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  1. Hi Guys, Anyone got any close up pictures of their work to accompany this brilliant guide?
  2. Erm, wow. When America does it well, they really impress.
  3. Hi guys, Much appreciated. For clarity it's essentially an oval about 4ft x 9ft (that's a lazy on-sofa, raining outside guess). My intention will be to have a class 37 running one way and a class 47 the other way. They are the only locos I'll be running for the foreseeable. Rgds Tag
  4. Hi Guys, Couldn't think where to put this so I have placed here. My layout is very simple. Essentially 2 lines running side by side in a big oval round a tree and flower bed. There are no immediate plans for any automated points and ideally I want to just set the trains off and let them run independently. I have no trains with sound or anything like that. What is the easiest (possible cheapest) way to achieve this? -ie, what power pack should I invest in? (Know nothing of electrics)
  5. Hi guys, I'm debating building a loco depot to feature at the 'disused' sidings I'm adding to my layout. I have quite a bit of ply knocking about and would like to utilise it. Any ideas, links or experience of self-made buildings in these parts? Aye
  6. Time to resurrect this thread. As I'm attempting an ultra low cost (free) build, and I have a tub of copper grease ready to go - I'm going to guinea pig it.
  7. Chaps, Can I ask what type of wire folk are using? Material, diameter etc Cheers
  8. Not as yet, but I'll put a thread up soon enough. There also maybe scope for 'what shall I build with this? ' images, as there's quite a bit of junk I cannot think of a use for.
  9. I started the project towards the tail-end of 2013, before the weather starting trying to spoil our fun. I've a stack of images of the materials used thus far, and the 'progress' I have made.
  10. Hello outdoor 00 dudes/dudettes, Long-time lurker, first time poster here just dropping in to say hello. I'd assess my layout is 31.2% complete and now the weather is getting good it's time to crack on. No too much of a theme going except that I am trying my best for it to cost £000.00 - I'm begging, liberating, recycling, up-cycling & grifting as much as I can. If the budget expenditure remains low, I'll offer my services as a project manager on HS2* Expect a suitable build thread to emerge over the new week or so - and a myriad of utterly ridiculous questions for my Stegosaur brain. Regards Tageskarte
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