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  1. The house move is a real possibility and this year too. I might just about get a play with the O gauge, but the OO has probably seen its last train. We are desperate for more space and at least 3 bedrooms and a workroom / shop for my Wife to work out of. A bigger garden is a must of course - not too many boxes to tick then!! I intend having enough space available to have a single O gauge track, with a couple of loops and a double track OO layout, again with a couple of loops. I am pondering whether to thin out my OO collection a little bit, despite still having got new items on pre-order! I learned today that the owners of my old house had started to try and dismantle the raised bed that Hampton Field was located in - apparently, they weren't expecting to find massive reinforced concrete beams within! Last seen calling the Royal Engineers in to help.
  2. There has been a frustrating lack of progress on the railway in the last couple of weeks. I completed the O gauge circuit, but have had to relay various parts as, even in O gauge, rises / falls and tight curves have caused problems with smooth running. I think im there now. Interspersed with this, I found my ancient H&M Clipper wasnt upto powering my twin motored Heljan Western (not surprising really, as it only pumps out 1.5amp!). I then purchased a Gaugemaster O gauge specific controller off Ebay - even an output of 2.5amp isnt enough to power the Western or its a dud. It worked ok for 5 minutes, but then started cutting out after only powering the loco about 2ft at a time πŸ™„. Surprisingly, it appears that my Hornby Elite might be capable of pushing out 4amp, so I might try the Western on address 0. Oh yes - and we are on the verge of moving house again, so I might be ripping it all up anyway!! Roll on garden railway no.3 and some space to enjoy bigger radius curves πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ
  3. Well, despite my post from 26 September 2018, I have gone back outside and been altering the railway and have managed to incorporate an O gauge circuit! Its not quite finished yet - yesterdays delivery of track to site was too late for the job to be completed. Hopefully, by this time next week, I should be finished and will be able to run a train. Don't worry - there is still some OO. I have reduced the OO down to just a double track, with a loop on each line. The loops are now around the pond, meaning I can reach the pointwork, from the decking. The other pointwork has been removed (to try and improve running) and the station has gone. Too be honest, running 4 trains at once wasn't really feasible, as there were too many derailments.
  4. It could a succulent - sorry don't know the name - or what I know as "mind your business" - a carpeting plant with tiny little leaves, which spreads like wildfire.
  5. That's a nice set of photos Mick. Have you looked at the PRA wagons that Kernow Model Centre are producing? They are very appropriate for a Scottish freight train, running from Cornwall to Corpach paper mill. Temptation has gotten the better of me too - completely out of my timeframe, I've ordered a set of the Trans Pennine Mk5's, with a view to getting a Dapol 68 in the same livery. Like a lot of people, I really like these locos and in the future, I'm looking forward to using a lot of my free travel, going backwards and forwards over the Pennines! We should organise a Trans-Pennine day out!!
  6. In readiness for a possible house move and construction of my 3rd garden railway, Ive started collecting a few O gauge wagons πŸ˜‰ - dont worry, there will still be a OO gauge line as well. Ive had a few of the wagons out for a bit of weathering. Here are the results. The first, is a kit built, 6 wheel milk tanker. Bought off EBay (bargain for Β£20!!) I removed the private owner name and added some distressing and weathering. This is a Skytrex 12t plywood van. It has been renumbered / new transfers and weathered. Since the photo was taken, Ive added some chalk scribblings - empty dates, destinations etc and replaced the missing vacuum brake pipes. A Dapol 16t mineral wagon. Has been lightly weathered, as this style of body was added to underframes in the early 1970's, so it wont be completely rusted out by 1975/76. Ive weathered the interior too and added a bit of coal dust, as it may be run empty.
  7. Ive not been upto much lately, but exhibition time is back and i am busy with visits. Here are a few videos of just the last couple of weekends. I visited the CMRA show in Stevenage, at the weekend, for the first time (free travel comes in handy πŸ˜‰ and was really impressed with the great selection of layouts, traders and demonstrations. Most impressive was the free πŸ€” showguide, which was brilliant. I left a loco with a certain dcc sound chipping supplier, who is going to bring it to life for me - cant wait.. Here are some links to my videos. https://youtu.be/cBMCauiXrDo https://youtu.be/UaaPxngm0pM https://youtu.be/coTwtzeQbNc
  8. Very nice Mick. I'd be itching to get them dirty
  9. As you say Mick, I will post a response to your comments on my Summer Hampton thread, here, so as not to go off on a tangent, over there! I only intended a bit of dabbling, as it were, when those naughty people at Dapol offered the 08 for less than Β£200. I had 2 or 3 sheets of board left from the Summer Hampton construction, so sliced them up, with the intention of making a long shunting plank to play / shunt on. This I was going to attach to the fence posts on 1 side of the garden. However, when I checked out the strength of the fence, I decided this might not be such a great idea. It might be ok for an 08 and a few wagons, but the Western weighs a ton, so, I am steering clear of temptation! A house move would be the answer to my prayers - but that's not going to happen in the near future.
  10. Well, depending on what result you wanted, todays surveying in the garden went well. It was good in as much it proved that an O gauge circuit wouldnt fit in the garden, before Id invested a lot of money in track, but not so well because I wanted it to fit πŸ™ So, all plans for an expansion into O gauge have been shelved and my Heljan "Western" will have to be restricted to occasional use on my local clubs test track - at least until a change of address happens!
  11. Well, Christmas has arrived early in Summer Hampton! This beauty arrived at the weekend and its very impressive (although I will be reworking the weathering a bit). I have been surveying the garden, to see how I can incorporate an O gauge line as well as the OO. Im thinking a single line can replace the outer 2 OO circuits, around the "square" part of the railway - it wont be able to go around the pond, as thats too tight. Im going to have to get my engineer head on and see how I can alter the existing boards to make it work. Stay tuned!
  12. Well, temptation did get the better of me and I placed an order with Rails for a "Whizzo". I'm in no hurry, but am looking forward to it arriving! Just need a few 16t coal wagons, brake van etc, to give me enough to set up a shunting plank for the "Whizzo" and the "gronk" ive already got
  13. Its no good - I think temptation may get the better of me https://railsofsheffield.com/products/34401/heljan-5289-o-gauge-class-52-d1067-western-druid-in-br-blue-full-yellow-ends-weathered?utm_source=Mailing+List&utm_campaign=d22cbdbcc0-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_05_09_COPY_04&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_74d01bc2ed-d22cbdbcc0-5334145
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