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  1. I set out today with the intention of adding sound to another class 37 having recently received a replacement 21-pin decoder for one I had returned as faulty. I had a speaker ready to fit in the fuel tanks so it was just a case of deciding which loco to dismantle and then make a start. I thought a Transrail livery would make a change and having previously looked at which ones I thought had 21-pin sockets I took the chosen one out to the shed only to discover it had an 8-pin socket! So back into the house and my next choice was my other coal sector livery so I picked it up and made my way
  2. https://www.filcris.co.uk/category/garden/garden-railway-products
  3. So it looks like our summer is drawing to a close but not before I've been able to bring another Scotrail class 47/7 into the loco fleet. 47712 'Lady Diana Spencer', seen above making its way onto the loco depot at Shieling Bridge, is fitted with a Zimo 21-pin sound decoder and a Digitrains soundfile. I've added the included small 'stay alive' capacitor and fitted a double iphone speaker which is quite a tight fit beneath the roof of the loco. I do like the Zimo chips and the 'F2' braking function which adds a small sense of realism to the driving experience. This is another l
  4. With tomorrow forecast to be the final day of this brief Summer spell before Autumn takes a hold there's going to be fewer opportunities for running our garden railways in the coming weeks so here's yet another video from me as a reminder of the lovely weather we've enjoyed recently. Make the most of tomorrow everyone!
  5. Oh yes they're extremely generous with the size of the opening which is why I never used them on the garden layout. They were much better suited to the smaller radius curves up in the attic.
  6. I've now fitted corridor connectors to the coaches in my Scotrail liveried push-pull set and even though the gap between coaches is still overscale, even with the Hornby close couplings fitted, the connectors make it appear much less of an issue and I'm quite happy to leave them like this. It's a massive improvement over the factory coupled examples and at a cost of approximately 50p per coach! They run perfectly in both push and pull mode. Other than fitting the corridor connectors I've just had a day running a few trains round. 47461 'Charles Rennie Mackintosh' is fast becoming a
  7. I bet you all think I'm going senile - and perhaps I am. Yes my Peco tunnels are double track, not single, and I've just remembered where I put them.... 😳 Click the arrow in the link below.
  8. That must be so frustrating! I've never used any type of plastic as a track base so my experiences with that material are none but I know how I was left feeling each time my timber bases began causing me grief. That's the reason why I eventually made the decision to relay my ground level exterior plywood sections with brick/blockwork. I'd had several years use out of the plywood so I couldn't complain too much but I just felt something more durable and permanent was required. The trouble is that bricks and blocks aren't suitable for everyone's needs. I hope you're able to find a solu
  9. A further two locomotives have returned to the Worsley Dale fleet today after being out of action for some time - it's good to have them back! First up is 47406 'Rail Riders' in InterCity livery. This was one of my earlier purchases back in the days of the Selby Garden Railway and is fitted with a Loksound v3.5 sound decoder with I believe a Biffo soundfile. The sound is showing its age but it's a slight improvement on the Howes sound in 47715 'Haymarket'. I actually tried some different speakers in this one today and by far the best sounding, and the loudest, was a Rail Exclusive Boom Bo
  10. Give me an hour or so and I'll let you know if I've still got mine. I used to have 2 as I was going to use them myself but then changed my mind but I can't remember whether I let them go or whether I've put them to one side. I'll get back to you. EDIT: Oh damn, I forgot - mine are double tunnel mouths!
  11. As most of you will have gathered I'm not much of a rail enthusiast so I tend to model what I like rather than what I probably should. I don't worry too much about running stock together that probably never came close to meeting each other during their life times but I do take notice if anything is ever pointed out to me. I might decide not to do anything about it but there again I might on occasion heed the advice. One of the comments on my YouTube feed pointed out that, as nice as it looks, 47715 Haymarket wasn't fitted with the buffer beam ETH sockets as I had portrayed it and the corr
  12. That's really, really nice Noel. I know you mentioned you had an update looming but I didn't expect so much progress. You are a braver man than me with all those lights out there though - I ruled things like that out due to birds rather than 4 legged creatures as I have a pigeon that likes to rip my Thyme plants apart. But those lights do look stunning in that night-time photo above. I would recommend putting them on their own power supply rather than feeding from the track but that shouldn't be too much of a job. The lights over the bridge look great too making another excellent location
  13. I couldn't put up with a permanently coupled rake. I need something that's easily taken apart which is one reason why I like to use Kadee's as you can just lift them up to separate individual vehicles.
