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  1. Hi Mick, wow you are going great guns with your Attic layout, I can only dream to have a permanent staging that long , how high are those tunnel portals, will 4 inches be plenty of clearance, what my tunnel be, make my own. I have finished the back of the layout curve and all I need to to do now to complete the northern ramp is a link both curves with a bridge, will have t wait for a cooler day for that, be a stinker of a week hottest day being 38 degrees could go hotter lay week we had a 40 degree day ouch living in down under. Tony from very hot down under
  2. Wow the second curve section from the back of the layout is finished, all I have to do not is link both curves with a curved arch viaduct bridge when it is a cooler day not till next week , plenty more to do in under the pergola till it gets hot, I now can paint the second curve section and even nail track down . I still have to redo the bus wiring on three of the modules so then I can actually run a train from the end of the bridge right around to the spiral corner module, getting very excited and even more using the block control panel. I plan to have signals and point motors on the points further away from the control panel, will be designing a second control panel for the point motors, and other points, busy time ahead, under 8 weeks to go till Christmas, It looks like I wont have trains running by them so will aim for May 2020 , 6 years in the building.of Camdale. In pic two and four the bridge be level to the front curve, I put a string line across and it be level to last leg on the upper garden , thinking I had to climb up 7 inches only be about 3 inches now , the first leg in the lower garden will have to be raised to level, going to look awesome, will screw in place ply strips to stop the train when derailing and falling into the garden . Tony from hot down under keeping on moving ahead.
  3. HI Storm trooper, how are you going with your layout, yeah I just got that bit closer today competing the curve coming from the back of of the layout, all I have to do now is link both curves with a bridge. Even though it was hot today I pushed ahead finishing u when it started to get hot and go inside for a break, yeah getting very excited I am getting closer every day I work on the layout itching to run a train especially the new ICE-3 8 car set I bought with my birthday money. Tony from very hot down under keeping on moving ahead
  4. Hi Mick, yeah will do that, Deano sent me a couple of pics, clear sky's but a lot of flooding where he lives in UK, it was our turn today , believe it it rained all morning couldn't do anything on the northern ramp,, with a break between the showers I got the new spiral Module out and fixed up the track that will continue onto the spiral . More showers tomorrow,, decided to make a start on the spiral, hope to finish Sunday ready for painting and track laying,sadly when it is raining can't set up the bridge, haven't got enough tarp to cover it , with the spiral gaining 5 inches only 2 inches to go go to climb up to 7 inches, second station is in the car port, being a suburban station,, platforms 8 feet long .. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  5. I have progressed some more on the northern ramp at the back of the layout venturing out into the garden after two attempts , I came up with a great idea on using aluminium strips to hold the timber brackets in place, worked out well, needed to make that bracket so I can level the curved decking on the grade. In the first pic where the level is I still need to cut a leg to stop the bowing , second pic showing that the deck is level now moving onto the third and forth pic showing my nifty level jig, works well and third pic showing the level, the jig is three feet long , every 3 feet the ramp goes up 3/4 of an inch , ramp is about 40 feet in length and height from the back of the layout to the bridge is 7 inches. Just two more steps before the northern ramp has joined up finely, be over four years in the making , will be on a big high, next will be paint the curved decking and straight section , plus the section that will bridge the jag, on track. The car port be a lot easier, decided to keep the ramp to gain the height onto the second station. The weather is going to be kind from Wednesday on till the weekend 29 degrees make the most of it. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  6. Hi Mick, many thanks yeah sure will I think I will leave the curve the way it is, may be a cutting with a small tunnel to protect the points out in the open , will put the mountain on the back curved deck, the best way to cover the metal hand rails on the balcony , track be going through bottom and middle hand rail, 4 inches be enough clearance. The legs are in place in the lower garden and levelled to the grade quarter inch a foot, had the move the stakes along 5 inches to clear the retaining wall, that will be as far as I will go, next working from the back of the layout hopefully will meet up well and not cutting anything off the curve deck Don't think I get any work done tomorrow, have to work in the back garden trimming a couple of hedges before it gets too hot 33 degrees predicted and rain , will see what it be like Friday, Thursday is out and that is a hot day storm predicted for the afternoon. OH yeah I will be replacing the stakes that hold the bridge down for bigger ones as I ant to drill holes for quarter inch bolts with wing nuts instead of screws, moving along nicely, b on a high hen I link up the decking. Then there is the job of nailing down the track and cutting the brass strips for the decking track joins never ends. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  7. Hi Mick, many thanks, to answer your questions, no the layout isn't permanent, the post are and I designed them only to last a year, hope we are are not here in a year and my layout be at my mums is the plan, in the mean time construction still moves on. Today I will set up the now large curve measuring 10 foot in length on a 12 foot half radius curve be stunning to see the trains running on that curve, haven't made up my mind if I will have a mountain on that curve mainly to protect the curved point . Pic 007 I screwed in ply off cuts to lock in onto the post , pic 008 have done the same for the curve to lock into the end of the bridge and the track line up every time. Once I have got the stakes in place in the lower garden and done the same with adjustable legs, hopping the stakes will clear the brick retaining wall , if not will have to figure out another way, at least it is only one place that will give some trouble. Can't start laying the track down till the ramp is finely finished , hope by the end of the weekend , be a big milestone connecting the bridge up with the back corner module. Those stakes didn't cost much could get bigger ones to brace those posts, might get bigger ones for the bridge and thanks about the work bench , is perfect for when working on the ship get the lap top out the way and more room when playing flight sim with the joy stick . More pics to follow after today's effort. Tony from cloudy down under keeping on moving ahead
  8. I have being pretty busy working on the new section to the layout, post are in and levelled with the level jig, pretty happy with the progress, have added the other curve deck to the other deck , tomorrow will set the curved deck so I can set up where the next post be going which will be in the lower garden , longer post, will have to do two post , too many pis. I am hopping the extra long section will clear the brick retaining brick wall which is on an angle. Wont be nailing down any track to the next post is in position, second last pic I have a special way for when the track is down and cut on the curve bridge join will line up every time, hopefully by the weekend the first ramp be finished ready to nail down the track and run a test loco, exciting stuff , come a long way since 2014, after so many changes Tony from nice down under keeping on moving ahead.
