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  1. The difference in height...
  2. Started operation rebuild after alot of neglect. I'm lifting each section up higher and rewiring alot of it, as it no longer works... here is the first bit done, with some cars needing to be added.
  3. https://youtu.be/oS64mH5SNZs Video filmed tonight after a small garden opening to raise funds for the church I work for...
  4. It's been a while since my last post and a lot has happened including having a son. So the railway has been on the back burner, the winter took it's toll on a lot of the railway but managed to spend some time on it over the weekend, including installing this little pub I was brought at Christmas...
  5. I realise I have gone rather quite on here since my last post. I didn't throw in the towel but have been working on the railway as and when I get a chance. Will post some pictures later, but the good news is that trains run fairly well now, although at certain speeds and only in one direction, they don't like going the other way around!
  6. so annoyed, hence the spelling mistakes!
  7. incredibly frustrated with garden railwsys today!.... so many variations that derail everything. one minute everything's fine then its all off again. hard to get leveks right, corners, track, joints all too much today!
  8. Still here, just hanging in the background for the time being, work on the railway has been limited over than a cable repair most of the garden is currently coveres in about a foot of leaves, a draw back to living near the woods!
  9. Also added new lights to the platform and a sandwich shop, i think future developments will be to add people to the various scenes.
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