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  1. Got hold of some R8220 couplings but not had chance to try them our yet as I have been busy with other things. I have a feeling that a spray with silicone lubricant might be a big help with the original couplings so what sort would you recommend? Don't want to risk damaging the plastic. If it's dry for the next day or two I'll see if I can get outside and test the R8220's.
  2. Ian, I have problems with tension locks on both coaching stock and freight wagons but this is notably more severe when working long and heavy trains and especially on those couplings which have a spring tension allowing the couping to extend out from the vehicle to negotiate a curve and which are supposed to retract when back on straight track. My track isn't permanently fixed yet so I expect to have some problems with undulating track but the problem is that the couplings remain locked over to the inner side of the curve they have just negotiated and don't return to the central position wh
  3. Ian, what type of couplings do you use? I'm really not happy with the operation of tension locks which is notably worse as the trailing weight beind the loco increases. It doesn't seem too bad when you have just a short train of say half a dozen coaches on but they're nothing but trouble when you try running 10 or 11. The heavy load doesn't appear to allow the couplings to slacken off and return to a central position once they have traversed a curve (a curve of any radius) and they seem to be running around most of the time with the couplings wedged over to one side and ultimate derailment
  4. Would I top and tail them with a couple of the older style Hornby Pullman brakes or just standard brake coaches? I've got a load of Hornby Pullmans (with interior table lamp lighting) so I'm sure there would be something suitable among them if they would suffice. I've found information this morning regarding several possible formations for the Tyne-Tees, Queen of Scots and Yorkshire Pullman trains so I'm going to see if I can recreate those. Bachmann have some additional umber & cream liveried Pullmans for release soon and I have 3 or 4 in the blue/grey reversed livery so hopefully I c
  5. I'll have to get hold of some weathering powders and give it a try myself. I've never attempted to weather anything before but I've got a few cheapie loco's that I can use to practise on. There are some items of stock that I definitely won't be dirtying up - the MK1 Pullman's and Gresley teaks for a start - I don't think I could bring myself to do it. Perhaps a slight dirtying of the bogies and underframe at a push but certainly not along the body sides! They have very efficient coach washing facilities on the Selby Garden Railway and that's gonna' be my excuse! Your loco's look excellent.
  6. After a seven day break I couldn't resist getting some stock out for a quick run round the garden today, closely followed by the obligatory video camera, even though it came to a premature end when the rain started. I fitted a DCC chip to Heljan's 58041 a couple of weeks ago and as it's never had anything to haul before I grabbed the box of HEA's as they're close to hand. Some of the wagon liveries may never have been seen coupled with the Railfreight 58 but for now they'll suffice. The Bachmann/NRM 'Deltic' and Bachmann's D1746 have been seen before on the Selby Garden Railway but the r
  7. Agree entirely - nothing can beat natural light for enhancing the models and scenery which I guess is why indoor modellers with more portable baseboards bring their layouts outdoors to photograph them. I decided to build my viaduct as a spot for taking photographs but I've found that the section at the top of the garden with a backdrop of conifers looks far more realistic as it's usually dappled with sunlight (when we're fortunate enough to get some). I really like the weathering on the B1 and WD in your last photos, in fact a lot of your stock appears to have undergone some degree of weath
  8. The scourers look extremely effective and I would imagine they'll last ages! There are some very nice resin buildings and structures available. I have a small selection of Skaledale but I'm not sure that I'll be using any out in the garden. Perhaps when I get the proposed shed they'll find a home there. Likewise signals - I hadn't intended incorporating any at all but there are certain areas where a signal would be appropriate and give you a reason to stand a train. I'm still going through your Photobucket pictures. I like the loco storage module. Are the cradles proprietery products or hav
  9. I like the addition of sound too Ian but I just wish they'd perfect it a little bit more. The class 24 sound is a stonker even though I've never seen or heard a 24 in real life. Can't say how true to life it actually is but it's audible all the way round the layout whereas disappointingly you lose the 37 after only a few yards. Absence of children..... priceless! A trio of Bachmann 37's were captured on film today - two of them being standard Bachmann products factory fitted with sound. They look okay on film but watching them circling the layout they do seem to be running very slow (as was
  10. With a succession of derailments over the past couple of days in the vicinity of the temporary 'Hornby Curve' the decision was taken to relay that section with Peco flexi track and dispose of the old Hornby stuff. The curve is now larger at 32ins but it is still a temporary structure and is in place for the sole reason of allowing me a continuous run while the remainder of the layout is completed. Progress has been at a standstill for the past week or so in the construction field so I guess I had better stop playing trains and get my head into gear again. But, with today being warm and sunny a
  11. That's really excellent stuff Ian and you display great attention to detail not just in your modelling but also in your methods of construction which puts some of my work to shame. I wish I'd read about some of your methods before I had made a start on mine as it would have made things so much easier. The photo's are also excellent and the ones on your photobucket site are mind blowing. Your control panel is a work of art in itself! I love the twin girder bridges spanning the river which makes a great photo shoot position. I feel like I have hurried my layout now and need to go back over
  12. Over the weekend I experienced a lot of derailments whilst running Bachmann Intermodal wagons, most noticeably on the now notorious 'Hornby Curve'. The majority of the intermodals I own were obtained in used condition and it was clear that they hadn't been replaced in their packaging with a great deal of care. Couplings and coupling bars were bent and very few of them actually lined up with the wagon coupling in front. In some instances the drawbar wasn't even located properly so that the bogie wasn't able to sit level. After a lot of tweaking and bending I now have a set that runs trouble fre
  13. It's been another 'play day' today and in an effort to recreate an actual working from my past railway employment I placed 47 MGR wagons on the track and coupled them to a Hornby 60007. The class 60 wasn't neccessarily the locomotive power used on that working but I was intrigued to find out just how good the Hornby model is and it didn't disappoint, hauling the full rake without any noticeable reduction in speed as it made its way up the incline. I also tried a couple of class 56's and the Bachmann 66 all of which performed satisfactorily but certainly not with the same authority as the 60.
