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  1. Hi Roddy, good to hear from you yeah being in hospital for 11 weeks is enough, only lasted to weeks and had to go to the Ipswich hospital and at long last home ward bound tomorrow all up have lost 25 kilos of fluid was i5 at the PA , lost 10 kilos at the Ipswich. Will rest up fort he first two weeks and not going back had enough even tho the nurses and doctors look after you can't complain there and the food is good get afternoon tea and morning tea I usually get a lemonade . First scratch building project is model the British HST coaches they are pretty long like the new colour schemes for my 66 scale diesel to pull. Glad to hear from you , take care care Tony from don under keeping on moving a head
  2. Hi guys, since the upset of the bad health scare ,and sadly still in hospital, all goes well homeward bound tomorrow will depend what the docs say today. The time in hospital I have had time to redesign my layout with the bridge part of it, sadly Camdale and other name changes at the old place I have could with the great name Redbank West Railroad based 00 and Ho scale Redbank is where I live now . I plan to use that plastic hobby sheeting and used for advertising and election time mainly for the three modules for the station complete, will be strengthened make them very light, will keep all the curve and straight ply sections. Will start in the next couple of weeks once I am home, cant wait. There is the new track plan , good news home tomorrow hope I have a good night . Tony from down under keeping moving ahead
  3. Hi Andrew, nice lot of pics , if I saw right out have a creek to cross, that is awesome, my ro ro ship sit well in it and I that old 0-4-0 little steam engine, something different of course the 66 stands out and the last pic epically the track cleaning loco. UK,s track clearing service. Take care Tony from warm down last week of winter 30 degrees today.
  4. Hi Andrew, many thanks for the kind words yeah the docs say mid next week or earlier, be nice to be home and stay home , yes have a project hat needs to be looks at , I have a German 103 electric , thanks to my friend he dropped it the front left side where the buffer needs to be filled in. I like your choice of Aussie locos is a NSW 42 class loco used for mainly passenger , like the Indian Pacific mid 70's Take care Tony from down under keeping on moving on
  5. Hi all Camdale layout will be scrapped as soon as I am well enough and got the strength back to be able to do the gardening mowing whipper shipping or just whipper snipping my wife likes to do the mowing . There be a how new name and new track plan back to 54 feet , sadly in the Ipswich hospital , hopefully home next week . Tony from down under keep moving ahead
  6. Hi Archie, welcome love those last two pics track is very good , don't have that felt in Australia , I have just used ply and paint it gray , looks good. Where do I go to find your videos . Tony from down under
  7. Hi Thomas, many thanks for the kind word be in hospital till next week. Have a great holiday where are you going, I have to be well enough to go for a weeks holiday which we are planning. Have fun and take care Tony from down under
  8. Hi Thomas, wow very impressive indeed/ a lot of different bridge designs I will be having two bridges no idea when I be getting to the layout, still in hospital hope to go home tomorrow. Did you get effected with those floods Take care Tony from down under
  9. HI Andrew, many thanks for the kind words, was home 2 and half weeks before I ha to go back, this time a hospital in Ipswich will know tomorrow how long I be in . Tony from down under
  10. Hi Thomas, wow very impressive indeed, like the kit steel frame arch bridge one my favorite German arch bridges . Hope you are out arms reach with all that flooding in Germany not good . As you know I am still in hospital and my layout is put on hold . Take care Tony from down under
  11. Hi Marcus, Andrew and Clay Mills junction, many thanks for the kind words am improving every day soon be coming home , longest time in hospital ever.. No idea when I will get back to my layout wife wont let me go down to the shed, plenty of projects to work on, ship will be rebuilt in one full section with a complete hull and got a spitfire I am working on . You get a mag with parts every fortnight going cost $2000 when finished Mark1A 1/18 scale fully working model Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  12. Hi Mick a favour could you change my layout name to anew but name Carmdale, many thanks .slowly improving swelling is going down Tony from cold down under.
  13. Hi Thomas, very interesting what is that white stuff you using in the mold you made up , I have a couple of cutting on my layout , we had out turn last fortnight very heavy rain. The developers have started work stage two of our estate, I will make the most of it noise wise , can't wait till they start building more houses in our street, I am busy track laying , keep the good work up . Tony from down under
  14. Have two lengths of flexi track to complete the first station module, I be working on the next two modules that make up the station complex before I start work on the bus wiring, doing the wiring different to make it easy to trace if I have an issue on the block . The first pic I have the first reverse loop in place, the other be on the last station module, I am making the most of the nice autumn weather, no rain for a week, so full steam ahead, might even be able to run a test loco from the the front platform track to the real platform track. I think I will be powering the single and double cross overs, don't have to bend over be fun, good thing is I can work on two modules at a time . Tony fomr down under keeping on moving ahead
  15. I have rewired the bus wires to the terminal bus strips , I am going to do what Andrew has done with his bus wires not used any but used the rails but soldering the rail joins with wire , wire is pretty expensive, I still need plugs on all the decking and modules . All up 20 blocks controlling three throttles by rotary switches , designed the layout o be plug and play , don't think I will go DCC at this stage, can have just as much fun with DC just more wires. Looking at the track plan the two blocks on the bridge will be isolated from the rest of the rails , will still have to run bus wires to the control panel be the only blocks, control panel is in the middle of the layout . We are having a wet Easter, heavy predicted for today and to, will sort out the morrow, no chance in getting down to the shed will sort out the blocks today , work on the ship tomorrow . Happy Easter to everyone on the forum , Tony from wet down under keep moving ahead
  16. Finely after all these years sorted out the module legs the now they fold inwards to the centre of the module and the other side sits on top Also there is enough clearance for the bus wires especially coming from the control panel to the centre bus wire strips , can see them in pic three, I also moved them down to the first cross beam and the last 4 on there own are now right angles to the legs. Tomorrow I will connect them up ready for when I do the bus wiring , 7 more module to do, next one be quicker, be nice to my wife in letting me bring the modules up to the patio to do the wiring on rainy days be a wet Easter here.. Tony from down under keeping moving ahead.
