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  1. No any input is really helpful!, this may be a good compromise.
  2. How do, Ive been loitering on the forum for a while and thought I would start a post! I live in Co.Durham and have been thinking of a garden railway for a few year now. Im still struggling with what to do and trying to find inspiration, any input would be massively helpful My garden isn't very big, roughly 10m x 10m and with a very large shed. Ill give a bit background info to help establish what environment I'm working in. For several years I had a decent sized pond at the top of the garden. A combination of having 1 year old now and the maintenance that comes with a pond (and at present I have a few major other projects on) meant that it had to go 2015 So sadly this had to go, the acer was relocated to my mams, the rest was sold off or scrapped. Here it is in Feb 2016 I wanted an outside space, and therefore Im nearly finished the new section which includes a new summerhouse and small garden tool shed April 2016 I just need to gravel the little path and add all the plants. The idea being I want the summerhouse partially hidden by nice foliage to give it a private feel. Anyway the above shot is a bit deceiving as its bigger than it looks. The lower section of the garden consists of raised decking which I intend to leave the same. The bottom level is concrete for general garden stuff. Now I don't mind having a small layout, Ive been trying to think where to put one? The massive shed will be downsized from a 20ft x 14ft 'L' shape to a 20ftx10ft normal rectangle one next year so will get some grass space back. Im struggling to think where to put it. I have two ideas in mind so far, either this section of border, Its roughly 3 metres long, and I could bring it out so it would be about 60cm wide, and level it with a raised sleeper bed. OR Not the best shot, but this section of decking is approx. 60cm x 4 metres and largely unused. The only downside is that I want to include a lot of planting etc and would have to make some sort of bed to sit the whole thing in. I'm not bothered about having a loop, for me the aesthetics are worth more than the day to day running. Id like to go narrow gauge ideally and have a nice balance of plants and winding track, few buildings. Im not bothered about bridges, large station etc. I luckily live 5 mile from beamish and like their pit layout. I'd like this kind of layout, but with a bit more greenery thrown in. (The below aren't my images) They have just finished a new loco from scratch Samson, handy when your mate is the Steam manager as well Ideas largely welcome! I know its small but has potential! Its just trying to find what works best. I do have time on my hands, ideally its fine if its a few years before its up and running fully, having a little girl, I need the grass space and she'll be past the destruction age by the time its done!
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