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  1. Hi Thomas, nice bridge, here is a pic of my bridge drawn to scale quarter inch a foot, this time with the new design the arch be in one full piece, the main arch wont be in full piece will have to join 18 inches on to make up the arch, 10 foot in diameter not quite 12 foot half circle . Be on the hunt for 18mm by 1/1/2 wide pine at 10 feet in length, in metres 3 metres is not 10 feet, there is a demo timber mob just down the road now , handy indeed, hangers be 12 inches wide, the second pic is what my bridge be based on this time not a double deck, road bridge be beside the rail bridge. the only difference is on the pic the arch continues onto the pier, my bridge wont have that. Arch is still 2 foot high, still be able to have kite flyers jump off the top of the arch and easier for them to scale the arch too, lots of steps and hand rails , lots to do on those hot days work o the bridge in the hall way which is quite long in the nice cool house. Don't need the 12 foot curve decking cutting that up for the bridge arch, will have to ask my brother if he can bring over his battery jig saw wont take long to cut , be on the con for a 18 volt Ryobi battery jig saw. soon. another hot day again tomorrow, hate this time of the year too unstable, hot night 24 degrees, keeping the air con on till we go to bed. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  2. Hi Thomas, wow very nice indeed, I will have to wait for my birthday before baying any trains, but am after a second power for my Mehano ICE 3 set of 8 only have one power unit need to win the lotto to buy any sound decoders . Look forward to seeing those new trains run lightening speed look awesome. Tony from very hot down under now we are copping bad storms, yesterday a storm passed through dropping 20mm's in 20 minutes and other one today very hot and humid hate summer here, need to come to the UK for summer.
  3. Work is well under way on Camdale HO scale garden railway MK2 , Yesterday I decided to pull up the track on the old approach module, get a bit more done after tea , to hot 36 degrees air con is on, I have made some changes to the track plan and finished the main line, even the first stage being 44 feet long is quite large, have drawn the plan to scale . ON the track plan Left hand corner of the track plan I have drawn a curve temporary curve section till I start onstage two and three be a permanent curve section connecting the suburban track and stage one track. The whole idea is to run the Ghan train train around so it be going the right way into Alice Springs station,coming from Darwin , will be having two reverse loops coming off stage two and be a second station hopefully four tracks and three platforms Now I have a bigger shed will be making use of it , have a 8 foot long by 5 tracks maybe double deck vertical staging yard , work shops and refuelling , sand dock. Plenty of room to put a Ro-Ro port , too hot to be able to set up the bridge, weather unstable very humid storm predicted for the afternoon, so long as I can get my power walk in . Have done no more work on the ship yet, have to make a start one night this week, only have two more bulkheads to mark and cut out, on the stern section. Where the module is I can get around it on one side, get the mower out then be able to get around the other side. The planning of the new bridge is coming along , I be buying two lengths 3 meter by 19mm thick pine for the sides , bridge rail deck be joined together to make one 14 foot bridge, to make it easy to set up, other way too hard , the top arch be in one peace as well. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead .
  4. Happy new year Thomas, not good that happening , good thing is it can be repaired or rebuilt new idea what you are doing, I have started work on Camdale MK2 yesterday afternoon, started pulling up the track on the old approach module will cut the module up to build a 3 inch wide x 6 ft section . I hope I don't have any issues with neighbours as the layout in places is right on the edge of the fence, good thing is fence is closed in . Look forward to more progress, snow not as bad as the US east coast. Tony from warm down under.
