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  1. I came upon this old film footage. And have a look at the signaling school, who does would not like a layout working like that? http://www.britishpathe.com/video/railway-signal-school-aka-railways I found this footage searching for a good book on British semafoor signals, preferably LNER type. What I'm looking for is the way they are placed, especially junction signal and speeds connected to certain signal images. Does anyone has any tips for me? I already have found a few good websites like "Signalbox" http://www.signalbox.org/index.php But it's a good
  2. Hi Tony, I also start at all funny hours of the day. We are allowed to make maximum shifts of 11 hours, but only 9 hours are effective driving. Most of the times we sleep over in Germany and return next day. Maximum length is about 700M, longer trains aren't possible here in Europe, due to that this is the general maximum length a station can take. Maximum pulling on flat surface is about 2000 tons with one single locomotive. Sometimes we drive in double traction, but than again 2 locomotive are the maximum and they must always be in front. Of course than the maximum pu
  3. Thomas, Rome wasn't build in one day. I to, don't have always the time and resources to work on my railway as I want. My garden is also jungle at the moment, I hope to find enough time this Autumn to give all the trees and shrubs a serious cut back. At the moment I'm buying every month a few packs of flexi track, I've calculated that I need about 450m of track. As I mentioned, at the moment I'm doing experiments with signal, block systems everything controlled one DCC. But I do hope, that by next year the first foundations will be seen.
  4. Hi Thomas, You're building a very impressive track there. Although high speed is not my thing, I guess I'm confronted to much with it on a daily base . It's nice to see people like you, and some others here on the forum, specializing or showing intrest in this era. Keep us up to date, I will follow this with great interest. And If the offer still stands, be sure want I to visit you one day, although the few modern rolling stuff I have is of little use on your track, as it all Is AC. I'm sure your garden railway will be an inspiration to the modern railway fans, and defian
  5. @ Tony, Prepare for a long scratch build, I think. Thomas would be the best person to tell you, if there is any modern material that comes near to it, but I doubt it. It is not my field of expertise, as I'm personally am more interested in steam. The most modern material I have to run on my garden rail are two diesel class 40 models and those are only part of the cleaning train. Although I have a few pieces of this modern passenger rolling stock AC, but I'm not an expert in it as thomas The only thing I can do, as I see this modern material pass me by on a daily basis, is
  6. Hi, what some people do with their models sometimes is not understandable. I don't have anything against number change or even a repaint. But if you start such an undertaking, know what you're doing, or keep your fingers of it, that's my opinion. I recently bought such a model where a change was started with a good intention, but was treated badly. The Dapol BR black 0-6-0 saddle tank lettering and BR logo was very rough removed with a scalpel I think. Above that aggressive glue was spilled on the roof of the cabin. After filling with Tamiya putty and some ca
  7. It was finely delivered this week, and what a beauty it is, see for your self. I also found out what kind of 6 pin DCC decoder fit's this model. Unfortunately the manual Bachman provided with this model, only mentioned a 6 pin decoder. So, I rang up Bachmann help services and they where so friendly to give the information I was looking for. For those who are interested the Bachmann 36-558A should be a perfect fit for this model. I just ordered it, we'll see when it's arrived. Cheers, Danny
  8. Hi, Last Monday 08/08 seen at Aachen West (Germany) a brand new Eurostar on it's way to Belgium for delivery. Cheers, Danny
  9. Hi, I recently bought an old airfix castle class locomotive where the motor is hidden in the tender. Altough the body was still in good condition it had so mechanical problems, like broken wires. But my bigest problem is that it misses one small pinion between the motor and the axle. One is still their, so it puls on one leg so to speak. Is their perhaps somone who has such a pinion spear? All help is welcome. I've seen complete motor blocks for sale on ebay, but 20£ is redicules. Cheers, Danny
  10. I know that the wire can be infected by direct exposure, but hidden away I do think It will work. It is not moisture sensitive, that's for sure, and a great plus. Anyway like I mentioned all is in experimental stage, and has to be tested.
  11. Yes you are correct Thomas, I just had a look, everything is stored away here, I had to dig them out, I suppose I must run my models more often I bought the set at the time when I was in training as a train driver, I have a model of all types of trains I drove, but these types do not come out of their box as much as they should do. Specially the ultra modern stuf like the Thalys, It's a beautiful set but it needs long stretches to become realistic, like a garden rail. But than again your garden rail should look as modern as your material, and that is not what I'm aiming for.
  12. Finely I found it back again! Preparing for my future layout I was searching for a product that was called smart wire. It basically comes down to a wire as thick as a hair, that when put under an electric voltage starts to shrink. How much it shrinks depends on the length of the wire. I first saw it at a model fair here in Belgium around 2000. I always had it in mind, when I would build a layout, I would use it. I had to go though some old magazines, but due to some good order, I soon found an artikel on it back It's not a product that you will find in an ave
  13. I totale agree with you Thomas, but your are speaking about composition in reality. I refer to how Mehano sells them.
  14. I already mentioned that the total set is 12, 2 engines and 10 coaches. So 3 boxes and each box contains 4 vehicles. But what really raises questions with me, why would you motorize the dummy loco? The one loco in my set is powerful enough to give motion to the total train, and has more power than realistically required. Is it perhaps that a Märklin type 3 rail AC system has more grip? Perhaps Thomas knows a good sound decoder as they are not my field of intrest. @ traingeekboy, thank for sharing the news footage of your local train store, and boy what a store it
  15. Hi, I just bought the Bachmann/NRM Exclusive 31-166NRM Lancashire and Yorkshire Tank. http://www.locomotionmodels.com/british-model-railways/oo-gauge-4mm/nrm-exclusive-editions-and-collection/bachmannnrm-exclusive-31-166nrm-lancashire-and-yorkshire-tank.htm The model is shipped and should arrive later this week. According to the website it needs a 6 pin DCC decoder. Now it being a Bachmann production, it seems that Bachman has two types of 6 pin decoders, horizontal and vertical ones. Does anybody know which of the two, is the correct one? Cheers, Danny
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