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  1. Baker Wood Bunker

    Well, its been a while! Ive done nothing with BWB since April, until a couple of weeks ago, when being off with the dreaded flu virus, I got really bored so started planning my next moves. My fiance bought me some trees for the layout at Christmas, so it was about time I did something with them! So this is where we are at. This is the maintenance shed on the narrow gauge system The transfer shed The staff halt. The platform lamps have now been fixed! Trial fit of trees on the bunker mound And the latest video: All the best, Iain
  2. Mick's Drivel

    Mick Really sorry ive missed your clearout sale! Where have you been selling them?
  3. Radius of curves

    Deano I wouldnt go below 30" radius if you can help it. 48" would be better
  4. What choo doing man?

    Hi Mark The internal railway at Dinton was the inspiration for Baker Wood Bunker! Im afraid to say Ive invested a lot of £'s in rolling stock of late, so a running session on the railway is in order, as soon as the weather dries up. Bad news - The Gas Cupboard, in Trowbridge, closed on Christmas Eve. The owner isnt fully fit, so is restricting the business to online and exhibitions. A real blow, meaning ive now got to go 10 miles at least to find a shop that is going to stock some of those little bits and bobs that we modellers often need Great photo. Iain
  5. What choo doing man?

    Merry Christmas Mark I used to work in hotel and catering so know what its like to be away from home and working (to make others Christmas special) away from home. Now if I work at Christmas, it is if I want to and is well rewarded - normally just to move half a dozen engineers trains or so - I worked 6 hours last night and routed 5 trains!! The future Mrs ba14eagle bought me some Woodland Scenics trees, to help kick start my work on my indoor, micro layout - "Baker Wood Bunker". Work stopped on it around March and I need some motivation to get back on it For the garden railway, there was a new camcorder too, to capture some better footage of train running, once the weather improves. (Trowbridge today is very windy and wet Iain
  6. Transalpina Railway

    Control panel for my 12" to the foot train set and, a small part of, the train describer
  7. Night Ferry

    I recall, that in its very earliest days, Model Rail magazine contained some articles about the Night Ferry and its stock - they may even have sold some kits of the vehicles? Sorry I cant help with issue numbers
  8. OO in a New Zealand Garden.

    Hi Mark and welcome to the forum. Its really good to see some new people on the forum. As the saying goes, its a small World - I live in Trowbridge and have done so for most of my life. Its always changing - I was recently watching some YouTube videos of the construction of the inner relief road and the the new Tesco - hard to believe there has been so much change. Anyway, back on topic, welcome again to the forum and keep us happy with lots of photos and updates
  9. Heljan Class 33/1, 33117

    With the track cleaned, it was time to unbox the 4TC and give it a run!
  10. Summer Hampton Railway

    Some bizarre weather over the weekend - kids playing in gardens and people mowing grass (its October folks not July!!) - enticed me out into the garden for a last hurrah in 2017. Whilst cleaning the track, I plugged the soldering iron in, as I was sure there would be some dodgy bonds somewhere that need remedial work! Lo and behold, there wasnt Anyhow, here is the video evidence.
  11. Heljan Class 33/1, 33117

    Very excited! 4TC from Kernow Model Centre due for delivery tomorrow!! The wait is nearly over. Fingers crossed for the bright, dry weather the BBC have promised us for later this week
  12. Summer Hampton Railway

    Link to the video showing how I got on trying out DCC Concepts Powerbase. I will be fitting more lines with the Powerbase plates as it does help with increasing haulage capability. Hi Tony - all of my steam locos are loco drive, as they are all recent releases.
  13. Summer Hampton Railway

    Well, where are we? Oh yes. I was trying to increase the haulage capability of my rebuilt "Coronation" by putting extra weight in it. I managed to get a couple of 10g tyre weights inside, along with a bit of liquid lead. This didnt help much, the loco still onlly managed a meagre 4 coaches. So the decision was taken to retro fit DCC Concepts Powerbase to the gradients on the railway. Ive completed the outer line and after much trouble fititng the magnets to the loco, the "Coronation" will, with a bit of slipping, make it up the bank with load 8. So, a success in some ways, but not quite as brilliant as DCC promotional videos The product obviously does work, but I must say, the etches that you need to fit the magnets to the larger wheeled locos, are pretty poor quality and incrediby difficult to fit. I think ive got reasonable skills, but these really tried my patience. DCC recommends you superglue the magnets in the etches and suggests "you may wish to solder the folds in the etches" - this is an absolute must from my experience - without the extra strength of this solder, it will takes moments for the tabs on the etches, to be pulled off - youve been warned
  14. Summer Hampton Railway locomotives

    Locomotives from the home fleet of the Summer Hampton Railway
  15. Summer Hampton Railway construction

    Photo sequence showing construction of the Summer Hampton Railway