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  1. Hi Thomas, looking at your bridge piers, I like the shape of second pic of your Tuesday post 458, I am working on my bridge piers Tuesday , still a bit work till finished, aim is for the bridge to sit on them with out screwing to the floor, will have pavers inside to weight them down. You will have fun running more that two trains on DCC could be different than DC , will you have signals on each point to know when th ethe is on straight or curve, I did on my previous layouts and will on this layout working signals, I can make my own signals. Can't wait to see trains running on your layout, still a lot of work ahead. Tony from cool down under, has the hot weather settled down , it was raining in the UK last night my time , they had to to cancel the first match of the second ashes test cricket because of the rain.
  2. Hi Mick, good to hear that bad weather has settled down, we are heading for silly weather, next Monday going to be 31 degrees, crazy, hope that doesn't mead we will have a hot summer., hopefully the layout be up and running by then. I cut out and made the piers for the bridge today, made the them big enough for four pavers each side of the arch for weight so the bridge be able to stand up on its own without having to screw to the floor., main part of the bridge is nearly finished, next will paint the rail deck so I can nail down the track, wont be having bus wires , just solder in feeder wires to at each flexi track join . In the first pic is what my piers be like when finished with the arch , can see just before the bridge a maintenance gantry bridge, plan to have one on my bridge too, be cutting out a hole so the gantry can access the other side of the bridge, be like the last two pics, actually what my double deck bridge is based on the double deck cable stay bridge between the Sweden and Denmark , was my first bridge . Tony from nice donw under keeping on moving ahead.
  3. Hi Mick, has the wild weather settled down , herd that the Uk had a total block out , not good for that to happen, how long did it last, we have being lucky not to have a black out that lasted days like in some parts of Brisbane and Ipswich with wild storms. That is a long time , I am not so worried now, be great if I can get the trains running this year, yesterday I started work on re doing the bus and feeder wiring on the corner module, I wont have that issue my layout being a module layout why I has taken so long to build, a bit longer with the changes.. It has being very windy here, yesterday I couldn't do any cutting,, today was worse so we went out to visit my wife's mum , had lunch there, she had a town house with a good size court yard, at the end she had the side as well could have a good size layout around the fence line.and out into her car port and back. Once I level the spiral module after changing the way I be hinging the legs to fold inwards, will start work on the spiral next weekend , as soon as the wind stops will cut the timber for the piers. Tony from windy and cold down under, could be snowing in QLD tomorrow in the highlands.
  4. Have finely made the double deck stern ramp, took three attempts , I had to use a tooth pick for the pins, the smallest I could find, the stern ramp is taking me longer than I thought just as hard as the bow section, which I will rebuild later, glad the ship is in four sections, if I make a mistake can start that section again , is a learning curve as I want to build a radio control model. Pics one and two and second last pic gives an idea on the hinges, can notice more on the single stern ramp which is higher up, my hinges are different, didn't get the pics till after I made my hinges, take a closer look there is acap between the ramp when it is down and the main deck , mine is 7 mm's, I plan to use tape glues to the ramp and the bridge plates for it to work. Tonight I be starting work on the single ramp, still won't be able to glue the end bulkhead in place till the work on the ramps are finished , I have made the ramp to site 2 mm's lower that the main deck, can see that in the second last pic and ramp ison a 45 degree angle, mine not needed , the last pic showing how big that plate is on the stern, must be to stop wash from the props flooding the main deck More progress work tonight , still have hydraulic rams to make, like the m to be working ones,thinking of using heavy string for the rams, any ideas. Tony from windy down under.
