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  1. Hello Dav2, Definitely don't use Hornby outdoors,, it rusts.
  2. June 2016. Feeling unconventional. Thought I might try EvoStick. I spread it directly on stone/concrete, roughened the underside of Peco100 with 80 grit sandpaper and spread Evostick on that too. Left for about 10 minutes to touch-dry, then pressed track into place, leaving 1mm expansion gaps here and there..... Instantly very firm, and over several weeks still firmly in place. Ballasted a long section in November, and with a good soaking of 50:50 Cementone SBR, set like a rock. Overwintered no problem. Still very firm, no movement, no sign of any baseboards or roofing felt, just balla
  3. Thanks everyone for your help and advice, I've now about 20m of track laid and ballasted - will think about controlling the points remotely later in the year. Final question on this thread (ie nothing to do with track, or this thread at all..) - what's the forum protocol for uploading a couple of pics, maybe a video, and discussing layout ideas? Sorry for the numpty question, do I just start a new thread topic under 'name of my layout'? In which case perhaps I should think of one.
  4. I've had about 2m of track laid now for over a year, and finally finished preparing the ground for the next stage. What's the best way to set up point motors? The Peco PL-11 ones look simple enough, but are they waterproof? Has this been covered elsewhere on the forum already? Total beginner here, in case you were wondering!
  5. AHH! I thought it was a spelling slip, never heard of Piko! Sorry Thomasl.
  6. Thomasl, What, about the Peco Code 100, was "absolutely useless" after 3 years?
  7. I can highly recommend Google Photos. Download the app, and it then uploads all your pics automatically, unlimited storage, free. It's also rather brilliant at sorting and finding - type in 'loco' and up come all the loco pics!
  8. Thanks all for the warm welcomes - back home now and looking at a box full of old track in the attic.. will check for the Peco brand, and (I'm guessing) a quick check with a magnet will reject anything with potential to rust. I'm working on the walls and flower beds for the next couple of months, will be back in touch when it's track-laying time!
  9. Hi folks, Very new to this forum, is there such a thing as special rustproof outdoor track? If so, what should I get? I guess it would be best to lay it and keep it laid all year round. Thanks!
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