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  1. Did you ever work many ballast drops, Mick? Ive heard people say that they always preferred a "Shark" to be marshalled in the train, rather than on the tail, due to rough riding. Any truth in that?
  2. Everything has to be weathered! (especially when it looks as good as this!) I actually think people are more into buying weathered items, so I don't believe you are going to de-value something - not when its this good. There are, of course, some hideous efforts on well known auction sites, that are so called professionally done - by a blind person (no disrespect) by the look of them.
  3. Roddy - drivers cant be colour blind, so its not normally a problem. Also, there used to be a specific standard regarding the location of particular colours on a signal, so you could be colour blind and understand what aspect you have in the signal head. However, LED signal heads have put an end to that theory. Ground position lights work on the following principle - two lamps lit horizontally = signal on / danger. two lamps lit at a 45 degree angle = signal off / clear.
  4. Mick The lack of distance is the issue, as you point out. Maybe, the loch needs to just be glimpsed through gaps in the trees / rocks? A 2-D back-scene is always going to look a bit weird at shallow viewing angles.
  5. I think the horizon needs to be much, much lower and the features on it, much smaller, to force the perspective enough, to see what you want to see. Youve probably done a brilliant job in O or gauge 1! I recall on Ian Russells garden railway, there was a bit of distant water on one of the Peco backscenes (on or near a curve?) - that seemed to work - perhaps have a look at that - it features on the dvd he did in 2014.
  6. I love the loch, distant landfall and foliage Mick - it all looks great. The mountains look a bit Swiss or Austrian!
  7. The little patch of sky, in the last photo, looks real - as though you had taken the boards outside. Great work. I think I agree - turning down the voltage will make the lights look even better.
  8. I think your painted background looks fantastic.
  9. #1320 - Awesome photos Mick - youve done a superb job with all that scenery. Can I make a suggestion? It concerns the rearmost siding, by the station approach. IIRC, when I went to the West Highland line in the late 1980's, a number of stations had a siding like that, up against a loading bank. Quite often, there would be a yellow BR staff van parked up and an engineers wagon or 2, in the siding. Some were in service - others were firmly rooted, rusting away, with all sorts of growth coming from them. A Wickham trolley might be seen too. This would look brilliant.
  10. An update on the future of Summer Hampton. The house went on the market last week and so I have decided, to ease the pressure when a buyer is found, I'm going to start dismantling the railway - that's despite never having run an O gauge train on the line id completed! (The Hornby Elite doesn't do the address 0 thing any more.) The track and boards / timbers / posts can be stored in my rented garage, for possible further use. As an aside, whilst decluttering the house, I found an O gauge point I forgot I even had! I will take a last photo when the garden has been cleared. Beyond that, I will be taking a break from modelling for a while, as ive already put a lot of paint, tools and materials into store - if I get an itch to run something, I can always have a little shunt around Baker wood Bunker. I'm now just itching to move and start again!!
  11. The house move is a real possibility and this year too. I might just about get a play with the O gauge, but the OO has probably seen its last train. We are desperate for more space and at least 3 bedrooms and a workroom / shop for my Wife to work out of. A bigger garden is a must of course - not too many boxes to tick then!! I intend having enough space available to have a single O gauge track, with a couple of loops and a double track OO layout, again with a couple of loops. I am pondering whether to thin out my OO collection a little bit, despite still having got new items on pre-order! I learned today that the owners of my old house had started to try and dismantle the raised bed that Hampton Field was located in - apparently, they weren't expecting to find massive reinforced concrete beams within! Last seen calling the Royal Engineers in to help.
  12. There has been a frustrating lack of progress on the railway in the last couple of weeks. I completed the O gauge circuit, but have had to relay various parts as, even in O gauge, rises / falls and tight curves have caused problems with smooth running. I think im there now. Interspersed with this, I found my ancient H&M Clipper wasnt upto powering my twin motored Heljan Western (not surprising really, as it only pumps out 1.5amp!). I then purchased a Gaugemaster O gauge specific controller off Ebay - even an output of 2.5amp isnt enough to power the Western or its a dud. It worked ok for 5 minutes, but then started cutting out after only powering the loco about 2ft at a time πŸ™„. Surprisingly, it appears that my Hornby Elite might be capable of pushing out 4amp, so I might try the Western on address 0. Oh yes - and we are on the verge of moving house again, so I might be ripping it all up anyway!! Roll on garden railway no.3 and some space to enjoy bigger radius curves πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ
  13. Well, despite my post from 26 September 2018, I have gone back outside and been altering the railway and have managed to incorporate an O gauge circuit! Its not quite finished yet - yesterdays delivery of track to site was too late for the job to be completed. Hopefully, by this time next week, I should be finished and will be able to run a train. Don't worry - there is still some OO. I have reduced the OO down to just a double track, with a loop on each line. The loops are now around the pond, meaning I can reach the pointwork, from the decking. The other pointwork has been removed (to try and improve running) and the station has gone. Too be honest, running 4 trains at once wasn't really feasible, as there were too many derailments.
  14. It could a succulent - sorry don't know the name - or what I know as "mind your business" - a carpeting plant with tiny little leaves, which spreads like wildfire.
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