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  1. Hi, As I mentioned in other threads I'm at the planning stage of my +/-40m long OO "Saint Georges line". A few years ago I made some buildings. But unfortunately I didn't had an OO garden rail in mind at the time, so these buildings are actually HO. Today I compare them with a few OO locomotives and I got the feeling that my efforts weren't for nothing. I now got the idea, that if I would keep them separated from OO buildings, that they still can be used. What is your opinion? -The signal box, don't mind the lettering it was suppose to be a building for a Ger
  2. I'm not so impressed with these oil smoke generators. I got a few Märklin loco's that are standard fitted. I tried it ones, I used the original oil. The result was that the downdraft of the smoke, greased my hole model, it took me an hour to remove it. So, no thank you for me Sound Is nice, but than again, you can't fit it into each model, and for me it's all or nothing. But never the less, very nice video Mick, I really enjoyed it. cheers, Danny
  3. This is what I like in model building. There are many products like these, that are very good usable daily through away things. These wooden swizzle sticks are also good to make wooden wall panelings for signal boxes, wooden floors, coal bunkers etc.. I even use tea bags to make coal sacks. So a happy meal, can become a very happy meal And with a little fantasy, Mc Donalds station is born Cheers, Danny
  4. Hi, I recently bought a Hornby DCC system. This is all new territory for me, I was used to work with analoge Märklin AC system. But for my garden railway most material that will run will be Hornby related material. So to me it seems sensible then to stick as much as possible to Hornby material. Only for the track it self I choose mainly Peco (flexi rail). But I also will use some Hornby and Mehano rails that I already have in stock. The layout I plan to make will be about 40m long starched L shaped oval with two loops integrated and a 8 track station with coa
  5. I also think that this is a good idea. Once the item is advertized, everything can be closed handeled by PM. But I also think the seller must ad the asking prize, and let it know when it's sold. This is how it's done on an other forum that I'm member of and it works fine. Cheers, Danny
  6. Each time I come to the Uk and take a train up to Leicester, I'm always confused with the seats. Half a carrige the seats are reserved and nobody occupieze them What's the point of that? Are those all people who booked a seat but don't show up?
  7. Great! I' m rushing throug the Kent country site at 300km/h in the Euro star and reading the garden forum. I just flased pased an old signal box, this inspires me to put a few signal boxes on my track, as an absolute minimum on senery on my future garden track Cheers, Danny
  8. Hi, I'm still in my planning stage, nothing concrete jet. I'm planning to integrate the Hornby DCC system. I'm also very intrested in live steam, and Horby made some beautifull OO live steam locomotives. Like I understand it, those locomotives come with also somekind of DCC control given over the tracks. My question is, can both systems run at the same time? Cheers, Danny
  9. Yes, this is my intention. I already have ordered one to test. As I already mentioned here on my introduction, I'm going to build my railway at waist hight, due to my bad back. At the moment everything sits in a planning stage. A lot of thinks are new to me, and I've to work my way into this matter. Although I've quite some DC rolling stock, I bought them over time because I liked those models, and put them on display. 80% of my locomotives are AC Märklin, with that I'm very familiar with, but in turns of electrics is totally different. An other thing that's
  10. Thanks Mick, I've see now how it works. This will come in very handy in the future. Cheers, Danny
  11. If I would start a model railway in my attic, it still will be a garden railway. Cheers, Danny
  12. I've seen some quite impressive garden railway here, if that isn't modeling? Modeling must be fun, and it comes to everybody's interests, skills and possibilities. If it's just running a train, or hours building on a village, it always have to come down at having fun, it's defiantly no competition, it's a way of passion and relaxation. And don't forget friendship, good times together and a good laugh
  13. First of all a Happy Easter. Manneken Pis for you windscreen no sorry I can't help you never seen them before But in race cars I'm interested, specially pre war GP cars and and speed brakers. I also scratch build scale 1/32 slot cars of that era, a few examples for those who are interested: You see in the background the 1905 speedbraking Daraque, and in front the 1906 Daraque Vanderbilt cup winner 1937 Alfa romeo 1923 speedbraking sunbeam bluebird And them there are my static toy steam engines that I restore, here is a smal selection fc0R
  14. Hi guys thank you for the warm welcome. @Mark: I'm really impressed with your skills in mathematics, if you keep going on, Einstein's theory in relativity will be nothing to what you will discover @Mick: Hornby is defiantly the first brand if you think of British rail modeling, it's Like Märklin is to the Germans. At the age of 5 it was the first time I visited family in the UK with my grand parents. I spend hours on the attic there with one of my older cousins, who had a Hornby model railway there. I think it was there where I caught model railway the bug. He took me to a
  15. Hi, I'm searching also for a suitable point motor. Has anyone ever tried the Peco PL11 point motor outside? Cheers, Danny
  16. Hi, I'm glad I found this forum as I have plans to start a garden railway outside. Let me introduce myself, my name is Danny and I live in Belgium. I've been collecting HO and OO train models since I was 5, and I've done it for 41 years now. So anyone that can count knows how old I am now Not only have I've been collecting trains, I also made it my profession. I mainly run freight trains in scale 1/1 from Belgium into Germany and the Nederlands. I also have a official license to run real steam trains. We do have several running steam trains here in Belgi
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