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  1. Last update 15th of February, the new bridge is coming along, is now in one full piece, but still needs a lot of work to get stop from sagging not in the middle at the ends the side beam is not in full piece , 3 foot 6 inches short, once I screw on the end section for the arch will be 5 foot in length when cut , that happen Wednesday, the main span still is 14 feet . Is going to look stunning when built, be the main feature of the layout, will build the road deck later . the first two pics of the arch , third pic of the scene I plan to model and pulling of the same scene when the first train runs on the layout , bridge be different and higher water clearance of 2 feet . Forth pic I had to clamp a piece of pine to level the centre join of the bridge , the last two pics of the bridge standing up on it's own with out clamps , I had to clamp on two 6 foot lengths of ply to strengthen the bridge sides worked out well, will be better when the other sides go on. The bridge is stored in the garage and I will screw the other sides on in the garage, need a level floor . This bridge has being going on for some time with lots of changes, that happens, with the move a new layout and new bridge, once the bridge is finished will start construction on the layout . Yest I do have those two locos , they are NR class , running numbers 109 and 74, don't have the Ghan passenger cars will use the Indian Pacific cars no one will know. Tony from nice down under
  2. Part 2 of mock-up is here with some improvements to happen once I start levelling the decking from the bridge, the bridge is the hold up, went out today home late and looked like a heavy shower of rain but it didn't, wait till tomorrow now, nice days, sun still has that kick being out side though . Pic one I will move the single track decking up and straighten the second more, pic two the curved decking close to the patio post I want to move , the straight stretch is the triple track main line, 18 feet in length, three 6 foot sections worked out well, station be in front of it ,good thing is I can have a forth platform as well . Third pic looking down toward the back garden the track decking going behind the tree , forth pic , closer look and I will move the decking past the second tree , lucky last pic showing in the garden shed where there be five modules, and the first mock-up module being the corner module. I plan to model a sea plane water bomber base where the third bridge will be perfect spot , river is 11 feet across , planning to use 1/72 scale CL 415 Bombardie twin prop model two to start off with and a Mars Martin 4 prop sea plan too and different types down the track . Layout length is now 48 feet by 321 feet wide , still plan to have a spiral close to the shed , the bridge will stand 2 feet water line clearance, big day tomorrow . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  3. Hi Mick, wow coming along nicely, can you use nails to nail the track down to the concrete base,, the new house I can't do that, the sections will have to be pre-standing, I hope to screw the legs to the fence in four places to lock the layout from moving when setting it up, more work, legs won be like they were at old house . Look forward to seeing trains running again . Nice day here be working on joining the bridge together this afternoon. Tony from down under.
  4. Hi Thomas, wow, great to see your spiral coming a long, how many levels , those long points are awesome , I would like those longer curved point , some 2 feet long on a curve rather than the Peco larger curved points , I have the longer straight express points . Your MBF board must be pretty good for outside , brother said even the water proof boards we do have wouldn't last long out side in our extreme weather conditions . The days here are pretty col with those winds, not far of to winter, I will be stepping up my construction of the bridge and layout to follow. How is the working outside, you said rocket fire from new year's eve party did the damage, wow rockets must of being falling out of the sky to do that damage,what happened. Keep the great work up and pics flowing of your progress, can't wait to see your high speed trains going through those points and spiral . Tony.
  5. Hi Mick, wow nice work indeed , good felling to finely have trains running after the rebuild section you did , looking good inside the shed too, I have a new Technic in scenery I want to try , will save on plaster for outside and shouldn't cost too much, try it tomorrow and let you know if it will work. Like the videos. Tony from down under.
  6. Hi Andrew, many thanks how are you and family going with this virus, it is hard for us to travel a long distance, a lot of shops closed , can't even go into a coffee shop and sit down only take away. Yeah I will be having a garden the northern end near the patio, don't really like to have too many straight sections only the station and bridge , I like single track running with passing loops more fun that way, it looks like there is double track but not, southern end after the bridge there is a reverse loop , has to be long enough for my trains to fit. The new bridge construction is well under way , I have cut out one side of the arch will cut the other side tomorrow and join both sides together hopefully give more strength to the bridge span of 14 feet.. Here is the one side cut ready to join tomorrow, the arch is two foot high from the rail deck road bridge will go beside it later. wow . Take care Tony from down under keeping on movingahead.
