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  1. The thoughts of Chairman Q

    Well the above show was a good one, I bought some stuff for my in herited N gauge railway, Tiree, namely second hand kit built loco, a coach and several wagons and a book on the Highland railway. Oh and a bacon butty..... or two... The widow of the previous owner of the N gauge railway is about to down size and move house, hence I have been handed piles of Points and other bits of N gauge railway. She is coming across them clearing the old house and also odd bits of horticultural equipment like A Dydle from the triple garage. A Dydle? it's a Norfolk tool for dredging dykes by hand, in this case its a 10ft long wooden pole on which is a scoup which faces back towards the user so you drag the mud to you, out of the dyke. My plans to go to other shows in May are unlikely now, due to sailing commitments. Work is about to restart in the Garden railway area, However not on the garden railway, I have to build some raised beds for Yacon plants, each will have a bed of 3 ft square, soil to fill them will however be dug from the foundation trenches for the railway Viaduct. A viaduct it will be, during the gale prior to the Beast from the East, 20ft of garden wall was blown down. Therefore, a thin wall is now, not in my plans, but a less wind resisting viaduct is. For strength purposes each pillar will be two or three foundation blocks of 215mm X 300mm X 440mm on end.
  2. Tramway

    That Helter skelter reminds me of somewhere near here... http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/194375 I like your modellling...
  3. In and out of the garden

    You'll need to get a shed to put it in... Having a shed, into which you can run your track is quite common, even if it's just straight into a fiddle yard.that way you don't spend ages getting everything out before a running session. Many of us also have the track run into a layout into the shed (or plan to). so in the bad weather there is still some runnning capability.
  4. The thoughts of Chairman Q

    Since there has been little going on in the garden, it's been too wet out there.. This tread is turning into a bit of a railway show thread, to which, I can recommend this show which I enjoy. just two miles from where I'm sitting at the moment.. #Norwich Railway Heritage and Model Society - Norwich Model Railway Exhibition Sat 7th April 2018 Hellesdon High School, Middletons Lane, Norwich, Norfolk NR6 5SB OPENING TIMES: 10.00am to 4.30pm ADMISSION: Adults £5.00 free parking on the school grounds. 16 Layouts, including our 10 road, multi gauge, test track. and 14 Traders confirmed together with 2 demonstrations and 4 other societies. List of Traders Attending : List of Layouts Attending : Great Eastern Models Squires Tools Bure Valley Sales Caister Loco Terry Durrant Bob Pearman Books Railway Photoman Great Eastern Transport Films Train Tech David Rowland Art Layouts For You Model Scenery Supplies Joe Lock Stodden Hundred 0 Triang Railways 00 Weihnachtsstadt H0 Torcastle Viaduct N Test Track Multi Gauge La Garita Hills Railway Thomas & Friends Various 00 Gestup St Anne 00/ng Oakly Green 00 Clone Line 00 Wadham Yard 0 Shipmeadow OO9 Ebridge Mill 00 Moorlocks Heath 0 North Norfolk Model Engineers Fen Street 0 List of Demonstrations : List of Other Displays : Advent Modellers Norfolk Mardlers Friends of Bure Valley Society Norfolk Railway Society M & GN JNT Rly Society Historical Model Railway Society Norfolk Mardlers
  5. Decking board or Concrete?

    Having used many decking boards for their original purpose, I'd point out they do bend, split and warp. That being said I don't like ground level layouts too much chance of vegetation and wildlife. Too much bending down for my knackered knees and back. I prefer Mick's aerated concrete block method .
  6. Iain's occasional drivel, moans & groans

    Somehow although I think O or G1 has more Gravitas to it, they probably still have problems with power supplies, unless they Go Radio Controlled but you can do that in OO these days anyway.. I like the Series 3 landrover, mine generally were green with a coventry climax mounted in the back.
  7. The thoughts of Chairman Q