  14. Assured by the weather forecast of a bright and sunny morning, I was outside nice and early to brush along the track and remove the covers from the viaduct section in order to get something running before the weather deteriorated later in the afternoon. I've never had an opportunity to run a rake of MGR wagons and so after labouriously removing 33 of them from their boxes I put them on the track in the direction of the incline to see how they would fare. Out of curiousity I first placed one of the kitchen scales to see how they compared weight wise to an HTA wagon and found that the heavier
  15. Track joins during the first phase of construction were bonded using multi-strand domestic electical flex - that includes the straight alongside the wooden fence from the large curve down to the viaduct. Some have been bonded across the rail join using the outer rail sides and some directly to the underside of the rails. The remainder of the joins will be bonded in situ (with a less bulky wire) now that I have a continuous run available and can take things a bit easier. I'm also going to add additional feeds at several locations round the layout although from my experiences to date this may no
  16. With the completion of the large curve and the extension of the track base down towards the viaduct end, the possibilty of constructing a temporary 'link' between the two sections to give me a complete running loop has arisen and so armed with a few offcuts of plywood resting on broken breeze blocks a temporary connection has now been made. You can see in the above photograph how the track from the curve (top of photo) extends downwards to the viaduct end where it is intended that it will pass beneath. From a point approximately adjacent the the locomotive in the photo, the track falls
  17. The large curve has now been completed and further extended down to where it is intended that it will pass beneath the section of track next to the viaduct. The following 2 photographs show the curve, and the track base extending from it, during course of construction. The photographs below shows the same section of track with the decking board track base covered in roofing felt and Peco code 100 track laid. This section of track is now operational and the prototype Deltic can be seen hauling its rake of 11 BR Mk1's round the 7ft 6ins radius curve.
  18. If ever you wish to post anything regarding your layout then you're welcome to start a new forum thread and add whatever info you wish. If you wish to share some of your experiences then again, a new thread on the forum would be great so feel free to do so. I reckon it's going to be late in the year or perhaps early next year before I'm in a position to start running anything properly so perhaps when I'm at that stage I will have something worthy of getting together for. Mick
  19. That's great to hear Ian and welcome to the forum. Do you have any constructional/operational details published about it online? I'd be very interested to read more about it. Mick
  20. It's strange how some people seem to attract insects bites more than others and unfortunately I'm one of those who tends to suffer the most. Over recent days I have been under constant attack from the little blighters resulting in an endless number of bites to my legs, arms and ankles causing large swellings on the back of my hand, my right elbow, left thumb and even the top of my head. However, there's no gain without pain so they say...... Despite being under constant attack progress has been steady over recent days and with the purchase of a second 25yd box of Peco track my 'end to end'
  21. I hadn't noticed the weather forecast for today and so found myself trying to avoid the rain showers in an attempt to get something done - but I even managed to complete one job that I was going to put off until tomorrow. I have tried to show todays progress in stages so that my actual construction methods are clear. I know that there will be a number of people who are keen to see how a garden railway can be constructed but my methods might appear to be more than what is actually required. However, I'm happy and confident that constructed in this way my garden railway will give me good service
  22. If there is one thing above all else which sets an outdoor layout apart from the typical indoor layout then in my opinion it has to be the potential for incorporating more realistic large radius curves. They are still miles away from being prototypical but the photograph below shows the 'phase 2' curve in course of construction. This one is to a radius of 7ft 6ins. The excess soil in the background will be used to form an embankment either side of the breeze blocks. The curve hasn't yet gone through 90 degrees and the frontal view doesn't quite show the extent of the spacious curve. The
  23. BACHMANN 32-857 9F 2-10-0 STANDARD 92077 BR BLACK, LATE CREST, BR1C TENDER When I first began taking an interest in model railways about 30 years ago, the 9F was one of those loco's you so badly wanted and yet never managed to obtain. In those days there was only the Hornby version available but now we have the superb Bachmann model in several variations of livery and tenders. I have two 9F's (missed the NRM Evening Star version ) both in BR Black. This particular loco is 92077 and you just know before you place it on the track that it is going to be a superb runner: it do
  24. HELJAN 53031 D0280 'FALCON' in Lime Green Limited Edition I know nothing about 'Falcon' and certainly never saw it in real life but what a superb locomotive this is. I think this livery suits 'Falcon' really well and makes it stand out from the rest of my collection. It's something different and that's what it's all about. After the debacle with the class 17 Clayton loco's, I'm pleased to say that this stunning loco has got the performance to match it's looks and it runs smoothly and quietly. I've not yet had any stock behind it but I have a feeling that this loco will
  25. I vowed that I would finish the first phase of construction before moving on and extending the layout, however, running a short distance back and forwards with a realistically long train isn't that much fun and so I have decided to make it a priority that I get a complete loop finished as quickly as possible. It would be nice to be able to complete that before the onset of colder weather and so today I began digging some footings at either end of the layout so that track bases can be constructed for the additional track. At the viaduct end I am extending initially by just over 7 feet (the l
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