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  1. Who will be watching?

    Hi all, I found the app for Channel 4 , actually same as our SBS on demand and the doco, all that is stopping me is Flash player, my wife said she will download Flash player later, another channel to watch, awesome, hope we can find Flash Player. I missed a doco on SBS Wednesday night, watched the 20-20 cricket instead , awesome game, watched the doco yesterday afternoon on SBS on demand called the 7th bridge in Wales, built in the 60's 10 out of 10. We are going to have one hell of a hot week coming up, will make the most of today finishing off leveling where the station modules are now at the back of the house, keep posted on my page. Tony from mild down under keeping on moving ahead.
  2. Maximilianshafen

    G'Day Thomas, I am stuck with DC agree the only problem all that wire, to get more that one train running, still can have just as much fun , only think I wont be able to do is run a set of helper locos at the end of a train to tackle the grade, all my grades be 2 percent , 24 feet in length . You wont have that problem having a permanent layout, mine isn't , needing plugs one for each end, can still have with DC running two to three locos up front,. WOW that works out to be 35 to 40 feet in length, my blocks are that long ,I am looking into either a vertical staging yard of draw yard to save on points has being done, Have fun in Egypt, keep, take plenty of pics. Tony from nice down under keeping on moving ahead
  3. Transalpina Railway

    Morning Griff, that is a good video clip lots of great ideas, I am thinking of using clear PVC sheeting for my control panel face, the only problem is holding the wire in place on the back of the the panel. You are going DC, I am doing the same as well, lots more wiring though and I be using 4 position 3 pole rotary switches, to switch three throttles leaving one position free for later stage DCC, yes good ides to make it as much fun as possible with all that switching . When do you think you be making a start on your layout,keep us posted. Tony from nice down under keeping on moving ahead.
  4. Maximilianshafen

    Morning Thomas, wow you have being going great guns with your indoor section main yard, can't wait to see it finished, are you planning DCC straight away, probably best to go that way, only two wires in but still need to do all the bus and feeder wire soldering,, a night mare in DC How many track do you plan to have for your staging yard, yes I can now fit in a staging yard on my layout , cost is the problem,will have to wait, get my layout up and running first. What has the weather being like in Germany, a friend in northern Italy, said it is snowing quite heavy there, it has being raining the last few days and being cold, very unusual for February, yesterday was 19 degrees , today 29 and sun out, the week be in the low 30's over the weekend in the mid 30's hope the air con is fixed by then. My ship plans are coming along, have actually started marking out front Bow section, building the ship in sections , pics to follow may start a new thread on my ship. Keep the good work going and pics flowing love your progress. Tony from nice down under keeping on moving ahead
  5. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Afternoon Deano, I have a friend that lives up in northern Italy, hr said it is snowing there , lots of it he said, our turn, we have had lots of rain this weekend and it has being cold, today being the coldest day in 28 years for February, dropped down t 19 degrees, cold days be over tomorrow 28 degrees and still some rain, need it bad haven't had any all of January and very hot as well. The price you paid for your Peco flexie track works out about what we pay over here, nearly $7 a length. One minute it has being too hot now raining, I like to do the cutting with the battery saw outside the pergola, Monday looks a better day to cut the first station module new legs, coming along, once I level all the modules I will be setting up the Indian Pacific with 28 passenger cars and two locos, on track, be split on two platform tracks, won't be able to do that with the locos for a while yet. Be looking forward to seeing progress of your layout. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  6. Maximilianshafen

    Hi Thomas, Wow you have being busy, how I would love a yard like that on mine, can quite possible now i have shifted the whole layout around, have the room for a staging yard,, going to awesome to see trains running on the top level and others in the yard. The heat has slowed me down, today would of being a good day, had to wash the car, rain coming in be cooler for a couple of days, all explained on my page. Do you live near Frankfurt, there was a big train show there, keep the good work up and plenty of pic flowing. Tony from hot down under keep on moving ahead.
  7. Mick's Drivel

    Hi Mick, that will still look awesome with all your locos stacked in to shelf's and very neat indeed, I reckon I have enough locos now with my late uncles collection, some need TLC , will get them running again a couple I will repaint to make up another passenger train, Silver Streak from the movie. Here is my collection in those storage boxes, need to buy some more, won't be happening till mid March, going on another weeks holiday down the Gold Coast first week of march hope it isn't too bad on the roads leading up to the commonwealth games in April. As I said every box is a full train set, those two cardboard boxes are full as well, I need to make another loco box, second one from the bottom, left hand side has Aussie locos in it. Not work on the layout today washed the car inside and out, not till Monday now. Have you run any trains on your layout Mick. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  8. Mick's Drivel

    Hi Mick and Riddles, don't forget to to take some pics of your locos on the storage shelf's be an awesome site indeed , I use the Oates storage draws bought from Bunning the large draw can fit my 18 car Indian Pacific and the two locos a complete train, they come with double draws as well, I can can fit 10 Lima passenger cars Australian full set of 7 XPT set and two locos modeled on your HST .train. They have a double draw where I can fit two different passenger trains 11 cars each , same with the freight, containers take up one large draw and , got two draws of container wagons, when I went to the club was hard to choose hat to take usually 5 boxes, not in the club anymore too far to travel an hour to get there and same back home. finely when I have my trains running I just take out what I want to run that day, leave most of the layout set up for a couple of days running trains, too hot to do any work outside and humid will wait till the afternoon see what it is cooler. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  9. What choo doing man?

