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  1. Ive been putting off starting the rail bonding myself Chris. Ive made a promise to start this weekend though 🙄
  2. Need a bus for the bridge . Great video - the RR liveried 37 sounds very good in the high above shot.
  3. The footbridge was dismantled when I took the old layout apart. Where the footbridge used to be, I can currently, step over the trackbed - this is made easier by raising the level of the path (on the inside). The log roll just sort of found its way there, Mark - it had been removed from where the footbridge used to be.
  4. Just for you Mick, the mgr's come out to play, along with the sleeper set.
  5. I would just stick to the O gauge Mark - before you make any decision though, have you the space for decent radii curves?
  6. I used recycled plastic posts, when SHR was located on boards and posts. Cemented into the ground, they will last forever, with no maintenance required.
  7. ba14eagle


    Cost is a very good reason to make plans! Without them, you could spend a lot for little reward or progression. With plans and research - from a site such as this - you can avoid silly, costly mistakes. A small setup shouldnt cost more than about £100 in track to start with - as Jimbob says, at the present time because of the demand, prices are high. Shop carefully! My recently completed concrete trackbed, cost between £700 - 800. The track is all recycled from previous layouts.
  8. Over the weekend I managed to get to the local garden centre and nursery, parting with much cash, to fill up some of the blank canvas of the garden. Just a couple of little creepers are required to finish off and a few bags of chippings to uplift the path. With a good weather day in the offing and some of the noisy kids back in school, a few larger steam locos came out to play, in what turned out to be a bit of a big loco gala!
  9. The plant with darker green foliage looks to be a variety of Phlox and the lighter green, a variety of sedum.
  10. Are you going to treat the blocks with some sort of commercial water sealant?
  11. The frame rate on lots of cameras and the fact that led's do flash and are not constantly lit, will give the impression the lights are not on. In normal times I try to do a lot of travel behind class 68's and whenever I video them, the led headlights appear to flash. At work, until we recently had the panel buttons replaced, lots of people used to comment that the lights (led's) were flashing and it was irritating.
  12. All stock retained Mick and the mgr' will be making an appearance soon.
  13. And so, onto the OO. All worked fine, except for a couple of old Hornby PGA wagons, which seem to have developed problems with axleboxes and wheelsets. Anyway, here is a short video of what I ran yesterday. Over the next few days / weeks, I will be trying to give the rest of my stock a good run out.
  14. I have just relaid my OO gauge track - some of this is actually being used for the 3rd time! I haven't used any of the new track I have in store and I still have probably enough previously used track to completely relay what I have just laid! It is all naturally weathered, some looks a complete mess, but with a quick rub of the fine rubbing block, it all runs fine - I haven't even started bonding rail joints yet. This is all Peco code 100 - with care, it will last for ages.
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