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  1. aussietmrail

    Modelling a cable stay double deck bridge

    Being a while, since any updates on the bridge construction, I have changed the design of the arch mainly to the entrance two both ends of the bridge and made it easier to mark out each piece that will make up the arch, be in two halve the first two pics the drawing of the new arch, using it as a temp plate. The third pic I plan to have people jumping off with wind gliding kites as on the pic , last pic is what I be basing the entrance of the bridge, the real bridge is called the Story Bridge on the the Brisbane river, will have steps to the top of the arch, something different a heli pad on top as well, will have to look for a 87 scale of helicopter. Will make a start on the arch after the weekend, getting the inside of the house painter today , tonight put most of the furniture back and vertical blinds back tomorrow. Just as well as is not hot outside under the pergola . Tony from down under
  2. This control panel has come a long way from the start being on the drawing board, I bought a label machine to print out labels, pure magic, making the panel nice and neat, I be busy now printing out labels for all the bus wire plugs, have printed out labels for the wires coming out of the modules. Wont need to label the wires coming out of the control panel, friend did ell me how he printing them out, know now, I will reprint out BL1 again to match the rest of he labels. It is a pity you can't resize the length of the label to waste paper, has a 4 meter roll refill, $6, $39 always wanted one not a bad price, of course you can get more fancy ones , all you need for the layout. Buying more of the same wire tomorrow, 30 meter roll, hate to think what it will cost for a 100 meter roll. Once I have finished cutting the rest of the cables, still need to cut cables for the connection of the transformers four of them, will be making a box to fit them in and a four way power plug on top of the remote throttle receivers two and one slide throttle for local operations. There be a second control panel to switch the points and signals , come later. Can't wait till I get back into the layout finishing off the last two station modules, and start work on the spiral, need to gain 12 inches to the bridge Tony from wet down under
  3. aussietmrail


    Hi Thomas, sad about the rack not fitting your bridge, can you use the track any where else on the layout, home from holiday and it's our turn for the bad weather, the rain hasn't let up since we came home on Sunday, since the rain started on Thursday we have had 80mm's more closer to the coast. Good for the grass, I bought a label machine to do the labels for the wires and control panel , be nice and neat, always wanted one , buying more wire tomorrow to finish wiring the control panel. Keep the good work up I am interested in what you have planned for the corner section, a mountain of some kind, could put in a working cable car , what I am thinking of doing. Tony from wet down under😡
  4. aussietmrail


    Hi Thomas, Wow that is an awesome cable stay bridge, is it from Micro Engineering what you are talking about, I like to know what sort of wire the cable stays are, would have to be wire that doesn't being , piano wire, pretty dear to buy here, stopped me dead in the tracks, had to come up with another bridge design for my layout. With the two bricks can take a bit of weight, HO scale trains aren't that heavy like the real trains. My holiday is coming to an end, mother nature wasn't kind to us the last couple of days, very hard to take pics of passing ships , dropped down to 18 degrees today, the wind was freezing, back home tomorrow, no work on my layout till Friday, unless I may be in hospital after seeing the doctor on Monday for blood test results on my kidneys are playing up. Tony from wet QLD Sunshine Coast, some Sunshine coast wet coast.
  5. aussietmrail

    Modelling Tor Corona Ro ,Ro vessel in 87 scale

    Hi Mark, many thanks, not a 100 percent happy with the finish of the bow, I am thinking of after the ship is finished rebuild the bow section now I have all the DWG plans, the ship is in 4 sections, will see how they all join up, the windows on the raised deck should be flat and level , is a learning curve. With the bridge and two lower decks will be shared with the second ship. On holidays and the weather has not being kind, 18 degrees today and very windy, there be a break in the weather, be when the cruise ship passes us around 2pm get down closer on the beach to take the pics. Tony from wet QLD so called shine coast down under
  6. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    Afternoon Mick, many thanks I wish I should of asked for your advice before going the way on a video clip which was the long way around , pure magic much easier, I will have to run two more wires as I cut the rails on the V section before the frog, be a while off, have to recover from our weeks holiday ends on Sunday. I need more wire before buying the slim peco motor and a label machine to print out tags for the main bus wires on the modules and control panel. My bus wire colour code is the same as yours but I don't have a frog juicer will have a separate transformer to power the point motor by a SPST switch., the bus bue and red bus wire go through a CDU unit. The weather hasn't being kind, worsted day is Saturday where we are staying going to cop 50mm's of rain, still can sit out on the balcony, got one more chance to get a pic of a cruise ship passing us on Saturday, hope a break in the rain to get down on the broad walk close o the beach for a better shot. Be raining as well tomorrow, I am planning the layout railway station building, cross between Sydney Central and New Orleans Union station building. Tony from wet Sunshine coast down under QLD
  7. aussietmrail

