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  1. aussietmrail

    Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    At long last I have cut the bottom plate and laid down the keel, she looks awesome joined up, will have o have a flat surface when I finely glue and join the send section to the ow section, have decided to finish off the full hull and then rebuild the bow section improving from mistakes, I pushed in the 18mm square dowel and couldn't get it out had to cut the dowel off to size. I will be building the bulkheads different this time and the main deck goes in later with it painted and trailer lanes marked, works out well will do that on the next two sections and the bow rebuild For sure the rest of the ship be very easy to build square hull down to the water line, quite happy with tonight's work, the first bulkhead be the one that joins to the bow section, Camdale layout will have to be hold till March, this week is going to be a stinker of a week 35 degrees tomorrow, 38 on Tuesday and Wednesday 42 degrees, today was 35 degrees C as well, I didn't last long outside, in the afternoon decided to mark the bridge arch bottom framing in the nice cool hobby room. No cutting will have to wait till the last afternoon early morning to do that, going to build the station building out of 1mm card so I build it in the cool hobby room. Tony from very hot down under a storm on Tuesday
  2. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    Hi Roddy, many thanks for that card link, yes I can use some of those building especially the loco work shop building, I am looking into other card models especially trailers sadly have to be 87 scale is what the model ship scale is, even containers out of card, save some money too as the RTR models are too dear now and some out of reach for some modules. I am looking into PDF files on 737 modules want to check the scale the models are in, can go to a print shop and they resize the prints foe me, saving half the time in scratch building a 737 fuselage in 87 scale. The morning is quite cool still, heading out after brekkie are wok on the bridge , no point doing any think on the last stage of the layout till it gets cooler. The thoughts go out to the glaziers up north doing it tough after the big flood loosing most of their cattle , up around Townsville to Mt Isa down to Longreach, very widespread, they were in a 5 year drought, played for rain got it and prayed for it to stop, now the big clean up and still copping storms what you get for living in the tropics. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  3. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    I have finely started planning my station building, she is 3 feet wide by 30 inches deep, at the stage is 94mm's high be another 23mm's on that, I worked the width of the middle long windows to the width to scale of double sliding doors. Haven't drawn the side windows in yest thinking adding a lower set of windows like the Denver Station , my station is based on the New Orleans Union Station the station that would fit into the area for my building, heaven't drawn the side plan either, to get this far took a couple of nights. Be a while before I start construction on my station, not sure what to build it out of may be MDF board 3 mm thick. The lucky last pics I decided to replace the Electrofrog point with the motor with an insulfrog point, will use the other point some where on the layout , where it is not so hard to pack away, all the modules are now ready to go, won't test run a loco till the control panel is hooked up . I improved the track from the three way to the express point by straightening the track up , looks good. Don't worry about the track being so close to the edge, I have planned for a 6 inch strip of ply with a single track siding for the auto carrier wagon doc at the end of platform one Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  4. aussietmrail

    Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    Finely at long last the main deck detailing is now complete and I can now move onto the next section Morrow night , laying the keel down, it wasn't easy marking the trailer lanes, took two attempts to get them right, have to be so when the section butts up the lanes line up. I won't be closing in the upper deck till all of the sections are finished and bolted together, I need to wire in led lighting so the end of the main and upper decks can be seeing when the stern ramps are down. At last form now on the other three section be very easy to build to the bow section . Tony from down under
  5. aussietmrail

    Modelling a cable stay double deck bridge

    I haven't being on Cam river bridge since December last year, I am finely on the move with more construction on the bridge marking out the second side of the bridge end that will be the start of the arch . I marked the bottom plate the large curve deck will join up to the rail deck of the bridge, 6 inched above the rail, deck be the road deck, I will mark the road deck support ready for cutting in the afternoon, four end sides to make , the road deck will be four lane and an emergency lane, the width of the arches is 350 mm's. The road only be 7 mm ply deck , be a path way between the arch and the emergency lane. Will have to make the most of the cooler weather going to be stinking hot next week in the high 30's, humidity is the killer as well. Tony from down under
  6. aussietmrail

    NCE v Gaugemaster

    Hi everyone, Thomas I would go NCE my train uses NCE, my friend told me to sell my DC transformers to rake up the money to bye off him his Lenz DCC system, haven't heard from him, he bought a new DCC for Christmas, might ring him soon. So has anyone heard of Lenz, with my layout being so big will I need a booster amp,his Lenz has 99 addresses and you can add on four locos at a time , be interesting what he wants for it had no problems and I can easy change my wiring to DCC where I would plug in the DC control panel. I can get a new Lenz for $700 from my hobby shop in Ipswich fancy that there are two Ipswich's Thomas I have started planning my railway station building be 3 feet in length by 30 inches deep, haven't worked out the height yet, based n New Orleans Union station and Denver Station in the US, keep an eye out for Camdale post Very humid here hate February, can only do a bit in the early morning . Tony from humid down under
  7. aussietmrail

    Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    At long last the main deck detail is finished right down to the trailer lanes which was very difficult to mark with the upper deck framing, upper deck be a lot easier to mark only the top deck frame beams in the way. I am waiting for the captain to reply on what the smaller doors are used , have to wait till when he is home after his one month tour, you have to put some plus to see the trailer lane marking, the best way to go using a yellow marker pen, will do the same on the other two decks. Won't be gluing down the upper deck till after the hull is finished. Now I can move onto the next section be a hell of a lot easier to build and quicker as well, can't wait. Tony from down under.
  8. aussietmrail

    My cobbled together layout

    Hello Griff, how are you handling the cold where you are, heard the east coast is copping it bad as low as 50c is -18f at the moment schools closed, 6 have died and worse to come,yet over here the opposite we are copping 34 degrees today just had a couple of showers of rain yesterday . That was a good link tunnel police replaced by speed cameras, if you want to model in that period be a good scene to model. Not doing too much out side too hot under the pergola, in the afternoon hope to paint the ship's main deck first section. Keep warm Tony from down under
  9. aussietmrail

    My cobbled together layout

    Hi Griff, yeah a bit chilly, that is where our water pipes freeze and ice on the cars outside, it has been three winters back, we have had mild winters, if you have heard of Stanthorpe QLD it actually snows there up in the mountains, have to be lucky to pick the days when it is going to snow, next winter we might go for the weekend, have never seen snow. Tony from warm down under
  10. aussietmrail

    My cobbled together layout

    Hi Riddles, thanks for that, we are Celcius if it drops down to -5 celcius the pipe will freeze and ice on the cars outside, the last couple of winters have being mild, I think it should be the same reading world wide.So when you guys get up in the very high double digt Fahrenheit, works out to our 36 degrees 34 Celcius degrees today Thanks for that Riddles. Tony from down under
  11. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    I managed to do some light stuff on Camdale, improving the track and points on the corner spiral module, much better, I actually the track down by starting curve in closer to the edge on of the module, I be leaving the piece of track in that is close to the end of the module pic. Tomorrow I will make a start on shifting the bus wires, drill the new holes for the feeder wires and solder the feeder wires in place, be ready to go, the track to the right is the suburban track extension in stage two and one passing loop for freight trains either way. Start that after I finish laying the track for the terminus platforms five tracks needed. Tony from very hot down under
  12. aussietmrail

    My cobbled together layout

    Hi Griff, so it snows at 20 degrees didn't know that,thought it had to be colder, the condition must of being right then, never seen snow , how in the next few years . Once you build the first carriage, you want to build more, I am getting into card modelling, it is cheaper than buying plastic kits quarter of the price, I am looking at different loads for my ship when it be built and fully out cardboard sheeting 1 mm thick. At the moment I am working on a DD35/B loco, going to finish it being a few yeast since I looked at it, perfect since I am not doing a any heavy work on Camdale, I did finish the corner spiral module today when it was cooler in the morning. Tony from hot down under
  13. aussietmrail

    My cobbled together layout

    Afternoon Griff, how is the weather over there being kind , we have being going through a bad heat wave , South Australia hit the worst of it 46 degrees in Adelaide, Port Augusta hit 49 degrees a lot of houses with out power . Up here not so bad but bad enough, yesterday hit 37 degrees, seams to be cooler today with dark cloud cover could be some rain it, fingers crossed. That combined baggage coach is going to be an interesting build indeed, I will keep a close eye on the progress, I to am looking at building some coaches out of card, seen it done save some money in RTR passenger cars some can v=be very expensive. Actually I am looking at paper trucks buses and containers, seen some trailers , they are a download costing $6 US about $8AU Tony from cloudy down under
  14. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    I replaced one end of the loco yesterday, will probable leave the other end and buy a small tin of paint stripper from the hobby shop, a lot of work yesterday, the new end looks pretty good and at the right height now, I need to buy 4 sand boxes as in last pic , last post. Still very hot, can only do a bit of work late afternoon, planted a plant in the rock garden, struggled to do that, Camdale be on hold for a while, only light duties, finishing off the spiral corner module, improving the points and track.. Cool change coming in next Tuesday, get some work done on the layout then, I plan to have directional lighting in the loco, will need a DCC ready circuit board to clip onto the top of the motor, will need two. Tony from very hot down under keeping on moving ahead.
  15. aussietmrail


    Hi Chris, is this another layout to your HOn30 layout, I like your air grounds and your street, are those building full kits. Keep the good work up and great to have another layout to run when it is too cold to venture out side, it is too dam hot here, cool change coming in next week happens every year when the kids go back to school, need the rain badly. Tony from down under

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