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  1. New Idea

    Hi Dave My advice would be avoid any gradients (unless very, very shallow) - disappointment in things not working, can easily kill off motivation to succeed - in both your Son and yourself! Using wood posts in the ground, is a short term solution, unless they are very well soaked in a preservative. I would be concerned by the low level of your tunnel. It could very easily flood and will be welcomed by all sorts of little creatures, looking for a home Anyway, welcome to the forum, learn from our mistakes and have fun!
  2. Something in On30

    Nice work Chris. I really love it when shops come up with cheap, usable alternatives to established sources. I think the buildings will look great, with a bit of fettling.
  3. Decking board or Concrete?

    Beware - Check for linear expansion rates!
  4. In and out of the garden

    I used reminder appliances on the garage floor to stop the (ex)wife from driving into my railway - Timber battens screwed to the floor
  5. Iain's occasional drivel, moans & groans

    It might be easier for me to see what im soldering
  6. The Applebee and Lavendar line.

    Nice steady progress Mark
  7. Summer Hampton Railway

    Link to the first running or 2018: The station lighting, unfortunately, packed up working late last year and Ive not been able to resolve the issue. I think the electronics unit into which everything fed into and out of, got messed up and after I tinkered, it very definitely, wasnt going to work. However, should I want lights on, Ive found out that the lights will work perfectly ok, fed from the aux output on the Elite controller - not that i ever play trains in the dark And I have decided - I am determined that I am going to have a day or 2 sorting out the track bondings and have a frustration free Summer!
  8. Summer Hampton Railway locomotives

    Locomotives from the home fleet of the Summer Hampton Railway
  9. Iain's occasional drivel, moans & groans

    Dry, sunny weather prompted me to clean off the Summer Hampton mainlines this morning and bring out my purchases from the last 4 or 5 months. As always, defective bonding wires made smooth operation difficult - and they werent easily remedied without some decent wire and some flux - a shopping list! As usual at this time of year, thoughts of changing up to the "senior" scale come to mind again - especially when you there are deals like this to be had: https://railsofsheffield.com/products/28753/heljan-4205-o-gauge-class-42-warship-829-magpie-in-blue-with-full-yellow-ends-and-centrally-placed-double-arrow-symbols
  10. Iain's occasional drivel, moans & groans

    One of my old fire trucks
  11. Iain's occasional drivel, moans & groans

    Thanks Tony. Ive been into fire engines for a while - always had a bit of a fascination for them as a child, although they used to scare me . When my Son was little, a friend took us to a fire engine gathering / rally and that rekindled my interest. Ive been a member of various fire brigade related groups and have owned a couple of old trucks myself. If i had the financial resources I would like another one, but storage is always a problem. I still go to shows and open days when I can and always visit the fire station in any town I visit - even if its just to take a photo of it. Despite there being lots of new build fire stations, there are still a lot of old ones in the UK, with some interesting architectural features. Even my model railways always feature something fire brigade / firefighting related!
  12. Iain's occasional drivel, moans & groans

    Happy days are here again!
  13. Baker Wood Bunker

    BWB has a couple of "living" locos now - unfortunately, not the 08 just yet, Mick.
  14. Baker Wood Bunker

    Latest instalment from Baker Wood Bunker. Hopefully, when I do the next video, there will be another standard gauge loco on show
  15. Baker Wood Bunker

    Well, its been a while! Ive done nothing with BWB since April, until a couple of weeks ago, when being off with the dreaded flu virus, I got really bored so started planning my next moves. My fiance bought me some trees for the layout at Christmas, so it was about time I did something with them! So this is where we are at. This is the maintenance shed on the narrow gauge system The transfer shed The staff halt. The platform lamps have now been fixed! Trial fit of trees on the bunker mound And the latest video: All the best, Iain