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  1. aussietmrail


    Hi Thomas, wow you have being busy, that is a lot of turnouts are they scratch built, save some money, I have run out of larger straight points, one 7 inch point left, that one is for the middle shunting track in the station complex, need one more and a large wye point come later. You are building a second helix wow the first one is awesome can't wait to see the second one, you are freezing we are swelting , humid here, could get a storm soon, will wait till later on after lunch, I hate summer . Yeah keeping a close eye as well on your progress, you must have heaps of points, can you get track and points cheaper in Germany , cost over $30 for an express Peco point , $70 for a double slip, I can get the box of Peco flexi track at a good price on Australian eBay $110 plus postage , got three boxes. Will continue on working on redrawing my track plan today, have asked my brother if he can help me finish off the last of the layout construction, after New Year. Keep the good work up and lots of pics. Tony from down under
  2. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    Christmas not far away, the last construction state is well under away at very long last, I started on the spiral leveling with the special jig ,, every 3 feet goes up 3/4 of an inch,I replaced the wider curved for 3 inch wide curved decking till I have to use the wider decking, play to cut 3 inch wide 4mm ply for the sides on all the curved decking. The first pic is the finished spiral corner module and second module looking down to the start of the spiral , third and fourth the spiral is the end of the layout at 54 feet , the metal shelf bracket I will also be using on the car port side wall . Pics five and 6 the finished Large S bend from the bridge to the car port , in pic 006 at the corner steel car port port the short gray piece bridging the gap between the two 6 foot radius curved decks I will be cutting it to 3 inches for a single track rail bridge and 4 lane HWY under neath coming off the double deck bridge. I have some great ideas , in pic 5 the lighter curve I plan to run off that onto my vertical staging yard using a slide draw set up to set on points , to get the vertical yard I be using an ironing board perfect for what I want to achieve, will start off with a couple of tracks , depend on how long the ironing board is how long the stating yard be. Today I will screw on the extended length to the first gray large curve deck and cut the brackets for the other curve sections, might get a chance to set up the car port corner module depends on the weather pretty muggy out side so might get an early morning storm. Can't do much, Monday and Tuesday, be Wednesday , start heating up again, 39 degrees on Friday and be humid, will have to wait till a cool day but can working on the curved sections, painting and laying track , I am using Andrew's idea in using the rails as bus wires and joining each rail on the joins, save on wire. All goes well trains running May next year , can't wait , the stool on wheels the pic in the last post I be buying on Monday, perfect for sitting at the control panel controlling trains. Tony from hot down under keeping on moving ahead
  3. aussietmrail

    My cobbled together layout

    Hi Griff and Roddy, wow, that is a very nice pic of the water ,I could sail my model boat in that water very calm water, would get rough with strong wind. Nice build Griff, are you planning to have a coach and have a mixed freight train , will you be repainting the loco and what colour. It is pouring rain here at long last rain through to next week and back to hot weather again Friday. Tony from down under
  4. aussietmrail


    Hello Thomas, as I typing it is pouring rain here, we are copping a cyclone up in the Gulf of Carpentaria North Queensland and heavy rain down south, they say both lows will join up, Sunday the worst rain, gee we need it bad. We both are working on our spirals, I am only going up one level , really two levels up to the bridge , are you going up any higher than three levels, looking good, only single track , see a super liner on its side in the middle of the spiral , how many of them do you have, I have 9 , aim to get more , like 16 and auto carrier wagons behind the train . We are very hot you are freezing , how is the track and points. going with ground frozen, don't forget to take some pics. I am heading over to my post now , Tony from hot down under keep warm .
  5. aussietmrail

    The Applebee and Lavendar line.

    Morning Mark, what brand DCC are you using, all goes well I hope to buy my friends old DCC Lenzs next year at a good price and his remote hand set in the deal , a start, it is so expensive to go Wi Fi what I was planning to buy in 2017 , my son passed away the end of that plan still can happen. Seen the progress on my ship build, finished closing in on the starboard side, need to fill in the gap joins, just finished the smoke vents on the port side of the main deck pics to follow. I managed to get season 9 of BBC coast and season 10 is in region 2 sadly , the last disc in season 9 they are doing the Canadian coast, a couple 100 years back the Scots got kicked of their farms and migrated to Canada, I now have the complete series of BBC Coast great program, 15 DVD's. We had 41 degrees a couple of weeks back, hotting up to the mid 30's, storms predicted for Friday and Saturday, can't do too much out side on the layout, see what Friday is like so I can start work into the car port ramp, two 6 foot deck lengths already have track on from the old layout Don't you have snow where you live in New Zealand, in winter, would love to come over to New Zealand for a holiday, pay you a visit , cheaper to fly over there than flying to our other capital cities in Australia. I will send you a couple of pics to your email or could text them to you, the Captain mightn't like me to post pics on the forum with out his permission . Tony from down under. Tony from down under
  6. aussietmrail

    The Applebee and Lavendar line.

    Hi Mark, yes to your answer is best to have a desperate length of track for DCC programming, my old train club had that same with a friend on his layout , that way you can do the programming with out going outside on your layout, could be raining . I wont need to worry, when I go DCC wont be any sound decoders, cost just as much as a loco, be nice if I replaced the decoders on the Thaly's TGV locos , nice to dream. How are you going Mark , Tony from down under
  7. aussietmrail

    The Applebee and Lavendar line.

