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  1. Hi Clay Mills Junction, where can I find Filcris garden railway page from couldn't find it on the net. I am using 12 mm ply for my decking and station modules, modular set up, most of my smaller sections and modules are 6 foot , have no problems with bowing and they are stored in a garden shed, can get very hot in summer , on those Aussie hot days I open the shed doors. My longest section is the bridge has a 14 foot main span in two 7 foot ply sections, took a while to build, need to clean up the top of the arch and underneath before painting, double track , same with the curved
  2. Have finished building the curved approach module and track is now down, drilled holes so I can cut out on end of the module for a lining up plate, I be using circuit board cut into strips to hold down the track on the module join. Sadly wont be doing any more work till my leg heals up, took some skin off just before the knee ,ouch , take a week, will only be nailing track down next week Third pic should be first , with the lining up ply plate , all I will need is clamps to hold the modules in place quickly, what I be doing next week , plenty to do without doing any timer cutti
  3. At long last the bridge constructing is finished other than sand the top of the arch square and tiding up the underneath of the arch ready for painting, it has being a long while since I started this thread , March 2018 with different designs till I came up with this one . Yes it is a heavy bridge bridge to move on my own from where it is in the garage, I plan to make a small trolley that will clip in underneath the bridge. The bridge still is call the Cam river bridge after my late son, since Camdale was renamed, bridge has a 14 foot main span with a height of 6 foot from water lin
  4. Hi Damo, no worries, yeah sure can get hot in summer, we a copping a hot test Tuesday 33 degrees can get hot in September. I have being lucky with the 12 mm ply I am using , modules are built pretty strong , plastics for base board what about track nails can you nail into the stuff, pretty expensive over here , good for patios . I haven't learnt how to put links onto threads, I am working on an above arch bridge in Members Workbench Aussietmrail Modelling double deck cable stay bridges, the bridge I am modelling is just one level rail bridge, if you can't find it I will post the lates
  5. Hi Damo, welcome to the forum, you must have expansion gaps between each length of flexi what track are you using Peco is the best track for outside. I love the way you are building your decking same as me but all mine is module, I had a set back we moved before Christmas so a whole new layout design will keep an eye on your progress, I choose module because of the very hot summers we cop over here Love your viaduct we can't get those bricks over here same with the roofing felt, the beauty of a permanent layout you can build it quicker. Tony from down under
  6. Morning Mick, many thanks only had a weeks rest, we got all the heavy yard work out the way , no more keep up the maintenance, yeah now have a good flat area for the main part of the layout to sit. After brekky I be working on the bridge finely going to finish it, need to cut a bit more ply to finish filling inside the arch and continue on drilling the holes for the arch hangers be glad to get the bridge finely out the way gee being at it a few years . Monday finish off the curved approach module sides so I can start laying track and points down they the wiring, hope to reuse mos
  7. Being a over a month since last update, end of August I spent 4 days in hospital, kidneys failed not low enough to be plugged up bad enough, then we ordered the gravel and bark to top up the two gardens, now I have a great flat area to work with setting up the modules and decking . I am working on the approach module will finish it tomorrow so I can continue with joining the curves that will make up the loop, the loop will only be access to the terminus track leading into the terminus platforms 6 all up. In the first pic between the two fence post is where the main line will
  8. Hi Mick, had a bit of trouble with the Quote, those MGR wagons are they those blue ones in the video , I don't know a lot about UK freight wagons , over here QR coal trains running the Dalby to Port of Brisbane corridor train length is 40 wagons, will check that out from my friend that is a coal train driver , that is a good length, my train length are 25 wagons . Biggest passenger train the Indian Pacific 18 cars plus a auto carrier and two locos can make up 28 passenger cars . The Ghan train has 44 cars very long, peak times need a big layout for them . Tony from down under
  9. Hi Mick, awesome video , does the UK have long freight trains or set to a certain length , the Aussie east coast rail corridor can't have double stack container trains because of height issues , with the old tunnels especially in QLD and the boarder tunnel. I have finely started work on setting up the large curved radius decking linking the back main line up with the front and access to the terminus station platforms. Nice Monday morning here , Tony from down under
  10. Hi Thomas, wow coming along nicely, that special plate trak looks like the real thing, we have them here mainly in stations. Keep those pics flowing Tony from down under
  11. The bridge has come a long way with many design changes , finely took out the arch support post in the middle of the arch , was very surprised that it was easy to drill the holes for the arch hangers, am happy that the arch has actually worked , the main span is 14 feet and where the saw horses are is where the piers be going,. That is the next job adding and extra 5 inches for 2 foot clearance to the water line . Thursday I will buy 4 more lengths of 9 mm round dowel , though I get three hangers out of one length. Have being busy last week , gravel is in ready for the rest of
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