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  1. When the Mk1 CK's were being withdrawn, they were generally replaced with a MK2 BFK or, very occasionally, a MK1 BCK.
  2. Use acrylic paints and its easily removed if you don't like what you've done.
  3. Keep it simple, but give yourself enough infrastructure to satisfy your own needs from running the railway! Summer Hampton version 1 had 4 running lines (with a couple of fancy add-ons that I rarely used - that's the question answered!). 4 trains running at once, could sometimes prove to be too much, eyes being needed everywhere. But I did love just watching them run round and round and round. Now SH v2 is multi scale / gauge, I have had to be happy with only a single line in each - and to be perfectly honest, I'm not as happy. Ok, I can run both scales at the same time, but something just isn't the same. I will stop there - I'm already contemplating having a cull of OO stock to focus on O gauge 😮 - and yes, i've already worked out I could probably just squeeze in a double track O gauge circuit in, if I remove the OO 😆
  4. ba14eagle

    Summer Hampton Railway locomotives

    Locomotives from the home fleet of the Summer Hampton Railway
  5. From the album: Summer Hampton Railway locomotives

    Hornby 2-8-0 tank - dcc fitted
  6. From the album: Summer Hampton Railway locomotives

    Hornby West Country - dcc fitted
  7. From the album: Summer Hampton Railway locomotives

    Bachmann 4F with a Deeley tender - dcc fitted
  8. Duchess of Sutherland has departed the Summer Hampton Railway
  9. Cock O The North has departed the Summer Hampton Railway.
  10. Saturday 26th March and you might have thought I'd be on the UK Railtours trip to Okehampton (being a pair of class 50's) - but no. MIOG were holding a 7mm scale exhibition at the Crewe Heritage Centre, so that's where I was. Here are a couple of films featuring what was on show. https://youtu.be/32p4r6Mop6Y https://youtu.be/iU_AdcaNP7I
  11. If anyone is interested, I am looking to sell Baker Wood Bunker (- Ive finally had a fitted bedroom installed in order to tidy everything up - its only taken 6 years!). The layout will come with the power supply for the lights and an analogue controller to operate the OO9 track. You will need to find your own controller for the OO track. The OO points are wired up, but I think only 1 of these now works. There isnt any rolling stock included. Please send a PM if you are interested.
  12. It is great to see you back Griff. I have, at times, been quite concerned when seeing news reports from the US, of weather and climate induced disasters in your neck of the woods. I look forward to seeing your next build mate.
  13. I know - it was quite annoying when people were waxing lyrical about a "game changing" innovation 😂 I have actually bought a pack or 2 of Hunt couplings and, tbh, they arent very good - they break too easily, which for a commercial product sucks. At least when mine break, I only have my own shoddy handiwork to blame and am able to repair them - you cant do that to a Hunt coupling! I have to concede defeat though, when they have produced ones that dont have to be correctly arranged, pole to pole. I have also used the ones that fit the older Hornby mk3's.
  14. Mick - are the bogies sprung at all or is there a spring between the top of the bogie and the chassis? I know its a different scale but the Dapol O gauge mark 1 coaches have a spring between the bogie and chassis, but it causes derailments (I am not the only person that this has happened too) so I have removed the springs and, now, they dont derail.
  15. Friday afternoon in the packing department!
  16. I had Roads and Rails fit sound into my Dapol class 68 - despite being at full volume, you can hardly hear it - quite disappointing - and as I'm not capable (or willing to destroy an expensive speaker or chip) of changing the speaker, I will just have to live with it.
  17. The 4th HEA looks like its off the road or has a collapsed axle 😮
  18. I cant think Ive ever seen these wagons in the flesh, but the light weathering really looks good on them. I currently have a beef with Revolution Trains, which is a pity, as I would quite like to pre-order a Cartic 4 🤔
  19. For what its worth, I like the lighter colours, not so much the red - I think they would be better buried under the others (inside the pile would look darker obs)
  20. I have put brass bearing caps in my Hornby PGA wagons, as most of the holes were badly worn. I changed the axles too iirc, to metal ones. Its worth the effort to get wagons that run freely and the axles dont fallout, when you pick them up!
  21. Really enjoyed the intermodal wagons. I would really like to see the sound chip developers make some progress on slowing down acceleration rates. I want to hear more thrash, at lower speeds - particularly in type 5's and bigger.
  22. Same here with the Accurascale Nova 3 sets
  23. Id love a set of the red version to run behind my streamlined Coronation pacific, but this years budget is already spent on O gauge pre orders - but you are talking about LNER, I was thinking LMS 😂
  24. I wonder if the driver of 60005 is attending to a potential hot axle box at the rear of the train?
  25. Happy new year all. Re Moss - I wish I could get it to grow anywhere! Ive tried numerous times, using the mentioned theories, but just cant get it to grow. Even the parts of the garden which are shady and damp, dont attract it.
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