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  1. Oh I think 37s are one of the few loco's that actually suit EWS livery and it was a video of a pair working the West Highland line that made me want to create the double header. They make a nice change from large logo and they're something I can realistically use either outdoors or up in the attic. Thanks Jim. I'd forgotten just how good it felt to be up with the attic layout - I've spent so much time lately outdoors that it's been completely overlooked. There's still work to be done up there but at least there's plenty of opportunities for running trains now and it's not all about construction. I still need to get the hang of the camera's and find the best way of taking photos and videos.
  2. I decided to use the airbrush in the attic this afternoon as that's where it's been stored for the past few months. It also gave me the opportunity to run the loco's round Skew Bridge once they'd been weathered. 37411 and 37419 have now had their chassis weathered as well as their roofs and a little extra weathering on their bonnet tops. I coupled them together on the rake of BDA wagons as that's the most appropriate load up there. Those BDA's are in need of weathering too. 37025 has also had some additional weathering to its roof as it looked a bit too 'brown' previously. I allowed it to dry by letting it take over from 411 to have a run out. Unfortunately it appears that 411 has gained a slight wobble from somewhere, which annoys the hell out of me, so I'll have to take that one apart again to investigate. Hopefully it will be an easy fix.
  3. You might want to copy that so you can paste it in in future - saves a lot of typing! You'll find the rail joiners will be conductive for some time but it's probably best to make a start on the soldering while the rails are still nice and clean. How have you decided to go about adding power feeds? I've noticed a few track feeds in previous photos, are you running bus wires round beneath the track base? If so, are you bonding across fishplates or adding each individual feed from the power bus?
  4. 37411 and 37419 have been in the weathering shop today receiving an initial coat of weathering to the loco bodies. Just a simple brush on, wipe off routine using enamel paints to dirty them up a bit. I'll get the airbrush out to the chassis and add a little more grime to the roof and bonnet tops at the same time. In the photo above it looks like 411 has lost some of the front cab glazing at the drivers side but it's just how it appears in the picture. What does look strange is how the tooling from the 419 model differs from that of 411. The front cab windows look squashed - not as deep as those on 411. Did Bachmann change things at some point between these two models? I hadn't noticed it previously until I saw these photos.
  5. That's coming along nicely now Chris. I laid the adjacent track round the curves using a couple of Mk3 coaches to ensure there was sufficient clearance. Just try it with two of the longest vehicles you are likely to use and I'm sure it will be okay. Can you continue building forward from the point you've reached while the bridge is under construction?
  6. Perhaps we should have an 'It'll be alright on the night' thread? I've got a folder on my PC where I put outtakes with the intention of putting them together in a video one day. Derailments aside it's looking good Noel though I should watch my speed through the station and over that turnout. Should be a good day out for everyone when you're able to meet your friends and have that open day.
  7. I've found it very difficult trying to speed match the 2 EWS liveried 37's partly, I think, down to them being fitted with different manufacturers decoders. One minute they seemed ok and the next they were locked together grinding away on the gearing, in fact yesterday I had them running round the layout together just fine. Anyway as I mentioned before, 37419 is an older model with 2 axle drive and 2 axle pickup and my main reason for running it is to create the double header with 37411. These are the only 2 EWS liveried 37's I have and I don't really want to be going out buying another one so I decided that 419 could safely become undriven - as in having its gears and drive shafts removed. I can use 411 on its own when desired while 419 can now easily be used as a double header with any other loco or even at the rear of a train in top and tail formation. According to our weather forecaster it looks like being early next week before there's a realistic chance of any running again but I'll be out with the camera when I can.
  8. Yes you need to keep the other half happy Tony so simplifying your plans might be a suitable compromise. I've done that for you as requested.
  9. I fully agree with that Noel and it's how I've always operated up to now. I couldn't imagine restricting myself to a specific period and not being able to run the loco's and trains I've collected over the years. Yes they shouldn't be too difficult to remove and there's several others it could be renumbered to so maybe it's one I could have a go at when I summon up the courage. A particular livery or depot emblem hasn't ever prevented locos from appearing out of area so I don't really have a problem running it as it is for now. 'Visiting' is a good and valid excuse - I'm with you on that. It seems like we've both got similar loco's in our collections - I've got 506 in Railfreight red-stripe livery with Thornaby Kingfisher too so I might need to borrow your excuse if you don't mind.
