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  1. ba14eagle

    Summer Hampton Railway

    There hasnt been much, so far, this year, but I had a short running session earlier this week. If you are a fan of "Sulzer" powered traction, this is for you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nr3MmTH2muk Next time, something for those who prefer the sound of English Electric traction.
  2. ba14eagle

    Iain's occasional drivel, moans & groans

    Cheers Riddles. I was good too - less than £10 in total! - well, that's if you ignore the class 37 sound chip that went on the plastic - paid for today mind, with a 12hr day shift! I am thinking of ordering a couple of pairs of those Cargowaggons - only thing putting me off, is I doubt they will fit in my stock boxes
  3. ba14eagle

    Summer Hampton Railway

    Cheers Chris.
  4. ba14eagle

    Waterloo - Exeter line loco hauled Mk2 set

    Mark Most of the couplings seen in the photos are the magnet couplings that I made - there was a thread on the forum that explained how I did it - not sure if its still here, but basically, it was the Bachmann "air pipe" couplers, spliced in the middle of the pipes, with tiny super strength magnets glued to the ends. Found it! They've not worked so well on the current railway due to the gradients, so some have been replaced with Hornby close couplers - think they are part no. R8220.
  5. ba14eagle

    Waterloo - Exeter line loco hauled Mk2 set

    Yes Mark - they feature in a couple of my Summer Hampton videos
  6. ba14eagle

    Summer Hampton Railway locomotives

    Locomotives from the home fleet of the Summer Hampton Railway
  7. I thought these coaches were already in a thread here, but I suppose it may not have survived the migration of the website. Anyway, this set of coaches represents a loco hauled train of the mid to late 1980's, that operated on the Exeter to London Waterloo line - known as "the mule" to some, due to its slow, start stop nature. This was my favourite era to be an enthusiast and these coaches were very comfortable to ride in and you always seemed to be really motoring, with a class 50 in good order and a determind driver up front. Certainly, between Woking and Basingstoke, speeds in excess of 100mph were a regular occurance. The train formation was normally load 8 or 9, of Mk2 A / B coaches. 5 or 6 Second Opens, 2 Corridor Brake firsts (normally in the centre of the train) and a Second Open with buffet counter - or should that be a buffet trolley space! This vehicle had 2 seating bays removed, next to the toilet, at one end of the coach. A low counter was placed across the one of the bays, and a buffet trolley could be placed behind it. The opposing bay provided a circulating area for customers. The former toilet provided a wash / store room. The vehicles were allocated to Laira Depot, Plymouth. Each of the coaches has been dismantled, before the interior has been painted in the appropriate colours and passengers added. All the coaches have been renumbered to specific vehicles which were in the Laira pool for the route and have been weathered.The rear coach has had a Train-Tech tail-lamp added. I currently use the BFK from my Cardiff - Portsmouth set in this set, as Ive still yet to do the required detailing on the blue / grey BFK I have for this set. TSO's : TSOT : This coach is a cut & shut creation of a Mk2 B vehicle, produced from a number of Bachmann MK2 A's. I purchased it already modified, so can only take credit for applying the red "buffet" stripe and the weathering. BFK : As can be seen in the photos, I have used gloss varnish to represent overfill of the toilet header tanks, along the roof. This was quite common on these vehicles.
  8. ba14eagle

    Iain's occasional drivel, moans & groans

    Mark & Tony Many thanks chaps. Luckily Jo likes spending time with me, so is quite happy to come along for a day out, whichever of my many interests its to do with! Tony - yes, we did see the wreck of the Cabo Santa Maria - we did a quad bike safari out there - a short video / slideshow is on my YouTube channel. There is little of it left now and its disappearing quickly. Mark. In the early 1980's there were still a few Mk1 coaches on the Exeter to Waterloo route, as well as the Mk2, which feature in my representation of one of these trains - take a look in the rolling stock section on here - the photos should still be there. Normal formation, as I recall, was load 8 or 9, with 5 or 6 x TSO's, a TSOT (a TSO with miniature buffet counter / trolley point) and 2 x BFK providing the first class accommodation and brake van space - these were normally back to back in the centre of the train. Lima do the Mk2b & c coaches at the cheaper end of the market or Bachmann do some Mk2a (but at the higher end of the market). All of my coaches are Bachmann models, with the TSOT being a cut and shut of a few Bachmann TSO's - not done by me I hasten to add - , as Bachmann don't produce these later Mk2b & c's.
  9. ba14eagle

    Iain's occasional drivel, moans & groans

    Hi Mark We have only just got back from our honeymoon - 11 days in sunny Boa Vista (Cape Verde). A lovely, barren place. I love travelling but flying has to be the worst form. Being a large person, the seats are really uncomfortable. I also find it incredibly boring, not being able to relax and get comfortable enough to sleep and not being a technical geek, I dont have the whizz to download loads of movies or programmes to watch. I was very happy to get back into the drivers seat of my X-Trail, to drive home from Gatwick, last night 😊 So, there has been little time for train running, but hopefully, I will be running soon. Im glad to see you had some retail therapy in Chester - somewhere Jo and I are planning a long weekend for - we like the tv prog "The secret life of the zoo" which is filmed at Chester. Hopefully I will be able to get to the model centre too.
  10. ba14eagle

    My cobbled together layout

    Come on Griff - Do it! Lets see some of the pioneering railways of this forum back up and running!! Seems to have got a bit stagnated on here lately. Anything I do gets filmed for YouTube and, ashamedly, I tend not to put every link up on here
  11. ba14eagle

    New Idea

    Hi Dave My advice would be avoid any gradients (unless very, very shallow) - disappointment in things not working, can easily kill off motivation to succeed - in both your Son and yourself! Using wood posts in the ground, is a short term solution, unless they are very well soaked in a preservative. I would be concerned by the low level of your tunnel. It could very easily flood and will be welcomed by all sorts of little creatures, looking for a home Anyway, welcome to the forum, learn from our mistakes and have fun!
  12. ba14eagle

    Something in On30

    Nice work Chris. I really love it when shops come up with cheap, usable alternatives to established sources. I think the buildings will look great, with a bit of fettling.
  13. ba14eagle

    Decking board or Concrete?

    Beware - Check for linear expansion rates!
  14. ba14eagle

    In and out of the garden

    I used reminder appliances on the garage floor to stop the (ex)wife from driving into my railway - Timber battens screwed to the floor
  15. ba14eagle

    Iain's occasional drivel, moans & groans

    It might be easier for me to see what im soldering

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