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  1. Part 2 and 3 of July's filming. The new Cavalex Warflat wagons feature in part 2.
  2. omg. I have been very busy filming out in the garden over the last couple of months. I have been trying to run every piece of rolling stock I own - perhaps I need to justify having it all! And I have more tee'd up, waiting to publish!
  3. No wood is the best wood imho. Concrete or plastics are best for a long lasting trackbed.
  4. I like the fact that you've overcome, what I would find a difficult garden, with what looks like a steep slope.
  5. Haha - I occasionally have the same problem with my Great Nephews! They particularly like filling empty open wagons with greenery.
  6. It felt like the 1980's at Westbury yesterday - 56096 and 56302 floating about
  7. The trouble with being off work and not having too much to do, is that retail therapy becomes too easy. I have recently aquired some Skytrex china clay hoods and a variety of LMS liveried freight stock - all in O gauge. The clay hoods were purchased from a facebook group ad, whilst the LMS stock was part of a bigger lot that Ellis Clark trains were selling. There were 3 more wagons in this lot, but I am going to move these on, as they werent required. Thius was an interesting lot, having been built from kits and possibly even some scratchbuilding - either way, they have all been well finished. The china clay hoods need number and data panels adding and I am going to add to the factory weathering. I know they arent the most accurate of models, but look like what I remember of china clay hoods.
  8. I have recently been off work for a few weeks due to illness (I am fit again now after a short hospital stay last week) and had a couple of former work colleagues visit the garden this morning. This called for a couple of trains to be run, including a fairly recent OO steam loco purchase. 5274 is the standard Hornby model, now fitted with a basic, non sound decoder. I'm pleased to say, both the O and OO gauges ran perfectly with no derailments or problems during a 2 hour running session. This is a short video, taken after my guests had gone. I have taken a leaf out of DorkingIan's book and just put some music to the footage, rather than the ambient sounds.
  9. The ballast has stood up well Mick. I would thoroughly recommend SBR for fixing ballast.
  10. The great thing about the Tilcon / Tarmac JGA' you have Mick, is that they dont need a load or the interior to be weathered!
  11. Lovely weathering Mick - particularly like 60007
  12. Mick There was less moisture in the air whilst I was running, as it was earlier in the day. Each of the locos had a spin on the wheel cleaner before starting and that helped no end. I'm not always very good at that part of the maintenance regime!
  13. Some nice weather yesterday allowed a bit of running and filming. Im just starting to do some "meet the fleet" videos featuring my OO gauge locos. Yesterday I managed to get the 31's and 37's done. Here is the 37 video.
  14. If you notice, the squeaky axles disappear half way through, thanks to a liberal application of gear lube - not the best oil for the job, but its nice and thick and seemed to work wonders. Odd isn't it? that it only seems to be Bachmann axleboxes that need constant lubrication.
  15. Sun is out - lets play 🚆 Ive got to admit, running the OO today felt a bit of a chore at times - I hope that passes 🙁 I don't know if it's that I've got so much stock it's a faff getting it all out and then putting it away again or the slightly less forgiving nature of the smaller scale for needing clean and well tidied track. Or, it might just be that I'm tired and not feeling very good after having my first CV19 jab.
  16. In Wales and the West, 37's were the staple traction for Network Coal traffic - trains being anything from 2 or 3 HEA's (for the individual depot flows), up to about 30 / 32 (for the trunk flows). Didn't the traffic from Bolsover Coalite use HEA's?
  17. Mick The dmu drivers came from ModelU and are too big. To make them fit, I have had to remove the drivers seat and most of their legs
  18. I have finally finished my Class 117 dmu, fitting passengers, driver and fiddly pipework. And, having ordered and paid for in May 2018, my IZA twin Cargowaggon has arrived from KMRC. Some very restrained weathering has been carried out. Just noticed the wonky buffer 🙁
  19. I braved the sub zero temperatures outside today and gave my O gauge locos a run out - don't panic! Next time, it will be the OO locos (but there are a lot more of them!) Ive done a bit of work on some of my stock and wanted to see it in action. Ive got a little bit more work to do to my 117 dmu, so, that will have to wait a week or 2. With lots of my pre-orders either just landed or about to, there is likely to be more than just locos getting a run out.
  20. Daws Heath is owned by a guy called Paul Barnard, who before his retirement, had a business building garden railways. I really like his railway, but his trains are always running far too fast for my liking.
  21. Finally, Ive got a day off and blessed with some dry and bright weather. A neighbour almost spoilt the fun - they had tree surgeons in, with very noisy chainsaws. That didnt put me off and I gave some new locos and stock a run out on the O gauge line. The Heljan 31 was a planned purchase, but the Jinty and the 25 were bargains I snapped up from Hattons and Ellis Clark Trains. As I didnt have any appropriate goods stock for the Jinty, Ive been snapping up a nice few wagons off the internet. The 31 came from Tower Models in Blackpool, who also numbered it and fitted dcc sound. I will be weathering it once the temperature goes up - probably in the Spring - and fitting a driver and secondman. The Jinty has factory fitted sound and firebox glow. The 25 has been fitted with a South West Digital sound file, courtesy of dccfitting in Weston super Mare. They also fitted a chip to a Hornby 8F for me (I didnt check if there was a dcc socket, which there was! I couldve done it myself!). Unfortunately, the 8F chassis developed faults whilst I was trying it out and is now in the "to be sold" pile, as sourcing the replacement parts is proving difficult and the cost of repairs would be uneconomic for me. Oh well, Ive still got a chip spare, to put in something else.
  22. If you have concerns about steam loco haulage capacity - and I fully agree with Mick that modern steam locos are a bit too light - you could always fit dcc concepts powerbase - this will increase the traction capability of locos markedly. A very simple solution especially when starting from scratch.
  23. I take it you've been excited by the Accurascale announcement, over the weekend, of the new MDO / MDV wagons? I quite fancy a rake of the MDV's myself, despite them not being seen too often in the West Country. But they would look good behind my CF 37's!
  24. I use "Typhus corrosion" from the Warhammer paint range, which has a sand type substance in the paint.
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