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  1. Good idea that's what I have been doing with mine 20ft x 8ft shed and out running lines so like you bad weather days then shed runs SORTED.
  2. Baimor looking real nice m8 cant wait to see some video's of locos running
  3. ALSO 2 more projects i'm working on these cold days 1. stephensons rocket with sound 2. Atlas Trams static models 1:76 gauge now converted to drive motors 00 gauge all these plus the other older locos going to be part of a working museum on the W-H-R layout
  4. ALLWAYS GOOD M8 LOL dont ask the wife ok heres some more of my xmas gifts these have been DCC & SOUND FITTED and few weathered 10 locos ready for the summer garden run
  5. Well i start with happy new year to you all i hope santa been good to you all or should say have you been good for santa. did we get anything nice this year. As for me i did ok with gifts i must of been on the top of his list "whats his name" ho yes bank manager. I have still need to make a start on the new layout just need a bit of warm weather to get me in the mood, 2nd shed turned up so need to get that connected to the other shed, that should give me a 20ft x 8ft area indoors then plan a new run out into garden. as for gifts i collected about 40 new locos steam & diesel 45% are dccTTS so that be somthing new for me also got hold of some classic locos for the working shed museum area, this at this time as 5 locos 1.Rocket 2. Der Alder 3. Dewitt Clinton 4. Prussia 5. Saxonia all sets with coaches. Loads of new rolling stock. When i get time ill post some videos and photos.
  6. many thx I have the shed 20ft x 10ft it as 8 side windows which I am making internal locking shutters inside shed the frame is when finished will have a double layer skin and reinforced roof
  7. cheers Mick noted all the locos I have now are dcc sound so I got 2 wall displays to keep them in only rolling stock will be cased up in the shed out of sight
  8. thx for your reply roddy I understand about your statement alarms in a forum post.. I think I know what sort of system your talking about ill go check that type out
  9. Hi Garden Railways fans I am upgrading my layout and adding a 2nd shed.. What are your thoughts on shed Alarm systems and what would you recommended for a garden shed Alarm system
  10. Question to all model rail fans as anyone got the model town with Simon Farmer First Aired: May 1, 2004 videos on vhs usb or pvr i have been trying to track them down i got hold of the last parts ep 7 - ep 15 just need the first 6ep now if you can help in any way plz pm me
  11. thx mick free skips if you want to have a build you will need pdf to open with and print off on card.. And at this time I am trying to make these out of tin cans so ill let you know how it goes. download link: https://cdn.shopify.com/.../1094/1856/files/SKU10016.pdf there site https://www.paper-train.co.uk/
  12. hard day moving Track ballast today on my garden railway.. Double headed for the inclines.. EW&S 56058 Class 56 and EW&S 37114 Class 37 City of Worcester..
  13. ok weather not the best time for some service/repair jobs first job is to get the 125 running better: 125 head light & red tail light working new motor armature fitted into motor and new springs and brushes. running in at medium speed video 2nd job my first attempt at fitting a live pantograph this i fitted to a old TRIANG HORNBY RPD TRANSCONTINENTAL loco. removed the plastic one and fitted the No maker's marked one, but i think probably Jouef one, power feed to motor removed replaced power feed from brush to the under side of the pantograph, the main feed to track diverted to the overhead cable. The track return left to track and motor pickup video
  14. had a good day on the W-H-R 16/04/2016. Now got 5 locos running 2x dc / 3x dcc a diesel day I am getting soft in my old age even got my own shirt with the logo of W-H-R on it
  15. for none dcc locos fitted in loco or the first connected carriage motion activated http://www.train-tech.com/index.php/sound
  16. 4 locos now active 2 dcc. 1 shuttle dc. and a 2nd line just dc, but things might all change lol
  17. Shuttle system update 3 stations Found out a old Dmu to use.. there is now 3 station linked to the shuttle control system just need to work out a auto point switcher Station A = Shed / Station B = Short Station / Station C = Long Station at every stop there's about 50 sec delay before the return to Station A.
  18. auto shuttle working shed to outside, set at about 50 sec station stop All I need now is a nice DMU to run on it.
  19. PRODIGY ADVANCE - Auto Reverse Module pdf, http://www.gaugemaster.com/instructions/prodigy/DCC40%20Instructions.pdf
  20. update 2nd track done short video running a cleaning truck round, the cleaner train is LMS 08 DC. The other loco pulling the cargo, is DCC Class 47. Still working on the 3rd line, which will be a Auto Shuttle service.
  21. LOL Mick might be months to get the next line in bloody weather changed again.
  22. ok shed now painted and 1.5 nice days and 1 line down here are some test runs using different size rolling stock check they run ok on the outdoors 1. 2. 3. 4.
  23. thx Andrew heres a new one and the shed is now painted
  24. Black cat Technology Automatic shuttle modular AS101 Demo of it working set on the fastest shuttle time delays from 30sec to 3 mins simple set up power supply for modular old hornby power pack then controller to set speed showing working below link
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