  5. Hi mick, many thank's what happened to Roy I wont let happen it has being 4 and a half years now with quite q few changes I know, yes to ambitious I know but I will not give up, the hospital say wasn't planned I had a blocked bowel, luckily it unblocked it's self and didn't need surgery is what the doctors were talking meaning going to another hospital, I was in a lot of pain wife had to call the ambo's , the medical condition I have and previous stomach surgeries I had in the past the course as well.. I had an argument with a tree branch two weeks back , the branch won, going to take some time to heal but that isn't going to stop me working on the hobby I love, the trains will run this year, got that new ICE3 train to run, will have to go to my train clug next week to run it. Today I be cutting up the timber for the two main piers 19 inches clearance, it is pretty windy her, how are you going with the wild weather in the UK, see Scotland is copping it bad with main line tunnel flooding., cutting the piers for the bridge is out also the wild is pretty cold too, got plenty of wiring to do and might be able to level the modules as well.. Actually it be 5 years next year, didn't take you 5 years to finish your layout, not going to give up, as I said designing if we ever have to move the layout be going to my mum's house, here front yard be perfect for a garden railway and no need fora lock. My ship project is coming along, working on the double stern ramp, lot of work there with special hinges =, mine are pretty close to the ships, will post an update today I will keep pressing on, gone too far to give up now, have three full boxes of flexi track in the spare room for the layout hopefully enough for the main circuit, keep posted Camdale is moving a head. Tony from cold windy down under keeping on moving ahead.
  6. I had a short stay in hospital last week and recovering for a couple of days I decided to go back to the old design design where the bridge was at the back of the layout and station module complex at the front but in a foot so th extension wont be sticking outside the pergola , will have to get a couple of tarps to cover the modules if it rains . First two pics is of the new spiral module, the spiral be based on the Tehachapi loop in California, I be calling the it the garden loop similar to the first loop nhe third pic is the car port corner module which joins up to the forth pic being the approach module fifth pic is the big changes to the point and cross over, using curved points , lucky last pic is the where the new corner spiral model be sitting. . Going to be a set back, should only take a couple of days to relevel the modules and rewire them , I be switching the control panel connector panel over to the other side as well take a couple of days . Be starting work on the bridge cutting the sides of the piers tomorrow all goes well and depending on how strong the westerly winds b if I get a chance to do anything, sadly no work shop , we are are copping it as well, temps to drop down to 20 Sunday, Monday the coldest day . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  7. Being a while since last update on the I was in hospital a few days and while recovering last weekend at home I decided to bite the dust and go back to the old design where the bridge was at the back of the layout and station at the front, station is in a lot more now so I can add on the second stage of the station complex . With the changes the second station be on the curved decking where the station building is, be three tracks, third one a passing loop, other big change I be modelling a lock , based on the Immingham port lock and port down past the double gates, out the front of the house, where the pathway is is where the lock be double the length of the ship be fun. This weekend I ill start working on the piers of the bridge and they be on wheels so I can shift the bridge out the way so we can have lunch or coffee, both piers be the same height, will have to level the bridge an pier cloest to the pergola post be a few inches higher. Tony from down under on a high
  8. Before I ended up in Hospital Monday just gone, I sorted out the bus wire plugs on the approach to first station module , didn't need two pairs of plugs , will fill the holes in with putty , looking good be a lot easier to plug up . First pic I will do the same with those hols and code the bus wires hanging down , the last pic I will make up the coded stickers as the ones above, a light job I can do. Tony from cold down under keeping on moving ahead.
  9. Hi Thomas, wow agree with Mick you are going great, guns, with your progress of the latest handy work of, I have had a short stay in hospital, didn't take the lap top in, home today but no work on my layout till next week, give me a bit of time to recover. Are you making the catenary posts, I wont be an extra added cost, they look good,, will that section be peramen]antly in place or module since you have so many points there. Look forward to seeing the first train run,, how is the temp has it cooled down saw you copped 42 degrees one day last week, like our summers. It is 10 degrees outside , westeelies haven't hit yet mid August, 21 degrees today.. Tony from cool down unbder.
  10. Hi Mick, wow in your last post I spotted your control panel do you have working signals on your points and does your blocks light up as well when selected, I wont be worrying about lights on my platforms and station building, only be the bridge as I only by running trains during the day. I like the way you are making your rocks around the tunnel portal very nice indeed, on this page, I am starting to look into 3/D back ground scenery . We are having a warm dry week, hope that means rain coming. Tony from down under.
  11. My newest Mehano Prestige ICE3 8 car set from Slovenia northern Italy has arrived
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