  14. I haven't examined the Oxford Rail coaches too closely yet Barry as I was too eager to get them on track and running round. I'd read elsewhere that the couplings were a bit flimsy so I'll take a look later. I want them close coupled so if needs be, and there's room to do so, I'll remove them altogether and fit adaptors to take my usual Kadee couplings.
  15. Well congratulations to you both on your anniversary today! Model railway layouts can take up an awful lot of room and not just the layout itself - there's all the boxes and boxes of stock to go with it. Integrating your layout into the garden is a good compromise. Even with the two viaducts on my layout visitors rarely notice it's actually a model railway running round the garden. It adheres to the perimeter more or less and you don't need to step over it to access the garden itself. I believe a large majority of modellers look upon a garden railway as a last resort after discovering the
  16. Here's a short video from today with 47715 on the push-pull set and 33025 & 33029 hauling an excursion. I know I shouldn't moan about the weather but I've discarded quite a bit of footage due to the high contrast and glare with the bright sunshine. I'm not impressed with any of the sounds, though they are a bit dated now, but the Biffo class 33 never impressed me all that much from the outset. Perhaps I need to look into changing the speakers to see if that will improve things.
  17. I've managed to get 47715 'Haymarket' coupled up to some Mk3 coaches and the DBSO today and although the sound isn't too good at least the running between stations has been faultless, both in push and pull mode. I half expected some derailments but thankfully there has been none at all. The trains is still running on standard tension lock couplings until I can stop playing around and do something about it. I need to change them in order to lessen the gap between coaches as it's way too big for my liking. Here's some shots of 47715 in the sunshine earlier today. And
  18. Such a shame that it had to be dismantled Marcus. I can see you'd put many hours of work into it. I assume by dismantled that you mean it has gone forever? Was it a house move or space required for something else? Sorry if that's a bit personal in anyway - you don't need to answer but it's clear that your interest in model railways remains. I had to dismantle my first garden railway due to an unexpected house move but I knew I'd be building another one soon afterwards so it wasn't such a painful experience. I felt more gutted about having to break up a small indoor layout I began around t
  19. There's been no running whatsoever today but I have sorted out another loco to try break up the monopoly that the class 37s seem to have had recently. It's a bit of a mish-mash this one with a bare Heljan chassis coupled with the body from another and a sound chip from yet another with a speaker out of the spares box. Put that lot together and you end up with 47715 'Haymarket'. I'm not too impressed with the sound which if I remember correctly was a Howes soundfile but that's probably because I've grown so accustomed to the 37s. Thankfully this is the only Heljan class 4
  20. Nice work again! Just out of curiosity Thomas, how much of your layout is now operational? I'm assuming that you are able to run some trains on part of the 'network' now? I was really surprised to discover that you began posting in 2016 so the build has been ongoing for round about 4 years - that's dedication indeed! I can fully understand why it's taken that amount of time when I look at what I've managed to do in over 9 years!! I had my fingers crossed that we'd be seeing some running sessions this year - is there any possibility of that do you think?
  21. I like the look of the sandstone platform area Marcus and they appear to be just about the correct height. Natural materials go really well with a garden railway. I like to keep any decayed wood and rusted wire work along the line side because it just looks so at home and adds to the sense of realism in my view. I like the style of the station building too - very grand, though anything like that would be totally out of keeping on my layout. Was it kit built?
  22. Cheers Griff. The through station has remained unchanged for a year or more now and to be honest I don't really have any plans for doing much more with it. I never sit there shunting wagons or locos around so it's just another place to take photos and videos. I much prefer the outdoor part of the layout. I thought it was time that the Cawoods containers got dirty as they looked totally out of place with their bright yellow paintwork. I have some yellow paint so one or two of them will be having some patch repairs before I've finished with them and of course I want them loaded so I need t
  23. Like @ba14eagle I've been making the most of the fine weather today by spending time in and around the garden layout. I seem to have been through the sorting out of stock stage many times already but today was another day for that and now that I've got a good selection of locomotives I want to get the coaches together in suitable rakes so that I have easy access to them and don't have to worry about taking them out of individual boxes. The standard rakes of blue/grey Mk1's, Mk2's etc are fairly straightforward as are the Kyle line and West Highland green & cream sets but occasionally
  24. Looks and sounds really good Iain. You do need to get the trimmer out to that leaf before you end up derailing something though! And the cat....where did that come from? I feared the worst as the train approached. And then I was just thinking about how we could both do with some signals when you very appropriately zoomed in on one of yours. It's been a lovely, pleasant day - ideal for outdoor running and it just makes everything look so much better. Really enjoyed watching.
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