    Hi Mark, good to see you back on leave, how long will you be home to your re join your ship, I had fun tracking your ship The World as I do with Corona Sea, know when you are in port and out at sea. Nice lot of work there with those points,agree to fun to see the coaches going from one track to another coming into the station complex, how many coaches do you plan to run, 8 looks good. Tomorrow I be starting the last stage of my layout, be good if I could get some help to finish the layout, could do it a few days with help, that is not with the track only decking, I wont be using cork added cost. My friend want's to sell me his old Lenzs DCC hopefully at a good price, with a bit of work I can switch from DC to DCC, got a TGV 13 car set, it has DCC on board and a Bachman DD40AX Centennial loco 6900. Decoders are cheap to buy now , last one cost $24,, most locos come with Decoders now . How is the weather, it has being stinking hot here, have had a cool change but starting to warm up again. Tony from down under.
  8. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    The module wiring checking is coming to an end , pic 008 I finished soldering the last feeder wires, the unfinished track to the left is for the suburban and one main line, stage two after the layout is up and running, the last point to the right of the pic I may change it to fix that curve on the temporary main line and terminus station platform track, That point will have access to auto train carrier wagons unloading and loading dock to come later. Pic 009 the over head rail bridge when the second station be in use, pic 010 the empty space will be fulled up with 5 platform track for the terminus station, I have finely decided on my station , be modeled on the Denver Union station , Griff's state. Second last pic the other modules , don't worry the trains won't end up on the floor, I plan to put in a siding that will have the first auto carrier siding on the approach module the one sitting flat on two other modules, the module closest to the house is the last module and will have a platform . Not going to get much work don on the spiral tomorrow be raining on and off, Monday is a fine day , hope not a hot one, once the spiral decking is in place, the track laying and wiring all over again . Lucky last pic after the new year when the sales are back on I be buying that stool , I tried it out , be able to slide around form module to module hooking the wires up, right height and adjustable too at the moment is $89, on sale $49 big saving. Tomorrow all I have to is re staple block 3 , block 4 to the right of the bridge will leave to when I build the other siding bridge and label 3,4,5 and 6 blocks, be a change to start work on the other decking. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  9. aussietmrail

    My cobbled together layout

    Nice indeed on the paint finish, I wouldn't go any further either where you can stuff up, can't wait to when you start on the tank car. I have some 00 scale tank cars and they will get a new paint jog to look the US modern tank cars, will then have a good rake of tank cars, I want to build up a modern manifest train,longer the better . I stumbled across some floor plans of the Denver Union Station, wow even shows the grand stair case to upper levels, I think they turned the station build old office space into a hotel what I might do,them main ares wont be as wide and lend floors a long. Starting to cool down any snow. Tony from down under,keep the good up.
  10. aussietmrail

    My cobbled together layout

    HI Griff, wow , well done, amazing what you can do to change the shape of a wagon and loco, I like your break wheel what is it a gear of some kind , always handy to keep bits and pieces. Tony
  11. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    Hi Griff, many thanks, yes the layout sure is and is my dream layout, Saturday I will finish checking the last station module that has the connector panel on it and the spiral module bus wires be free to start on the last construction stage of the layout, all that decking has being cut out all ready, can't wait. I might even be able to make a start on the bridge needing the arch to span 14 feet, the ship will sit in the middle or just off to one side . With the ship progress I am now working on the main deck sides cutting out to smoke vents , pics to follow, once that is done will start on the section section of the ship will have the access ramp from the top deck . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  12. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    Have being busy checking all the bus wire blocks to see if all re working fine before connecting the main panel , two blocks were working, found an issue with the single slip cross over was causing the two blocks to power up together, took a while to find the issue, the insulated track joiners were the wrong way around . I checked the double slip same problem sadly the cross overs are still powered to two tracks so I will have to wire in a toggle switch to cut off the second block affected, I don't think DCC will cause the issue that DC is causing, some good news I may be switching to DCC next year . I have worked out a way where I can disconnect the connectors back to DC, a friend is buying a new DCC and said he will sell me his Lenzs DCC hope at a good price. First pic and second pic block 18 working where the Indian Pacific passenger train will arrive on, third pic the by-pass track to keep the other trains running. third , forth and fifth pics the bus wire plugs connecting each module. Lucky last pic the approach module with the connector panel where I will make up a harness wires with connectors to join up all the block connectors from DC to DCC, a bit of work but pretty easy. Next module to check is the approach module connecting up to the last station module in pic 6 and one more the spiral module.I swapped a couple of points around , re solder the feeder wires and link the module by a over head rail bridge to the first station model, be done by Christmas so I can start work on the final stage of the layout construction, will start on the spiral first , coming together , fingers crossed first train run in May next year. Tony from nice cloudy down under,keeping on moving ahead.
  13. aussietmrail

    Adding a motor to a die cast tram

    Late evening Chris, I know someone that did what you are trying to do with success, he used a Beetle powered bogie, here is a link to an Australian site, I am sure you can get them in the UK, I am sure that you can install a DCC decorator as well . I am planning to model a tram circuit for my layout once the trains are up and running next year http://steameramodels.com/bbeetle.htm Tony from cloudy and hot down under
  14. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    Have being busy testing the track on each module and working my way down and straightening up track and points, the first pic is what the track was and last two after straightening them up much better,. I bit the dust and took out past he diamond cross over onto the second module and swapped points, the point to the left in pic 2291 is a powered Roco point, I have a flat Atlas point motor I will put on the point on the second track and join them both up to switch together. The idea of those two points like that is when the Indian Pacific train is coming in on the outer track, other trains can get past, like the real thing at Sydney Central station . Got some real hot days coming up, will ask my wife if I can being the module into the Barth room and res-older the feeders wires and check each block . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  15. aussietmrail

    My cobbled together layout

    Looking good Griff, amazing what you can do with rolling stock change them around a bit and add more detail, your loco looks like Chris's On30, you can run S scale on HO scale track too . It won't take much work to get your old layout up and running, replace track and points where needed and good clean of the track and bingo back running trains again. Tony from hot down under

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