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  1. Hi Thomas, many thanks, for the bridge comments I am itching to put a HO scale figure on top of the bridge, look small it is cooling down in Germany heating up here , 42 degrees next Tuesday, not much work done outside till late afternoon if it cools down . Got some track work to finish, might tomorrow afternoon before it starts to heat up the weekend, need an air-con work shop. Tony from hot down under
  2. Hi Andrew, many thanks for the nice moments, yeah that took 9 months off an on working on the layout modules, I am on a big high the construction work is finished for now, more work once the the layout is up and running. Yeah well the first attempt didn't work, yes same bridge now the right pics are on the front of the forum, the bridge height from underneath is 2 feet clearance, pretty high, I now can build a second ship this time will have passengers as well as freight. How are you going, getting pretty hot over here, work will be slowing down only on cooler days of 30 degrees.
  3. Morning Marcus, Yeah at long last two of us from down under, there used to be another bloke from the Blue <mountains (Roy ) he never finished his layout very sad was awesome 00 scale , made covers to protect the track, the hot and humid climate finished that project , why I went module out door railway taking long to build, my modules are built to last and holding out well in the garden shed. Monday I will open the doors to get the heat out does get pretty hot . Yesterday I worked on one of the approach modules, wasn't happy with the way I first laid down the points and
  4. At long last can say the bridge is nearly ready to go other than the making bus wire harness for both tracks, on a big high all my work has paid off with the track down, even that took a few hours, was able to do that in the garage, will do the same with the bus wiring . There is still a bit of detailing to do after the layout is up and running on those hot days . I am still basing my bridge on the third pic only thing is the bridge be higher and later plan to have a road bridge beside the rail bridge . Tony from hot down under
  5. Hi Marcus, I see Sydney where you live, so that means I am not alone any more awesome you made use of your wooden retaining wall , got a second level you can make use of later, make use of all that shade, Sydney gets pretty hot in summer like where I live in S/E Queensland Ipswich the summers get very hot. I have gone module in my outdoor layout because it gets too hot, ply wont last long as well the points what you are saying is correct, only got today the weekend building up again to 38 degrees next Tuesday. Look forward to having a good chat. Tony from down under S/E, QLD
  6. Hi John, I actually did mean it to go to you , commenting on your friends grade of .2.5 percent , my passenger trains are usually 18 cars long with two locos up front, I could ad on 10 more will see, freight trains like spine car with trailers on will be 20 cars long 2will need three locos .. My blocks are 0ver 20 feet in length, have a bridge that is 14 feet in length, I be updating those pics in the work bench thread where I have a post on bridges. Tony
  7. Hi Thomas, wow that is some spiral, are you going higher than 8 levels , can't wait to see a train running on the spiral, keep the good work up indeed. That the grade I have on my layout 2.5 quarter inch a foot gaining 6 inches on a 24 foot length spiral , wow 4 metre train how many locos did you have to pull that train , I am aiming at 30 foot long trains and longest passenger train of 28 cars and two locos, any pic to share. Tony from down under
  8. Hi Barry, wow that is some video, you are using DCC, like to see more video and pics please and like DMU set . Tony from down under
  9. Many thanks , yeah that is the idea, I will have a Ro-Ro port as well with a ship I am working on is 1/87 scale , quite long, is in four sections will join the two stern sections and bow sections together once the bridge has being finished. I have a post in the the members work beck thread. Tony from down under
  10. Hi Mick, many thanks for the kind words , I hope to nail down some track tomorrow, will depend on the weather, a storm rolled in this afternoon, was very muggy before hand, a test of leading up to summer . Have yet again modified the track plan for where the bridge be going so the is enough room for the ship to fit like in the pic where I want to do the back scene, the RO, RO port be further down where the yard is flat and where I want to fit a sea plane water bomber base . Tony from down under
  11. Like to announce that the bridge construction is now finished at long last, being at it for 5 years trying different designs and came up with my own and wow she worked, still need to modify the bridge piers raising them to 2 feet from 19 inches, easy task. At the moment I am involved in the Queensland state election , on pre-poll and election day, no work on the bridge and layout till after the election 31st of October, I may get to do some track laying on the bridge the weekend, which I have off . And that will depend on the weather , very overcast and storm predicted today as well, r
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