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  1. Happy New Year Thomas! That's looking very impressive. You must have a wonderful collection of stock to need such an expansive storage area - and this is the second one! I quite like the term 'parking station' by the way - it's not something we hear too often.
  2. Perhaps this is a possible candidate for the next series of 'Walking Britain's Lost Railways'....? There is a viaduct somewhere beneath all that toppled bamboo! I have since cleared the snow from the bamboo allowing it to regain its upright stance and fortunately there's no apparent damage to the viaduct. These are tough times for garden layouts!
  3. It's been an unusually cold start to 2021 as seen by the following chart which compares the average daily temperatures recorded by my weather station up to and including January 9th for each year since 2012. It's forecast to become less cold from today.
  4. Another day, another walk, but I think it's probably the same Kestrel. Despite the commotion caused by so many people all deciding that a walk is the only thing left for them to do, I managed to capture a few more photos of what I believe is the same Kestrel we saw a few days ago. Certainly it was perched at the top of the same tree so it seems the tree has become it's favoured hunting or lookout post. As I said, there were so many people walking past and youngsters making such a din that it didn't appear to feel as content as it did on the previous occasion and within a few se
  5. You are a braver man than me, though it is now above freezing in this part of the world - but only just!
  6. Perhaps that's something I should know but I was never really all that interested in the classroom. It's a difficult one to answer because when stabled the wagon buffers would generally be touching as the force of the sprung buffer would set them apart. There wouldn't be more than a couple of inches between the face of the buffers when the wagons were in motion so in 4mm scale it would probably be unworkable. Certainly in your lower photo the gap between wagon buffers would appear to me to be too large for an instanter coupling in the normal running (short) position. However, the importa
  7. Pleased to see you've managed to get something up and running. Personally I still feel that DCC offers too many benefits for me to consider battery operation and remote control. As I've said previously, I encounter very few problems with power loss anyway and it takes 10 minutes or so for me to go round and clean the tracks before I can begin running trains. The addition of a stay-alive capacitor to a DCC fitted loco could easily remedy many problems that users often experience but I've not found them necessary even for outdoor running. Still, whatever method we employ to keep our tr
  8. I think it's best to let nature take its course with this one. I've no intentions of running anything just yet so there's plenty of time for it to thaw naturally.
  9. There's no ballast on that section Dave. At the moment the only ballasted sections are along the two viaducts which this morning were still covered with a thin layer of snow. I'm not about to be running anything anytime soon so I'll just leave it to clear on its own accord.
  10. That's another year over and 2020 tops the table as the warmest year in our relatively short records book - 0.4°C warmer than any previous year we have recorded since January 2012. While 2020 may have been the warmest year we have ever recorded it has only just avoided landing at the bottom of the table with the amount of sunshine we have experienced - the total sunshine hours of 1,311 edging above the 1,310hrs recorded during 2017. The rainfall total of 632mm during 2020 was slightly above our annual average of 605mm. December 2020 was our second wettest December month.....
  11. I've not been out in the garden for the past few days but fortunately I came across the following obstruction of the line along Buttlebank before any train movements took place. The snow might be gradually departing but it's left behind some treacherous conditions. I doubt a snowplough could handle this little lot.
  12. We had a lovely walk along a disused viaduct and down to a local nature reserve yesterday. The round trip took us a good 4 hours but it was a fine day in the winter sunshine and with remnants of the recent snowfall lingering on the ground. On our return journey we came across this Kestrel perched at the very top of a birch tree some distance away but with the aid of a monopod to steady the camera I managed to capture the following image, one of several I took before we reluctantly had to walk away. The Kestrel seemed content just to sit there but for us it was starting to get a bit too cold. I
  13. I'm sure I must say this every year but out in the garden these past couple of weeks makes me wonder how on earth we ever manage to run model trains out there. It can be such a cold, wet and extremely miserable place at this time of year. Those sunny Spring and early Summer days seem such a long way away right now when it seemed everyone and their dog had desires on building a garden railway. Most of them must be looking back at our forum now thinking we're completely mad - and perhaps we must be. Anyway to those who have been here throughout and to those who may have visited more recentl
  14. It already seems a very distant memory Andrew. Thank you once again for the recently received 2021 Calendar - I have a growing collection of them now as a permanent reminder of the DGR. So yes, looking forward to next year and hoping for some nice weather to allow us back outdoors. Have a great Christmas and a safe New Year.
