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  1. Finally, Ive got a day off and blessed with some dry and bright weather. A neighbour almost spoilt the fun - they had tree surgeons in, with very noisy chainsaws. That didnt put me off and I gave some new locos and stock a run out on the O gauge line. The Heljan 31 was a planned purchase, but the Jinty and the 25 were bargains I snapped up from Hattons and Ellis Clark Trains. As I didnt have any appropriate goods stock for the Jinty, Ive been snapping up a nice few wagons off the internet. The 31 came from Tower Models in Blackpool, who also numbered it and fitted dcc sound. I w
  2. If you have concerns about steam loco haulage capacity - and I fully agree with Mick that modern steam locos are a bit too light - you could always fit dcc concepts powerbase - this will increase the traction capability of locos markedly. A very simple solution especially when starting from scratch.
  3. I take it you've been excited by the Accurascale announcement, over the weekend, of the new MDO / MDV wagons? I quite fancy a rake of the MDV's myself, despite them not being seen too often in the West Country. But they would look good behind my CF 37's!
  4. I use "Typhus corrosion" from the Warhammer paint range, which has a sand type substance in the paint.
  5. 50037 did carry 'ploughs at times during its BR career - all safe Mick 😂
  6. Basically an SD40 in the British loading gauge, Griff
  7. I have heard that the Filcris plastic isnt much good - certainly not for our smaller scales. I used recycled plastic sheet for trackbed and had a few problems with expansion / contraction, but generally only in one spot. I cant remember the users name, but someone else on here used recycled plastic with, seemingly, better results - minffordd railway? Duncan suggested using shorter sections to minimise the effects in each piece, being careful not to pin the track near the board ends. I think he drilled holes in the sleepers, slightly too big for the pins - this gave the track room to
  8. Some freight action, captured today, at Summer Hampton.
  9. If you had some of those rock moulds, could you use that expanding foam spray?
  10. Its been a while since I ran any trains, so today I was determind to change that! Remember my "bored in lockdown" purchase of some On30 from Hattons? Well, I was determind to try and get the loco working and I did to a point. I don', t think the chassis likes my railway much, plus, I think its quite worn, meaning it has pick up issues, in places. Also, the longer you run it, the less it wants to pull up the inclines. So, I will be trying to sell it on. I do like On30 stock, so this might not be my last foray into this scale, but next time I will buy some more serious models. Also, my Horn
  11. That's the High Output Ballast Cleaner - they are the longest trains I've dealt with, albeit only on occasional weekends. Quite often top and tailed (loco each end) and in some places there are special instructions which allow the rear loco driver to give assistance - something not normally allowed or required on the UK network, these days. The MendipRail contract sees trains of over 2000ft, several times a day, each weekday. Loaded, these trains can weigh upto 4700 tonnes (trailing).
  12. Rusting coal wagons doesnt need airbrushing - I use a 3 part painting / removing process that I saw on RMWeb. There have also been good articles in ModelRail magazine, in the last couple of years. Rusting is all about getting texture onto the metalwork.
  13. Those 24t minerals are crying out for some rust!
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