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  1. I'm sure you've checked this, but is there enough turn on the bogies, so as not to foul the frame?
  2. A quick update from Summer Hampton. The Bachmann class 117 dmu is back from Richard Croft at Roads and Rails, who has done a great job fitting Jamie Goodman sound files and a new bass speaker. Im very pleased with this and he has also done a light weathering too. I just need to fit some traincrew and passengers! There is a bit of of O gauge running too.
  3. I used the SBR neat Dave, dribbled on with a plastic syringe. This was after the ballast was pre-wetted, using a water /washing up liquid solution, sprayed on by plant sprayer.
  4. I'm pleased to say I have finally finished all track bonding and ballasting - just 1 more can of Humbrol 29 needs applying and the trackbed is done!
  5. SBR is very durable - no problems with mine so far
  6. My class 117 returned from KMRC and is now working fine, apart from the usual Bachmann squeeky axles. As I'd not seen any reviews online for it, I did a brief one of my own. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about a sound chip, as there doesn't seem to be a specific 117 project out there - just some similarly engined recordings. By all accounts, the factory fitted speakers aren't upto scratch either, so what do i do? - Just get a chip and see what the speakers are like or send it away and have the speakers changed too? Apparently, Bachmann have been quite clever in using their own PLU22x sockets in these sets and many sound chips needed functions remapping - too scary for me to undertake.
  7. Different locos had different rails - definitely a case of find a photo of the loco you want to model before fitting them.
  8. Thanks Paul Do you mean the handrails at the cab doors? They were part of the detail pack that came with the loco from new.
  9. I've always used the setrack spacing outside - never had a problem with anything passing.
  10. As you say Mick, 37415 looks to be liveried post Scotland - note the Thornaby Kingfisher logo on the central bodyside door.
  11. So, after yesterdays frustrations with the On30 and OO, I cleaned up the O gauge and gave some recent purchases a run out. The Heljan Hymek has had sound fitted by YouChoos, who, luckily for me, are only about 5 miles away. The 2 plate wagons are kit built and thus very light - lots of weight soon got them to stay on the track. Unfortunately, the builder has put some plate loads on them - I had a different plan, but hey ho. The hoppers suffer from the same issues - hence the temporary addition of the golf balls! The 12t open (Skytrex) has a massive lump of weight in it - that was only gonna pull everything else off! The brake van isnt new, but has now got a working tail lamp.
  12. That's really sad - I used to really enjoy these films 🙁
  13. Feeling pretty low right now. Should be in Lanzarote, but in sweltering Wiltshire. My On30 lockdown purchases have been a waste of time - cars keep uncoupling and loco runs in fits and starts. Anyone want to make me an offer? And to top it off, my Class 117 DMU in chocolate and cream arrived this afternoon - but will be back in the postal system tomorrow, as that doesnt work properly. KMRC advise "send it standard postage, as our policy is to only refund you standard postage" - what, for a £300+ item? Do you think i'm crazy?
  14. Quick Mike! There's a bloomin' great caterpillar on your railway
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