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  1. Thanks Mart, Nige, Tony, et al. Will try and get something running asap but will only be backwards and forwards at the moment as I've now pulled all the track up that ran through the shed! I'm going to make a scenic indoor layout in the shed so I can still run trains when it's wet but with pointwork going outside for dry days.
  2. Hi Ian. Either in pictures or video your railway is always a pleasure to see. Keep up the good work mate. Regards. Mark
  3. Hi Tony. Great to hear from you again mate. Hope you're well. Yes we are out of harms way thanks. Nearest 'target' to us would be the Meadowhall centre. Glad you're progressing well with your railway. I've run a couple of test trains to check for clearance etc as I built the tunnels. I'm pleased to say that all was well. I know what you mean about constantly changing your mind but I think I'm on the right track ( pardon the pun) now with getting the railway how I want it. Regards. Mark
  4. We also have some steps over the railway now as I didn't think the liftout section that ran over the path worked too well!
  5. That's beauty now mate. Congratulations on a job (very) well done!
  6. WOW!! Looking good mate! Nice job.
  7. A few images of the new BoW line. Gone is the viaduct and all the log roll and the up and over bit that I was never really happy with! In its place we now have 2 tunnels and a station platform will sit in front of these. Pics to follow. We've also undergone a name change from the Baimor line to the BoW line. ( Baimor on Waverley line). Baimor still as before but I thought Waverley as that's the housing development we live on on the old orgreave colliery site. As you can see it's still very much a work in progress but we will be running trains again by summer.
  8. Good luck with the new railway mate. Looking forward to seeing some pics. Enjoy the new tools. Not sure I could be trusted with a bandsaw tho!! Remembering my bad jigsaw experience 18 months or so ago!! I'd probably do myself irreversible injuries!! Haha!!
  9. Hi TGB! Hows things mate? I'm determined to put pictures on in the correct orientation now which is proving harder than I anticipated!! How is your railway doing mate? Got to say to Mick also that I'm loving the forums new look!
  10. Forgive me father for I have sinned. It's been 6 months since my last confession!! Oops!! Wrong forum!!:-) :-). Hi guys. It's been a while. I hope you're all well and your railways are progressing as planned. There's been quite a few developments on the baimor line of late. Mainly a name change to the BOW line. ( Baimor on Waverley. Baimor for reasons previously stated and Waverley after the name of our housing development.) A few pics will be uploaded as soon as I'm able to do some non-aerial photography and I've even opened up a youtube channel and will upload some videos as soon as I figure out how! Regards all. Mark
  11. Hi. Warmest welcomes to the forum. As above but don't ask Nige for any advice about electric planes!
  12. Hi Totonlover and welcome to the site. I'm sure on here you will find all the answers you need mate. All I can say is time taken during the building of your railway will pay dividends later. Dont be afraid to ask questions youll find we're all a friendly bunch! Looking forward to seeing some pics when you get chance. Warmest welcomes again mate. Mark
  13. Eyup mate. Long time no see ( or speak??) . Looking good mate. I've only got 2 words to sAy. WOW!! And WOW!! Loving the entrance to the shed mate. Looks really good. What's it made of if I may ask? regards. Mark
  14. Hi Tony. Thanks for that mate. I never thought of searching threads before asking. Glad all's coming on well with your layout mate. I must get some more pics of mine as I've changed quite a lot! I seem to improve 1 bit then see something else I want to change!! Regards matey. Mark
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