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  1. They need loading Mick - they will look fabulous with some really coarse grades of the black gold.
  2. What! Aren't you fitting them all with instanters? 😂
  3. They all look superb Mick
  4. They look much better now Mick. Ive got to be honest - I find petroleum tank wagons a bit of a minefield - the rtr offerings never seem to be quite the right type of vehicle or the right livery for the train and time period I want to replicate (they are either 1950's & 60's or sub-sector liveries). Hence why I don't have any. I would dearly love some bitumen / heavy oil tanks (used to be very common in my area back in the 1970's and 1980's) but even the long awaited Bachmann model doesn't cover the different types seen.
  5. Mick - When its just me in the garden, I tend not to use the loops, but just run one OO and one O gauge train out at once - with the O gauge, that was mainly because the outer loop had a reverse curve which nothing particularly liked going around. If I'm entertaining visitors, I get ahead and use the loops, so I can keep something running, whilst changing the other train over, for something else. Now that I have relaid the O gauge through the point and loops (at the house end of the garden) rolling stock runs much better on both lines - even the Dapol Mk1 coaches! There is still a bit of an ongoing saga though. I have 2 parcels vehicles - one, possibly, an Exley LMS 57ft full brake (a really nice model), that wouldnt go around the garden at all without falling off. Now Ive relaid some of the track, it will go around clockwise, but not anti clockwise (falls off on the left handside corner closest the house - again the curve needs lifting and packing.) The other, is a Heljan GUV, which will go around anti clockwise, but not clockwise! This derails at the far end of the loops, so next Spring, this will probably all need relaying. Its a difficult call though - I'm often reluctant to rip up trackwork that most of the stock runs ok over, incase it fixes it for one vehicle, but then causes problems to other stuff. And there was me thinking the larger scale would be more tolerant of lumps and bumps 🙄
  6. Yes, it was Burton on Trent. 😂 I recall I enjoyed a couple of chats with her - a great conversationalist 🙂
  7. And Dave (Riddles) & his good lady were there too.
  8. Hi Mick I would be happy to contribute a modest financial amount to see the forum continue, but am unable to contribute with admin skills. As others have said, We owe you a great deal for keeping the forum going.
  9. On a recent walk on Hayling Island, we saw loads of Egrets and Heron in Langstone harbour. Both are occasionally seen on the Wellow Brook, by where my good lady keeps her horse.
  10. The difference between the Peaks is the cross pattern a class 45 has on the battery boxes, whereas the class 46 has plain battery boxes (waits for someone to show me a photo to disprove this!)
  11. Excellent. I look forward to seeing more. Some nice stock too.
  12. With the announcement today by Accurascale that they are producing the Mk2B coaches, the coaching stock sets on the Waterloo - Exeter route will be more easily modelled. There isnt a TSOT amongst the first releases, but who knows, there might be one in the future.
  13. Longitudinal expansion. I think the secret with the track is to use screw / pin holes that are slightly bigger than the screws / pins. Leave some gaps in the rail at the fishplates, obviously.
  14. Welcome to the forum. I have experience of using plastics outdoors for a railway - I have also read plenty of horror stories about using Filcris products! My apologies. All I would say is, look very carefully into the expansion / contraction properties of any plastic product you plan to use. For larger scales such as G scale / Gauge 1, this may not be such a problem, but in O gauge and smaller, you need to be careful. The smaller the pieces of plastic you use, the better from my experience.
  15. My theory is the blame lies in the cam arrangement used for the couplings - they are very similar to the awful design used by Hornby on the OO class 56. There is also the problem with the travel of the buckeye coupling arm, across the bottom of the bufferbeam - something I had to rectify on my Bachmann OO coaches!
  16. I recently purchased some of the new Dapol O gauge mk1 coaches, but have been disappointed to find that they need very smoothly laid track, to run well. My undulations have seen them derail consistently on one half of my circuit - not helped by my minimum radius curves (40.5"). I have started lifting a fair section of my O gauge circuit, which will be relaid with the removal of at least one setrack point and lots of packing, trying to level out the trackbed, over both length and across the track profile. Sometimes you wish your ballasting wasn't glued so well!
  17. A couple more videos from Summer Hampton.
  18. Part 2 and 3 of July's filming. The new Cavalex Warflat wagons feature in part 2.
  19. omg. I have been very busy filming out in the garden over the last couple of months. I have been trying to run every piece of rolling stock I own - perhaps I need to justify having it all! And I have more tee'd up, waiting to publish!
  20. No wood is the best wood imho. Concrete or plastics are best for a long lasting trackbed.
  21. I like the fact that you've overcome, what I would find a difficult garden, with what looks like a steep slope.
  22. Haha - I occasionally have the same problem with my Great Nephews! They particularly like filling empty open wagons with greenery.
  23. It felt like the 1980's at Westbury yesterday - 56096 and 56302 floating about
  24. The trouble with being off work and not having too much to do, is that retail therapy becomes too easy. I have recently aquired some Skytrex china clay hoods and a variety of LMS liveried freight stock - all in O gauge. The clay hoods were purchased from a facebook group ad, whilst the LMS stock was part of a bigger lot that Ellis Clark trains were selling. There were 3 more wagons in this lot, but I am going to move these on, as they werent required. Thius was an interesting lot, having been built from kits and possibly even some scratchbuilding - either way, they have all been well finished. The china clay hoods need number and data panels adding and I am going to add to the factory weathering. I know they arent the most accurate of models, but look like what I remember of china clay hoods.
  25. I have recently been off work for a few weeks due to illness (I am fit again now after a short hospital stay last week) and had a couple of former work colleagues visit the garden this morning. This called for a couple of trains to be run, including a fairly recent OO steam loco purchase. 5274 is the standard Hornby model, now fitted with a basic, non sound decoder. I'm pleased to say, both the O and OO gauges ran perfectly with no derailments or problems during a 2 hour running session. This is a short video, taken after my guests had gone. I have taken a leaf out of DorkingIan's book and just put some music to the footage, rather than the ambient sounds.
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