  9. t long last finely under way with th construction of the last two stages, one good thing is I didn't need to have the bridge set up to put the curve deck in place to hit some small marking stakes for the larger adjustable stakes, was pretty hot today waited till it cooled down,be up early tomorrow to hit in the tow sets of stakes which be shorter that the ones that hold the bridge down. I will have to extend the curve decking past the brick retaining wall , the first take is two foot out and the next three foot, every three feet I drop down 3 quarters of an inch , the level jig will have to go in a foot onto the bridge, that curve is 6 feet in length will be adding another 4 feet with hinges for easy storage. The second pic is my new work bench, I swapped computer tables, the other table I couldn't have the light on the side like this table,, need more room just na matter of shifting the lap top out the way. Tony from warm down under keeping on moving ahead.
  10. HI Mick, I have two 24 foot quarter section and two 12 quarter curve sections the rest are 7ft curve main line sections, smallest curve is foot half curves for the reverse loops I finely finished setting up the rail bridge today very happy indeed, now I can make a move onto the next stage of the deck setting up. Please send us thAt rain will need to cool down aker it peaking 40 degrees Monday ouch . Tony from down under
  11. At long last the bridge is down and levelled, one side is anchored, only need one side, I was surprised that I didn't need to build up the second pier it was perfect, only needing to level the second pier , the last pic 144136 I started the grade down giving that extra 3 feet in length about 40 feet . Both piers are marked where they will sit each time making it quick to set up the layout, so on a big high, next project be the ramp from the bridge to the back of the layout starting Friday, going to be very hot from Sunday peaking 40 degrees MOnday, could you all share some of that rain with me over here need it to cool down, har, harandit only is Spring Tony from down under
  12. The track on the joins of the bridge sections have being cut and have pulled the bridge a part, with some issues, had one of the middle screws in the wrong spot where the track covered it and have to pull up the track, luckly the track went back ok lining up again. Tomorrow will finish nailing down the last two lengths of track with out getting a sore back and finish painting the bridge sections, going to look stunning when set back up, will start work on the road bridge after the layout is up and running,will be asking for another box of track for Christmas that way will have enough track for the first circuit and see if I have any left over the station complex. Not going to use bus wires will use the rails for that to save on wire, will still need to buy the double speaker plugs for the bridge. Tony from sunny doen under keeping on moving ahead.
  13. The Bridge deck now has track down 12 lengths of flexi track all up double that with using 24 rail joiners, didn't fully nail down the last two lengths of track, tomorrow after I solder the brass strips down and cut the jails at the join b able to pull the bridge apart and then be able to get the bridge up higher , was getting a sore back. Once I have painted the bridge and piers will set the bridge up where it will be going with in the track plan, will have to anchor the bridge ends, easy with the northern end being in the garden, a littler harder on the southern end on the pavers The norther end I will start the ramp grade on the bridge back 3 feet dropping down 19 mm's , have 30 feet in length for the ramp, have to gain 7 inches from the corner module to the bridge, that be my next job is the ramp after the bridge is set up and levelled, southern end be a four track station with middle island platform. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  14. Hi Mick, I am glad I went module for my garden railway, taking longer to build for track right on the ground that method is the best way to go, I was wondering to use as a base for the track , will you be able to nail the track down or glue it down . Look forward to seeing the track down and a train running, on that curve, what is the radius, my biggest radius is 24ft feet, have two 12 foot curves and the smaller ones 7 oot main line and 6 foot curves on the reverse loops. Tony from down under
  15. Thanks Mick, well will be a bit quicker now with the scrapping of the double deck bridge to a single deck with road deck beside the rail deck using the same piers, based on a bridge on the Elizabeth River Northern Territory , actually was my first bridge choice, till I saw the bridge with the ship passing under it. Back to the bridge on the weekend, will finish it with track down, be able to put a train on it, yes I plan to anchor the both ends when the bride is set up where it be going, that will help stop the bridge sagging on the joins, still need the ply strps as well on the two joins, later will build the road deck which will be higher ,haven't worked if the road bridge have 4 lanes with an emergency lane Yes I do have those two locos and can pull off that scene when the layout is finished, even plan to model the boat ramp, will let my brother drive the fist train across the bridge, he actually designed the bridge just wont hve all the piers, all 16 of them , ship will look good passing under it, that canal the Finnlines ship is on is called the Kier canal in Germany, has two locks at the entrance. The rail decks are locked into the top of the piers with 19 inches clearance underneath. Tony from down under keeping on moving
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