  7. Hi Roddy, hope you and family are safe from that virus , getting harder to move over here now, can't travel far, do cop a fine if caught , not moving around much , yeah I saw on Google Earth the bridge you are talking about , make a good project to model as a town scene. Good news is I have finely start work on the layout mock-up decking and very happy indeed , didn't have time to set all of the decking will another day , now it is cooling down , will have to wait for the grass to dry out with the heavy due . The reason I doing mock-ups is that I can sort out any miss takes in the track plan like I did 4 feet out , luckily I had enough room to fix the miss take , had to add on an extra 4 feet making the layout to 48 foot in length a great size , I mightn't every extend the length of the layout . In the garden shed I will have two reverse loops so I can change the trains around on separate blocks, why I have double track to the bridge from the shed for same from the shed, I will now only need .one station instead of two, change the station name., have enough decking and track to complete the first circuit . All the decking legs be pre-standing and only be locking the layout curves to the fence on three sides , I bought a new jig saw, it is a 18volt plus/one Ryobi jig saw got plenty of grunt for a battery tool , will need the two 5 amp batteries charged up when doing a lot of cutting. Saturday I tested the jig saw out wow , will take a bit to get used to when cutting curves , cut out one side of the arch for the bridge, that be in the next post, so on a big high. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  8. Hi Roddy, you are right the swing bridge does work , didn't think it did here is a video . I started work on the second curved approach decking, will look great ,got to use the diamond crossing. First pic, the first left point the smaller curve is accessing the the double track and right first point is access to the island platform , last pic the curved point smaller curve is access to the middle passing loop main line, the approach curve should be pretty close to the grass, may not need any sides, will see. Tony from down under keeping in moving ahead
  9. HI Thomas, looking good , can you do a loco test run of what track you have down , I can see a white step will that be the access entrance to the main yard . Keep the great work up and pics flowing Tony
  10. Hi Roddy, how are you going, thanks for the link, had a look , the swing bridge doesn't swing anymore going by the pic , thinking of building the side beams the same shape as that one . Big day tomorrow will be doing the big mock-up decking of the layout to see how it will fit in , if I need more curved decking, know I need more straight sections , pics to follow , days are cooling down now in the high 20's next Saturday 24 degrees, going to make the most of the cooler weather now. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  11. Hi Mick, many thanks have seen on Google Earth you can change it to Google maps and no logo but street names and building to a link , l will post the links , , sadly you can't do the same with street cam . https://www.google.com/maps/@-34.9359407,138.5808006,88m/data=!3m1!1e3 Fist link a close up of the auto wagon siding loading dock dock and ramp for the second level of auto wagon, moved out the way for access to the lower level . https://www.google.com/maps/@-34.9371878,138.5821937,707m/data=!3m1!1e3 Second link of the station building and two platforms, second platform is and island platform with access ramp to under the r the track to station building, I hope to contact the AMRA president in South Australia, to ask if any of his members has pics of the station building inside mainly . Today I plan to start getting out the module to pull up the track and wiring so I can start modifying them where they be set u in the garden shed, also want to do a complete mock -up on how the decking will fit in the back yard and garden, may need more ply for decking mainly station area, also want to see how the swing bridge will fit. Can anyone give me idea on how the bridge deck will slide in on the main decking, have seen some modellers have curved decking like in a turn table. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  12. A new approach module has being reborn, I decided to straighten the bridge and station up to do away with that small curve making way for the new approach module, got to use the double and single slip cross over and small one on top of the 3 way point. Giving access to the double tack main line and platform track , I be building the triple track first , still working on the curved approach module a second curved deck be merging onto the first one, heavy modifying . The first three pics , I be repaint the decking but will have to cut slot an inch past the to three cross overs so the decking for the triple track and auto side dock cut line up, have left the cross overs on the deck to do that , I will find out from Mick if I can put Google Earth pics on the post. Forth pic I made use f the ceiling fan yesterday, still was hot in the garden shed yesterday, next summer will have put a whirily bird on the roof to get the heat out, at least I have a good area to work outside the shed with the shade where I will do the cutting on Friday. Luckily last the new track plan , I have done away with the Tehachapi loop ides, not working out with the shipping canal , good news is construction is now under way, loo at the top end where the spiral is I am planning a swing bridge have a 7 foot span so big ships can pass through , may never extend the length of the layout . Tony from sunny down under keeping on moving ahead
  13. Welcome Noel, great video have you actually finished the whole circuit, would love to see more, yeah how I would love to have a permanent garden railway and bugger having to shift house now have to plan a new garden railway, got progress pics to share be awesome . Tony from down under
  14. Hi Thomas, wow very awesome indeed, you having a staging yard in too can't wait to see trains running on the curves, pretty big like mine. Keep the good work up and more pics, how is the weather stopped raining and warming up still in the low 30's here wont start dropping down till mid May. Tony from nice down under.
  15. Hi Mick, have to agree with Andrew , pure awesome ,I love your long trains especially the container train , are those flat wagons 60 footers , I have 20 makes up a nice train longer the better, my longest freight is my 25 car spine car train caring trailers . What are those small wagons caring those special containers you had blue and yellow ones. Tony from cool down under., keep the great work up, do you have a couple of yards on that layout.
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