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  1. Hi Mick, wow, have to agree with bai4eagle, especial the HST train coming out of the tunnel, pure awesome, you station is coming along nicely, look even better with another train waiting on the side loop, are you going to have signals. Tony from down under
  2. Hi Mick, wow, have to agree with bai4eagle, especial the HST train coming out of the tunnel, pure awesome, you station is coming along nicely, look even better with another train waiting on the side loop, are you going to have signals. Tony from down under
  3. I bit the dust and decided to add a tower and go cantilever design bridge, I still wanted to use the arches I cut out, turned them over to become a new bridge, hopefully will work this time. I will have redesign the approach to both ends of the bridge so the other half of the arch works in well. May end up lifting the main arch up a n inch will see what happens. I am basing the bridge on the Story Bridge in Brisbane my span may be a bit longer scale wise. the second arch wont be as long as the main arch, going by drawing I stumbled on be about 3 feet long , will work out well, pity the cantilever design is an old design I still need to build a frame that will sit over the bridge join bolting to the arch frame, yep I be able to nail the track down before I screw the road deck in place, will paint the rail deck first. Tony from down under, Easter over for another year
  4. Happy Easter everyone, a slight set back with my bridge, sadly I will have to redesign the arch, I joined the road and rail decks today and it started sagging in the middle, would of done the same with the arch the way I had it. The arch will have to span the middle in one full piece, hopefully that will work, doing a mock-up tomorrow with the arches I have cut out, I may have to have a smaller span of 9 feet with extra piers, disappointing. Tomorrow was planing to get out Camdales modules and make a start on the spiral, still might be able to . Tony from down under
  5. Totally agree with Andrew, just mind blowing, love your garden plants, and pure awesome indeed, can't wait either, now we are not moving can get stuck into Camdale. Happy Easter, keep the good work up and pics flowing. Tony from down under
  6. Hi Thomas, looking good , you may need to do a bit of trimming there, I have a plant like yours same flower will take a pic of mine tomorrow. I am working on a weather station, cut out the board the clock instruments will go into, board is over a 100 years old came from the family farm. My bridge is coming along , cut all the road deck supports the same size that screws to the rail deck, the first road deck half sits very good onto the supports, started work on the second half. Those plants flowing , nice red flowers Tulips , kep the great work up and lots of pics. Tony from down under.
  7. Hi Chris, I saw a video on you tube wow very impressed indeed, so may of that model to choose from, can yous print decals, will keep a close eye when you try to print on poly onto plastic sheets. They made it so easy when watching them on you tube.
  8. The bridge is starting to take shape and look like a bridge now, I have cut the rest of the pieces that will make up the main arch,tomorrow the arches will be set up and joined and that is when the big test will come if the arch will work . I wont set up the road deck will only test the rail deck first, will cut a few hangers to screw to the rail deck, I will probably need to screw in place the second arch that will strengthen the hangers stopping them from twisting out of shape. Forgot, between the second and top arch I will cut bracing and be beams on the second arch as well. Tony from down under
  9. Hi Chris, I am very interested in your crafting paper cutter, what brand is and was it expensive to buy, could it print parts for winches like what you have just down, pretty awesome, could open up for other parts for the ship I am building, . Some I saw was $2000 ++. Tony from down under.
  10. Hi Ricky, congrats on your son being born , family comes first, wow love your light display, I am jealous, my layout is on the back burner for a short while, we could be moving to the side side , if the unit is as good as they say it is and there is car cover, may not be able to take it with me. Camdale will be reborn and the unit is on the ground and at the end with two balconies, not as big, hope the new club will take the layout and me be in charge of it. Keep the great work up fantastic to see a train running as well,enjoyed the video clip. Tony from down under
  11. Hi Thomas, keep an eye on my bridge post as tomorrow be cutting the three arches of my arch bridge, it spans 14 feet, will be joining both ends up and screw the hangers to the rail deck be a big test and clamp the rail deck to the saw horses. Be adding a second arch a foot down to stop the hanger bowing . You are very lucky to grow Tulips, we have to put the bulbs in the fridge to trick them, you don't have to, what time of the year to they flower. Tony from down under.