    Hi Mark, how othern do you have to wear your uniform, at least you can run a train in your cabin, is it battery powered, Yeah same is happening here as well, I have one Hobby shop I Ipswich,go to him and buy a few lengths of track at a time,if the owner retires not sure if his niece will keep the shop going, two brothers ran the shop one passed away years back, lucky for them they own the shop being in the family for years. The closest two hobby shops that sells trains is in Brisbane South one is only open a couple of days a week and other one 6 days a week, both in the same suburb. Online shopping is killing it for the smaller hobby shops . I am getting back into my layout only it starts getting hot, yet again big changes, explained on my post. A week of January left be heading home soon. Hi ba14eagle, I can send you some heat to dry it up a lo quicker and you can send some snow, very dry here hasn't rained for a couple of weeks, they say rain coming in the weekend the yard needs a good soaking., grass is going brown. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  10. Camdale layout

    I have now set up two modules , will have to the top of the stands down to stop them moving when lifting the module up onto the stand other than that has worked out well in the ens, so easy to level up using the screw driver drill. Well under way now in shifting the track to make way for cutting the square hole at the end of the approach module, before that happens will test run the coaches is only about 15mm clearance between the post and track. The first pic where the two coaches are the track on ts own to the right of the right with the track straightens up I will be putting on two points for a smooth run from the track in the edge of the module right side of the pic so the train doesn't have to go through the three way point.and shunting as well. Forth pic the module stand ready for the second module to go on last pic the reason I am switching the station to the back of the house for , the ship scene, m ship will look good in the same spot. Working on the morning before it gets too hot, Sunday I moved the points and cross over in pic 2, the other way would of being a headache in soldering the feeder wires to the bus wires and would of being a small block, no need for that block now.plus the siding is longer as well, lots to do, don't know if i get any trains running by May give it a go, if not aiming for June on my birthday, great birthday present to see the first train running around the layout, can't wait. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  11. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Morning Deano, many thanks for the kind words, great dear buying stuff like that be ready when your brother in law is ready to start your build,. I do the same especially track being so dear to buy over $7 a length for the good peco track, they say is is cheaper t buy a full box of 25 at $155 a box, points has gone up as well, lucky I have enough points now since I am not modelling Sydney central now. Half your luck send us some rain, haven't had a drop for a few weeks now, back yard is feeling it. Have you being over on my page mine is Camdle layout, I am getting back into the construction now, a few bib changes for the best. You take care as well. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  12. Camdale layout

    Managed to get some work done on the layout even though it wasn't the layout it's self, I cut up my son's old computer table couldn't through it out , came up with a great idea, unscrews the top and sides off and cut in half the shelving and now is an adjustable saw horse, height wise has worked out well with the saw horses I have, no more needed pieces of ply and off cuts from the old module legs. The actual top lifts off easier for storage, pic two is my bar clamp I made, worked out perfect to clamp the bottom together while screwing the screws in, three and four the green curved wire can see pretty close, a slight adjustment and bingo level, I might make two more . More hot weather to come, heating up tomorrow , hot weekend 36 degrees , have to wait for another cool change to come in, working on my ship project, starting to build her, new thread . My Athearn F7/A-B-B-A project is at a stand still no more work on it till after our holiday in early March a month away. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  13. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Morning Deano, not good you are not well, I am in the vote as well but I push on, why it has taken me a lot longer to build my dream layout will get there. nice of your brother in law to offer build your layout for you. I had a bad year last year an uncle pass away and my son in September, all explained in Personal Journals, called aussietmrail's, journey since 11-9-2017.. Good you can get every thing to together ready for him to start the build, I buy a bit at a time. Being very hot my end of the world, had a change in very low 30'c degrees, managed to get something done today on the layout, keep an eye out on Camdale later. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  14. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Hi Storm Trooper, that is why I asked you how many trains you be running, you won't need those insulated and DPWT switches running only one train, if you decide to run more than one you need those insulated and switches, I started off with my first module layout with two passing loops and could run two trains at once in DC, My layout I plan to run four trains , a lot of wring, need to go DCC be easier, I will stick with DC can still have a lot of fun, I be using remote control on the main line throttles and be able to walk beside the train where I can, and local throttles in the statin area and siding. Have you started construction on your layout yet,going by your plan you plan to extend later, great idea, that is what I am doing with my layout . Tony from hot down under.
  15. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Happy new year 2018 Storm Trooper, Traineeboy is correct, but the big question is how many locos do you want to run, these pics is what you will need to buy, these insulator track joins are made by Peco can get other brands as well, let me know and I will help you out in the wiring , DPDT switches you can buy form any Electronic shops. Don't worry about the FHS Kato Switch , was the best pic I could find. I would solder the wires directly to the track ,on the outside not inside. , where do you plan to put your transformer. We had a mild day today still humid in the afternoon, what is it like where you are . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.