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  1. Hi I recently bought two Class 40's from Hornby, although they are DCC and sound equipped, the body I find very un-detailed looking. If you compare it to a Bachmann version, it looks very poor, but than again it reflects in price of course. But still with a bit DIY these models could be given a 10x better look than it comes out of the box. And I don't want to have two with the same numbered locomotives running around on my track any way. These are probably the first and last diesel engines I bought, as only steam intrest me. I need them for a specif
  2. A few years ago somebody gave me an old Hornby 0-6-0T class J83 LNER. Although it still runs perfect, the body had the marks of intensive playing. Buffers where missing, parts broken of and the varnish layer severe damaged. I first started to remove the broken parts and made new replacements out of brass. Than the body was prepared for airbrushing and a acrylic-polyurethane primer from Vallejo was first applied. Perhaps a small tip, the acrylic-polyurethane primer from Vallejo is a quick drying paint, but I still wait 24H before applying t
  3. ...here is the last part... After the ground coat was applied, the build up with colors is applied. For this I use the Andrea color system paint. This paint is a professional water based acrylic figurine paint. The paint is bought in specific color set, like this set for red for instance. The color range starts with a basic paint for the specific color. From there you apply first the dark shades then you go to the light shades. Although on such a small OO scale, the through potential of the paint system can not be applied to it's full right, but it's sti
  4. Small update... The figures did get their primer coat applied by airbrush. I use grey acrylic-polyurethane primer from Vallejo. This paint is top quality, I've tried several brands, but this one to me is the best. The primer color grey is a personal choice. Their are people who prefer black or white but that's something you've to experiment around with, to see what soots you the best. Just for the record, black & white is also available in the acrylic-polyurethane primers from Vallejo. This paint can also be applied in all ranges of modelbuilding. Bu
  5. Yesterday I received two figures from Modelu. And I'm very pleased about their quality. The figures them self are made with the latesed technique of 3D printing and are very detailed. You can ask your self is this necessary on such a small scale, I leave this up to everybody's opinion. Any way I just want to point out that these figures are top in fine scale. This is how they arrive, packed of course in a strong small cardboard box. After I took them out of their Bags, I washed them with a good soap to get rid of any grease partikels that where left when they
  6. A small update in my garden railway preparation. As I mentioned before, I want to equip my track outside the station area with automated blok systems. I just ordered a module from BLOCKsignalling that works on infra red detection build into the track. I still have to test it out, but it seems the best solution to my needs. It works independent from the DCC system, it only requires power from the DCC bus line. The module can be divided into two operating sections. -The most important is that a train stops before entering a occupied section. -The second one is
  7. I defiantly don't want to interfere with British politics, but if your vote has been misused by somebody else, that sounds like fraud to me, and one can ask them selfs "how legal is the referendum"? Here in Belgium this is not possible, we all have an identity card with an electronic chip, that is used to register, even the vote is now done by computer and registers to a national server. Of course if someone tempers with the computer system it self, nothing can be secured 100%. But in that case it would be fraud and computer crime on a very high level, not some random person who
  8. The OO APT-E looks great,also the detailing looks very nice. But I'm not interested in the era, all to modern for me. But I'm really looking for worth when the GNR Stirling Single 4-2-2 No1 with Sturrock Tender comes out Big wheels, industrial revolution, pioneering railways, I just love that era. And by the looks of it, it's going to a very nice, and almost to reality like perfect model you can get. I can wait until the postman rings the bel and not to forget, runs through my garden The locomotive I mean, not the postman Cheers, Danny
  9. Hi Tony, I think you missed something, my garden rail will be in OO gauge British rolling stock see: I'm still in the planning stage, I will not go to fast, I'm someone who wants to prepare very well before I will act. You can of course never be fully prepared, but I want to rule out as many surprises as I can. At the moment I'm stocking up the materials I will need, and run small experiments. And here by comes that DCC is new for me, working analog for almost 40 year is a big change and the grass is not so green as they want to let you believe, but I'm up for
  10. Yes I understand that many brands produced them and range in different budgets. But the question is, which one does a good job, expensive doesn't necessarily mean good. Perhaps I should put the question this way, who has one, and is so pleased with it he can't do without it anymore? Or perhaps the other way, "I bought it with high expectations, but I better didn't buy it".
