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  1. aussietmrail

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    Hi Mick, glad to see you back and Worsley Dale back up and running again, will have to agree with roddy that viaduct is pure awesome especially to see a train on the viaduct . I fell a little better now when you said Worsley Dale started construction 6 years back, I have being at Camdale for over 4 years, getting very close to finishing the smaller decking construction of my layout, some time this year, had a sad set back last year. Thomas uses Tyro foam or WPC for decking on his layout, might be a way to go, I am glad I turned to a module garden railway instead of a permanent railway, with wood not fairing too well with humidity heat and rain. Tony from very cold down under.
  2. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    Early morning Thomas, yes the track is flexi track , be taking both off, replaced with single, actually the curved decking was part of the old Tehachapi loop I first started modelling, 7 foot radius curve , be awesome to see the train tackle the spiral. Have to get a move on hopping the construction of he spiral wont take too long, I nearly saved a lot on the buying the two boxes of peco flexi track $98 from that show in Perth, he did the same deal that was in their eBay store, I rang them up, because was also buying Revel 1/87 scale big boy kit, my wife broke the model I had. As close as I get to owning a Big Boy , RTR one is out of my reach at the moment, unless our lotto numbers com e up tonight, big draw, just like win a share be nice. Tony from cool down under keeping on moving a head.
  3. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    Finely started work on constructing the spiral today, didn't start to late morning, was on the phone to a hobby shop in Perth WA and ordered two boxes of 25 peco flexi track and Revell 1/87 scale Big Boy steamie kit, sadly the one I have my wife knocked over and broke the front drive set, wasn't happy, tried to sit it back in place couldn't, so bought a new kit . With these two boxes will give me three boxes and 5 lengths of track plenty to finishing the the layout. That took me quite a while to get right before cutting the long piece of ply, next step is to cut the piece that will join the curve to the straight piece and to keep the track join lined up every time I join them together. The curves deck will half way between the first and second hand rail, grade be starting from the corner module , need to get up to the second hand rail which is the height of the bridge, plenty of clearance from the lower deck to the water line. The next curve piece will have a 12 foot quarter curve, 7 foot in curve, onto a straight and other curve and another straight onto a curve linking the bridge, take a while, the double track will have to come off the single track in the middle.to the last curve onto the bridge will have double track branching off to the reverse loop and vertical staging yard third stage. Tony from cold down under keeping on moving ahead.
  4. aussietmrail

    Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    Back on track with the ship where I had to cut the bow keel off the main deck, rebuilt the bow keel, happy with the the out come, next step is to ill in the other side between the main deck and water line bottom . Looking a lot better with the second bow bulkhead stopping the raised deck sagging at the sides, there is one more bulkhead to cut out and glue in place, and also sitting much better to the first one e I build. Still a bit more work in re cutting the support pieces that will brace the the bow keel in place, can see in pic 5, I cut 10 mm strips of card to strengthen the bow keel to the bulkhead, didn't do this last time., once in place and the other side done the same way can start closing in the sides of the bow, going to be a challenge, have mark and cut out the anchor hosing too . Hopefully in pics 3 and 4 will look like the last pic, be glad to see the end of the bow section, next two sections be very easy to build and hope to finish the hull close to when the layout is finished, sadly layout will not be finished on the dates I as is, wiring taking up too much time, I am not rushing the build, the 1 mm sheet cardboard adds up. Tony from down under.
  5. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    Hi roddy, great to hear from you, how is your layout going, happy 70th birthday, I don't remember Sammy the shunter you still can get those books like every thing something else always takes over another. You are 6 years on me, my 64th birthday is at the end of June, always ask for money so I buy what I want, will be will buying a two boxes of Peco Flexi track have enough track to complete the layout . Keep tuned, soon the running of the first test loco. Tony from cloudy down under keeping on moving ahead.
  6. aussietmrail

    Deano’s Garden Railway.

    Hi Deano, Thomas, I have being told to use heavier wire for the main line, some modelers use house wire, too thick for me, the thickness wire I use is about 1mm thick for the main line and using thinner wire for the station track blocks close to the panel., that price is pretty good, I buy by the meter , working out on the length of the module . I buy at time enough wire for a few blocks , so there isn't too much wastage. Did a bit more work on the corner module today, two more blocks to make bus wire harness. Tony from cloudy down under.
  7. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    Hi Thomas and Deano, yeah Thomas goes way back to my childhood days, never got any toys mainly books. I managed to get some bus wire harness made up yesterday and today , stapled the wires in place and pushed then through he hols in the ply, just two more blocks to do on the corner module, then turn the module over off its side and star soldering the feeder wires to the track, got the feeder wire soldering down to a fine art now. Then move onto the approach module, a bit more work needed here, then onto the final module being the hardest module, this module will be the module that connects to the main control panel, will be using those block strips for all the blocks merging onto, be neater this way. I the mean time I be drawing up a track plan onto a piece of MBF board and the blocks be coded so, I may look into lights on each block when has power ,more wire., this panel will act for the point switched as well. Tony from cloudy down under keeping on moving ahead.
  8. aussietmrail

    Deano’s Garden Railway.