  17. HI Andrew, that spring video was pure awesome to watch, I love that tank loco and the Western Harrier, nice looking diesel, a loco I have heard of looks pretty good beside the 66 class. Have a good Easter, Tony
  18. Hi Mick, many thanks it has rained pretty heavy over night, had 100mm's since it started ,at the end of the gravel at the side of the house is a dam , front of the house water is backing up, yes we are away from the worsted of the flooding . The creek down the bottom of the street be where walk way bridge is be flooded and the road to the shops may be cut, not going out to find out . Is supposed to be the worsted day and easing tonight, just showers tomorrow fine Thursday ,as I type it is still raining . Can't wait to get back to the layout, be spending a lot more time making the most of autumn weather , hope that be the end of the rain for a while. I am surprised that the curved ply decking hasn't twisted , the straight sections have a bow in them , will have to screw in sides , plan to buy two more peco track boxes making sure I have enough track to complete the first circuit and two passing loops. Tony from very wet down under keeping on moving ahead
  19. Hi Thomas, wow that is some staging yard indeed, how long is it be able to hold lengthy trains indeed about 18 tracks across, how many will be main lines, pure awesome indeed, keep the good work up , Tony .
  20. Well under way, two modules are joined up, should of tested a carriage will next time , I decided not to use the fiberglass brass plated strips on holding the rails down on module joins. Decided to cross the join with track, sadly more rail joiners but far quicker, I am happy I modified the track and points on the approach module as the curves lined up far better , so pretty happy, Will have to run feeder wires to a plug on one module to connect to the bus wires, will start making up bus wire harness with feeder wires and feed through to the track blocks. I am thinking of powering the double and single slip cross overs, might be better in switching them. Here is a you tube video of the Indian Pacific arriving Sydney Central station , she is so long she has to be split up 14 cars on one side and 14 the on an island platform , I plan to do that can't wait , hope I have enough track to go on the right side platform two . All the fun in shunting , two locos up front , one goes ahead so the first have can go and that loco shunt the other half. Enjoy our turn to cop wild weather , a lot of rain today, clearing by Thursday back to the layout. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  21. Hi Thomas, wow just mind blowing18 tracks what a huge undertaking that was , not finished huge staging yard posted Jan24th , hate to think how many you be using and can't wait to see trains coming and going, my staging yard is only 5 tracks wide . How are you going survived the winter, it is our turn and a the first week of autumn is=t is very cloudy , unstable humid and storms predicted, wont get much of a chance today getting down to the shed , keep the good work up and pics flowing. Great idea having an access step over the track, I could do the same be a bit higher . Tony from wet down under.
  22. Hi Mick, many thanks be more progress Saturday night , oh yeah her are the latest 4 pics of the ships bridge progress, Saturday night I will mark out and cut out the 8 windows that make up the front window panel starboard side. I am waiting for the captain to re-join Jutlandia Sea, no longer captaining Corona Sea, no route and ports. so I have changed the ship to Jultandia Sea which was going to be called funny that .. I am going to make a start on the bow section finishing off the upper deck and strengthening the bulkheads, plan to wire in leds to brighten up each deck, wont be able to see right down to the bow bulkhead, I haven't glued in the end piece with the second accommodation deck access steps, as in the second pic . Lots of detail still ahead , the bridge deck had a set of steps to the comp deck, need to tidy up the bow sides near where the anchor sits, then be able to join up the bow sections together. Tony from down under.
  23. More progress work on the bridge gluing the port side window panel in place, I need to finished the window sill starboard side before cutting out the front window panel which has 8 windows to cut out, getting pretty good cutting the windows out , a sharp kniffe blade is needed . I buy a pack of 10 blades at Big W like Kmart. Our days are starting to cool down now, in the 30's and high 20's can't wait to get back to the layout build , full swing making the most of the cooler weather. The bridge is now glued to the roof of the front accommodation decks, it actually lifts out wont be be glued in place , plan to have lighting to light up the windows . The last pic I had a square piece of dowel in the keel channel , couldn't get it out, had to screw in a screw and hit that a few times with my wife holding onto the bow at the stronger end finely come lose to pull out . It was lifting up the main deck in the middle looks far better, now will make up cardboard strips when gluing the second section to the bow, ship will be in two half's once the decks are painted and trailer lines drawn . Tony from cloudy down under
  24. The bridge is well under way in taking shape, the rear window panels are in place and the port side window panel is also in place, I have also finished the interior fitting starboard side , now looking for the office chairs in HO scale. If I can track down the cab interior seating of a loco is very similar, if anyone has any other ideas be a big help. Haven't being able to work on the layout, hate February to unstable weather wise, rain for the rest of the week, possavble storm today. Tony from down under
  25. Evening Mick, thanks, cold do with some of your cold weather, clean swap ha, ha,😎😉.I think it is the mower doing that single blade bar , can't sharpen it and that is right up to the adjustment, would have to pore a lot of fertilizer like the bowling greens and golf courses, one day get it right, I use a battery mower 36volt Ryobi , front yard isn't like that . I am spending a lot more time down in the shed now, wish I didn't give the the floor fan before we moved . it is mild today low 30's , pulling up the track on the second corner module, wont need all those points and cross overs, since I decided to shift back to the shed. Have a gazebo that will protect the control panel and transformers from the sun and if there is a light shower, see how Igo today will get out all the modules and set them up with other track decking. I plan to cut timber base for the module legs to sit on so the legs don't sink into the grass. Tony from down under keep on moving ahead
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