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  1. More progress work on the bridge gluing the port side window panel in place, I need to finished the window sill starboard side before cutting out the front window panel which has 8 windows to cut out, getting pretty good cutting the windows out , a sharp kniffe blade is needed . I buy a pack of 10 blades at Big W like Kmart. Our days are starting to cool down now, in the 30's and high 20's can't wait to get back to the layout build , full swing making the most of the cooler weather. The bridge is now glued to the roof of the front accommodation decks, it actually lifts out wont
  2. The bridge is well under way in taking shape, the rear window panels are in place and the port side window panel is also in place, I have also finished the interior fitting starboard side , now looking for the office chairs in HO scale. If I can track down the cab interior seating of a loco is very similar, if anyone has any other ideas be a big help. Haven't being able to work on the layout, hate February to unstable weather wise, rain for the rest of the week, possavble storm today. Tony from down under
  3. Evening Mick, thanks, cold do with some of your cold weather, clean swap ha, ha,😎😉.I think it is the mower doing that single blade bar , can't sharpen it and that is right up to the adjustment, would have to pore a lot of fertilizer like the bowling greens and golf courses, one day get it right, I use a battery mower 36volt Ryobi , front yard isn't like that . I am spending a lot more time down in the shed now, wish I didn't give the the floor fan before we moved . it is mild today low 30's , pulling up the track on the second corner module, wont need all those points and cross overs
  4. I couldn't fit in 5 pics, here is the fifth pic which should of being the first pic show a close up of the 20 blocks that will control the three throttles, not sure if I will go DCC now as in a couple of years may have to down size to a one bedroom unit as my health isn't improving. I main aim is to have a couple of years running my layout, will be working flat out when the days start cooling down , we hope to stay longer where we are now, perfect yard . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  5. Every thing is going to plan, didn't have time yesterday afternoon , didn't start cooling down till 5pm managed to do a mock-up of the station modules where they be going, not beside the house now too hot in the morning. First pic is the first station module line up with corner approach module , second pic wide angle pic , where the corner module is the 18foot mark where the ruler is in pic three and pic four. Where the tape measure is 18 inches and the shelving be moved to the middle of the back of the shed wall where the return loop will go on the bottom shelf , permanently,
  6. Hi Marcus, wow that looks awesome with those maroon coaches, your 66 class diesel will awesome as well pulling those coaches , how many . Tony.
  7. Hi Griff, wow that is an awesome find, mine be similar design with continuous running coming into the station platforms , about 6 platforms , How are you going with the cold still snowing, look forward to the warmer weather as we look forward to the cooler weather 36 degrees, Tony from down under.
  8. Hi Andrew, many thanks yeah I wish those curved points had a better curve , the smaller cure has a 30 radius and the larger 5 feet , the larger should have a better curve in it , I try to make sure the track coming onto the larger curve is large as well. That is the only approach module , there is 13 tracks not all are through, three aren't the are terminus track, I will have a big station building to match, based on the Denver union station building in the US. is it still snowing where you live , nice to have a white Christmas, hot Christmas over here . Tomorrow is supposed t
  9. Hi all, hope everyone had a great new year and well settled into 2021 , I am now getting stuck into the layout construction finely finishing the curved approach module . It is a nice morning here n down under perfect weather for working on the layout, will go down to the shed after lunch, now can move onto the first station module. Yet again I have decided to move the layout back do to the flat yard and the large return loop be going into the shed, I will make use of my gazebo to cover the control panel , have access into the shed, will finish the first station module this week, next
  10. Hi Andrew Happy new year , many thanks and the video clips were very good., here is a pic of my GBRF 66725 Sunderland , I haven't run it yet , seen a video clip of here running on the test track , very nice loco indeed . Keep the good pics flowing , Tony from down under
  11. Merry Christmas Andrew, wow that is an awesome pic indeed with the snow on the track ,amazing the trains are running , just love that pic make a great Christmas card pic . I got an early Christmas present finely own a Bachman class 66 GBRF logo 66725, can't wait to run it, hope to have my station modules set up in a few days . Happy new yew , Tony
  12. Hi Mick, hope you had a great Christmas, and was out of the way of the covid19 . When I put my mind to it I stick to it, I should of used a ply construction and built the draft after , still could and water proof the card , The model is getting a name change from Corona Sea to Jutlandia Sea , my captain be changing ships in January , strange thing that because that was the ship I was going call my model after , was built in 2010 only ten years old . Back on the ship's bridge tonight working on the starboard side window panels , will get there , being at it for 3 ye