  12. Hi Mick and Roddy, many thanks Roddy, that is what I plan to do since I have had a few test runs on the club layout keeping that dead straight is spot on, had trouble with the front loco being powered the front bogie kept on derailing because the ramp track wasn't lining up and needs to be kept from spreading out being a gauge issue, sort that out over the next few nights before I go back to the train club next Tuesday. So if I can get the track to clamp down some how to get power to the track in the storage box, wont be able to that box in a train to the club. I have thought of MDF since I had a big mower and whipper sniper box, why not recycle the cardboard, a bit of work get there in the end and do the same job as wood, best thing cos non-thing as the mower and whipper sniper were warranty replacements, both packed up together , got another 6 years warranty. I am redrawing the bow of the ship tonight, to improve it and fix up some mistakes and to save on having too much plaster to fix mistakes. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  13. Hi Mick can those Bachmann class 170 Turbostar 3 car DMU sets connect to another set. Tony from down under
  14. Hi Thomas, a very big WOW , you sure have a lot of track there agree with Mick, I can see in your last pic you have some standing room where you don't have to need to stand on the track,. Looking more at the last pic you will need a few more Spiral levels to got up to the top track, how how high is it . Keep the good work up and pics flowing , Tony from down under
  15. Hi Thomas, thanks, I am taking what I have made up so far for a test run on the club show layout today, more pics to come, will try with the lead loco of that Bachman Virgin DMU set. Thinking of doing the same for the Thalys TGV SET . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  16. Just let everyone know success, I had to scrap the first ramp, the loco kept on derailing on the ramp, I came up with a better ides, pics to follow and ended up connecting the track in the box to the alligator clips to the track from the transformer worked perfectly, still need to file the track some more. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  17. Since Camdale has being a bit quiet, because of the hot summer, I have being working on a railer for my Bachman 5 car Virgin DMU set to fit on full length 61 inches, the railer will become a storage box as well. This blow everyone away the train bee able to drive out onto the track powered by a special ramp I made up took two days to workout, was on a high when the test light light up when I turned up the throttle, haven't tested a loco yet will soon. I have only half built the storage box, recycled cardboard from my mower and whipper sniper boxes, after stating on the first half of the box I found out the whipper sniper box way longer. Pics 005 and 006 are the key , the white plastic card holds the ramp down and pic 004 keeps the box straight, it is very cloudy here and raining off and on , humidity is at 84 percent , can't do any work on the layout cutting , tomorrow is a better day, got the ply to finish off the bridge arches. You can see in pic 003 the train is joined up by draw bars and very hard to pus in and pull out, can't put kadees on too much work , will let everyone know how the first loco went. Tony from wet down under keeping on moving ahead
  18. Hi Thomas, what you are doing is pure awesome , the amount of track you have, it be mind blowing to see those high speed trains come in and leave, hat sort of freight trains you be running any container trains are they long of in Germany, longer the better the way I like to run trains .. You be having train that high up wow need as big spiral it is cooling down here, in the low 30's and mid 20's next week, be working on my bridge cutting out the arches in one full piece. Be great to get back to Camdale again . Tony from down under, keep the great work up and pics flowing
  19. Hi Chris, WOW that covering is pure awesome, had to read m=back to find scratch build the floor, What I want to do with my station cover to be clear roof sheeting to see the figures and lots of them.. Keep the good work up is the station complex finished now, love the buses in front of the station and cab. Tony from down under
  20. Hi Chris, many thanks, year the bridge is park of the main feature, ship second and railway station third. Tomorrow I be using the first arch as a template for the other three arches and hopefully enough for the second arch of the bridge, trying to speed up the construction process, I still have to cut the uprights for that will support the road deck , cut them tomorrow as well, hope the showers don't come in till the afternoon, need to cut up the sheet of ply before it starts to twist out of shape , storm predicted as well. Now it is getting cooler can start on Camdale at long last. Tony from down under
  21. Hi Thomas, make your own I will be taking some pics of the club's hot wire cutter, will give me ideas how to wire the circuit and make one, I will post the pics tomorrow night. Tony from hot down under keeping on moving ahead.
  22. Has being a while since last update, has being too hot, Saturday I started to modify the track on the spiral corner module not needing the spiral there, shifted the spiral to the car port end so I can have level track in the car port for a second suburban station, three through track one be a passing loop for freight trains . Good thing is I can now build the spiral in under cover, be starting on the next weekend, the bridge is coming along nicely I have finished the first arch of four arches will make up the bridge. will use the first arch as a template for the other three . Ship is coming along nicely pic updates in the workbench thread. I had to have the main line track like that in the pics because of the left hand points, would of liked to have right hand points will change them later, I still have to move over the siding track that will go to the turn table and auto car carrier loading dock. I have a few sheets of white polystyrene 19 mm sheets, the new train club I go to has a hot wire cutter, will use it to cut the sheets to the width of the platforms, should get enough for two platform lengths,find out where to but more sheets. Yesterday was very humid , today is 34 degrees and storms predicted for the, wont be working on the layout till the weekend. Tony from warm down under keeping on moving ahead
  23. Hi Thomas, WOW that is pure awesome, how many boxes of track did you go through, are the Peco Flexie track boxes cheaper in Germany, very dear over here to buy a box of 25 flexie track, $160 in a hobby shop, I managed to get a box from Perth on eBay for $110 each, bought two boxes, have three boxes. Hopefully enough to do my layout stage one. Can you walk on that ply to access the track on the closest to the wall, or will you build a walk way you can slide sideways. It is still hot and humid over here, yesterday was humid , we had heavy rain late afternoon,good for the grass which is coming back slowly. I think its us modelers have a habit in changing the layout track plan, I have also done that by moving the spiral and changing the bridge approaches to curve track decking, takes out too much straight sections, see on my post latest pics update. Tony from warm down under 34 degrees today, train club meet tomorrow .
  24. Late evening Thomas, you sure did well blending the corner to the hedge, what I have to learn to do is 3/D back scene painting, have seen some really good US You Tube train doco's that had mountain scenery that looked like it was print. Need to find some good city back scenes to blend in with my station building, have started drawing up the plans. Tuesday was a bad day heat wise hit 41 degrees still hot 34 degrees today could get hotter, no break till after the weekend, hope to buy more ply today to finish the first half of the bridge and enough for the second half. Sadly can't make a start on Camdale till next weekend, will work on the bridge, need to finish it , get all the supports between both decks cut and screwed in place so I can paint the rail deck and nail down the track, slow process. Take car Tony from mild down under.
  25. Hi Mick, thank you for the kind words,my mum said the same, this will rock you last year just before Fathers day, while watching TV I heard Chris call out from his bedroom and Desley heard it as well, I looked up the hall way and was going to call back, looked at Desley and said did you hear him call out, she was going to get up and relisted he wasn't there. Maybe to tell us his computer wasn't working which it wasn't on Farther's day, call out at Tech that had being out before when he was alive , was something simple dirty Ram sockets, I am starting to buy my own games only got two one is Microsoft Flight Slim and a racing game,want to start using his computer more, not used much now. Next time we visit him will be his birthday . Tony from hot down under.
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