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  1. Construction to the new layout is well under way, I thought I had enough timber for three modules, not so, will have to buy more next week , Bunning here have a off cuts bin , going to raid it next week see how much I can grab for free . Changing the modules to their new position, I now have to pull up the track laid down and re-nail the track down, at least I will have a perfect level ground to set up the modules , should of though of this idea earlier, the legs are 18 inches high, the ply I bought and had cut up for the new corner module I don't have build now, what I will do is replace one of the modules with a new sheet of ply . First two pics the curved decking, the straight section be a swing bridge , I might have the refuelling and sand dock for the locos in the middle with turn table and work shop. and possible staging vertical yard , will use my gazebo to cover the area. Pic 3v there be another 12 inch wide ply between the house and modules for two more tracks all up 7 tracks plus a siding for auto car carrier ramp., Monday I will mark where the station modules be going ,the fist module will be modified to be a foot wider to take the curve coming off the straight section. Will have my hands full for the next few months, making the most of the nice days where it isn't hot , there is more shade on the side of the house and fence , be able to leave the layout set up longer, depending on the weather and my wife when she does the washing. and needs the clothes line, on a big high indeed . Tony from cold down under keeping on moving ahead .
  2. Hi Thomas, Yes that is what GSR did with the electric loco's but there was another popular electric that was used to pull the IP to was the 46 used most of all sadly by the look of it Auscision didn't produce that class, nice looking loco in a museum now Liftgrow doesn't get used now and Parks too for driver change overs , drivers sleep in the IP crew car , what Indian Pacific locos are you buying there is 6 to choose from , I have three off them NR28 was my fist loco then I bought two NR Ghan locos , NR18 and latest NR27 in the up to date IP colour scheme, may buy another, all up I have 7 NR's . My Indian Pacific is made up of Australian Lima passenger cars, got 18 of them long train can make up another 10 , peak times GSR runs a consist of 28 passenger cars, too long for the longest platforms at Sydney Central, they split the train lots of shunting fun., I still could pull on my layout . The Indian Pacific top speed is 80 to 90 K's an hour, the Ghan is the longest passenger train in the world , pulls 44 cars wow and two NR's up front., have to have a good size layout to handle that length, my new layout is now 62 feet in length, the longest passing loop on my layout is 30 feet. I love those metal steps you are building Thomas, a will you have handrails as well, keep the great work up . Tony from down under.
  3. Wow that point is the longest I have eve seen, 2 ft 4 inches in length, you high speed trains will fly though them no worries, how are you building the point gluing the sleepers in place first before soldering the rails in place,,b interesting how you plan to wire the point up. Love the step you are making so you have better access to the layout, I thought of doing the same, will see how I go with my new layout height wise , be 2 foot high . Not much work happening on my layout v very over cast day rain not far away for the next four days.😴. Tony
  4. Well under way in how I be joining up each module, pretty happy in how it turned out so well, another 3 to go, took all Saturday afternoon, I always wanted to go this way , did so a lot more work, next module when cutting out on the module end will be cut 13 mm instead of 12 mm too much work in filling back to fit so it will slide with ease. First pic I choose the other module with the block strips so the bus wires can go over the ply strip screwed in place , will be shifting the block strips closer and all together in one line, be nothing like the DC wire madness, the bus wire has to be perfect this time changing to DCC Christmas, a Christmas present. Can see how well the two modules join up in line same next pic, third pic the two modules pulled away free , last pic with the modules turned over, next job start all over again laying the track down , will be doing a video clip on how I solder the track down on the module join with brass strips. Once the modules have the track all done I will then set up the bridge where it be going so I can get the levels to the fence on both sides so the II will be able to set up the first the first corner module in place on the fence, not giving any date time when the first train be running. Will make the most of the perfect weather , some rain coming in the weekend , I hope to set the modules up the garage to nail the tracks down on the module join no power points in the shed,. Tony from down under keeping on moving on
