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  1. aussietmrail

    Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    At long last the shelter cover to the raised deck side is complete, it was a difficult build indeed , glad to see it finished can move onto the anchor recess and front bow finishing that off on both side. I am not a 100 percent happy, but have to do, as I said this build is a learning curve for the next model, pics 1,2,,3 and 5 showing how I built front the raised deck to the shelter cover in, pic 4 with the shelter cover off, a waiting the winches be a while , last pic once I have finished the bow section be moving onto the main and upper deck stair cases each side, will strengthen the bulkhead.. The bow will look heaps better once all the card joins are filled in and fill where needed, more work on the ship tonight. Tony from down under
  2. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    The final track is down on the car port corner module, the big changes is in the last two pics, I have added on another block using all 20 blocks to make sure there is enough room to fit 28 passenger cars and two locos of the Indian Pacific to keep the main lone open to run another train, be on my toes then keeping an eye on the second train. In the second pic where the main changes are, the curved deck that will join the corner module will have double track, be awesome with a couple of friends over running trains as well Looking at cutting back on bus wire, using the rails as bus wire soldering to each track join mainly the bridge has double track , still will have to link the bridge to the main control panel being only 15 feet from the bridge, being a passing loop.It not just running bus wire under the bridge it is running the bus wire back to the panel through all that way, trouble with big layouts. On the other corner module and station modules I have plugs and wire won't need them can be used on other blocks, some bus wire changes will save some money, I am still working on the approach module, four blocks to do, once finished will work on the module that will connect to the main panel. Want that wiring out the way so I can move onto the last stage of the layout and home. Tony from very cold and windy down under keeping on moving ahead.
  3. aussietmrail


    Hi Thomas, sorry wrong name my friends name is Tony, just chatting to him, you are going great guns wont be long now, always other stuff to do while waiting for stuff to arrive, looking forward to seeing your bridge finished. I am still working in the module bus wiring, taking forever, once finished will get stuck into setting up the smaller sections. Tony from very cold down under very windy staying in doors today.
  4. aussietmrail

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    Early Morning Mick, wow 37, of those 37 class, locos, I had a 55 class, 37's are a nicer loco, will have to get a couple down the track, like a 66 class first, good to see British are still building double cab diesel locos, over here they have done away with them and couple up double header locos or more depending on the length of the train. Can't wait to see what you have planed on your bridge wait to you see my bridge I have planed to span 14 feet, double deck road rail, that will be a a good photo shooting area for the layout, that the ship I am modelling will sit when finished, it is getting there, nearly completed between the shelter cover and raised deck. In contact with the real ship's captain and he has being a great help in pics and drawing, I need more to get her right, will be the focal point of the layout if that is the right word and plan to model s Ro, Ro port . I am stuck on the module wiring at the moment, will finish doing the feeder wires today, and more onto connecting the main panel to the layout this week, a question the electrical place sold me the wrong wire, it is thicker to the rest of the main bus line, is that ok, I am using thinner wire closest to the panel on mainly the terminus track into the station and approach, module. How is the last weeks of summer cooling down, here it is very windy and cool wind, we are heading for a dry spring, the fire fighters are bracing for a bad fire season . Tony from windy down under.
  5. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    Finely back after sorting out the issue with the laptop just because of an update from Microsoft, shut off the USB ports, my wife found the problem, thought we had to have a new bother board, couldn't back up everything, up had to pick out the best pics and send them in an email to the other computer, took all day, was waste of time when my wife found the issue, anyway the pics need to backed up, Hi Mick, I had a look at the insert other media, need to upload from URL, so does that mean upload to the gallery first., will try that next post I have found more fun with DC just by wiring in a DPWT side switch, pic 005 where the how in the module is is the switch is switching off the track after the first loco and the lead loco can drive off onto another block,. The red loco I swapped with the orange and gray loco, pic 006 continues on with half of he Indian Pacific straight through the cross over onto the right side of the island platform , the rest of the train get back in onto the left had side, can't wait to do that. Pic 008 with the two locos right back to the module join I am changing to double finishing on the first curved section, so the whole Indian Pacific can fit on not holding up the main line. At the front of the pic where the cross over is b two more points so other passenger trains can get onto other platforms and freight trains get past. Back into finishing of the track for the new block , the new block be block 20, using up all the rotary switches, plan to use, block 19 as a reverse loop, wiring in a switch . Tony from nice down under keeping on moving ahead.
  6. aussietmrail