  10. Although I don't always have the correct loco's and associated rolling stock I do enjoy trying to recreate some of the scenes I've stumbled across either in online videos or through photos in various books and magazines. The double-headed class 24's running earlier in the week were an example of that although the actual loco's should have been class 26's, but never mind. Anyway, moving on in time and another scene that caught my imagination was of double-headed class 37's from 1999/2000 with both loco's in EWS livery and again, I've got two suitable class 37/4 loco's, one of which actually featured in the video, and so I've decided that the next time I have the layout operating I will be getting these speed matched and coupled together. Here they are posing earlier today on Low Shott viaduct having been fitted with chips and some added detailing. I'll have to see how they perform because 37419 is a pretty old model now and only has pickups and drive to 2 axles on either bogie. I see I even managed to grab the photo while 419 wasn't sitting properly on track! Another loco that's being prepared ready for use is 37415 in InterCity Mainline livery which it received in 1990 before transferring away from Scotland. It wouldn't have been seen working in Scotland like this, rather more at home around the Blackpool area I think, but again I'm not looking for 100% authenticity. I just want something that looks right without needing to go down the renumbering route. Maybe in time I'll feel differently but for now I'm happy to leave them as they are.
  11. I suppose it could be useful to others but it's something that needs a bit of refining and it would be a good idea to test out different thicknesses of 'spring' wire to determine which works best. I'm happy with how it works for me but it does need weight adding to the lightest wagons and that might be something that others wouldn't want to do. Of course, if I could find a more suitable spring wire that might not be necessary. Funnily enough I was watching a video this morning of the sleeper train over the West Highland line and there was a good view of an actual 'spring point' - made me smile.
  12. Looking good Chris. I was wondering about the bridge after your mention of it in your opening post, trying to figure out where it would be going, and never realised the line was to be extended further along into the garden. How much additional space have you been granted? I take it the line will loop back on itself out there after crossing over the bridge?
  13. Oh dear, and I was about to say that at least when it's raining it allows us the opportunity to catch up with all those little jobs we never seem to get round to doing. I hadn't anticipated any blue smoke! That's never a good sign.
  14. I think it's a wise move to keep everything 'electronic' under cover of the garage. It's quite possible to have motorised points out in the open as you'll have seen on several other layout threads but I would always recommend keeping things as simple as possible. The less there is to go wrong or cause problems the better the experience will be, especially for the youngster. Get the layout up and running well first and then you can add things at a later date should you feel the need to do so. I've been running my current layout since 2012 or so and rather than adding to it, I try to take away as many complications and sources of potential problems as possible. It's a sense you only gain after a few years of experiencing the frustrations that garden layouts can deliver. The loft layout looks nice. Does you Dad still use it regularly? Is it still a work in progress?
  15. That's looking really great Mike and your rate of progress is amazing. Probably by now it'll all be finished and you'll be posting videos of those HST's banking round those curves! Are you still on with the task of painting the rail sides? It does take a little longer but eventually they will tarnish on their own outdoors though probably not to the extent of your recently painted examples which I have to admit look very nice.
  16. I enjoyed that Iain! Doesn't the OO gauge track look tiny alongside the O gauge though? It's strange because someone just commented on one of my videos to say that he couldn't tell whether it was O or OO gauge and looking at them singularly I do think it's difficult to tell them apart at times but when viewed alongside each other as in your video there's a massive difference. I really like those hopper wagons. I've got a batch of them (in OO gauge that is) in need of weathering but there's a lengthy queue ahead of them at the moment when I get 'roundtuit'. I'm not sure what the OO gauge equivalent of a golf ball would be - perhaps a mint imperial? Tail lamps is another thing I'm looking to add to my trains but I'm not too bothered about them working. It's one of those little things that stands out a mile as a train passes minus its rear lamp. Just need to sort out the rakes so I know which wagons are best fitted with lamps. It's amazing how quickly the plants have filled in and I see they're already encroaching onto the oo gauge tracks. Looks really well established now.
  17. Hi Chris, welcome to the forum You're right, there's many ways to build a layout outdoors and I think if you take a look through the layout threads on here you'll find most of us have chosen to do it our own particular way. Elevated layouts like the one you're constructing are, in my opinion, less susceptible to the effects of the UK climate than layouts built close to or at ground level. I would think that you'll be fine with 18mm ply, a coating of preservative and a covering of roofing felt. I use the Z21 system outdoors having transferred the Prodigy Advance system to the attic layout and I'm slowly getting used to it now. It seemed awkward at first because I was more used to having dials and buttons rather than sliding my fingers up and down a screen and I still find a traditional handset preferable and easier to use but Z21 does have its advantages. The drawback I find is that it's not easy to see a screen display outdoors, especially in bright sunshine, which is where I tend to be when operating my layout so I tend to use the WLANMAUS wireless handset when away from the shed section. I've made it my mission to avoid using point motors outdoors wherever I can and operate my layout with just a single motorised point in the garden section. I'd like to add signals to the ground level section but I doubt it's something that could be left out permanently and I don't want to get round to having to put things out and pack things away later. I don't believe the 'chief' fell for that one for one minute! So apart from 'Thomas' what else are we likely to see on the Pickle Line in the near future? Do you still have the stock from your previous layout?