  11. Hi I found this Modelu firm website. http://www.modelu3d.co.uk The seem to produce these lovely train crews in very nice details and poses. I haven't seen them for real yet, but I just order some. They are not the cheapest figures, but if they look as good, as they are advertised, they are worth to give it a go. Perhaps some of you already bought some of these figures, let us know what you think of them? I'll keep jou informed when I get them. Cheers, Danny
  12. What about track cleaning wagons, are they any good? I know that several brands make them, and they come in all kind of sizes and prices. Who has experience, what would you advice and defiantly not advice? In the last Hornby Magazine od 06/2016 there was an interesting article on wheel cleaning devices. On the first side interesting to have one. But on the other hand I do ask my self, don't the wheels, patina and paint damage rubbing the wheels over brass brushes? Who has long time experience with that? Cheers, Danny
  13. You where not harsh on Hornby Mick, I totally agree with you. And one should tell them this once in a while. But I think it's because we approach it from a collectors/modelers view, and the see it as a toy. Even the big German brands like Märklin/Trix, Rocco etc. bring out these nonsense production. They also had a liquor bottle in form of a wagon, a locomotive in form of a pig etc... It seem that every brand has it's lunatic designer. Do these product sell, yes probably. Who to, not me, that is for sure. Is it worth while, I think so, otherwise the
  14. It is not really a big investment Mick, new decals for a few quit, and it will sell to relatives who doesn't understand the railway modelers world. Followed with a big thanks and a false smile, perhaps we have forgotten that it is the gesture that counts And yes I agree with you, they better could spend there resources wiser. They seem to forget that the average age who still is interested in model railways is over 40, we are not the public anymore who buy an oval set with a cheap model in it, and think that it's the end of the world. And lets face it, if we would buy such
  15. Yes it will in deed take a lot of track, I even changed the design to a double track loop on each side, to even get a better traffic flow. The hole idea is that the layout can be run as real traffic, where freight trains go on a side track to let faster passenger trains pass. This system is used in double lines, and even in single lines, perhaps an idea for your line Mick. It allows you to cross trains from opposite directions or to overhall slower trains, it makes the game more fun. A more simplified blok system can also be worked out in a classic DC layout, with dete
  16. It looks you are well on you way in your build. Although it is not a garden layout, I will be following your tred with intrest. Cheers, Danny
  17. A well set layout, maximum use of space, nice long realistic platforms, very nice. When the vegetation takes it's place in the whole set up, this garden will be a joy to spend with the family during warm summer evenings, TOP, well done!!! Cheers, Danny
  18. Hi there, Quite a while since I posted something, I've been very busy behind the scene as they say. I've been experimenting with DCC as it is all new to me, and need to be figured out before I go any further. Perhaps a dull subject as we all want to see trains running, and tracks to be build, but every good house needs a good foundation. I got in the mean while, a Hornby E-link, that I can control with Railmaster-Pro over my Pc laptop. It took me a while to get acquainted with the basics and it looks very promising. Some of you will probably say that there are better syst
  19. Lovely video you made there Mick I hope to share such a video one day of my garden track. Keep on posting, your work is an inspiration Cheers, Danny
  20. Hi, Here is a schematic sketch of how the "St-Gorges line" will divided like. The middle part will be the station, on the line there will be waiting parts where trains can cross and pass a slower train. At the end there is the choice of taken a turn and go in rounds or a loop, this will point the train into the other direction. So I will be able to run trains in all direction using the layout to it's maximum. Of corse to make it a bid more exiting, this layout will be 40m long mainly L shaped, with twisting tracks through the garden. Cheers, Danny
  21. To grow moss there where you want is not always significant. These are the things moss in general does not like and or needs: -No sun -no dry spots -a constant supplier of most, idle is a constant high humidity air that surrounds the moss -a good thick layer compost soil (dead leaves, used tea) the compost should act as a drainage, but in the mean time keep enough most, or being able to evaporate huge quantities of most -some type of stone, such as granite mix in the soil also helps, but not all stone is suitable. -no artifiscial compost or ground supplements. So if y
  22. Yesterday filmed on my big scale 1/1 garden railway. The border crossing between Belgium and Germany. What you see first is going over from the Belgian lefthand driving (curtesy from Mr Stephensons who installed the first track in Belgium 1835), into the German righthand side. The following signals you see are Belgian lefthand signals but right hand placed. On the bridge, the locomotive is switcht over from from 3000V DC to 15000V AC while driving. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SNCB_Class_28_(Bombardier) ) The last signal you see is a german one. The actual bord
  23. Yes, that looks like old Mc Donalds barn But indeed a nice example
  24. Hi, Thank you for your reactions. These buildings where indeed tended for a Bavarian line. I know that I would look stupid to put them next to British station buildings. And that is not my intention, my worry is, or was the mix of OO HO. And I think in the open space of a garden the differences will fade away. I've put an big order out for British building that will form an authentic British station feel to it. I do hope they arrive next week, you'll see more of that in the future. But My design and running stock will be anyway a European mix even a mix in gauges
  25. Hi, Once a teacher of mine sad, there is not such a thing a dom question, there are only dom answers I'm also making the transition to DCC, almost all my OO locomotives got DCC decoders now. I call it "going to the dark side" I've done 17 last weekend and still need to do 5. I've no experience with sound generators, but what I've seen last weekend, is that some locomotives got really tight spaces. And I'm convinced that small locomotives can't be fitted at all. So instead having half my locomotives fitted, I rather prefer non are fitted. Although I do admit that
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