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    Just found out how to do quote,, was off line for a couple of days no USB ports, busy backing everything up was waste of time wife found the problem port was switched from the Microsoft update, be ware of you next up date. We have them over here, the station I go to has them before the station, will take some pics next time I go on the train, like your 37 class locos, how many do you own, my favorite Australian is the NR class like the in the post a few post back of my module. Be sad to see the Trundles bridge go, what type of bridge will you be building, we can't get that roofing felt over here, those blocks we can. Morning over here drops to minus .07 this morning, get this we are having 30 degrees today, cool change coming in the weekend , westerly winds are cold . Going to be a long summer again, no rain , half of QLD and northern NSW are in drought the worsted in year, farmers are in trouble . Tony from down under
  7. aussietmrail


    Early morning Tony, pure awesome, you are going great guns, looks like you will be running before me, the German 103 Electric sure looks stunning indeed especially with those coaches, the windows on our trains are not as wide as yours . I am looking forward to see what you have planned for the scenery around that bridge, have had a set back for a couple of days lap top trouble, had an update from Microsoft and knocked out the USB ports, though we had to put in a new mother board. After ringing ASUS they wanted my wife to do a factory reset, wife wasn't keen and still wouldn't of worked, she decided to a search on the hardware , found the problem the USB port was switched off, bingo every thing working, today back to the layout track work have changed track to fit the Indian Pacific and not hold up the main line. Tony from cool down under, not much of winter left.
  8. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    Had a successful weekend with the wiring department, finely sorted out the switch issue with the last post, didn't work, found a DPDT slide switch switch and it worked cutting anthe power off past the first loco . Mick how do I type in words between the pics, do I submit the post first and edit the post???? First two pics is testing the switch before screwing the switch in place under neath the module, second pic is the isolated joiner on one side of the track and last pic, the hole is big enough to get my finger in. I also put in a length of track long enough to fit a loco on before the point, was told it's not good to stop a loco on the point, can't wait to actually shunt the Indian Pacific, more pics next post. Tony from very cold down under, hit minus three, keeping on moving ahead.
  9. aussietmrail

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    Morning Mick, I love the video clips, now you can get sound decoders for diesels with smock, sadly DCC is out of the question for me now, had a chance last year with my son's funding, he passed away, the plan was to set up by Wi-Fi so he can control the layout from his computer. Last Friday's post, you were up early that morning 6;17am, pics of your terminus station, awesome, there is a pair of tracks to the right of the pic what do you plan to do with them, are those half points meant to derail a train coming in too fast beside the loco. Pic 6 I just added a lot more fun with DC, by adding a slide switch to cut the power to the track after the point beside the 3 way so I can uncouple the lead loco loco being the Blue loco drive it off onto another block and the orange and gray loco bring in half of the Indian Pacific, very excited it worked, can't wait till when I can do that , a way off yet. More pics on how I did on my Camdale post and changes to the track and point on the corner module so I fit the whole train on and not hold up the main line.. How the summer going has it started to cool down getting close to Autumn. Tony from very cold down under, was -3 this morning.
  10. aussietmrail

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    Morning Mick, very nice set of pics indeed of the three car DMU set, with the good mix of plants in the background, with loading pics like you have done with wording between them do you have load the pics into your gallery. When I finish the bow section of my ship build project I plan to model an Australian NSW Endervour DMU 3 to 4 car set, using TYCO powered bogies, from my late Uncles train collection, got drawing and lots of pics to go by .How is the summer going in the UK , saw Europe is copping an bad heat wave, high temps of of over 40 degrees, what we cop in summer. July was the warmest month for winter since 2006, Sunday pecked 28 degrees, cool change coming in today, rain coming, hope enough to see if my fancy plumbing will work to stop the rain water leak between the pergola and house right where the approach module is sitting onto the points, can leave that module set up for a while. Tony from down under.
  11. aussietmrail

    Modelling a cable stay double deck bridge

    bought some 7 foot paling for the rail deck sections, and some of them have started to warp I had to make a start on the rail deck screwing the paling on the two sides, used one of the paling that had started warp, picked out one of the straight paling for the first side and wasn't easy screwing the warped one on moving the clamp down us I screwed in the screws. First up I sanded down the paling smooth, making it easier to measure and mark where the paling went , looks better sanded as well, if the sides are to high will cut them down, have to see the trains on the bridge. The support framing for the upper road deck will screwed onto the bridge sides and I plan to have a walk way on top of the paling, be double track passing loop on the bridge, three more to build, I put the rest of the paling in the tool shed, each section is 7 feet except the last one being longer, I had to have the screws 6 inches apart . Tony from down under.
  12. aussietmrail

    Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    Ship update, have finely glued in the the side panels with the cut out windows between the knuckle line and raised deck, gluing in the final layer of card , pretty happy with the way the build is turning out , I could of gone a bit higher with the windows, it will do looks ok . Will work on the other side this week, it was very hard to glue in place, got fast drying wood glue does help, I put glue on both sides making it easier to line up, get back to the anchor recess will re cut that panel moving the anchor recess long more , needs to line up with the small window. Still have to mark out and cut the weather cover and sides after finishing the bow section sides, can't wait, being at it for some time now. Tony from down under
  13. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    I had a very good weekend in the electrics side, foound out I made a mistake in buying an electrofrog in stead of insulfrog point, years back, must of forgot to check the point always wondered why I had trouble when I finely got to use it . A friend told me, he saide to through in used bin, I decided to have a go at getting it to work with some research bingo 4 days later working ,success. Here is how I did it in getting polarity working the right why on the electrofrog, the key is the Peco point motor switch PL-11 is the key, yesterday I spent wiring up the point motor, bingo it worked, time too test a loco WOW the loco went through the point forward and backward on the curve and switching to the straight by hand worked well, on a very big high. Today I decided wire the point motor up to power by a CDU giving that extra grunt, with the prices of these Peco express points, I wasn't going to through it out, a slight set back on the rest of the layout build. First pic is how I got the electrofrog large straight point to work, first up where the gap is, under neath the point Peco soldered in jumper wires , they had to be cut and pulled off, next had to solder in jump wires on the inner straight track to the curve track, same on the other side .Will have to put some plus, I had to solder wires both sides of the point to past the frog, was not an easy task trying to solder wires, I got around that and had to cut between the sleepers to hide the wires, turned out well last task cut the frog between the wires and frog. Pic two the CDU , will be cutting out a piece of ply board for the CDU to sit on and small terminal strip, see the spring loaded DPWT switch, I cut the wires and clamped on plugs, since my layout is a module layout be hard to store the modules with the point motor on the top, will take the motor off, will be the way to with other point motors.Yes I plant to hide the point motor with most probably a signal building, was very easy to unplug from the tranie, just two screws holding the point motor down, more work tomorrow, will finish the approach module this week. The last pic I didn't add, here it is,, showing how I wired the brown and purple wires on the point to after the frog, was very hard indeed, worth the effort. Tony from nice down under keeping on moving ahead.
  14. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    Being a few weeks since the last update, it has being a being a big change and will be a lot more fun with DC just by adding a switch and isolator track joiner on one side switching of the second loco as in pic one, so the first loco can drive off onto another track , then the second loco can continue on as in pic 2 and 3, pic 4 the extension of the switch through the ply. Pics 5 and 6 , hole is big enough the move the switch, bingo the fun begins, pic 7, I switched the diamond cross over with the double slip, for smoother access to the two island platforms so the train can head off to the right train of the 3 way point. Plan is drive the Indian Pacific to the three way point with the first NR IP loco past the switch center line, switch off past the 3 way so the NR will drive straight ahead onto another block, witch on and the second loco will drive onto the right of the 3 way, head to the double slip an switch to the right onto the left side of the right side of the island platform. Then the other half of the Indian Pacific, the length of the Indian Pacific has 28 coaches one auto carrier wagon and two locos, I can't wait to dive in my version of the IP, be a while off yet, being told I had the bus wires around the wrong way, have changed them around, as I finish each other modules will swap those wires around , bit slight set back, got the feeder wire soldering down to a fine art. To from cold down under.
  15. aussietmrail


    HI Thomas, I will have to do a search Yew hedge to find out what the plant is, what is the distance to the fence for a docent size curve, my smallest curve is 7 feet diameter curve. That is what I am doing, having a tunnel on the curve after my bridge, planning to have a castle on top of the mountain and may be cable car, look awesome, castle over looking the double deck bridge, will have to buy a lot of cars trucks and buses, four lane road deck. Planning a scene on top of the arch of my bridge , three foot high arch. Have a good holiday. Tony from cold windy down under.

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