  5. Hi Mick, many thanks, I wasn't on the laptop lap , yeah MK2 is better , I did some more work on the track plan and have decided to venture down the side f the house,, got 9 feet width wise to play to plan with so the curve radius will be 7 feet double track and a second station with possible three platforms,good news is I be able to add to the layout, haven't measured the length as yet. Second stage wont go that far down, will make up the lose of 10 feet , will have to add on another 8 feet, layout be 56 feet in length,, first stage the layout be 44 feet in length and the western side of the station modules be temporary curved section ,the layout become a L shape design . Have decided I will redesign the bridge, instead three sections will only two for the main span, join be in the middle , this time when I build the arch be in one full piece, the second pic of the bridge I be basing the new bridge on , not sure if I will do it that way with both road and rail, the real bridge only has a single mine be double track will measure corner to corner of the shed . I could leave the rail deck screwed to the arch bottom framing,be a while before that happening , need to buy a new jig saw be a 18 volt battery jig saw , off to Bunning to get timber long enough to do the job. Still cloudy here might get a chance today after lunch to set up the bridge and spiral , pics to follow. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  6. I am having trouble with edit isn't showing up, Mick said 48 hours will leave the thread open all day and keep an eye if edit shows, hope so as I want to change the new thread to Camdale HO scale garden railway Part 11 or MK 11 The track plan is well under way, sadly I can't get any of the bridge out while the weather is unstable, had a heave rain this morning good for the grass. Length is 44 feet stage one by 30 feet wide, stage 2 the suburban extension, stage three the 2 reverse loops and vertical staging yard and so on, I may build the workshop, refuelling and sand doc first after the layout is up and running . The modules are in black track stay in pencil colour , I have more of a chance to model a Ro,Ro ship port near the spiral come later, first up complete the first main line circuit , if it clears later might be able to get the bridge out, some of the bridge will have to be cut back 4 feet , the second passing loop be 30 feet in length , what my trains will be especially the container train . Trying not to have too many straight sections,the back of the layout will have a 12 foot quarter curve run of the corner module , more progress pics to come, to late in the afternoon to get out the bridge see what the weather is tomorrow. Tony from cloudy down under keeping on moving ahead
  7. Hi all, I have started planning the new Camdale track and module design,, sure will be a big difference, a couple of days back I started marking out on the pergola tiles where the station complex be going, sadly had to cut back on the approach module to make way or the corner spiral approach module. I only 30ft 9 inches to play width wide, station modules wont be facing the right way to model Sydney can live with that same with the bridge, I measured the length looking at the pic of the back yard , 54 feet measures from 6 inch centre from the back of the house down to the edging of the back garden. I will have redesign the bridge for it to come off a curved section to the bridge pier, one of the 7 foot sections will have to be cut back 42 inches, going on an angle be able to fit in the main span if 13 feet close to the corner of the shed . The back of the layout won't be straight , probably be better that way with not too many straight sections, first two pics is of the temporary track plan of mainly the spiral, very happy that the spiral has worked out. The third pic is of the marking of the width of the station modules complex, this them there be no post in the way trying to hide them, the first station platform is behind the post and can hide the post s with station building, fourth pic taken with the wide angle lens of the pergola and back yard with shed . Fifth pic is the diameter of the spiral 7foot centre double track , sixth pic of have the diameter of 42 inches, the piece of cardboard is the grass is the end of the corner module, I may not actually build a full corner module, instead have a six foot by 6 inch wide bridge, to link up the spiral with the station module to complete the first circuit. A second curved section will run off the main spiral with a cross over and two points to the platforms one, two three and four, last pic of the corner module that will be an L shape , of 18 inches to 3 feet . I will be only running trains in the cooler months as it is too hot in summer, may be able to run trains in September depending on how hot it will get, no construction to mid March of if we manage to have a good cool change, I then be able to start pulling up track form the old approach module making use of some of the ply . Enjoy the latest pics and feed back is welcome. more pics on the way . Tony from hot and cloudy down under, storm predicted for the afternoon sure need that rain , keeping on moving ahead
  8. Happy new year to everyone, a sad day I will be closing down this thread down since we have moved, time to start a new thread and new name since Camdale has moved to a new home, I want to thank everyone for there feed back from 2014 to 2020, so I will see everyone on the new thread called Camdale's new home . Bye to the new thread, Tony from cloudy hot down under keeping on moving ahead.
  9. HI Andrew, many thanks for the kind words, yes the move went well and is behind us now, time to unwind .Yep spot on with the time difference it is 10.21 pm here and your 12.21 pm, still time to catch shopping, I to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, is it going to be a white Christmas. WE got our wish with that badly wanted rain at long last, and out west is getting the rain too, pretty heavy rain over night and today, settled the dust and ashes down to give our fire fighters a long wanted rest, still not out of the woods yet. The new house has a 3m x 3m garden shed, I sealed half yesterday , the other half leaked , that is the next job, have to drag out all the modules and curved sections so I can blow dry the shed's frame base , so I can finish of the doing it with concrete and metal silicone, messy job . it was a nice afternoon , not to hot for a change, in the low 30's for the rest of the week. Yeah well sadly I be losing one module, the approach module become the corner spiral module and corner module at the other end , station be facing east west now, have started doing a bit of scratching on the module track plan. Love that pic, have a great Christmas from down under keeping on moving ahead
  10. Hi Griff, great to see you pop in, I have moved to a smaller place, sadly it isn't as wide as I had it, so have to lose a module and rebuild the approach module which will be a corner module, have being doing some plan scratching and coming along, measured the new pergola not as big as what we had,. House is still facing north south but I have to have the station complex facing east west to keep the station under cover . I be starting a new thread , here is a couple of pics of the pergola area where the station complex be going, the layout will go down the fence line, haven't measured the length of the layout as yet,, the layout will follow the fence line, will be screwing in shelving brackets , hope the bridge be where it is flat. The grass is coming back slowly, tomorrow I be working on the fitting the weather station to the fence, and pulling down the wooden work bench , shouted my self a new work bench, the shed is 3m x 3m ,much bigger the one I had at the old address. Merry Christmas Griff . Tony from hot down under keeping on moving ahead.