    Broadland Model railway club 2018 Exhibition The 2018 model railway exhibition sponsored by the Bure Valley Railway will be held again in the Jubilee Centre, Aylsham, NR11 6JG on Saturday 6th October. There will be models of different gauges and sizes that range from N gauge to 00 gauge with model steam and diesel traction as the theme. Exhibitors usually come from the surrounding counties of East Anglia but we try and have layouts from further afield to add variety. The exhibition owes much of its success to the catering support given by the volunteer ladies of Aylsham. They do a magnificent job providing refreshments for the visitors and lunches for the exhibitors, traders & our volunteer helpers. Due to building alterations at the Jubilee Centre the available exhibition space is reduced slightly. However, we will be using the Bure Valley Railway station as a location for our railway groups and clubs along with some modelling. This is still being developed so keep checking to see what is going where! The good news is that we have secured the use of a vintage Routemaster bus to link the two sites together and this will be free to ticket holders. The BMRC will offer a “Loco Doctor” service again this year as this was a success in 2017 with some generous comments. In addition the DCC ‘doctor’ will be there giving good advice to potential DCC modellers either starting from new or thinking about conversion. Lots of exciting things can be done these days from loco sounds to automatic train control. Layouts at the Jubilee Centre New Walmington Pier Longstone Traders at the Jubilee Centre Bob Pearman Books Joe Lock Models Train Terrain Train Tech Club assistance at the BVR Station Loco Doctor DCC Advice Correct as at 13 March 2018 Details of further layouts and traders to be updated, when they become available.
  8. The thoughts of Chairman Q

    Afternoon All, not too much has been going on , after we had dug ourselves out. Tomorrow is the first of this years Local ish shows. My club Broadland Model railway club will be exhibiting.. . I have realised I've not put anything up about the Tiree layout I inherited about a year ago. So once Ive sorted myself out. I'll annoy you lot by creating an indoor layout thread.
  9. The thoughts of Chairman Q

    yesterday on the local radio during the "you tell us what to play" hour the first requested record was.... Driving home for Christmas... This is what it's like out there, we've got 50mph winds... PS, in 2 and a half hours i've got 25 miles to drive home good job I'm in the landrover...
  10. Mick's Drivel

    I reckon Mick bought a model railway shop..
  11. Transalpina Railway

    I once used to work on a radar where the 12 transmitters, were routed through the many waveguides into any of the 12 output horns. This was displayed on a wall in the control room, with 2800 little light green plaques ( smaller plaques than above) just like a signal box as above. Same shade of green!!. That control panel was I believe supplied by a railway supplies company. Pity I wasn't around when it was scrapped... I have thought of building a control panel like it, but it would probably be bigger than the layout.... My layout being built in the shed, will feed out to the garden railway, on top of viaduct walls. My back does not allow for low level work...
  12. The thoughts of Chairman Q

    We didn't get a white Christmas in fact it was quite warm, 11C, We are possibly getting snow later today, on the back edge of the Strom that's going over, it's blowing 60 mph, With horizontal rain and hail at the moment. Time to wind up the fire a bit..
  13. The thoughts of Chairman Q

    Well still nothing doing on the garden railway or its in shed component, the new gateway and walls are complete except for painting, there is a bin cupboard built into the wall one side, and a post box with parcels cupboard beneath the other side. Hopefully that will stop the sorry you're not in cards... Meanwhile the inherited railway, has been proceeding well, you can see it at http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?topic=38780.msg480978#msg480978 Ben the Border Collie accompanies me to the MRC each Friday, so when we go in, I get ignored and it's hello Ben, as he visits everyone for a pat on the head. He's become very much calmer and is turning out to be a very nice dog... I've now reached the age when I've got the old gits card from B+Q, and during this year my strength seems to be seriously deminishing. My problems are little compared to many on this site, but I am now finding lifting and placing concrete aerated blocks hard work, my body seems to be going down hill rapidly. I'd better get the railway walls / viaducts built soon before it goes beyond my strength. The plans for the layout have not changed, it's just taking vastly more time than I'd like. So as I lie here in my pit, with pain from my left elbow and lower back from mixing concrete yesterday, I'll toast you all with a glass of Highland Park, and hope you all have a happy and healthy 2018. Nollaig Chridheil ( merry Christmas in Scottish Gaelic)
  14. Disruption to service

    What?s that white stuff? we've had none of that round here, just Rain.... Lots of rain...
  15. Mick's Drivel

    The one advantage I have, is living out in the middle of nowhere, which also means few low life, My neighbours until not long ago never locked their house. I rarely lock the car to get to us you'd need a car so they wouldn't need to nick one!!. Althoughthe car is in the back garden and we have something with 4 feet and teeth, they don't know he'll only lick you to death, not bite you. For the nearest low life to get out from the nearest town to us is a 5 mile bike ride or by car and they stick out like a sore thumb.. The low crime rate does mean on a night shift there are only 4 policemen within 20 miles (thats 2, 10 miles away and 2, 20 miles away), as Cromer found out when they were invaded by travellers, they had more crime that weekend, than in a normal month..