    Early morning Deano, that roofing felt you did a good job, looks real effective indeed, I may just sprinkle some gray colour sand as ballast, don't like too much ballast, if you ever want to change some of the track hard to lift up and clean.. Yesterday I made a start on the bus wiring, ran out of heaver wire for the main line track, will work out how long the module on how much I will buy so there isn't a lot of wastage, to buy a full roll 100 meter roll $95, don't want to pay that much, have to buy a bit a time. Might do a bit more today before the meeting I have to go to mid afternoon, I make up wire harnesses and turn the module on it's side and push the feeder wires through and staple the bus wire in place, makes it pretty easy that way. Bugger about the weather over there, what part of England do you live, Melbourne Adelaide and Canberra can have three climates in one day in summer , drive ya nuts,. Keep the pics flowing, do you have any plans to extend your layout out into the yard. Tony from sunny down under, that will change showers predicted for this afternoon.
  9. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    The replacement Thomas the Tank engine shell arrived yesterday , only a week pretty good service, great seller as well , the new Thomas has a longer funnel than the Thomas my son had, must be a wreak spot because I see on eBay a lot of sellers sellers selling them with funnels missing and the said he had a few as well. Thomas from Hornby will be a collectors item soon after 2018 as Hornby will be discontinuing Thomas and friends, very sad ad I had Thomas books when I was a kid. My son's Thomas be the first train to run on the layout in July that is if I have the layout ready in time, don't think so, will give it a go, finely sorted out the spiral had to shift the spiral to get enough clearance on the second balcony hand rail on the upper spiral level, too much work in cutting the legs down on the modules. Today I be joining up the track on the approach track from the corner module to the approach module to the station track so I can complete the wiring on both modules, take a week, truly them I be able to run a test loco along all the modules, WOW. Tony from cloudy down under keeping on moving ahead..
  10. aussietmrail

    Tony's NR class locos and others

    New replacement Thomas shell for my son's old Thomas, which the broken funnel be replaced
  11. aussietmrail

    Deano’s Garden Railway.

    Hi Deano, fancy that because the replacement Thomas shell arrived here today, very happy will be going in the glass cabinet till I am ready to swap it over. Very nice indeed, gee I wish we could get that felt, looks very nice and can see what you did to fix you to fix that problem, I have a tone of building kits I got from my late Uncles train collection. I be doing the bus wiring on three modules for the next few days and will make a start on the spiral. Are you running any trains yet, keep the pics flowing, hope the weather is kind over there so you can run the trains, only set back with garden railways. Tony from cloudy down under.
  12. aussietmrail

    aussietmrail's journey since 9-11-2017

    It is coming up to 9 months this Monday, time goes and still finding it hard to accept that Chris has passed away, sadly last week when I decided to get out Chris's Thomas tank engine to see if she is still running, with cleaning the wheels she started to move on the two modules I had set up on the horses, the unthinkable happened she ran off the module onto the floor. She didn't come out to well at all, was n't a happy camper at all after 26 year old loco that had to happen , the funnel must of shattered because we couldn't find it, came down on his face as you can see, found a replacement shell and is on it's way from the UK and decided to repair the funnel. I will have to file the base back for the new piece to fit flush, should look ok for here last run on the layout and replace with the new shell. Years Chris dropped the loco on the floor and the funnel broke off , must be a weak spot to break so easy, got the set for his 6th birthday and I want to run Thomas on Chris's 32nd birthday in mid July, don't think I will have the layout fully completed, even if it is only over half be fine. Layout is getting closer and close to the big day, be some time this year, will get there in the end be for sure worth the effort. Going out side now to check the spiral clearance heights on the second balcony hand rail. Tony from cool down under
  13. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    Morning Thomas, thanks I thought you were well ahead, I am not putting a time frame on now, just don't know when the first train will run around the whole layout, once I get past the main bus wiring on the last two modules will be full steam ahead int the last push, I need to buy more off-cut ply for the bridge sides and curve sections as well. It wont take long once I start cutting the two pieces of ply that fill in the gaps between the spiral and other end of the layout. On a high yet again, I was talking about in the two posts back on what I was going to connect the bus wire to all the curve and straight deck section, bingo, I forgot I had some connectors, I did a test run today and wow they work well, I reckon I have more than enough connector to do the whole layout saving a lot of time in building those smaller bus wire panels . Will use those connectors to connect the panel to the layout, making it heaps easier, all I need to do now is buy a proper crimping tool , will use up the speaker plugs I have left, wont need to buy any more, may even change the plugs over. On the last station module is where the control panel will ply into the main bus wires, will use those block strips in the middle of under neath the module for the bus wires coming in from both ends of the layout , all up 20 blocks, tomorrow will make a start on the back of the house corner module, 5 blocks coming in there to the block strip. So close but still a while off yet, but well worth the effort I have put into the my dream layout, be buying two boxes of Peco flexi rack the end of June, hopping that be enough track to complete the layout , already have 30 full lengths of track, can't wait to drive the Indian Pacific into the station. Tony from cloudy down under keeping on moving ahead.
  14. aussietmrail


    Hi Thomas, well done, it looking like I be looking into those servos as well, the 12 volt servos be the better way to go, guess experiment with one first, the only problem with Peco motors you need a Peco switch to switch signals, will have two sets per point and act as a block signals as well, the Peco signal switches can be quite dear and break down easy. Keep the great work flowing and pics as well can't wait to see your first train run on your layout, you would be happy camper. Tony from cloudy down under.

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