  11. Thank's Mick , year move went well, yesterday to celebrate the first week at the new house I whipper snipped and mowed the grass, very easy to mow, didn't do that ill after tea when it was cooler. Great idea, I will open the shed doors tomorrow that is for sure going to be hotter 43 degrees ouch, got a new work bench for Christmas, wife said I can put it together tomorrow will have to wait after tea, will pull the old wooden one down , need the legs to raise the second row of DVD's up higher to the ones in the front. Yeah going to take a while before I start work on the new layout construction, will have to be when it starts cooling down, only one day at 33 degrees this week be back up to 40 degrees Friday, January being the hottest month, that is when the humidity comes in won't help either and no rain in site, send us some rain be awesome. Tony from down under keeping moving ahead.
  12. Thanks Dean, the shifting went well, we are now settled in the new house, just had air con fitted today ,going to need it next week 41 degrees on Tuesday. Camdale is now in its new home, be there for some time, be waiting till it cools down, I e starting a new thread in the planning thread , be nearly a complete new design, I have on got 30 9 inches to play with width wise. The two approach modules be completely rebuilt so I can fit in the station complex, have started drawing a small plan to see how the modules to scale far ok, the length still be 54 feet long,and bridge be further down hopefully where the yard is flat. The new shed is a lot bigger to what I had in the old address , is 3m x 3m , two opening doors, now I can have a good work bench to one side, be where the the box is, I will scrap the old wooden one . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  13. Camdale is moving to a new address and new home with a better back yard , work has stopped and the track and module plan scrapped sadly, now I will have to draw up a new plan , plan to use the fence , to save on posts on both sides and bridge go in the middle, still be 54 feet in length . Camdale is packed up ready to go , last pic of the new yard, where the post is is where the station complex be going, the corner module be proper corner modules, be modified to be 3 feet wide instead of two feet, I may put the modules down flat instead of having legs , I have a special seat to sit on when connecting the bus wires . House is brand new, need to clean the yard up and make some gardens along the fence one side, bridge will look heaps better in the middle ad much flatter , I might be able to get the layout up and running a lot quicker , when taking pics of the layout be no more car in the back ground, can't wait., the new shed is much bigger 10 by 10 I reckon , will be setting up a work shop . Saturday we be moving into the new house, air con to fitted in next Thursday, looking forward to the shift a new begging and fresh start. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead .
  14. Hi Mick, thanks pretty happy be glad when the new bridge is finished, going to be a while, no chance this week, can do some work in under the pergola before it gets too hot . I have already a bridge that is 6 feet long, just need to add 2 feet, will take off the sides so I can move them down to where the extended piece be going strengthening where the join is, don't know if I can con to buy off cut play 8 foot in length. Peco in Australia is putting their prices up a long way the hobby shop bloke said, will ask my wife for some Christmas money to buy an extra point I need and replace a broken diamond cross over, also buying with Christmas from my mum a full box of Peco flexi track, will a have enough track to complete the first full circuit of the layout and fingers crossed the station complex. Yes to your question of having boards on the side of the mainly the bridge and later the curved sections, the two big curves in the garden will be covered with a tunnel , bridge width is 3 inches, finished drawing up the full scale plans of the half of the main arch . Have to work out where the main arch will sit, wan't it to be pre-standing , the bridge be in one full piece with with the arches, will have to leave it outside behind the pergola chairs . Tony from very hot down under, keeping on moving ahead slowly
  15. Hi Thomas, yeah you are right there, too hot outside, hot right up to the end of next week, I have plenty to in under the pergola, rewiring the two corner modules and I have to change some of the track on two other station modules and again the same with the bus wiring . Have started working on the full size plans for the arch bridge, will have one full arch and two half arches, trying to figure how I will make the arches. the supports will have to be shaped with a file, all up 5 supports, finely got them right, was a challenge, the distance between the main pillars is 42 inches, should work out well. I am now aiming for May, be 6 years in the forum great way to celebrate is have the trains running will give me some time, could be earlier, will depend on the weather, I won't be running any trains mid summer, go to my two train clubs. Tony from very hot down under keeping on moving ahead
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