  13. It has being 5 months since last update, which has come a long way, concentrating the bridge construction rear window panels wasn't easy buy I have found quick way of gluing them in place. The port side is done I may use 00 scale figures will see the difference when I drop into the hobby shop after hospital appointment early January . The bridge was prefab construction. Merry Christmas to everyone on the forum . Tony from down under
  14. Have finely sort the approach module at long last, got a few cooler days ahead so will make the most of it, that depend on how heavy it rains over the weekend, hoping my wife let me set up the saw horses on the patio and no wind. My Flying Scot dual tender drive steamie is now in Marcus's hands and I am a proud owner of Bachman 350 4 car EMU set, both of us are happy campers , Once the approach module is lined up rails cut can continue with the curved deck linking up the main line , so I can give the new set a run, will look good beside the Bachman Virgin Cross country 5 car DMU
  15. Hi Thomas, many thanks, for the bridge comments I am itching to put a HO scale figure on top of the bridge, look small it is cooling down in Germany heating up here , 42 degrees next Tuesday, not much work done outside till late afternoon if it cools down . Got some track work to finish, might tomorrow afternoon before it starts to heat up the weekend, need an air-con work shop. Tony from hot down under
  16. Hi Andrew, many thanks for the nice moments, yeah that took 9 months off an on working on the layout modules, I am on a big high the construction work is finished for now, more work once the the layout is up and running. Yeah well the first attempt didn't work, yes same bridge now the right pics are on the front of the forum, the bridge height from underneath is 2 feet clearance, pretty high, I now can build a second ship this time will have passengers as well as freight. How are you going, getting pretty hot over here, work will be slowing down only on cooler days of 30 degrees.
  17. Morning Marcus, Yeah at long last two of us from down under, there used to be another bloke from the Blue <mountains (Roy ) he never finished his layout very sad was awesome 00 scale , made covers to protect the track, the hot and humid climate finished that project , why I went module out door railway taking long to build, my modules are built to last and holding out well in the garden shed. Monday I will open the doors to get the heat out does get pretty hot . Yesterday I worked on one of the approach modules, wasn't happy with the way I first laid down the points and
  18. At long last can say the bridge is nearly ready to go other than the making bus wire harness for both tracks, on a big high all my work has paid off with the track down, even that took a few hours, was able to do that in the garage, will do the same with the bus wiring . There is still a bit of detailing to do after the layout is up and running on those hot days . I am still basing my bridge on the third pic only thing is the bridge be higher and later plan to have a road bridge beside the rail bridge . Tony from hot down under
  19. Hi Marcus, I see Sydney where you live, so that means I am not alone any more awesome you made use of your wooden retaining wall , got a second level you can make use of later, make use of all that shade, Sydney gets pretty hot in summer like where I live in S/E Queensland Ipswich the summers get very hot. I have gone module in my outdoor layout because it gets too hot, ply wont last long as well the points what you are saying is correct, only got today the weekend building up again to 38 degrees next Tuesday. Look forward to having a good chat. Tony from down under S/E, QLD
  20. Hi John, I actually did mean it to go to you , commenting on your friends grade of .2.5 percent , my passenger trains are usually 18 cars long with two locos up front, I could ad on 10 more will see, freight trains like spine car with trailers on will be 20 cars long 2will need three locos .. My blocks are 0ver 20 feet in length, have a bridge that is 14 feet in length, I be updating those pics in the work bench thread where I have a post on bridges. Tony
  21. Hi Thomas, wow that is some spiral, are you going higher than 8 levels , can't wait to see a train running on the spiral, keep the good work up indeed. That the grade I have on my layout 2.5 quarter inch a foot gaining 6 inches on a 24 foot length spiral , wow 4 metre train how many locos did you have to pull that train , I am aiming at 30 foot long trains and longest passenger train of 28 cars and two locos, any pic to share. Tony from down under
  22. Hi Barry, wow that is some video, you are using DCC, like to see more video and pics please and like DMU set . Tony from down under
  23. Many thanks , yeah that is the idea, I will have a Ro-Ro port as well with a ship I am working on is 1/87 scale , quite long, is in four sections will join the two stern sections and bow sections together once the bridge has being finished. I have a post in the the members work beck thread. Tony from down under
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