  15. Good to see you're still making progress Tony. I'm not sure I'd have the same level of patience or the dedication required to keep me going for such a lengthy time. It's going to look very impressive once completed. Have a great and safe Christmas and a much better New Year to everyone.
  16. We recorded our first snowfall of the year on 4th December 2020 and the daily high of 3.9°C was also the lowest maximum temperature recorded since 1st January which shows just how mild the last winter period had been.
  17. November 2020 was a very dry month, especially when you consider the amount of rainfall recorded during the same month the previous year which resulted in major flooding for many areas. Unfortunately it also coincided with a below average amount of sunshine, becoming the second lowest total recorded over the past 9 years.
  18. Great videos - thanks for sharing Marcus. When it's windy here I'm more concerned with it blowing stock off the track rather than debris onto it. Lightweight wagons are especially susceptible to a strong gust and a rake of them can easily be toppled.
  19. There seems to be quite a bit of interest in radio controlled and battery powered loco's especially from modellers who experience frequent loss of power and dirty tracks under standard DC or DCC control. I'm just curious as to how big a problem this is. In my own experience yes, I've had the occasional loss of power but never anything that couldn't be remedied within a few minutes. I operate exclusively DCC and almost all the loco's I use outdoors are fitted with sound decoders with just a couple of them fitted with stay-alive capacitors. I have never felt the need to fit stay-alive capac
  20. I'm not sure how successful they would be, if at all. Of the few examples I've seen on video where people are actually trying to clear snow from the line, it seems that all it does is push the snow along in front until the load becomes too great. What you really need is scale snow too. Where I have seen some success it's been with vehicles travelling far beyond scale speeds so that it tends to throw the snow more towards the sides. The snow itself doesn't appear to cause any electrical problems so you should be fine with your standard method of control.
  21. It's only just winter (meteorologically speaking that is) but we're already seeing snow on Worsley Dale. It's been something of a rarity over recent years.
  22. Looking forward to seeing it progress in the New Year Barry. The photo including the snowplough is pretty apt this morning by the way- could you send it down this way?
  23. I agree Dave. Each time I've had to return anything to Hattons' there's never a problem in them accepting it or supplying a pre-paid label for its return - in fact on this occasion they even arranged for it to be collected from my home address to save me having to go out to post it off. But with regards to the class 66 loco's, although I still haven't managed to acquire one I have had to pay the initial £4 delivery charge on two occasions for items that had to ultimately be returned. I accept the fact that this second time I could have requested another replacement but on the first occasion th
  24. Progress has recently given way to some running time though it's getting a bit cold up in the attic right now. Not that the cold is much of a problem for me but, like I've experienced out in the garden, once the temperatures drop there seems to be a little condensation settling on the rail tops which can lead to intermittent running and much less enjoyment. It's not too bad if you send the track cleaner round but when all the sidings are occupied that isn't always easy to do. Here's a photo from a few days ago that I never got round to downloading from the camera. 50037 'Illustrious' stan
  25. So another defective Hattons class 66 locomotive has been returned for a refund and that's now it for me. I've had enough of being offered refunds as if they're doing me a favour. It wouldn't be bad if they'd refund the postage you initially paid as well but I'm now £8 out of pocket in my attempts to get hold of a class 66 loco and that's without the stress and additional work it personally involves. I certainly won't be purchasing any other 'Hattons' branded products and any future online purchases I need will be made elsewhere.
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