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  1. Hi Thomas, again you are going great guns, did you glue all those small stones onto the tunnel, I like the way you finished off the back scene wall, cleaver. Yeah I saw your comment, many thanks, replied that, good to be home,getting back into the layout and bridge this week, need some off cut ply and the middle section is longer now. Can't wait to see trains running be pure awesome, going through the small tunnels. Tony from down under
  2. HI thomas, you sure are going great guns, the viaduct you are working on where is the bridge going, I am in hospital, hope to be going home today Saturday, waiting on the doctors. Those pics are very impressive, glad you rebuild the cable stay bridge pier, the cable best in a permanent place, I managed to get some plans of my bridge and the tower was too high,,now at scale height and looking a lot better, now 460mm's high 18 inches from the road deck. Give it a couple of days and be back into full swing working on the last stage of my layout. Keep the great work up and awesome pics, my son's has come back from the repair bloke with a new motor . Tony from mild down under
  3. Latest update on bridge progress, a bloke from the Brisbane library sent me some drawing with measurements on the Story Bridge I have my bridge based on,after seeing the measurements the tower was far too high, real bridges tower is 40 metres from road deck. I decided to cut my tower down to the right height and that changed the angle of the arche to not as steep, be easier to add steps, the center section now is longer by 4 feet will have to wait on more ply this week some time Surprising the new tower is pretty tall, put my HO scale bus in the bridge, still towered above the bus , the middle height is higher as well . Wont be doing much o the bridge this week, I might get a chance to cut back the second half no more until next week some time , going into hospital on Thursday to have a procedure on Friday and wont be going home till Monday after. I decided to lash out and buy 4 new saw horses, the legs fold up into the orange channel for easy storage, I pulled down the two stands I made from my son's computer table, the timber be used on the four bridge piers, main bridge piers will have paving bricks to weigh pier down so the bridge will stand up in it's own right, that is the plan. Hopefully finish the bridge off next week and then get stuck into the last stage of the layout. Tony from cool down under
  4. I am now working on the stern ramp, going to take a while to build, couldn't use cardboard for the framing on the underneath of the ramp, had to use styrene instead, might have to styrene for the decking of the ramp as well, as you will see in the pic of the real ship's stern ramp. First pic the real ship, sister ship to the ship I am modelling ,next pic is a test pic of the ramp closed and next one open, last pic a close up of how I worked out the pin, tooth pick, the bolts I had, even though they were only small still was too big.. There be another bracket on the other side and be think styrene to lock the pin in place, if you look closer at the first pic the end plate past the stern bulkhead goes up on an angle and those brackets go down to the top of that plate. The length of the ramp is 235 mm's in length , all up be4 of those long frames, I still haven't worked out how to power the ramp to open and close. Tony from down under
  5. Hi Roddy, was that before they painted the Flying Scotsman black, I was saddened to see the 4472 go and painted black. Tony from cold down under.
  6. Hi Thomas, I totally agree with Andrew, with the engineering skills, very awesome indeed, I love the pipe tunnel portals, very common in Germany, I am going to be a proud owner Mehano DB ICE 3, 8 car set, would like the ICE 4 but very expensive. We had snow in QLD this morning at Stanthorpe over a 100 k's from Brisbane, up in the mountains. We had 7 a only 16 degrees during the day, be a bit warmer tomorrow. Tony from cold down under.
  7. Hi Dean;, you did a great going lengthening those platforms,love your 66 class stunning colour scheme, ish we had that felt over here. I haven't had a chance torun my new loco backwards not well asthma is playing up can't stop coughing when I start, seeing the doc tomorrow, hope she gives me prednisone,have had a course of antibiotics. Hope yu are ok. Tony from down under
  8. After a month spell, Camdale is back on track, got the main modules I needed out of the shed so I can work on the spiral, full swing now, got a dea line 12th of September, for the first train to run , will be my son's Thomas have the honors in memory of him passing away 11-9 -2017 . HIs Thomas is in getting a new replacement motor, the guy at the train show had a look and said the motor had seen better days, having a brass spike ceremony, will meet up with the Indian Pacific. I re-a lined the track and points on the corner spiral module, much better now, need to rewire the blocks as well, will pull the wiring of each block and start over again, all up is 7 blocks on this module The first pic after the layout is up and running I plan to move the double track over a couple of inches, the track to the left of the pic, so the terminus platforms can be 4 inches wide instead of 3 and a half. The suburban station will have four through track with two island platforms, have worked out how I can hold one train at a platform using the same block DC , will be doing that with the second suburban station. I am waiting on plans from Brisbane library of the Story Bridge my bridge is bases on, can't wait to see them get it right like the ship, won't be a river be a harbour Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  9. WOW that is a nice bridge than mine is, I be a long way with my bridge, well done, can't wait to see a train run on the bridge. Tony from down under.
  10. We have a weed over here that fits that,very small rounded leafs with a small yellow flower I had it bad in my back yard , took aged to get under control , every time it rains the weed comes up again so I do a weed protol and pull them out, will take a pic tomorrow, hope the weed plant has flowers in the garden. The problem is even those little flowers have thousands of little seeds why they spread so quickly. Tony from cool down under.
  11. Hi Thomas wow you are surely moving along fast there with that out the way, are you going to give that curve a name with the four tracks and above wires as well, they look great. that would be hard working in such a small space and trying not to walk on the plants, where will the track head form where it is. I am at a stand still to after the weekend on my layout, Saturday bing a busy long day, can't wait to get back into the layout construction again. Tony from down under
  12. Hi Thomas, wow you are going great guns, I agree with Andrew, I like the idea of the way you have joined those track rails they are not in line which is a good thing with joining flexi track of any type, you are using solid copper wire as well. I be doing the same on my bridge with soldering the wires to the rails and saving on bus wires, won't be doing what you have done with the slab track . Ouch your 25 Euro is $40, how many lengths of slab do you get for the price. Keep the good work up and pics flowing , going to be quiet this week until after the federal election , train club tomorrow. Tony from cool down under, rain coming in
  13. Forgot to add the full length of the bridge being 20 feet in length, I hope to be ably to unscrew off the two ends for moving around and the bridge left setup on its piers, will have to make a middle pier to stop any sagging if any cat decides to jump up onto the bridge. Don't know if I will get any work done on the bridge this week, busy week coming up with the federal election campaign , helping out there and voting day this Saturday, cercover after the big party Saturday night , be next week . Tony from cool down under
  14. Thanks Mick yeah you are close, she measures 14 foot main span, the the hangers are a foot apart, actually should be 6 inches apart, I just wanted to save on timber and weight, rearly two 7 foot modules could become a good test track for locos. The two other arches be for show to make the bridge look better, just a bit more work to tidy the bridge and finish as far as I will, want to get stuck into Camdale, finishing of the last construction stage, aiming for September 11 my sons anniversary. His Thomas is getting a replacement motor put in and I should have back next week, will be the first loco to run on the layout with the old shell and once gone around a couple of times will get a new shell and old one go into the glass cabinet. The only part left of his thomas is the chassis and wheels, the loco went over the edge of the module when I was trying to clean the wheels, she is 26 years old. Tony from down under
  15. Thanks Thomas, I needed the river to be wide enough for two ships passing each other and smaller sailing ships, I am happy it working out this time, will paint the rail deck and start,laying track down so I can put a couple of trains on the track,the road deck wont go no till the track is down. Will need to get s lot of cars, go the cheap Chinese brand same with trucks and buses, 4 lanes and emergency lane each side with a pedestrian pathway too. Tony from down under
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