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  1. Two tablets on wifi, main computer wired to router, and that's it. We could quite easily do without it.. SWMBO mostly uses hers for Art tutorials, Me for sailing or boat design research. it would be go back to buying more books and videos if we didn't have it. Not really a problem..
  2. Well Mojo (I said MoJo Not Bojo), has wandered off and disappeared absolutely nothing done on indoor or outdoor model railways for a couple of months. Instead I've Built a keel for the sailing boat, Someone else wanted to be in the picture. That keel weighs 188KG that bottom bulge is 150KG of lead.. I've started started building a vast amount of shelving. The old library (spare bedroom) will become SWMBO's craft room, The living room will become the library, the front room will eventually become the living room. Bojo (I said Bojo not Mojo) has said that outd
  3. TheQ

    Tour de Yorkshire

    The same applies to sailing on the Norfolk Broads, motorboats have to stick to the 4 /5 /6 mph limits but sailing boats do not.. That makes it difficult driving a rescue boat as you can't break the limit until they need rescuing.. But they are busy sailing away from you and you can't keep up! They may not have to obey the limit on Bicycles but I do in the land rover... You can of course, on a bicycle be prosecuted for riding Furiously... Any local council can pass a bylaw with speed limits for bicycles, which I've seen done on a road, that is access only for those that l
  4. The N gauge railway seems to go nowhere for ages , then take a sudden spurt forwards.. For instance I spent several modelling sessions making hundreds of fence posts from 0.6mm Square wire, equivalent to plain 4 inch square wooden posts and painting them brown. Then another hundred more from 1mm square wire with the bent top and painting them grey to imitate concrete secure fencing posts.. I reckon in all there will be over 2000 fence posts to be made and installed.. So nothing seemed to happen for ages, then last Friday night I was fence post planting and then gluing mesh onto the conc
  5. Still nothing happening on the garden railway, except I have to redesign the Area. The future plans for the garden have had a bit of a place revolution. it means the run will be slightly shorter, but I have a bigger area to use. As yet I haven't even started placing pen to paper on designing that.. The MRC restarted last Friday, in six person bubbles, I got my requested Friday evening, there are now six person groups Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and my Friday is not yet a full group. That's not all the members So I guess some are still not coming out to play yet.. Any way I've started mo
  6. At our club open day last year. Boards 1 to 4 on their trolleys, you can see the bare corner board on the right, with an inherited sub board branchline station resting on top. Further to the right and back is trolley 3, which now has the previous branchline station and radar on it now..
  7. The road down to the harbour, a war memorial will go on the top at the back.
  8. The branch line station being worked on
  9. Let's see if I can get a few pictures of the N gauge future exhibition railway on show.. The latest project a Type 84 radar.. A corner board.
  10. Another year has passed and another year of no progress on the garden railway. The N gauge exhibition railway has progressed so I might show a few pictures later.. I was furloughed for 9 weeks but am now back at work trying to catch up with the backlog. My Sailing compatriot came off his motorcycle last August into the front of a tractor, fractured skull, right wrist, pelvis, and thigh. Neither his nor the tractors fault, but the local council failing to fix a pot hole they knew about. He was actually out with a ROSPA group so he wasn't doing anything stupid. He was in hospit
  11. Is it really nearly a year since I posted here? Life has got in the way, a family funeral, and too much to do and not enough time to do it. Very shortly I'll be heading out Into the cold to finish building a new shed, not for railways but gardening equipment . That means I can clear half the garage, so that I can use it as a workshop. That then means I can clear the alleyway between the mobile home and model railway shed which was my workshop, as SWMBO has highjacked it for use as a wool treatment room for preparing wool for weaving. It does mean the new workshop is nearer where
  12. They can, join our sailing school at the age of 8, which is the youngest the Broads authority allows anyone to helm on the Norfolk Broads. ( But they do teach adults as well), If anyone lives nearby, then you are advised to visit the year before. to get information and you name on the list such is the waiting list... Horning sailing club is one of the cheapest on the broads, with club membership being roughly £120 a year for a family. There are additional small fees for the sailing school, we are a self help club, the only paid staff is the cleaner once a week.. I was PAT testing th
  13. They've had grass land fires, on Arthurs Seat, the hill behind Edinburgh!! Oh Norfolks just had a yellow warning issued for heavy rain, thunder and lightening.
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