  18. It's bucketing it down outdoors right now so that looks like the end of play for today. I've just managed to add Kadee couplings to a couple of Bachmann MK2F coaches, stick on some paper corridor connectors and give them a quick run out along with a couple of MK3 sleepers behind the ETHEL. Poor old ETHEL has been sitting at the side of the loco shed at Shieling Bridge for months without moving a wheel so it was good to finally get her moving. Here's the train formed behind 37114 'Dunrobin Castle' crossing over Low Shott viaduct and heading in towards Shieling Bridge. Half a dozen photos and 3 video clips is all I managed before I had to hurriedly pack everything away
  19. A little later than planned but here finally is a video with action over the past 2 days mainly featuring the SLW class 24 quartet in yesterday's bright sunshine.
  20. I've been having fun with the 24s again today - just can't seem to put them down. I spent a good deal of time speed matching the 2 green liveried ones so that they can be used as double-headers and I think I've just about got there. I recently watched a video on YouTube showing two class 26 'celebrity' locos at Kyle of Lochalsh (26001 & 26007) in August 1993 so I thought I'd do something similar with my green 24s coupled to the Highlander coaches. Here's the train coming off Stack Gill viaduct... ...and the same train crossing Low Shott viaduct a short time later. BR Blue 24009 is the one that I don't think has been seen on the layout so far so here, in the mid-day sunshine, is 24009 exiting the shed and crossing Low Shott viaduct with a rake of BR Blue MK1 coaches. It was difficult trying to get any decent video today with such strong sunshine but I'll put a few clips together later tonight and upload to the usual place. I'm not sure about the headcode discs - will have to read up and see how they should be.
  21. We all have those kind of days now and again Iain, days where nothing seems to go right and everything seems to have been a waste of time. Lanzarote will still be there when everything sorts itself out but for the time being just enjoy what's available to you - there are far worse places around than Wiltshire to be confined. It's only 23 degrees in Lanzarote right now anyway, you'd catch your death of cold. Put the On30 to one side for another day - I find that works a treat for me. If it's still giving you grief then let it go and concentrate on what you do best with the OO gauge. It's disappointing when you receive something you've been looking forward to that doesn't work properly but it's not the end of the world. Sure there's going to be a delay of a few days while they get another one out to you but if it's what you want then it'll be worth the wait. As Dave says, just ask for a Royal Mail certificate of posting in the same way Hattons recommend you do, and it's then no longer your problem as you've done as you were instructed.
  22. Good to see some more video Andrew. I don't think they were overly fast, certainly not along the straights, but you're right, they do tend to appear faster on video than they do when we're stood watching by the lineside. Mine's a nice lazy day type of layout anyway so I never run anything fast, in fact often they appear to be running too slowly and I sense people urging me to get a move on and get the trains running. Even with the space available out in the garden our curves are still not sufficiently large enough in radius to allow running at scale speeds to appear anything like prototypical. You can always conjure up an excuse for running slowly.
  23. Further to my previous post and just as a reminder for @jimbob that if you choose to implement sprung points on your layout you may need to add additional weight to some of your lightest wagons. I found that coaches were fine but small 2-axle wagons really do need some additional weight otherwise they tend to ride up onto the point blades rather than pushing them across. Just the tonic! Today I rediscovered just what it is that I love about the garden railway - it's the high quality sound from a really top notch model locomotive. It's been a few years now since I purchased my first SLW (Suttons Locomotive Works) class 24 and I remember being enthralled with the sound quality and driveability that these little loco's offer. Since purchase they've more or less remained in their boxes apart from one or two brief running/photo sessions but today has been the first time that all four models have made an appearance on track at the same time and it's just been a really wonderful experience. They've performed faultlessly and sound superb. Most of the time I've simply run them round light engine but 24081 had a Kadee fitted previously and so I was able to couple it up to a rake of blue/grey Mk1s and send it on its way. It's great fun accelerating, coasting, and then manually 'braking' the train to a stand. Here's a few photos of 24081 And here's another two SLW class 24 loco's on Shieling Bridge shed. D5098 in BR Green with small yellow warning panel can be seen in front of D5000
  24. I've used a short length of GEM Mercontrol 'steel' wire Jim, as used in their 'wire in tube' point control systems. It's obviously going to rust over time but I just wanted to make sure it actually worked before going any further. I see you can easily obtain stainless steel wire in short lengths much cheaper than the GEM offering. I also have some piano wire/spring steel which is very similar to the GEM but slightly thicker that I purchased to replace the operating wires on some Tortoise point motors. If I think on I'll measure the thickness of both so you have an idea of what to go for.
  25. Excellent work Barry especially considering it's your first attempt. I would be well chuffed if I'd been able to do that. I keep looking at my Bachmann class 66's and thinking how difficult could it be just to add the missing marker lights - even just the one on the drivers side would do for me so that it displayed the typical triangular lighting effect. I just haven't a clue when it comes to electronics and the thought of fiddling around with tiny LED's is off-putting to say the least.
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