine and all is well. Paul.
  3. Hi Thomas, yes, British 00 will look very similar in size compared side by side to continental HO, that is loosely how 00 started, with re-bodied HO scale locomotives from Germany. The Hornby (ish) Eurostar is a good example, it is actually built to HO standards, but looks very similar in physical size to Hornby's other rolling stock. Paul.
  4. I'm sure you'll get there. my weakness is starting a project enthusiastically and then losing momentum. So sometimes I need to push a project through as quick as I can to ensure it gets finished. Paul.
  5. thanks, it was the house move, and various other projects and demands that meant it never got to a stage of sufficiency, and the last year leading up to the move there seemed little point doing more work that would have to be destroyed, so it was just ran as it was. Paul.
  6. Hi Chaps, these are pictures of my old railway shortly before it was dismantled. There were a few more pics, but i'll not bore you too much. the ballast had all been removed by this point. it'll run again one day, the station area was the one section i managed to save. Paul.
  7. certainly a lot more compact, plus looking at that video, it was 25 minutes to get the train up to the top. fun railway for sure, but a layout in its own right. if the two layouts get joined, it'll be a track hoist, probably 6ft long, and i'll split the trains in two to use it. Paul.
  8. Hi Webba, I'm not a million miles away from you if you want any help coming up with some ideas for your railway. By all means drop a PM. Paul.
  9. Hi Chaps, Just received my most recent order to Hattons. Decided to finally order a Hornby K1, I've been promising to order one since they were first announced, but Hornby seem determined to avoid doing No.62005, so i've conceded i'll do it myself (probably). The new Q6 was a given, I've always been a great admirer of No.63395 and its performances at the NYMR, and although I doubt that Hornby will cover this one (I suspect due to it being different to the in service ones in its braking system) I still wanted to get one, as they are a lovely machine. Waited on the BR L/Cr example
  10. there is also (4)6202, the third Princess class chassis, formed a completely different class, in that it became the Turbomotive, a turbine powered steam locomotive. Initially a massive success, but suffered during WW2 due to a lack of spare components, and postwar was rebuilt into a reciprocating locomotive, being something of a hybrid between Princess and Princess Coronation (a.k.a Duchess class), with Princess Chassis, and Duchess Boiler, double chimney. Sadly it was written off at the horrific Harrow & Wealdstone Crash in 1952. The Princess Class could be likened to a pacifi
  11. thanks Tony, it might work, but its 5 foot i've got to drop rather than 5 inches, could have quite a few turns on that spiral (and some very dizzy passengers) Unless I use a two level track hoist (like the sort of thing window cleaners use on sky scrapers). to raise and lower a train between the two. that might work. Paul.
  12. Hi Nige, thank you for the welcome. hatches battened down ready for incoming sarcasm assault I can be a stubborn soul for the most part, with wanting to go through with ideas I have created (usually out of thin air and against better judgement), so bear with me when these instances happen cheers, Paul.
  13. Thank you It probably is feasible, as the basement leads into a storeroom which can be made to access the garden, the difference in intended height is around 5', so it would take quite a spiral set to achieve it (not to mention some very dizzy passengers) but it could be done. I certainly won't rule it out that is for sure. cheers. Paul.
  14. Thanks Danny, Looking forward to discussing ideas with the group. Exellent choice of profile pic by the way, if only the f1 drivers of today had even half the style, charisma and talent of the flying mantuan. Cheers Paul
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