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  1. Hi DVIR Get AL FRESCO and GO FOR IT. On a serious note (i don't do serious very often) if you can go out side then do it, it gives you more space for those scale length trains that we all dream about but can't get inside. Just picture your favourite class of loco heading a string of coaches through rolling scenery, all of your own making MASTER OF ALL YOU SURVEY , and perhaps join inside to outside unless it's in the loft.Hope I ain't rocked the boat. Regards Mick. By the way whats your name I felt a bit like applying for road tax when I started typing. No offence I hope.
  2. Hi Ian It might be a good idea to shift me to Members layouts but I dont know how to do it either or to contact Admin, maybe they'll read this post and sort it. Glad you made the show I got there on Sunday. I only bought a box of Peco flexi track and a couple of new second hand med radius points (they were in the wrong tub),got em for £4 each bargain eh. I could have spent two fortunes but can't we all. got to go now last shift of the week.Hope the 4F does it's stuff. Regards Mick.
  3. Hi Chris That .....LITTLE PROJECT ......sounds as though it could be a...........MAJOR REBUILD...... still the nights are starting to draw in a bit so go for it mate. Before,during and after pics would be great and who knows what could develope. CHRIS'S CARRIAGE WORKS? Regards Mick.
  4. Hi Ian Thanks for your reply and oppinion regarding point radius, a different pair of eyes a different view. I will be bonding points as per post on outdoor operation, I also think your idea for point operation is inspired little short of genious it's so simple and it looks so reliable. We have a scrap yard very near so I will have a ride down and see what they have got on their wreckers they may be even cheaper than e-bay. Thanks again. Regards Mick.
  5. Hi TGB Thanks for the comment. The top three coaches in pic 68 are the mystery coaches and posed right I dont think they look to bad. The six roads that are in at the moment are the proposed platform roads there are two more to add to the left of the picture making a 4 platform station. At the moment I am not to happy with the the turn-outs a bit to trainset looking for my liking, I might try large radius ones by Peco. I would be grateful for any suggestions, in case you want to put your planning head on the width of the station area is 18 inches. Regards Mick.
  6. Hi Guys Been having a spell in the garden laying track(soon have enough to call it a railway) I took a few pics heres just a couple
  7. PROPERTY FOR SALE 3 Bedroom Country Cottage All bedrooms en-suite + family bathroom Ground floor consists of Large lounge, Dining room, Kitchen. Outhouse and Privvy SPECTACULAR views of railway suit enthusiast or ANORACK. £99.000 ono. Contact W E DIDLUM Estate Agent Seriously Guys 99p from local charity shop.
  8. Hi Chris No offence taken mate. Having been in engineering all my life and used to looking at things from all sorts of angles and planning ahead I meet myself coming back at times and it is so easy to get TUNNEL vision, and another pair of eyes is always welcome.I see this forum as a GINORMOUS learning curve and I am sure we have all learned and will carry on learning if we keep our eyes and minds open to all suggestions.Not one single member knows all there is to know about our hobby cos we ain't gonner live that long.But hey thats enough of me phylosifizing in it. Thanks again . Regards Mick.
  9. Hi Chris The bit I forgot is the bit you mentioned but I can get over that problem by threading some cable through the tunnel and stapling them to the track bed and then solder to the next length of rail. Funny how someone see's what you were going to do but forgot to do it. If there is a vacancy for a remember engineer you have got first refusal. Thanks mate. Regards Mick.
  10. Hey Ba14eagle The track bed is screwed up into the gas pipe and the strips of fasia board are just a bit extra. This tunnel is the one that was on my G-scale railway and has been buried for a lot of years so it should do the job ok. Thanks for your concern. Regards Mick.
  11. Hi Rossi I have got rather long arms but on a more sensible note, (do we do sense on this forum?) I can just reach the middle with my cleaner on a short stick.For everyday cleaning I'll use a rail mouted one pushed by an engine. Regards Mick.
  12. Sorry Guys Forgot to explain the materials, the yellow stuff is mains gas pipe about 1 inch wall thickness and 8inch id, the white stuff is plastic fasia board cut to size and the track bed is 1inch tanalised timber treated to several coats of bitumin paint. All the joints are to be sealed with mastic and when the tunnel is in place it is covered with heavy duty builders membrane then buried.Hopefully this should keep out any water/soil ingress. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.Regards Mick.
  13. MODULAR TUNNEL? A few piccies which should explain my effort at a 4ft tunnel under a stream that flows into my pond.
  14. Hi TGB Glad to hear you and yours are all ok. I agree with your sentiments on the media coverage of events.If we had responsible reports there may not be as much trouble in the world as there is. Sensationalist jounalism is the curse of the modern world. Hey I'm getting on my soapbox and I shouldn't do it here.Sorry. Regards Mick.
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