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  1. ba14eagle

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    All of my class 37' are Bachmann, but your picture of 37403 shows the one big positive, imho, that the ViTrains loco has over the Bachmann model - around the cab windows. The Bachmann window apertures look too small, compared to the ViTrains version. The multiple working cable connectors needs a splash of orange, on 37403. Have you every tried removing weathering with a gentle rub with a fibreglass pencil? - it sometimes can soften the impression. Keep going Mick - your posts are great reading ☺️
  2. ba14eagle

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    Mick As an alternative to using thinned down enamels, have you looked at the different types of weathering washes you can now buy? I think they would give much the same results, but without the fumes! I bought a set, but have yet to pluck up the courage to use them. I think the idea is, you completely paint the bit of bodywork you want weathered, and then wipe most of it off. Whatever you do, you've nailed it on the 26 & 37 - they look excellent.
  3. ba14eagle

    37025 at Stackgarth Gill

    Awesome weathering Mick
  4. ba14eagle

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    Mick The WD's chimney looks odd - has it lost the top?
  5. ba14eagle

    Summer Hampton Railway

    Cheers Mick Today I have been outside replacing the broken track and fettling up a problematic section of line. It suddenly all looks a lot better, for just a couple of hours work. TBH O gauge wouldn't work in this garden, unless I remove all the boards and posts and replaced it with something more solid, nearer ground level. Even then, it could only be a 15ft square and this would seem a bit of a waste of time, just to change scales. A house move has been thought about recently, as we need more room and extending this property isn't feasible. If this were to happen, Id be building yet another garden railway and would definitely think seriously about scaling up!
  6. ba14eagle

    Summer Hampton Railway

    Before getting back to the "big trainset" tomorrow, Summer Hampton has been hosting an English Electric day I hope you are all making use of this good weather. Ive had a few issues with buckled and broken track - the first time ever. These will be replaced shortly, but I am still tempted to move upto the "senior" scale 🤓
  7. ba14eagle


    A Bachmann main range loco, fitted with Legomanbiffo sound chip. Class 37/0, 37284, allocated to Cardiff Canton. The loco still needs a sheep depot emblem on the bodysides.
  8. ba14eagle


    A Bachmann Area Rep Limited Edition for the South West region. The loco is fitted with a Legomanbiffo sound chip. Class 47/4, 47625 "City of Truro", allocated to Cardiff Canton. The loco has been finished as per photos of it during late 1986 / early 1987.
  9. ba14eagle

    Summer Hampton Railway locomotives

    Locomotives from the home fleet of the Summer Hampton Railway
  10. ba14eagle

    Summer Hampton Railway

    A couple of new locos have joined the Summer Hampton Railway fleet. Both are fitted with Legomanbiffo sound chips, the first time I have used these. I must say, Im impressed with the product and the fact it can be fitted with a speaker that actually fits in a loco, complete with the sound box, is a big positive!
  11. ba14eagle

    37408 Loch Rannoch on the log train

  12. ba14eagle

    Summer Hampton Railway

    No videos today but I had a friend round for a first look at Summer Hampton. We had a mega running session of over 6 hours, giving a spin out to every diesel loco in the fleet, bar 1. There were a couple that didnt perform for long, due to dirty pick ups and wheels - work for next weeks night turns 😉. Generally, the rolling stock behaved very well too - some of it running around for the whole session, without incident. What was interesting to see, was how the track changed over the day. The outer circuit has a corner that suffers badly with expansion and contraction of the boards and so this was to prove fatal for a yard of track which had deteriorated over the last year - by the end of the afternoon, the track cutters came out and removed it! Work for another day. The inner circuit has started to suffer a similar problem, where it travels through 180 degrees, beyond the pond. This will need relaying too, as the only thing that will go around it is the class 128 dpu. All in all, we had a great day and throughly enjoyed sitting back watching the trains go round and round - even with the sound off!
  13. ba14eagle

    Summer Hampton Railway

    There hasnt been much, so far, this year, but I had a short running session earlier this week. If you are a fan of "Sulzer" powered traction, this is for you! Next time, something for those who prefer the sound of English Electric traction.
  14. ba14eagle

    Iain's occasional drivel, moans & groans

    Cheers Riddles. I was good too - less than £10 in total! - well, that's if you ignore the class 37 sound chip that went on the plastic - paid for today mind, with a 12hr day shift! I am thinking of ordering a couple of pairs of those Cargowaggons - only thing putting me off, is I doubt they will fit in my stock boxes
  15. ba14eagle

    Summer Hampton Railway

    Cheers Chris.

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