  5. Hi Steve, agree with Andrew well done on that 11 car train, what sort of motor t=does that have to pull that many, I have a special Flying Scot 4472 with he dual tenders, I made use of the second tender and motorised it, both motors are the same 5 pole, had to buy chassis to fit the motor wow,she can pull 11 plus coaches, mine are the maroon colour with the fray roof, will have to buy a British loco don't know which one. Some of my track decking will be staying permanent will cover them with the same black spastic sheeting , I started work on how I will be joining up my station modules , be interesting how you be building your station platforms, I need to keep the weight down on each module , my layout is a modular set up. Keep the pic progress coming , Tony from nice down under
  6. Progress pics have come a lot further ahead sine last post, gee 10th of August 2019 now July 2020 and have moved to a new house since then, I am now working on the second last stern hull section, decided to glue in place four end bulkheads so I can join up the four hull sections.. WOW she is going to look stunning sitting just past my bridge birthed at the Ro, Ro dock on my layout , still a couple weeks away to finish this hull section , spent a couple of night over the weekend to glue those bulkheads in place . Once this hull section is finished will glue together the two stern sections so I can mark and cut the starboard side panels will take ship like in the last pic talking about the upper deck to the top deck . It is pretty cold here and windy no work on the layout, hopefully tomorrow it is warmer. Tony from down under
  7. I won't be using those saying, have decided to even cut the length back even more to 26 by 31 feet stage one and designed the layout to be contentious running from station platform and come onto another more running time, will still have two reverse loops and the stations be the two passing loops till the bridge goes in stage two and be a third passing loop. If the main platform tracks are in use I can bypass onto the triple track , be a lot of fun Stage 2/B there be a forth platform and two tracks second track a passing loop. be a lot of fun indeed, this will get trains to running faster, but firstly I will have to set up the bridge so I can get the station modules the same height. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  8. Hi scoobyra, Great idea, you don't have to go every 12 inches, II solder feeder wire to every length of track even the smaller lengths near the track joiners I solder my feeder wires, what gauge wire do you use, I 15 strand wire smaller wire for the feeders , I have no issues . Tony from down under, my new layout will be rewiring and using the same wire on all blocks, sadly only using DC hopefully Christmas change to DCC.
  9. Hi Andrew , many thanks , the scale of the track plan is quarter inch a foot , layout length is 40 feet by 31 feet wide, yes be two reverse loops, they be long enough to hold my train length, wont need DPDT switches to switch the currant will be a separate block, have done that on other layouts. The sad thing all the wiring I have don at the old place will now have to be come out same with the control panel connection block strips going to another module because the module is one of the first modules I built used the wrong ply, will go to a lighter module as is will find the pic . Take care Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  10. Hi Mick ,yeah my wife wants me to scrap the layout , I don't want to, so have come up with an idea that will make her a bit happier , once I have nailed all the track down on the modules will join them up and set up the curves to link up with the five tracks, will be smaller in length by over half and get to run trains earlier and slowly add to the set up to the main track plan . Many thanks for changing the layout name the best name I have come up with, will use CAM for the bridge and river name after my son . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  11. HI Thomas I haven't heard of that saying bite the grass . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  12. Hi Thomas, dead correct what you say is what I mean having to cut the length back, well, my wife wants me to give up in building the layout. I have decided to get the track down on the modules and some of the straight sections to get the trains running quicker the expand lowly . Take care Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  13. Hi Clay Mills Junction, well I have heard of bite the bullet we use bite the dust got plenty of it , actually means the same thing yes you die but can be use for having to shorten what you are working on what I meant .. Thomas said they use bit the grass . How are you going with your layout, once I get the track down and on some of the curved and smaller sections will set them up so I can run a train earlier , designing the layout to do that , most of my curves are 7 foot quarter radius except two are 12 foot half radius curves . Tony from nice down under keeping on moving ahead.
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