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    Hi Mick have to agree with Thomas, you are going great guns , don't you have steel garden sheds over there, should of lined the roof of the pergola when it ws built, gets very hot in summer cold in winter. No worries when you get a chance to after finishing off lining your shed,, as you say nice and warm to get some progress done.on projects. I am still on holidays u the north coast, had a storm today, made it hard take pics of a couple of container ships passing by, close to the port of Brisbane and cruise ship terminal. Won't get much done next week full up with appointments, never ends, nearly finished off the wiring, out of wire need buy more next week. Tony form the north coast down under.
  8. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    Have finely finished screwed in place the last of the bus wire plugs on the second station module, I still have to wire in 5 more sets of station track, wont do that till after I have finished nailing down all the main line track,will make a start on the spiral next week, need to climb 14 inches to the bridge . Spiral is long enough to do it , on to of finishing the wiring on the station modules. Tony from down under on holidays Caloundra north coast QLD , keeping on moving a head.
  9. aussietmrail


    Hi Thomas, WOW you have being busy making the most of the good weather before it gets too cold,I love the bridges especially the front bridge and you still have a couple to go. Well done the scenery under the bridge is very effective indeed. Wont be starting work on my bridge till the layout is up and running, be full swing when I get back next week on the layout, wiring is nearly done. I am on holidays now, have to find a camera shop tomorrow to buy a tripod, can't hold the camera at 1400 mm zoom, seen two ships already this afternoon. Tony from Caloundra north coast QLD down under
  10. aussietmrail

    Worsley Dale Garden Railway

    Hello Mick, wow, pure awesome you are putting timber on as well, I would love to to close in our pergola and car port make a very good train room, be an expensive task and council provably, wouldn't be worth the effort, don't know how long we be here, my health is going down hill. We are off for a weeks holiday today to the north coast Caloundra where we stayed at Christmas, great ship spotting spot, yep good camera is out on the kitchen table, all the modules are packed away in the garden shed.. Could you send a diagram on how you did the wiring on the electrofrog points, I want to change the standard Hornby motor for the ones like you are using, be easier to store the module . When we get back next week be full swing into finishing off the last stage of the layout, ship wont be finished for a while yet, it be a stunning site indeed, in contact with the ship's captain, he has being very help full indeed, the ship is London based, mainly goes between Finish ports. Tony from down under.
  11. aussietmrail


    Hi Thomas, nice to have a dog that doesn't bark much, too may neighbor's barkers, was your dog's bread ever used as a hunting dog for small rodents. Operate here but Spring is nice, not hot like last year, when I come back from my week's holiday be full swing into the layout before it does get too hot. Good size bridge and you be having more, only one main bridge on my layout being 27 feet in length, main span 14 feet where the ship will sit, just clear underneath 20 inches clearance. More work on the ship tonight, should finish the first section of 4 pretty soon now I have finished the bow, other three sections be easy construction. Tony from down under
  12. aussietmrail

    the Dorking Garden Railway

    Hi Andrew, very nice, what brand Thomas is he, didn't think he could pull 4 coaches. Tony from down under
  13. aussietmrail


    Hi Thomas, Wow you have being busy well done I love your scenery with that awesome bridge you built, how long is it. Well how many barks did your dog give did give you after inspecting the structures 😃. Where your dog is in the corner be a great spot for taking pics of your trains, a challenge to have at one tine three trains on those track passing each other, I have done it once on my last layout. Not much happening with my layout this week, might get a couple of days setting up the corner module so I can work out how the double track curved viaduct will go. A week up the sunshine coast, wont be sunshine coast from Sunday 7th to the 15th where we went Christmas time, make sure I be taking the good SLR camera this time, going to be a week start . Keep the great work up and pics flowing. Tony from down under
  14. aussietmrail


  15. aussietmrail

    Camdale layout

    I got the control panel out and plugged it into the module with the the five wires I had made up and was a lot easier than bending down doing it,, will have to ask my wife to help pick the module up and put into position with the control panel on it, wires are long enough. Also redid the connectors and will notice some of them have two of those wire clips which was modified to fit the connectors, was no need to file them after a couple of pushing in and out made them easier. Thinking this week if I get time to set the car port corner module so I work on the curve sections to the car port wall, can then paint, nail the track down which be double track, Block 19, the extra length for the Indian Pacific. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.

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